Wednesday, 24 May 2017

2015 Easter Sex Parties – Part 4

I lamented the fact that I hadn’t had a session with Emily and Sara said she would ensure Em turned up at the hotel on the Sunday morning. Mike found out that Sara was one of the other people that Simone ‘liked’ (although we suspect that just as with me, Simone ‘likes’ anyone who will give her pleasure). In Sara’s case, Simone not only allows Sara to rim and spear her but she does the same back to Sara. Mike said if he’d known that he would have given Simone’s ass more oral attention and he told us how she had sucked his cock after he’d fucked her ass. Sara said that was dirty, but this just resulted in me sliding a hand under her jacket and working a finger into her ass while calling her a hypocrite and we then managed to walk for a good few minutes with my finger still inside her. Back at the hotel we had a brief session. Sara didn’t want to cum again, but she slowed Mike to kitty kiss her while she ate me. I let her finger and lick me until I came and was surprised that Mike really had just kitty kissed Sara and hadn’t tried to push her to cum. He was hard enough to spoon with her as we fell asleep and I slept sufficiently soundly that I didn’t wake up until Sara was on the verge of cumming the next morning (Mike had eaten her awake then spent about 10 minutes between her legs with me still asleep). I crawled over and suckled on Sara’s nipples to help out and gently played with myself. I really needed to pee, but didn’t want to miss the sight of Sara cumming and as it was obvious she was so close, I endured the pressure on my bladder to wait and watch.

When I got up from the bed to go to the bathroom, Mike said we should just move into the shower. I was quite happy with that as it meant I could enjoy myself without having to worry about holding back so eagerly agreed. Mike gave Sara the choice of front or back and she went with her traditional position behind me. I leant forwards slightly and steadied myself on the shower cubicle while Mike ate my pussy and Sara lapped at my ass. Having a full bladder made things feel significantly better and I warned Mike that he was going to get very wet. He said he didn’t mind but Sara said she wanted to switch places just before I came. I was a little surprised about this as she usually prefers anal play much more, but we obliged her and after a final warning to her, I allowed them to push me over the edge and I emptied my bladder over Sara’s face and into her mouth. She didn’t pause for an instant and her tongue carried on swirling around my clit and between my lips while Mike spread my ass cheeks and repeatedly speared me. I sank to the floor after I’d cum and told them it had felt wonderful. Sara was soaked with my pee so I kissed her in thanks and Mike told her it was now her turn for a double eating. She eagerly stood up and Mike buried his tongue in her ass as I moved around to work on her pussy. We basically copied what had just been done to me, including Mike and I switching places a little before Sara came. She peed over his face as he ate her pussy and I speared and rimmed her and we then showered off and ordered breakfast.

Sara wore the transparent top when room service arrived and I donned a similarly revealing thin nightdresss. We didn’t make any effort to be subtle or even pretend that we didn’t know how much we were showing and as the guy brought our breakfast into the room, Sara and I made out with our hands roaming over each other’s bodies and pulling our clothes up and aside to give access to breasts, pussies and ass. I smeared some yoghurt over Sara’s pussy then knelt down and licked her clean before asking the guy if he wanted to help us out (he was stood watching us so it was quite clear he was interested in what we were doing). He asked what I meant by ‘help us out’ and I told him that I wanted to eat Sara and have him fuck me, then said we could switch round so he fucked Sara if he preferred. The guy eyed us both up and said he wanted Sara so I took up position on the bed with my legs spread and watched as Sara gave the guy a condom and quickly sucked him. She then crawled between my legs and ate me and I told the guy to get to work on her. He moved up behind her, pushed into her cunt and started fucking her. Sara gave me a few looks as she ate me and I told the guy to play with her clit and caress her ass (which he did). He told us both that we were incredible and he pumped away rapidly in Sara. I told him to slow down so she could cum but he said he couldn’t wait any longer and moved even faster, then came. Sara didn’t really mind when the guy pulled out (although I thought this was rather bad form) and I told her I’d finish her off later before climbing off the bed and showing the guy out.

Emily turned up while we were eating breakfast and despite the fact she was really there for me to have a turn with her, Mike got first dibs and spent a while buried between her legs, enjoying her wonderful pussy juices. When it was finally my turn to eat her, we decided on a modified daisy chain and set our various cushions, blankets and pillows on the floor to make a soft surface large enough to accommodate the four of us in a row. Mike lay on his back at the start of the chain and Sara climbed over him and slid down onto his cock. Emily knelt behind Sara and lapped her Sara’s ass (seeing as they dated, Em is very experienced at doing this and known what Sara likes even better than we do) and I lay on my back and crawled between Emily’s legs, then pulled her pussy down to my mouth. As Mike fucked Sara he asked if she remembered the first time she had allowed him inside her (which she obviously did as she had given her heterosexual virginity to him). Mike told her how much he had loved the feeling of sliding into her pussy and how tight she was around him and Sara asked if that meant she didn’t feel tight any more. Mike told her she felt as tight, hot, wet and wonderful as she had that first time, then assured her he wasn’t just saying that so he could cum in her again. Emily was meanwhile working wonders on Sara’s ass and I was happy drinking Emily’s juices as I ate her and had a couple of fingers playing in my pussy and rubbing over my clit.

The double stimulation meant that Sara came first. She told Mike to go ahead and cum in her but wasn’t surprised when he said he’d wait and see if they could make her cum again. This wasn’t that difficult to achieve as Emily reached round to play with Sara’s clit (after giving her a couple of minutes to recover) and with Mike inside her pussy, Emily’s tongue inside her ass and Emily’s fingers on her clit, Sara managed her second orgasm. Emily came while working on Sara’s second orgasm and Mike unloaded in Sara just after Sara came (he had been holding back for a while). This just left me, but I wasn’t neglected and Emily and Mike started playing with me. We switched through various positions and combinations, but for my actual orgasm I had two of Sara’s fingers in my ass, two of Mike’s in my pussy, Sara’s pussy in my face and Emily licking my clit and my pussy around Mike’s fingers. I wasn’t given a straightforward orgasm (mostly at Mike’s insistence) and was taken close to cumming three times before they finally made me (or allowed me to) cum. It was worth the wait though as even though the actual orgasm wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, I love being the centre of attentions like that and having multiple people concentrating on pleasuring me.

I wasn’t too surprised when Mike moved back to eating Emily and while she didn’t want to cum again just yet, she allowed him to kitty kiss her and examine her pussy. I told her that we were meeting up with Clare and Giles for lunch and that she could come if she wanted, but her parents were arriving to take her home for the holidays. We chatted a while longer as Sara and I dressed (with Mike mostly remaining between Emily’s legs) until she had to go and Mike then got ready. We said our goodbyes to Emily and headed off for lunch with Clare and Giles. Sara was staying up in York to revise over the holidays and while she couldn’t keep her Uni room, she was going to stay with Clare. Naturally we teased Clare about this and ribbed Giles about how his fiancĂ© might have been converted to full lesbianism by the time he got back to York. He wasn’t too concerned about this (and it was hardly likely) but Sara did promise to do her best and make Clare cum as many times as possible in as many different ways as possible over the holiday.

We went back to Giles’ place after lunch so Mike could have a quick play with Clare and I had another go with Giles and Sara – although Mike borrowed Sara for a part of the session. As his housemates had already left for the holidays, we fucked in the kitchen and living room and finished off with Sara and me in a threesome with Clare, taking turns at each end of her (and also sharing a double ended dildo with Clare). We then managed to convince her to come to the train station with us and even though she wasn’t too keen on the idea, she let us talk her in to doing this with nothing on other than a short dress. This allowed us to repeatedly fondle Clare, both on the journey to the station as well as while we were waiting for our train. Giles happily played along with this and got his hand up under my skirt a few times but in order to finish Clare off, Sara and I took her to the bathroom and knelt to eat her (me in front, Sara behind). Clare was surprisingly accepting of this and even let us remove her dress so she was standing naked in the stall and I noticed she cupped and fondled her breasts more than a few times as Sara and I worked on her. Once Clare had cum, I stood and humped against her, smearing her juices over my thigh and grinding my pussy against her thigh. I told Sara to ensure Clare came at least 5 times a day – which Clare said she couldn’t maintain, but Sara said she’d manage. We had one final fondle back out on the main concourse (the good thing about Spring is it’s still reasonable to wear longer coats/jackets which are useful for disguising these sorts of activities.

My aim was to wait until we got back home before I came, but as I dozed on the train I kept thinking back to the view up Clare’s body as I ate her and she played with her breasts. I could feel my pussy tingling more and more and couldn’t help but spread my legs just enough to let the people sitting opposite me see up my skirt. That just led to me getting hornier and I started going through my favourite fantasies to see if I could cum without touching myself (sadly I can’t do this). From the way I was fidgeting and squirming around Mike could tell I wanted to cum and he whispered things to me to tease me more. I told him he wasn’t helping and told him my pussy was wet enough that I could feel my juices leaking over my ass. Fortunately at the next stop the people opposite left the train and while it was still a bit too crowded to be safe, I was too far gone and just lay my jacket over my lap, pressed a hand between my legs and ran a finger in circles around my clit. Mike kissed me and whispered to me how everyone on the train knew what I was doing and would want to fuck me – that image helped a lot and I came very quickly and had to concentrate hard to not make any noise. I kept a finger on my clit for a while, just gently stroking back and forth over it. My pussy still felt soaked and indeed when I stood up to leave the train, Mike said there was a damp patch on my skirt (and a bit on the chair). Jen helped to clean me up when I got home and when I told her how I’d got so excited (mostly due to Clare and Sara), she ‘insisted’ I do the same to her.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

2015 Easter Sex Parties – Part 3

Mike had a long fuck with Nora while Laura and I played with each other. We both cum and finished before Mike and Nora finished so helped out a little with more breast play and a little frigging as Nora rode Mike. They finished off with Mike back on top of Nora and Laura and I both reached between them to fondle Nora’s breasts as she came. Mike kissed Nora deeply as he finished off in her – he warned her he was about to cum and she told him to go ahead. He came in her, kissed her some more and then pulled back to let Laura kiss Nora. As soon as Mike pulled out of Nora, I crawled down between her legs and spread he pussy to watch as Mike’s cum leaked out. I gently kissed around her pussy then licked up and down her lips, copying the way Mike usually kitty kisses. Laura was kissing Nora passionately and fondling her breasts with one of her hands so I carried on and slowly increased the pressure with my tongue, spreading Nora’s lips further and sliding my tongue and fingers into her pussy. It was only when Laura broke her kiss with Nora that Nora realised (or acknowledged) that it was me and not Mike eating her. She didn’t freak out about it and said it felt nice – I would have carried on but Laura said she wanted a turn so I told her not to hog Nora’s pussy as I wanted to make her cum. Nora wasn’t sure she could cum again, but let Laura have a turn licking her and I took over playing with Nora’s breasts and kissing her.

I noticed Joris was watching us and told him to join in – he said he wasn’t ready yet and I recalled he’d been playing with Miyako so told him he could at least finger Laura and me. Joris caressed Laura’s ass and slid a couple of fingers into her, then moved around beside me and did the same to me. Michael asked if he could fuck Laura but she wasn’t ready to cum again so I selflessly offered myself and let Joris go back to playing with Laura’s pussy while Michael took me from behind. I guessed from Nora’s breathing that she was enjoying what Laura was doing to her and while I had intended to let Laura make Nora cum as a nod to the tradition of her playing with all the new girls, my own greed and desire took over and between kisses I whispered to Nora and asked her if she would let me make her cum. She said that she’d never had a girl do this to her before and I told her to just enjoy it and asked again if I could finish off what we’d started. She bit her lip and nodded so I told Laura I wanted another turn. She looked a bit put out, but I ignored this and told her I’d make it up to her later. Michael had to pull out of me while I resumed my previous position, but as soon as my mouth was on Laura’s pussy I felt him push back into me. Laura kissed Nora again and it didn’t take long before Nora took hold of my head and held me against her pussy. I swirled my tongue around her clit, pushed it between her lips and licked up and down the length of her pussy as she came, then eased off and kitty kissed her for a couple of minutes as she calmed down.

I’d been aware that Michael had cum in me while I’d been distracted with Nora but unfortunately he hadn’t played with my clit so while I’d enjoyed it, I wasn’t at all satisfied (one of the rules at the parties is that you don’t criticise anyone’s technique though). I nearly asked if anyone else wanted to fuck me, but had a better idea and crawled up over Nora’s body and gave both her and Laura a kiss. I complimented Nora on having cum three times and being eaten by two girls. She said she had come to the party to enjoy herself so I asked her if she wanted to try anything else new and offered her Laura’s pussy to experiment with. Nora said she wasn’t sure and didn’t know what to do but I encouraged her and said she could just see what it was like and didn’t have to do things for long. She asked Laura if it was okay and Laura gave her another kiss and said she’d be honoured to be the first girl Nora licked. Laura lay down and spread her legs and I got her to lift her ass and pushed a couple of pillows under it to make it easier for Nora. Nora slowly took up position between Laura’s legs and I took advantage of the situation and straddled Laura’s face, lowering my pussy to her mouth. I reached between Laura’s legs and spread her lips and encouraged Nora to play with her. Nora ran her fingers over Laura’s pussy, played with her clit and worked two fingers a fair depth into Laura’s cunt. Nora tasted Laura from her fingers and I watched as she lowered her mouth to Laura’s pussy and gently licked her. I kept encouraging Nora, telling her to just do whatever she enjoyed having done to her. Nora mostly licked around Laura’s pussy and lapped at her clit, but it looked like she also licked between Laura’s lips a number of times and if what Laura was doing to me was anything to go by, she was certainly enjoying Nora’s experimentation. I told Nora I was about to cum and asked if she would keep going to make Laura cum – she nodded, then pulled away and said she would at least try. I held Laura’s legs apart and kissed her thighs as I came then went back to watching Nora. I told Nora I could feel Laura panting into my cunt and to just go a little longer, then felt Laura move under me and we all heard her moan that she was cumming. I made Sure Nora kept licking Laura the whole way through her orgasm, then got her to ease off (trying to train her in kitty kissing would be somewhat ambitious for her first time) and when Nora finally finished, I pulled her to me and kissed her so I could taste Laura.

Once Laura had caught her breath, she, Joris, Nora and I went downstairs to get a drink and chat. Nora confirmed that it really was the first time she had even kissed a girl (properly kissed anyway), let alone fucked one. Laura told her she was a natural at eating pussy and I told Nora that she’d have to let Jen play with her at the next party and I was sure that Sara would also want a turn. Nora made sure we understood that she had mostly come to the party to fuck guys, but we also found out that Joris had encouraged her to experiment and I told him if he liked watching girls fuck then we’d be happy to help him out whenever he wanted. It was long enough since his last cum that his cock responded when I reached into his trousers and stroked him and I asked if he felt like fucking one of the girls who had eaten his girlfriend. He didn’t say yes immediately, but didn’t ask me to stop stroking his cock, or complain when I freed it and knelt to suck him. I was still naked (apart from my socks) so easily moved from sucking him to stroking his cock between my breasts and then standing to kiss him and rub his cock along my pussy. I told him I always had a kitchen-fuck at the parties and asked if he would do the honours. He easily slid into me and I leant against the counter as we fucked. Joris reached around to play with my breasts and I started toying with my clit but he took over doing this and was quite good at it – he pressed hard enough to provide a good amount of stimulation, but not too hard and he repeatedly reached to my pussy to gather more juices as lube. It turned out that Joris had been to parties like this one back in Holland (both he and Nora were Dutch), and it was him who had ‘convinced’ Nora to come to the previous party (although she had been fairly open to the idea). He told me I should go live in Holland as people were much more sexually adventurous there and I’d fit right in and Laura told them that they didn’t know half of the things I did and proceeded to tell them I sleep with my little sister. Now this is hardly a secret (pretty much everyone at the party has seen us do things together) but Joris wanted details so I told him how Sue and I fucked and I was sure I felt him thrust into and frig me harder and faster. He told me he was getting close and I begged him to hold off just a little while so I could cum and to his credit he did. I pushed back hard against him as my pussy throbbed with another orgasm and he pumped away inside me as I described how much I enjoyed 69ing with Sue, burying my tongue in her cunt and having her eat me.

Joris came in me and pulled out and it was only then I noticed that a few other people had been listening to my description of fucking Sue, but they started to drift away when I finished talking about her (although I was told to bring her back and put on another display). Before Joris put his cock away I asked Nora if she would lick him clean and she did. I then sat up on the counter, spread my legs and asked if she would give me just a little lick. She was a bit more hesitant than I’d expected, given how open she had been in our conversation but Laura told her that I deserved to see how good she was and Nora bent down and gave me a few licks. I was still fairly sensitive from having just cum so it felt pretty intense when Nora lick around my clit, but I’ve been subjected to far more over the years so I just concentrated on what she was doing and enjoyed the sensation. After a couple of minutes, Nora looked up and asked if I wanted her to continue. I was very tempted to say yes, but decided to give her a break and told her she’d done a good enough job. I climbed down and gave Joris a thank you kiss, then did the same to Nora and told her that next time I wanted to finish things though and would 69 with her until we both came. Joris was supportive of this idea and a little later on in the party when I caught him alone I told him how we sometimes picked a person and near the end of the party how they would be ‘treated’ to a session with everyone (being fucked, fingered, eaten and having to do things in return to as many people as wanted it). Joris thought it would be hot to see Nora in this position but said it might be better to wait until the next party so he could talk her into it. I tried to convince him that she seemed adventurous enough and that we should just pounce on her now but he didn’t want to push her too hard and scare her off so I reluctantly agreed.

It turned out that I didn’t have to worry about selecting a target as Mike had decided to make up for his failure to get someone at the last party (traditionally this seems to be something that generally falls to us). He’d been playing with Simone, had eaten her and then fucked her. During the fuck, she once again said she’d let him fuck her ass as a thank you for having eaten her so well. Mike told her he couldn’t decide as he loved how hot and wet her pussy felt and as much as he wanted to sample her ass, he really wanted her cunt. Simone is obviously a fast learner as she told him if he fucked her ass, it would mean her pussy wouldn’t get his cum in it so she’d taste the same and that he could eat her again. Mike told her she was amazing and that he’d make her cum each time, to which Simone replied ‘I guessed you would’ and pulled herself off of his cock. She knelt beside him on the bed and Mike quickly grabbed some lube, squeezed it onto his cock and knelt behind her. He pressed into her and reached around to play with her pussy as his cock steadily slid in and out of her ass. Mike asked if she really liked anal and she told him it was only sometimes, when she was very aroused and Mike told her he was sure he could ensure she was aroused for a fair while longer. Simone took this to be him boasting that he could keep her satisfied, and she didn’t find out until later that he meant something rather different. As far as their session went, Mike frigged her to orgasm as he fucked her ass, came in her and then kitty kissed and ate her until she came again. He kissed her for a couple of minutes afterwards until Simone kissed down his body and sucked on his cock.

When Simone released him, she kissed him on the mouth and he told her she really was a dirty little girl (even I rarely do ass to mouth – although I know it’s probably not much different to spearing someone). Simone told him she didn’t mind doing things for people she liked and as they kissed more Mike asked her how many people at the party she ‘liked’. She gave him a sly little smile and said there were a few so Mike told her that he quite liked her too and said he might just invite her up to our home for a weekend so we could repeatedly pleasure her. Simone said she wasn’t going to just come and visit without knowing just what we’d do to keep her satisfied and Mike told her that he’d be able to fuck her on the Friday night, at least twice and possibly three times on the Saturday, probably twice on the Sunday and of course eat her as many times as she wanted. Simone said she liked the sound of ‘as many times as she wanted’ and Mike continued by telling her that both I and Jen would also want to eat, finger and fuck her and if she wanted that we could also ask one of my other guys (referring to Andy) as well as another girl and possibly my sister. Simone said she liked the sound of all that and by this point of the conversation, Mike had worked his fingers back into Simone’s pussy and she was stroking his cock. He asked if she thought she could cum again and she said he might be able to make her cum but this was when Mike revealed his plan. He told her that she’d need to demonstrate that she could keep up with us and if she did, she would win an all-expenses paid weekend of pleasure. Simone whispered to him that he just wanted her to be her little fuck-toy and Mike agreed with her but said it would be better if she was everyone’s fuck toy first. Mike than loudly suggested that Simone should be the target for the party and when she flinched he teased her about whether she could take it. Simone had witnessed girls being the final target at the parties and having everyone fuck, finger or eat them, so she knew exactly what he was referring to and defiantly said she’d give it a try.

Simone not only tried but she succeeded. Every guy at the party had a turn in her cunt (not everyone came or made her cum, but she did cum three more times with cocks inside her – and the added help of fingers on her clit). She also took every guy in her mouth – some before and some after she had fucked them and after resigning herself to her fate, allowed every girl at the party a turn at licking her pussy and sitting over her face (Simone is technically bi, but mostly prefers guys so this was quite impressive). Mike went down on Simone again in the middle of the session and Brett made a comment about not wanting to eat someone that so many guys had just cum in (not many had actually cum and as it was near the end of the party I doubt many of them could have produced more than a couple of drops anyway). I was quite surprised at Mike’s response to Brett’s comment as he told him he had no problem with other guy’s cum and after asking Corey if he wanted any help getting ready for his turn in Simone, he took Corey’s cock in his hand and started stroking him. Now I’ve seen Mike stroke other guys’ cocks before so this wasn’t the surprising part – but he next asked Emily if he could borrow some of her juices, wiped them over the head of Corey’s cock and then took the head in his mouth and sucked for a good 30 seconds. Corey was then passed to Simone to fuck her (which he did) and I watched as Mike headed off with Emily (she’d already had a turn at Simone’s pussy and over her face).

Simone looked exhausted by the time everyone had taken a turn with her and she remained on the bed as people started to leave the party. She was still there when Mike and I headed off, but he did go back to her and congratulate her on winning her trip. Simone said she was looking forward to it, although might need a long time to recover from what we’d all just done to her before she could let us subject her to anything more. Mike invited her back to our hotel but she said she just wanted to go home and sleep so we left her and dashed off to see if we could find someone else. Mike liked the idea of taking Kiyomi home so he could have had both of the Japanese girls to himself. Unfortunately she had already left but Sara was still there and said she’d be happy to let us eat her awake on the Sunday. She didn’t even object when we set about preparing her for the journey back to the hotel – which involved us stripping her naked and only giving her a jacket to wear. Naturally I ‘dressed’ in a similar manner and on the way back we compared how our evenings had gone.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

2015 Easter Sex Parties – Part 2

My Friday night had gone as well as Mike’s had. The four of us had gone out for dinner and a drink before heading back to Sara’s place. She didn’t have a bed anywhere near big enough for 4 people to sleep in (it was a squeeze with 3 of them whenever Clare and Giles stayed over), but she had made up a floor-bed of blankets and pillows for two of us to sleep in (when we got to that point). The bed *was* big enough for all four of us to play on and Sara and I teamed up on Clare first, then Giles and Sara then worked with Clare to pleasure me (and show off just how much Clare had learned about pleasuring women). As both Clare and now Sara regularly got to fuck Giles, I was allowed to have his cock. We tried one position with him on his back, Sara over his face and Clare standing in front of me so I could lick her. This worked reasonably well, but I got greedy and wanted everyone so we switched to me on my back with Giles fucking and frigging me and Sara and Clare both crouching over my face (facing each other). I obviously couldn’t lick both of them at the same time, but enjoyed having two pussies I could easily switch between and I fingered and frigged whoever I wasn’t licking. Unsurprisingly, Giles and I came first but I intended to finish what I’d started and after Clare and Sara lay down in a 69, I crouched behind Sara and buried my tongue in her ass.

I knew full well that this would be likely to help her cum first and between licks I told Clare to try and hold back and we would switch round so I could do the same to her (knowing that Clare was now very used to having Sara lick her like that). To my surprise, I felt Giles spread my ass cheeks and was expecting to feel his cock press against my ass, but instead he bent down and buried his tongue in my ass. In hindsight, this shouldn’t have been unexpected as Sara loves having this done to her. He rimmed and speared me as I did the same to Sara and with the added stimulation of Clare’s tongue on her clit, Sara soon came. Sara and Clare turned around and rolled over so Clare was on top and I immediately went to work on Clare’s ass as Sara ate her. It didn’t take long for Clare to cum and Sara eagerly kissed me when Clare moved.

Over the rest of the evening, I shared a double dildo with Clare while Sara frigged us and Giles semi-fucked Sara. Each of the girls had a turn on Giles’ cock with one of the other girls licking our clits and Giles loved the fact that his cock had contributed to four girls’ orgasms that night. I had proper 69 sessions with Clare and Sara individually and spent a while helping Clare play with Giles’ cock with us sucking, stroking and kissing it together. This left him desperate to cum again and I asked Clare if I could keep him for the night. She told me to go ahead so Giles spooned with me in the bed and Clare and Sara took the floor-bed. As Giles moved inside me, I described to Clare what her fiancĂ©’s cock felt like and what he was doing to me. I made sure he frigged me, toyed with my nipples and stroked my neck so I would cum first (I actually told him he wasn’t allowed to cum until I did) but he didn’t seem bothered by this and did as instructed. As I came, I told them all how good it felt and then told Giles to fuck me and cum in me again. He didn’t need to be encouraged and eagerly fucked me, pulling me tight against him. I teased Clare about her future husband being buried inside me, but also tried to concentrate on moving in time with his thrusts. When he came in me, I pushed back hard against him and told him to stay inside me for as long as possible. The four of us talked as we dozed off and I found out that Clare and Sara had played with Emily a few times since my last visit. Clare admitted that she loved eating Emily just as much as anyone else who had tasted her but Sara said that while she still loved the taste of Emily’s pussy juice, she loved Clare and Giles more. I slowly moved and contracted myself around Giles’ cock as we chatted and this worked to keep him hard for quite a while which felt nice and I even managed to extract a promise from Clare that she would let me fuck him even after they were married (in exchange I had to promise that Jen would also play with Clare, but I couldn’t see Jen thinking this would be an issue).

On the Saturday morning, I sucked Giles until he was hard, then helped guide him into my pussy. I let him choose whether he came in me or saved his cum for the party – he opted for the latter, but was kind enough to let me ride him and frig myself until I came. Clare decided she wanted in on this and sat over Giles face so he could eat her (I offered to do this, but she wanted him so I just helped out by playing with her breasts and kissing her). Clare took over playing with my clit and as I came I told her she’d make a good wife, then whispered to her to also take care of Sara. Over breakfast we discussed the wedding plans (which weren’t very advanced as they had decided to wait until they had graduated to actually get married), but there was some surprising news. Clare told me that her friends (not the ones at the sex party, but her ‘normal’ friends) now knew that she was bi and that they fully intended to have Sara as a part of their relationship. I didn’t press for too much information on this as I didn’t want to upset them and I wasn’t sure if they meant just letting Sara stay around and live/sleep with them or make a commitment to her in the way I have to Jen, but I was happy that Sara was happy after having being cheated on by Emily. I did warn them that they would encounter people who wouldn’t understand their relationship, but to trust in each other and promised that Mike, Jen and I would be there to help them (as well as fuck them).

Clare, Giles, Sara and I were showered and dressed by the time Mike turned up. Without any subtlety, he asked who Giles had cum in and then pulled off Sara’s panties and buried his tongue in her pussy. Clare was next and having made her cum he gave Giles a handshake and whispered to me that he’d eat me later (Mike is now well past being bothered by eating a girl who has another guy’s cum in her, but while Giles isn’t homophobic, he still isn’t in to any kind of guy-guy action). I told Sara that it wasn’t fair that Mike got to make her cum and I hadn’t (that morning) but she said she was saving herself for the party. Mike and I arranged to meet up with everyone for dinner and said our goodbyes then made our way into town to look round and see what had changed since our last visit. We then made our way to the Uni and looked round some of the places we used to play. I sat by the lake and pulled my skirt up far enough to let the air at my pussy and whenever there was nobody nearby I gently stroked myself – not really masturbating, just enjoying the feeling of the gentle stimulation while outside in such a public area. As often happens (with me anyway), what started as a gentle tease developed into a desire to cum and I set myself the challenge of having an orgasm by the lake while many students were wandering around, transporting things to head home for the holidays. We could easily have moved to a more secluded spot, but that would have defeated the object so I placed a hand between my legs, slid a couple of fingers a little way into my pussy and used my index finger to either rub or just press on my clit, depending on how many people were near us. Mike offered to help out but I told him I wanted to finish this myself. In the end I let him help by telling me again what he’d done with Kiyomi. As I got closer to cumming, I removed one finger from my pussy and pressed it against my ass. I told Mike I wished I could be naked and just cum for everyone with them seeing me properly so he heeded my wish and leant over to give me a kiss and undo a number of buttons on my top. It wasn’t really enough to really expose anything, but the added feeling of exposure felt nice as my top flapped open down to my breasts and I circled my clit rapidly as I came. I let out a long, low moan and leant my head on Mike’s shoulder for support. When I withdrew my hand, he slid his hand up my thigh and slid a couple of fingers into my pussy. He commented on how wet I felt and I just looked up at him and said ‘outside’. Mike sucked his fingers clean, returned them to my pussy and then fed me my juices, which I happily sucked from his fingers (although at that point I’d have happily done almost anything).

We returned to the hotel and had a rest before meeting up with Sara, Clare and Giles. Mike called Kiyomi and offered her dinner as additional thanks and she joined us at the restaurant. He had convinced me to wear one of my schoolgirl outfits and Kiyomi was similarly dressed. We’d had no trouble getting Sara to agree to this but Clare had thought she looked ridiculous – although had eventually consented with a little coercion (Mike, Sara and I had spent a while licking her but not letting her cum and telling her we’d keep doing that until she agreed). Clare was initially quite self-conscious as we sat and ate and we did get a few looks, but she eased off as the meal progressed. We stopped off on the way to the party for a drink and got a lot more attention in the pub. At first we tried to brush this off with the usual statements about being lesbians (and subsequent questions as to why Mike and Giles were with us) so I made out with Sara to demonstrate my lesbian credentials. As You’d expect, a few of the guys really enjoyed this and asked if Clare and Kiyomi were going to ‘prove their gayness’ (their phrase) but I didn’t give Kiyomi a chance and pounced on Clare. I pressed my crotch against her leg and humped her as we kissed. I whispered to her if she fancied a pre-party fuck but Clare said she didn’t think any of the guys were attractive. I told her she was being too picky and quickly slid my hand into her panties and fingers into her pussy before pulling them out and sucking them clean. I considered letting the interested guys take me round the back of the pub and this was quite a difficult decision to make as I really enjoy an alleyway fuck with strangers (especially if it’s more than one guy and I know they really want me), but also wanted to get to the party where I could fuck properly (with people we knew were clean, so didn’t need protection). My desire for cum won out and we said our goodbyes, left the guys and set off to the party.

We weren’t the first to arrive and a few people were already enjoying each other, both upstairs and on the sofa in the living room. The arrival of four girls with long socks, plaid skirts and pigtails was noticed, but unfortunately for the guys, three of us already had plans. Well, I say three of us, but Kiyomi didn’t know about the plan so she was a bit surprised when it felt to Sara and me to give Kiyomi the ‘reward’ that Mike had promised. We pulled Kiyomi over to the sofa and removed her panties. I lay on my back and got Kiyomi to climb over me so I could eat her and Sara knelt behind and buried her tongue in Kiyomi’s ass. This embarrassed Kiyomi immensely, but we kept eating her until she was whimpering and I felt her head on my lap. I spread my legs in the hope she would get the message but it wasn’t until I pulled my skirt up to expose my pussy than she started eating me. By this point, there was no way I was going to catch up with her – even with the knowledge that I was lying with my crotch facing the front door and was the first thing any newcomers would see. Sara and I kept eating Kiyomi until she came and I felt her whimpering into my pussy.

We released Kiyomi but before she left I decided it would be fun to take her skirt. As I slid it down her legs I told her that this would help her have more fun at the party and she blushed. I’m quite sure that for all her shyness, she knows full well what she looks like and just how much the guys (and half the girls) want her. Sara sent Kiyomi on her way with a gentle slap on her ass and asked if I wanted her to finish what Kiyomi had started. I told Sara not to waste any time with me and I was sure we’d get to play later on. I wandered upstairs and found a few people watching Hannah and Neil fuck and asked Craig if he wanted to play. I let him unbutton my blouse and fondle my breasts as I rubbed his crotch and after a minute or so I knelt down, freed his cock and took him in my mouth. He placed his hand on the back of my head and slowly pumped in and out so I wrapped a hand around his cock to stop him from going too deep and used my other hand to caress his balls. I asked him if he’d cum yet and he said I’d be his first fuck of the party so I considered letting him cum over my face and breasts to enjoy being covered with a good load. I decided against this as knew it might well put some of the other guys off and just asked to be fucked and Craig didn’t seem too disappointed as we moved over to the bed, I bent forwards across it and he sunk his cock into me. I edged forwards so I could fondle Hannah’s breasts and we briefly kissed each other, but I then left her to finish things off with Neil. Craig pumped away in my cunt and I reached down to frig myself and things were coming along nicely by the time Neil and Hannah finished. Before she could get up I grabbed at her leg and asked her to let me lick her clean – she said she’d only just cum but I promised to be gentle and pulled myself towards her as she agreed. Craig had to adjust his position and ended up lying over me (holding himself up) and fucking me and I carried on frigging myself with one hand while lapping at Hannah’s pussy. Craig came and I came, but even after he pulled out of me I carried on with Hannah. My kitty kissing had got her aroused enough that she allowed me to carry on and I started eating her properly. I felt a few people caress my ass from behind and would have happily let anyone else fuck me, but other than a few fingers, my pussy remained empty for thr duration of my session with Hannah (naturally I ensures she got to cum).

As I wandered back downstairs, I could feel Craig’s cum leaking out and dribbling down my legs. I saw Clare playing with Caroline in the living room with Giles watching and saw both Joris and Gareth playing with Miyako. I considered trying to join them, but have learned that the Japanese girls seem to have a special place in many guys’ desires so went to the kitchen and ran into Laura who I hadn’t seen for ages (she was at the first parties we went to and was the original ‘bi-girl’ who got to do things at least once with any girl that turned up. We chatted and discussed how things had changed over the years – and made out a fair bit as we did this. At that time, we were mostly just kissing and caressing each other, although did have a brief period of sliding our beer bottles into each other’s cunts. Things had progressed to the point where we were going to fuck but on the way upstairs saw that Mike was playing with Nora and I asked Laura if she felt like reliving old-times and seeing if we could help break in the new girl. Laura was up for this so we followed Mike and Nora upstairs and as they kissed and fondled each other on the bed, Laura and I resumed our session from the kitchen.

Mike had eaten Nora at the previous party and wanted to do the same to her again before he fucked her. Nora told him that as long as he did as good a job again, to go ahead and Mike eagerly buried his head between her legs and lapped at her. Now Nora has quite large breasts and like Vicky, she seems quite proud of them so as Mike ate her, she pulled her top up and caressed her nipples. As she got closer to cumming, Laura reached over and ran her hand over one of Nora’s breasts – Nora jumped a little at this but Laura just said that Nora’s breasts were beautiful and as Laura and I both had our breasts out, Nora didn’t seem to mind and allowed Laura’s hand to keep stroking her nipple. I semi-reluctantly pulled away from Laura (as much as I wanted to enjoy a new partner, we had been having fun and Laura had been doing a good job of fingering me) and moved around to lie on the other side of Nora. I reached down to caress Nora’s other breast and then lowered my head and took her nipple in my mouth. Like me she had fairly large nipples, but I guessed they must be considerably more sensitive than mine as Nora looked like she was enjoying what we were doing to them an awful lot (admittedly, Mike licking her pussy probably had something to do with this). As Laura had moved to sucking on Nora’s other nipple, but as Nora came, Laura gave her a kiss on the lips and then a number more kisses. When Nora’s orgasm finished Laura made a comment about her being a good kisser and Nora said she wasn’t used to kissing girls, but that it felt nice and gentle. Mike was still between Nora’s legs, kitty kissing her and getting her ready for round two and I asked Nora if I could get a kiss. Now that she’d cum, she was a little shyer about kissing a girl, but she gave me a few little kisses and I asked her if she enjoyed having my husband eat her. She nodded yes and I whispered to her that he’d been looking forward to fucking her, then moved away and back round to play with Laura.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

2015 Easter Sex Parties – Part 1

I’m going to combine the pre and post Easter holiday sex party entries…

In mid-March, Mike and I headed down to York for the end of term sex party. Mike was excited as he had convinced Kiyomi to join us on the Friday night. I had no objection to this and would have happily helped to pleasure her, but ended up getting an offer to spend the night with Giles, Clare and Sara. When we arrived at the train station, Mike greeted Sara and Clare with big kisses and told Giles to make sure I came lots and then dashed off to meet up with his little Japanese girl.

Kiyomi greeted him and Mike told her she looked as cute as always and she blushed at this. Mike whispered to her that he wanted to take her back to the hotel and play with her straight away and she allowed him to lead her there, check in as me and then go up to the room. Kiyomi wasn’t wearing one of her ridiculously cute and frilly outfits, but had a school skirt and long white socks on, with her hair tied back in a ponytail (Mike had requested this). Mike slipped off his coat and told Kiyomi he couldn’t resist her, took her in his arms and they kissed as they made their way to the bed and fell onto it. He ground against her crotch as his hands roamed over her body and after a few minutes he said he really wanted to eat her and asked if that was okay. Now Kiyomi is familiar enough with Mike that she knows how much he loves pussy (and he had told her he intended to spend most of the night buried between her legs when they had arranged to meet up), so when he asked, she gave a little giggle and said ‘hai’. Mike slipped down between her legs and started kissing and caressing her thighs before moving on to kissing and licking her panties. Kiyomi let out little sounds as he did this and Mike complimented her on how beautiful her legs were and how much he loved the scent of her pussy. This embarrassed her somewhat, but he distracted her by pulling the crotch of her panties aside – not the whole way, just enough to kiss her outer lips and begin to taste her properly. She liked this so he did it for a while, alternating the side of her pussy his tongue was attacking and occasionally pushing the material slightly further so he could just slide the tip of his tongue over her pussy itself.

Mike sat up and told Kiyomi he wanted to see her pussy properly. She covered her face as he took hold of her panties and asked her to raise her ass a little so he could slide them off. He gently pushed her legs apart and took in the sight of her wet pussy – clearly aroused from the teasing it had already received. She had a little patch of black hair on her mons but was otherwise nicely shaved and Mike asked if she had done this herself or if her friend Miyako had done it for her. Kiyomi said she had done it herself and Mike lay down and examined her pussy properly – spreading her outer lips, kissing and licking up and down her pussy and gently fingering her, while describing what he could see, feel, taste and smell. He was doing this to purposely embarrass her as both Miyako and Kiyomi are even cuter when they get embarrassed – and despite having fucked in front of a dozen or so people, still get embarrassed whenever someone comments on anything sexual. He spent longer licking her pussy and clit until she was squirming around on the bed, but before she came he moved away from her pussy and crawled up her body to kiss her.

Kiyomi reached down to Mike’s crotch and fumbled with his trousers. He told her she didn’t need to do anything but she said she wanted to play properly and fished his cock out, then moved down the bed and took him in her mouth. She sucked and licked his cock, taking a few inches into her mouth at times and sucking on the shaft at other times. After a while Mike got her to turn around and he pulled her crotch over his face so he could play with her pussy again. She still had her skirt and blouse on and asked if he wanted her to take them off but he said he loved the way she looked and to demonstrate that they weren’t getting in the way, he pulled her cunt to his mouth and buried his tongue in her once again. They licked and sucked each other, but Mike was always going to win this battle and with his head still buried under Kiyomi’s skirt, he heard her panting and felt her push back against his face as she came. He kept licking and eased off so he was just kitty kissing her until she resumed sucking and playing with his cock. Mike was certainly enjoying the blow-job she was giving him (he says it was nearly as good as one of Sue’s), but he really wanted to be inside her so after having kitty kissed her enough to get her ready to play, he pushed her body up and got her to crawl off of him.

Mike removed his clothes as Kiyomi pulled her blouse and bra off (he asked her to keep the skirt on). He then pushed her onto her back and climbed over her. Kiyomi wasn’t too keen on kissing Mike while his face was cover with her juices so he wiped his mouth, but between kisses he repeatedly told her that she tasted wonderful and just how much he loved eating her. This got the usual embarrassed giggles from her and Mike rubbed his cock along her pussy and then slowly sank into her, a little deeper with each stroke until he was all the way inside. She let out one of her usual little sounds and as they started fucking, she kept emitting little yelps. Mike told her how good her pussy felt around his cock and asked if she liked having him inside her. She said she did and Mike asked her to talk dirty to him and with some encouragement, he got her to ask her to keep fucking him, to fill her pussy with his cock and eventually got her to ask him to fuck her cunt and make her cum. He told her that she felt wonderful and intended to cum in her, but he first needed to eat her to a few orgasms. Kiyomi said she wanted him to stay inside her and wrapped her legs around him to prevent him pulling out so they made a deal and agreed that Mike would fuck her until she came (without him cumming), that he would then eat her (lots) and that he’d then fuck her again and cum in her.

They rolled over so Kiyomi was on top and she humped against him. Mike whispered to her that he loved seeing her enjoy herself and that he’d do whatever she wanted. She asked him to fuck her hard and Mike pulled her against him, gripping her ass firmly and started pumping into her, getting steadily harder and faster. They kissed for a while until Kiyomi started letting out ‘iie, iie..’ sounds each time their bodies slapped together. Mike asked if she wanted him to slow down or change position but she told him to keep going (at first she said this in Japanese, but Mike didn’t understand so had to get her to repeat it in English). They kept fucking and Mike encouraged her to cum, telling him he wanted to feel her around his cock and watch her face. She briefly looked away from him when he said this but then went back to kissing him and Mike pulled her against him harder as he thrust into her. His fingers brushed over and pressed against her ass and with another series of ‘iie’ sounds, Kiyomi came. Mike carried on fucking her and she made progressively higher pitched sounds until she panted at him to stop and he eased off. He felt her body go limp and she lay against him and wrapped her arms around him as he caressed her back. They were both covered in a light sheen of sweat and Mike rolled over then started making his way down Kiyomi’s body, covering most of her skin with kisses as he went, starting with her neck, shoulders, along her sides, breasts, stomach, thighs and finally back up to her pussy.

Mike kitty kissed Kiyomi for a long time, occasionally breaking contact to talk to her, but continuing the stimulation with his fingers whenever her did this. He asked if he could get a few pictures of her to let Jen see how cute she looked (one of the rules at the parties is no pictures) and she agreed after he promised he wouldn’t show them to anyone else (other than Jen, Lisa and me). For the first few, Kiyomi covered her face, but with some more encouragement, she posed and Mike told her he’d like to get a whole series of pictures of her dressed up – and then getting steadily undressed. Kiyomi said she would think about it, but Mike had already been away from her pussy for long enough and after sending Jen the best couple of pictures, he crawled back between Kiyomi’s legs and resumed kitty kissing her. That didn’t last for too long though before it turned into him eating her and he got her to cum a second time. He didn’t break from licking her, just went back to kitty kissing until she had recovered and then ate her to a third orgasm, kitty kissed her again for a few minutes and then pulled away to let her get a drink of water.

Mike led Kiyomi over to the mirror and stood behind her, caressing her body and finally unsnapping the catch on her skirt to let it fall to the floor. He told her how beautiful she looked and toyed with her nipples as he rubbed his cock between her ass cheeks, then pushed it down and forwards so it slid between her legs and along her pussy. Kiyomi reached down and pressed the head up against her pussy and caressed it with her fingers as she rocked back and forth in time with his movements. Mike asked her if she could cum again and she said she thought she could so he teased her and said he’d spend another few hours eating her and asked how many more times she thought she’d cum. She said she didn’t know if she could cum more than once more and that she wanted him back inside her. They moved towards the window and Mike lifted one of Kiyomi’s legs up while steadying her and asked if she was brave enough to fuck in front of the whole town (or at least the bits that could see the hotel window). Kiyomi pressed the head of his cock between her lips and Mike pushed into her, then reached down to play with her clit. After a bit of experimentation, Kiyomi ended up with her foot on the windowsill for support (she is more flexible than I am) so Mike could use a hand to fondle one of her breasts and his other hand on her clit as they fucked. Mike decided to ignore her warning that she might only be able to cum once more (as if any of us have paid attention to things like that) and fucked and frigged her to her fourth orgasm of the evening. When he pulled out and his cum didn’t dribble out, she asked if he’d cum and he told her that he hadn’t and she’d need to cum again for him. Kiyomi complained that she wasn’t sure she could and asked him to let her suck him and Mike agreed, on the condition they 69.

Kiyomi climbed over Mike and took his cock in her mouth. He spent a while kissing around her thighs and caressing her legs through her socks, mostly staying away from her pussy other than spreading her lips to examine her and enjoy her scent. He enjoyed the saw she swirled her tongue around his cock and sucked him firmly as she bobbed her head up and down. He kitty kissed and then licked her until she was making sounds of pleasure again. Mike asked if she was ready for a final round and she said she was so he challenged her to let him make her cum twice more. She said she wasn’t sure about this so Mike suggested they get room service and have a drink before settling down for their final fuck. Kiyomi agreed but soon discovered Mike had an ulterior motive as he challenged her to answer the door naked. She wasn’t up for this, but allowed him to talk her in to answering the door in just her underwear and as they waited for their drinks to arrive, Mike helped Kiyomi put her bra, panties and socks back on. He told her she looked very cute and let her to the mirror so she could watch as he caressed her body, teased her nipples through her bra and rubbed her pussy through her panties. Mike had just been aiming to keep her aroused, but it worked better than he’d hoped and by the time room service arrived, the crotch of Kiyomi’s panties were visibly damp with her juices.

Mike walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on while Kiyomi went to answer the door and let the guy in. She got him to set the drink down and thanked him, giving the customary Japanese bow. Once the guy had left, Mike and Kiyomi discussed what the difference was between her being naked at the party and having many people see and play with her and having a single guy see her naked. Kiyomi said the party was different as she had usually had a bit to drink (it doesn’t take much to get her drunk), and that everyone was there for the same reason. Mike pointed out that the guy had just got to see her with her nipples hard enough to be visible through her bra and a damp patch on her panties and this made Kiyomi blush bright red and throw a pillow at him. Mike wrestled Kiyomi to the ground and teased her about letting people see her naked while simultaneously complimenting her on how sexy she looked. She told him she wasn’t sure she would let him fuck her again that night, but she didn’t complain as he rubbed his cock against the crotch of her panties and then pulled the material to the side and slid into her. He fucked her from behind with a hand in her panties to tease her clit and another hand pushed under her bra to work on her nipples. When Kiyomi conceded that she could cum again, they pulled apart, Mike removed her bra and panties (but left her socks on) and they resumed fucking. Mike lay on top of Kiyomi and she wrapped her legs around him – she pleaded with him to cum in her this time and Mike promised he would. They moved against each other like this for a while before changing position back to Mike spooning with her so he could play with her clit and they fucked until Kiyomi came. Mike quickly pulled out and lay on top of Kiyomi again and got her to wrap her legs around him – he pumped away inside her as they kissed and came quite quickly, then remained in her for a while as his cock slowly went soft. After a brief period of kitty kissing (trying to avoid the generous amounts of his cum that were leaking from her pussy, Mike crawled up behind Kiyomi and curled up against her.

On the Saturday morning, he ate her awake (as is our custom) and then challenged Kiyomi to at least be topless when breakfast arrived. She wouldn’t agree to this, but compromised on wearing a very transparent top Mike had brought along for Sara (a present from Jen). This was paired with a fresh pair of white panties and socks with little bows (that matched the bow on the panties) and before room service turned up, Mike got a picture of Kiyomi and sent it to Jen. As Mike hid in the bathroom he challenged Kiyomi to play with herself for the guy – she didn’t do this, but did answer the door in her improvised outfit which clearly showed off her breasts and she was a nice shade of pink by the time the guy left and Mike re-joined her in the bedroom. After breakfast, Mike asked Kiyomi if she would masturbate for him – at first she was shy about doing this but he pointed out he’d seen her cum many times just the night before and had buried his tongue, fingers and cock in her little pussy. In the end, Kiyomi said she would do it if Mike would and he sat on the end of the bed with his cock in his hand while she sat on the sofa with her legs spread, feet up either side of her and she stroked herself. She started off with her panties on (at Mike’s request), then removed them as the session got more heated. Mike got a photo of her just before she came (at the point she was too close to cumming to care), but he got her permission before sending it to Jen. Kiyomi was disappointed that Mike didn’t cum (he had been stroking himself the whole time) but he pointed out that she could cum many more times than he could in a given day so he had to save his orgasm for the party and she accepted this as a fundamental limitation of his gender.

Mike and Kiyomi showered together and he thoroughly cleaned off her body. He thanked her for a wonderful night and she thanked him for making her feel so good – resulting in him going down on her one last time before they got dressed. On the way out, Mike promised her that he would arrange a reward for her at the party and she was appropriately nervous but he promised her she would enjoy it. They said their goodbyes and Mike came to find Sara, Giles, Clare and me.