Thursday, 4 May 2017

2015 Easter Sex Parties – Part 1

I’m going to combine the pre and post Easter holiday sex party entries…

In mid-March, Mike and I headed down to York for the end of term sex party. Mike was excited as he had convinced Kiyomi to join us on the Friday night. I had no objection to this and would have happily helped to pleasure her, but ended up getting an offer to spend the night with Giles, Clare and Sara. When we arrived at the train station, Mike greeted Sara and Clare with big kisses and told Giles to make sure I came lots and then dashed off to meet up with his little Japanese girl.

Kiyomi greeted him and Mike told her she looked as cute as always and she blushed at this. Mike whispered to her that he wanted to take her back to the hotel and play with her straight away and she allowed him to lead her there, check in as me and then go up to the room. Kiyomi wasn’t wearing one of her ridiculously cute and frilly outfits, but had a school skirt and long white socks on, with her hair tied back in a ponytail (Mike had requested this). Mike slipped off his coat and told Kiyomi he couldn’t resist her, took her in his arms and they kissed as they made their way to the bed and fell onto it. He ground against her crotch as his hands roamed over her body and after a few minutes he said he really wanted to eat her and asked if that was okay. Now Kiyomi is familiar enough with Mike that she knows how much he loves pussy (and he had told her he intended to spend most of the night buried between her legs when they had arranged to meet up), so when he asked, she gave a little giggle and said ‘hai’. Mike slipped down between her legs and started kissing and caressing her thighs before moving on to kissing and licking her panties. Kiyomi let out little sounds as he did this and Mike complimented her on how beautiful her legs were and how much he loved the scent of her pussy. This embarrassed her somewhat, but he distracted her by pulling the crotch of her panties aside – not the whole way, just enough to kiss her outer lips and begin to taste her properly. She liked this so he did it for a while, alternating the side of her pussy his tongue was attacking and occasionally pushing the material slightly further so he could just slide the tip of his tongue over her pussy itself.

Mike sat up and told Kiyomi he wanted to see her pussy properly. She covered her face as he took hold of her panties and asked her to raise her ass a little so he could slide them off. He gently pushed her legs apart and took in the sight of her wet pussy – clearly aroused from the teasing it had already received. She had a little patch of black hair on her mons but was otherwise nicely shaved and Mike asked if she had done this herself or if her friend Miyako had done it for her. Kiyomi said she had done it herself and Mike lay down and examined her pussy properly – spreading her outer lips, kissing and licking up and down her pussy and gently fingering her, while describing what he could see, feel, taste and smell. He was doing this to purposely embarrass her as both Miyako and Kiyomi are even cuter when they get embarrassed – and despite having fucked in front of a dozen or so people, still get embarrassed whenever someone comments on anything sexual. He spent longer licking her pussy and clit until she was squirming around on the bed, but before she came he moved away from her pussy and crawled up her body to kiss her.

Kiyomi reached down to Mike’s crotch and fumbled with his trousers. He told her she didn’t need to do anything but she said she wanted to play properly and fished his cock out, then moved down the bed and took him in her mouth. She sucked and licked his cock, taking a few inches into her mouth at times and sucking on the shaft at other times. After a while Mike got her to turn around and he pulled her crotch over his face so he could play with her pussy again. She still had her skirt and blouse on and asked if he wanted her to take them off but he said he loved the way she looked and to demonstrate that they weren’t getting in the way, he pulled her cunt to his mouth and buried his tongue in her once again. They licked and sucked each other, but Mike was always going to win this battle and with his head still buried under Kiyomi’s skirt, he heard her panting and felt her push back against his face as she came. He kept licking and eased off so he was just kitty kissing her until she resumed sucking and playing with his cock. Mike was certainly enjoying the blow-job she was giving him (he says it was nearly as good as one of Sue’s), but he really wanted to be inside her so after having kitty kissed her enough to get her ready to play, he pushed her body up and got her to crawl off of him.

Mike removed his clothes as Kiyomi pulled her blouse and bra off (he asked her to keep the skirt on). He then pushed her onto her back and climbed over her. Kiyomi wasn’t too keen on kissing Mike while his face was cover with her juices so he wiped his mouth, but between kisses he repeatedly told her that she tasted wonderful and just how much he loved eating her. This got the usual embarrassed giggles from her and Mike rubbed his cock along her pussy and then slowly sank into her, a little deeper with each stroke until he was all the way inside. She let out one of her usual little sounds and as they started fucking, she kept emitting little yelps. Mike told her how good her pussy felt around his cock and asked if she liked having him inside her. She said she did and Mike asked her to talk dirty to him and with some encouragement, he got her to ask her to keep fucking him, to fill her pussy with his cock and eventually got her to ask him to fuck her cunt and make her cum. He told her that she felt wonderful and intended to cum in her, but he first needed to eat her to a few orgasms. Kiyomi said she wanted him to stay inside her and wrapped her legs around him to prevent him pulling out so they made a deal and agreed that Mike would fuck her until she came (without him cumming), that he would then eat her (lots) and that he’d then fuck her again and cum in her.

They rolled over so Kiyomi was on top and she humped against him. Mike whispered to her that he loved seeing her enjoy herself and that he’d do whatever she wanted. She asked him to fuck her hard and Mike pulled her against him, gripping her ass firmly and started pumping into her, getting steadily harder and faster. They kissed for a while until Kiyomi started letting out ‘iie, iie..’ sounds each time their bodies slapped together. Mike asked if she wanted him to slow down or change position but she told him to keep going (at first she said this in Japanese, but Mike didn’t understand so had to get her to repeat it in English). They kept fucking and Mike encouraged her to cum, telling him he wanted to feel her around his cock and watch her face. She briefly looked away from him when he said this but then went back to kissing him and Mike pulled her against him harder as he thrust into her. His fingers brushed over and pressed against her ass and with another series of ‘iie’ sounds, Kiyomi came. Mike carried on fucking her and she made progressively higher pitched sounds until she panted at him to stop and he eased off. He felt her body go limp and she lay against him and wrapped her arms around him as he caressed her back. They were both covered in a light sheen of sweat and Mike rolled over then started making his way down Kiyomi’s body, covering most of her skin with kisses as he went, starting with her neck, shoulders, along her sides, breasts, stomach, thighs and finally back up to her pussy.

Mike kitty kissed Kiyomi for a long time, occasionally breaking contact to talk to her, but continuing the stimulation with his fingers whenever her did this. He asked if he could get a few pictures of her to let Jen see how cute she looked (one of the rules at the parties is no pictures) and she agreed after he promised he wouldn’t show them to anyone else (other than Jen, Lisa and me). For the first few, Kiyomi covered her face, but with some more encouragement, she posed and Mike told her he’d like to get a whole series of pictures of her dressed up – and then getting steadily undressed. Kiyomi said she would think about it, but Mike had already been away from her pussy for long enough and after sending Jen the best couple of pictures, he crawled back between Kiyomi’s legs and resumed kitty kissing her. That didn’t last for too long though before it turned into him eating her and he got her to cum a second time. He didn’t break from licking her, just went back to kitty kissing until she had recovered and then ate her to a third orgasm, kitty kissed her again for a few minutes and then pulled away to let her get a drink of water.

Mike led Kiyomi over to the mirror and stood behind her, caressing her body and finally unsnapping the catch on her skirt to let it fall to the floor. He told her how beautiful she looked and toyed with her nipples as he rubbed his cock between her ass cheeks, then pushed it down and forwards so it slid between her legs and along her pussy. Kiyomi reached down and pressed the head up against her pussy and caressed it with her fingers as she rocked back and forth in time with his movements. Mike asked her if she could cum again and she said she thought she could so he teased her and said he’d spend another few hours eating her and asked how many more times she thought she’d cum. She said she didn’t know if she could cum more than once more and that she wanted him back inside her. They moved towards the window and Mike lifted one of Kiyomi’s legs up while steadying her and asked if she was brave enough to fuck in front of the whole town (or at least the bits that could see the hotel window). Kiyomi pressed the head of his cock between her lips and Mike pushed into her, then reached down to play with her clit. After a bit of experimentation, Kiyomi ended up with her foot on the windowsill for support (she is more flexible than I am) so Mike could use a hand to fondle one of her breasts and his other hand on her clit as they fucked. Mike decided to ignore her warning that she might only be able to cum once more (as if any of us have paid attention to things like that) and fucked and frigged her to her fourth orgasm of the evening. When he pulled out and his cum didn’t dribble out, she asked if he’d cum and he told her that he hadn’t and she’d need to cum again for him. Kiyomi complained that she wasn’t sure she could and asked him to let her suck him and Mike agreed, on the condition they 69.

Kiyomi climbed over Mike and took his cock in her mouth. He spent a while kissing around her thighs and caressing her legs through her socks, mostly staying away from her pussy other than spreading her lips to examine her and enjoy her scent. He enjoyed the saw she swirled her tongue around his cock and sucked him firmly as she bobbed her head up and down. He kitty kissed and then licked her until she was making sounds of pleasure again. Mike asked if she was ready for a final round and she said she was so he challenged her to let him make her cum twice more. She said she wasn’t sure about this so Mike suggested they get room service and have a drink before settling down for their final fuck. Kiyomi agreed but soon discovered Mike had an ulterior motive as he challenged her to answer the door naked. She wasn’t up for this, but allowed him to talk her in to answering the door in just her underwear and as they waited for their drinks to arrive, Mike helped Kiyomi put her bra, panties and socks back on. He told her she looked very cute and let her to the mirror so she could watch as he caressed her body, teased her nipples through her bra and rubbed her pussy through her panties. Mike had just been aiming to keep her aroused, but it worked better than he’d hoped and by the time room service arrived, the crotch of Kiyomi’s panties were visibly damp with her juices.

Mike walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on while Kiyomi went to answer the door and let the guy in. She got him to set the drink down and thanked him, giving the customary Japanese bow. Once the guy had left, Mike and Kiyomi discussed what the difference was between her being naked at the party and having many people see and play with her and having a single guy see her naked. Kiyomi said the party was different as she had usually had a bit to drink (it doesn’t take much to get her drunk), and that everyone was there for the same reason. Mike pointed out that the guy had just got to see her with her nipples hard enough to be visible through her bra and a damp patch on her panties and this made Kiyomi blush bright red and throw a pillow at him. Mike wrestled Kiyomi to the ground and teased her about letting people see her naked while simultaneously complimenting her on how sexy she looked. She told him she wasn’t sure she would let him fuck her again that night, but she didn’t complain as he rubbed his cock against the crotch of her panties and then pulled the material to the side and slid into her. He fucked her from behind with a hand in her panties to tease her clit and another hand pushed under her bra to work on her nipples. When Kiyomi conceded that she could cum again, they pulled apart, Mike removed her bra and panties (but left her socks on) and they resumed fucking. Mike lay on top of Kiyomi and she wrapped her legs around him – she pleaded with him to cum in her this time and Mike promised he would. They moved against each other like this for a while before changing position back to Mike spooning with her so he could play with her clit and they fucked until Kiyomi came. Mike quickly pulled out and lay on top of Kiyomi again and got her to wrap her legs around him – he pumped away inside her as they kissed and came quite quickly, then remained in her for a while as his cock slowly went soft. After a brief period of kitty kissing (trying to avoid the generous amounts of his cum that were leaking from her pussy, Mike crawled up behind Kiyomi and curled up against her.

On the Saturday morning, he ate her awake (as is our custom) and then challenged Kiyomi to at least be topless when breakfast arrived. She wouldn’t agree to this, but compromised on wearing a very transparent top Mike had brought along for Sara (a present from Jen). This was paired with a fresh pair of white panties and socks with little bows (that matched the bow on the panties) and before room service turned up, Mike got a picture of Kiyomi and sent it to Jen. As Mike hid in the bathroom he challenged Kiyomi to play with herself for the guy – she didn’t do this, but did answer the door in her improvised outfit which clearly showed off her breasts and she was a nice shade of pink by the time the guy left and Mike re-joined her in the bedroom. After breakfast, Mike asked Kiyomi if she would masturbate for him – at first she was shy about doing this but he pointed out he’d seen her cum many times just the night before and had buried his tongue, fingers and cock in her little pussy. In the end, Kiyomi said she would do it if Mike would and he sat on the end of the bed with his cock in his hand while she sat on the sofa with her legs spread, feet up either side of her and she stroked herself. She started off with her panties on (at Mike’s request), then removed them as the session got more heated. Mike got a photo of her just before she came (at the point she was too close to cumming to care), but he got her permission before sending it to Jen. Kiyomi was disappointed that Mike didn’t cum (he had been stroking himself the whole time) but he pointed out that she could cum many more times than he could in a given day so he had to save his orgasm for the party and she accepted this as a fundamental limitation of his gender.

Mike and Kiyomi showered together and he thoroughly cleaned off her body. He thanked her for a wonderful night and she thanked him for making her feel so good – resulting in him going down on her one last time before they got dressed. On the way out, Mike promised her that he would arrange a reward for her at the party and she was appropriately nervous but he promised her she would enjoy it. They said their goodbyes and Mike came to find Sara, Giles, Clare and me.

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