Tuesday, 9 May 2017

2015 Easter Sex Parties – Part 2

My Friday night had gone as well as Mike’s had. The four of us had gone out for dinner and a drink before heading back to Sara’s place. She didn’t have a bed anywhere near big enough for 4 people to sleep in (it was a squeeze with 3 of them whenever Clare and Giles stayed over), but she had made up a floor-bed of blankets and pillows for two of us to sleep in (when we got to that point). The bed *was* big enough for all four of us to play on and Sara and I teamed up on Clare first, then Giles and Sara then worked with Clare to pleasure me (and show off just how much Clare had learned about pleasuring women). As both Clare and now Sara regularly got to fuck Giles, I was allowed to have his cock. We tried one position with him on his back, Sara over his face and Clare standing in front of me so I could lick her. This worked reasonably well, but I got greedy and wanted everyone so we switched to me on my back with Giles fucking and frigging me and Sara and Clare both crouching over my face (facing each other). I obviously couldn’t lick both of them at the same time, but enjoyed having two pussies I could easily switch between and I fingered and frigged whoever I wasn’t licking. Unsurprisingly, Giles and I came first but I intended to finish what I’d started and after Clare and Sara lay down in a 69, I crouched behind Sara and buried my tongue in her ass.

I knew full well that this would be likely to help her cum first and between licks I told Clare to try and hold back and we would switch round so I could do the same to her (knowing that Clare was now very used to having Sara lick her like that). To my surprise, I felt Giles spread my ass cheeks and was expecting to feel his cock press against my ass, but instead he bent down and buried his tongue in my ass. In hindsight, this shouldn’t have been unexpected as Sara loves having this done to her. He rimmed and speared me as I did the same to Sara and with the added stimulation of Clare’s tongue on her clit, Sara soon came. Sara and Clare turned around and rolled over so Clare was on top and I immediately went to work on Clare’s ass as Sara ate her. It didn’t take long for Clare to cum and Sara eagerly kissed me when Clare moved.

Over the rest of the evening, I shared a double dildo with Clare while Sara frigged us and Giles semi-fucked Sara. Each of the girls had a turn on Giles’ cock with one of the other girls licking our clits and Giles loved the fact that his cock had contributed to four girls’ orgasms that night. I had proper 69 sessions with Clare and Sara individually and spent a while helping Clare play with Giles’ cock with us sucking, stroking and kissing it together. This left him desperate to cum again and I asked Clare if I could keep him for the night. She told me to go ahead so Giles spooned with me in the bed and Clare and Sara took the floor-bed. As Giles moved inside me, I described to Clare what her fiancé’s cock felt like and what he was doing to me. I made sure he frigged me, toyed with my nipples and stroked my neck so I would cum first (I actually told him he wasn’t allowed to cum until I did) but he didn’t seem bothered by this and did as instructed. As I came, I told them all how good it felt and then told Giles to fuck me and cum in me again. He didn’t need to be encouraged and eagerly fucked me, pulling me tight against him. I teased Clare about her future husband being buried inside me, but also tried to concentrate on moving in time with his thrusts. When he came in me, I pushed back hard against him and told him to stay inside me for as long as possible. The four of us talked as we dozed off and I found out that Clare and Sara had played with Emily a few times since my last visit. Clare admitted that she loved eating Emily just as much as anyone else who had tasted her but Sara said that while she still loved the taste of Emily’s pussy juice, she loved Clare and Giles more. I slowly moved and contracted myself around Giles’ cock as we chatted and this worked to keep him hard for quite a while which felt nice and I even managed to extract a promise from Clare that she would let me fuck him even after they were married (in exchange I had to promise that Jen would also play with Clare, but I couldn’t see Jen thinking this would be an issue).

On the Saturday morning, I sucked Giles until he was hard, then helped guide him into my pussy. I let him choose whether he came in me or saved his cum for the party – he opted for the latter, but was kind enough to let me ride him and frig myself until I came. Clare decided she wanted in on this and sat over Giles face so he could eat her (I offered to do this, but she wanted him so I just helped out by playing with her breasts and kissing her). Clare took over playing with my clit and as I came I told her she’d make a good wife, then whispered to her to also take care of Sara. Over breakfast we discussed the wedding plans (which weren’t very advanced as they had decided to wait until they had graduated to actually get married), but there was some surprising news. Clare told me that her friends (not the ones at the sex party, but her ‘normal’ friends) now knew that she was bi and that they fully intended to have Sara as a part of their relationship. I didn’t press for too much information on this as I didn’t want to upset them and I wasn’t sure if they meant just letting Sara stay around and live/sleep with them or make a commitment to her in the way I have to Jen, but I was happy that Sara was happy after having being cheated on by Emily. I did warn them that they would encounter people who wouldn’t understand their relationship, but to trust in each other and promised that Mike, Jen and I would be there to help them (as well as fuck them).

Clare, Giles, Sara and I were showered and dressed by the time Mike turned up. Without any subtlety, he asked who Giles had cum in and then pulled off Sara’s panties and buried his tongue in her pussy. Clare was next and having made her cum he gave Giles a handshake and whispered to me that he’d eat me later (Mike is now well past being bothered by eating a girl who has another guy’s cum in her, but while Giles isn’t homophobic, he still isn’t in to any kind of guy-guy action). I told Sara that it wasn’t fair that Mike got to make her cum and I hadn’t (that morning) but she said she was saving herself for the party. Mike and I arranged to meet up with everyone for dinner and said our goodbyes then made our way into town to look round and see what had changed since our last visit. We then made our way to the Uni and looked round some of the places we used to play. I sat by the lake and pulled my skirt up far enough to let the air at my pussy and whenever there was nobody nearby I gently stroked myself – not really masturbating, just enjoying the feeling of the gentle stimulation while outside in such a public area. As often happens (with me anyway), what started as a gentle tease developed into a desire to cum and I set myself the challenge of having an orgasm by the lake while many students were wandering around, transporting things to head home for the holidays. We could easily have moved to a more secluded spot, but that would have defeated the object so I placed a hand between my legs, slid a couple of fingers a little way into my pussy and used my index finger to either rub or just press on my clit, depending on how many people were near us. Mike offered to help out but I told him I wanted to finish this myself. In the end I let him help by telling me again what he’d done with Kiyomi. As I got closer to cumming, I removed one finger from my pussy and pressed it against my ass. I told Mike I wished I could be naked and just cum for everyone with them seeing me properly so he heeded my wish and leant over to give me a kiss and undo a number of buttons on my top. It wasn’t really enough to really expose anything, but the added feeling of exposure felt nice as my top flapped open down to my breasts and I circled my clit rapidly as I came. I let out a long, low moan and leant my head on Mike’s shoulder for support. When I withdrew my hand, he slid his hand up my thigh and slid a couple of fingers into my pussy. He commented on how wet I felt and I just looked up at him and said ‘outside’. Mike sucked his fingers clean, returned them to my pussy and then fed me my juices, which I happily sucked from his fingers (although at that point I’d have happily done almost anything).

We returned to the hotel and had a rest before meeting up with Sara, Clare and Giles. Mike called Kiyomi and offered her dinner as additional thanks and she joined us at the restaurant. He had convinced me to wear one of my schoolgirl outfits and Kiyomi was similarly dressed. We’d had no trouble getting Sara to agree to this but Clare had thought she looked ridiculous – although had eventually consented with a little coercion (Mike, Sara and I had spent a while licking her but not letting her cum and telling her we’d keep doing that until she agreed). Clare was initially quite self-conscious as we sat and ate and we did get a few looks, but she eased off as the meal progressed. We stopped off on the way to the party for a drink and got a lot more attention in the pub. At first we tried to brush this off with the usual statements about being lesbians (and subsequent questions as to why Mike and Giles were with us) so I made out with Sara to demonstrate my lesbian credentials. As You’d expect, a few of the guys really enjoyed this and asked if Clare and Kiyomi were going to ‘prove their gayness’ (their phrase) but I didn’t give Kiyomi a chance and pounced on Clare. I pressed my crotch against her leg and humped her as we kissed. I whispered to her if she fancied a pre-party fuck but Clare said she didn’t think any of the guys were attractive. I told her she was being too picky and quickly slid my hand into her panties and fingers into her pussy before pulling them out and sucking them clean. I considered letting the interested guys take me round the back of the pub and this was quite a difficult decision to make as I really enjoy an alleyway fuck with strangers (especially if it’s more than one guy and I know they really want me), but also wanted to get to the party where I could fuck properly (with people we knew were clean, so didn’t need protection). My desire for cum won out and we said our goodbyes, left the guys and set off to the party.

We weren’t the first to arrive and a few people were already enjoying each other, both upstairs and on the sofa in the living room. The arrival of four girls with long socks, plaid skirts and pigtails was noticed, but unfortunately for the guys, three of us already had plans. Well, I say three of us, but Kiyomi didn’t know about the plan so she was a bit surprised when it felt to Sara and me to give Kiyomi the ‘reward’ that Mike had promised. We pulled Kiyomi over to the sofa and removed her panties. I lay on my back and got Kiyomi to climb over me so I could eat her and Sara knelt behind and buried her tongue in Kiyomi’s ass. This embarrassed Kiyomi immensely, but we kept eating her until she was whimpering and I felt her head on my lap. I spread my legs in the hope she would get the message but it wasn’t until I pulled my skirt up to expose my pussy than she started eating me. By this point, there was no way I was going to catch up with her – even with the knowledge that I was lying with my crotch facing the front door and was the first thing any newcomers would see. Sara and I kept eating Kiyomi until she came and I felt her whimpering into my pussy.

We released Kiyomi but before she left I decided it would be fun to take her skirt. As I slid it down her legs I told her that this would help her have more fun at the party and she blushed. I’m quite sure that for all her shyness, she knows full well what she looks like and just how much the guys (and half the girls) want her. Sara sent Kiyomi on her way with a gentle slap on her ass and asked if I wanted her to finish what Kiyomi had started. I told Sara not to waste any time with me and I was sure we’d get to play later on. I wandered upstairs and found a few people watching Hannah and Neil fuck and asked Craig if he wanted to play. I let him unbutton my blouse and fondle my breasts as I rubbed his crotch and after a minute or so I knelt down, freed his cock and took him in my mouth. He placed his hand on the back of my head and slowly pumped in and out so I wrapped a hand around his cock to stop him from going too deep and used my other hand to caress his balls. I asked him if he’d cum yet and he said I’d be his first fuck of the party so I considered letting him cum over my face and breasts to enjoy being covered with a good load. I decided against this as knew it might well put some of the other guys off and just asked to be fucked and Craig didn’t seem too disappointed as we moved over to the bed, I bent forwards across it and he sunk his cock into me. I edged forwards so I could fondle Hannah’s breasts and we briefly kissed each other, but I then left her to finish things off with Neil. Craig pumped away in my cunt and I reached down to frig myself and things were coming along nicely by the time Neil and Hannah finished. Before she could get up I grabbed at her leg and asked her to let me lick her clean – she said she’d only just cum but I promised to be gentle and pulled myself towards her as she agreed. Craig had to adjust his position and ended up lying over me (holding himself up) and fucking me and I carried on frigging myself with one hand while lapping at Hannah’s pussy. Craig came and I came, but even after he pulled out of me I carried on with Hannah. My kitty kissing had got her aroused enough that she allowed me to carry on and I started eating her properly. I felt a few people caress my ass from behind and would have happily let anyone else fuck me, but other than a few fingers, my pussy remained empty for thr duration of my session with Hannah (naturally I ensures she got to cum).

As I wandered back downstairs, I could feel Craig’s cum leaking out and dribbling down my legs. I saw Clare playing with Caroline in the living room with Giles watching and saw both Joris and Gareth playing with Miyako. I considered trying to join them, but have learned that the Japanese girls seem to have a special place in many guys’ desires so went to the kitchen and ran into Laura who I hadn’t seen for ages (she was at the first parties we went to and was the original ‘bi-girl’ who got to do things at least once with any girl that turned up. We chatted and discussed how things had changed over the years – and made out a fair bit as we did this. At that time, we were mostly just kissing and caressing each other, although did have a brief period of sliding our beer bottles into each other’s cunts. Things had progressed to the point where we were going to fuck but on the way upstairs saw that Mike was playing with Nora and I asked Laura if she felt like reliving old-times and seeing if we could help break in the new girl. Laura was up for this so we followed Mike and Nora upstairs and as they kissed and fondled each other on the bed, Laura and I resumed our session from the kitchen.

Mike had eaten Nora at the previous party and wanted to do the same to her again before he fucked her. Nora told him that as long as he did as good a job again, to go ahead and Mike eagerly buried his head between her legs and lapped at her. Now Nora has quite large breasts and like Vicky, she seems quite proud of them so as Mike ate her, she pulled her top up and caressed her nipples. As she got closer to cumming, Laura reached over and ran her hand over one of Nora’s breasts – Nora jumped a little at this but Laura just said that Nora’s breasts were beautiful and as Laura and I both had our breasts out, Nora didn’t seem to mind and allowed Laura’s hand to keep stroking her nipple. I semi-reluctantly pulled away from Laura (as much as I wanted to enjoy a new partner, we had been having fun and Laura had been doing a good job of fingering me) and moved around to lie on the other side of Nora. I reached down to caress Nora’s other breast and then lowered my head and took her nipple in my mouth. Like me she had fairly large nipples, but I guessed they must be considerably more sensitive than mine as Nora looked like she was enjoying what we were doing to them an awful lot (admittedly, Mike licking her pussy probably had something to do with this). As Laura had moved to sucking on Nora’s other nipple, but as Nora came, Laura gave her a kiss on the lips and then a number more kisses. When Nora’s orgasm finished Laura made a comment about her being a good kisser and Nora said she wasn’t used to kissing girls, but that it felt nice and gentle. Mike was still between Nora’s legs, kitty kissing her and getting her ready for round two and I asked Nora if I could get a kiss. Now that she’d cum, she was a little shyer about kissing a girl, but she gave me a few little kisses and I asked her if she enjoyed having my husband eat her. She nodded yes and I whispered to her that he’d been looking forward to fucking her, then moved away and back round to play with Laura.

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