Wednesday, 17 May 2017

2015 Easter Sex Parties – Part 3

Mike had a long fuck with Nora while Laura and I played with each other. We both cum and finished before Mike and Nora finished so helped out a little with more breast play and a little frigging as Nora rode Mike. They finished off with Mike back on top of Nora and Laura and I both reached between them to fondle Nora’s breasts as she came. Mike kissed Nora deeply as he finished off in her – he warned her he was about to cum and she told him to go ahead. He came in her, kissed her some more and then pulled back to let Laura kiss Nora. As soon as Mike pulled out of Nora, I crawled down between her legs and spread he pussy to watch as Mike’s cum leaked out. I gently kissed around her pussy then licked up and down her lips, copying the way Mike usually kitty kisses. Laura was kissing Nora passionately and fondling her breasts with one of her hands so I carried on and slowly increased the pressure with my tongue, spreading Nora’s lips further and sliding my tongue and fingers into her pussy. It was only when Laura broke her kiss with Nora that Nora realised (or acknowledged) that it was me and not Mike eating her. She didn’t freak out about it and said it felt nice – I would have carried on but Laura said she wanted a turn so I told her not to hog Nora’s pussy as I wanted to make her cum. Nora wasn’t sure she could cum again, but let Laura have a turn licking her and I took over playing with Nora’s breasts and kissing her.

I noticed Joris was watching us and told him to join in – he said he wasn’t ready yet and I recalled he’d been playing with Miyako so told him he could at least finger Laura and me. Joris caressed Laura’s ass and slid a couple of fingers into her, then moved around beside me and did the same to me. Michael asked if he could fuck Laura but she wasn’t ready to cum again so I selflessly offered myself and let Joris go back to playing with Laura’s pussy while Michael took me from behind. I guessed from Nora’s breathing that she was enjoying what Laura was doing to her and while I had intended to let Laura make Nora cum as a nod to the tradition of her playing with all the new girls, my own greed and desire took over and between kisses I whispered to Nora and asked her if she would let me make her cum. She said that she’d never had a girl do this to her before and I told her to just enjoy it and asked again if I could finish off what we’d started. She bit her lip and nodded so I told Laura I wanted another turn. She looked a bit put out, but I ignored this and told her I’d make it up to her later. Michael had to pull out of me while I resumed my previous position, but as soon as my mouth was on Laura’s pussy I felt him push back into me. Laura kissed Nora again and it didn’t take long before Nora took hold of my head and held me against her pussy. I swirled my tongue around her clit, pushed it between her lips and licked up and down the length of her pussy as she came, then eased off and kitty kissed her for a couple of minutes as she calmed down.

I’d been aware that Michael had cum in me while I’d been distracted with Nora but unfortunately he hadn’t played with my clit so while I’d enjoyed it, I wasn’t at all satisfied (one of the rules at the parties is that you don’t criticise anyone’s technique though). I nearly asked if anyone else wanted to fuck me, but had a better idea and crawled up over Nora’s body and gave both her and Laura a kiss. I complimented Nora on having cum three times and being eaten by two girls. She said she had come to the party to enjoy herself so I asked her if she wanted to try anything else new and offered her Laura’s pussy to experiment with. Nora said she wasn’t sure and didn’t know what to do but I encouraged her and said she could just see what it was like and didn’t have to do things for long. She asked Laura if it was okay and Laura gave her another kiss and said she’d be honoured to be the first girl Nora licked. Laura lay down and spread her legs and I got her to lift her ass and pushed a couple of pillows under it to make it easier for Nora. Nora slowly took up position between Laura’s legs and I took advantage of the situation and straddled Laura’s face, lowering my pussy to her mouth. I reached between Laura’s legs and spread her lips and encouraged Nora to play with her. Nora ran her fingers over Laura’s pussy, played with her clit and worked two fingers a fair depth into Laura’s cunt. Nora tasted Laura from her fingers and I watched as she lowered her mouth to Laura’s pussy and gently licked her. I kept encouraging Nora, telling her to just do whatever she enjoyed having done to her. Nora mostly licked around Laura’s pussy and lapped at her clit, but it looked like she also licked between Laura’s lips a number of times and if what Laura was doing to me was anything to go by, she was certainly enjoying Nora’s experimentation. I told Nora I was about to cum and asked if she would keep going to make Laura cum – she nodded, then pulled away and said she would at least try. I held Laura’s legs apart and kissed her thighs as I came then went back to watching Nora. I told Nora I could feel Laura panting into my cunt and to just go a little longer, then felt Laura move under me and we all heard her moan that she was cumming. I made Sure Nora kept licking Laura the whole way through her orgasm, then got her to ease off (trying to train her in kitty kissing would be somewhat ambitious for her first time) and when Nora finally finished, I pulled her to me and kissed her so I could taste Laura.

Once Laura had caught her breath, she, Joris, Nora and I went downstairs to get a drink and chat. Nora confirmed that it really was the first time she had even kissed a girl (properly kissed anyway), let alone fucked one. Laura told her she was a natural at eating pussy and I told Nora that she’d have to let Jen play with her at the next party and I was sure that Sara would also want a turn. Nora made sure we understood that she had mostly come to the party to fuck guys, but we also found out that Joris had encouraged her to experiment and I told him if he liked watching girls fuck then we’d be happy to help him out whenever he wanted. It was long enough since his last cum that his cock responded when I reached into his trousers and stroked him and I asked if he felt like fucking one of the girls who had eaten his girlfriend. He didn’t say yes immediately, but didn’t ask me to stop stroking his cock, or complain when I freed it and knelt to suck him. I was still naked (apart from my socks) so easily moved from sucking him to stroking his cock between my breasts and then standing to kiss him and rub his cock along my pussy. I told him I always had a kitchen-fuck at the parties and asked if he would do the honours. He easily slid into me and I leant against the counter as we fucked. Joris reached around to play with my breasts and I started toying with my clit but he took over doing this and was quite good at it – he pressed hard enough to provide a good amount of stimulation, but not too hard and he repeatedly reached to my pussy to gather more juices as lube. It turned out that Joris had been to parties like this one back in Holland (both he and Nora were Dutch), and it was him who had ‘convinced’ Nora to come to the previous party (although she had been fairly open to the idea). He told me I should go live in Holland as people were much more sexually adventurous there and I’d fit right in and Laura told them that they didn’t know half of the things I did and proceeded to tell them I sleep with my little sister. Now this is hardly a secret (pretty much everyone at the party has seen us do things together) but Joris wanted details so I told him how Sue and I fucked and I was sure I felt him thrust into and frig me harder and faster. He told me he was getting close and I begged him to hold off just a little while so I could cum and to his credit he did. I pushed back hard against him as my pussy throbbed with another orgasm and he pumped away inside me as I described how much I enjoyed 69ing with Sue, burying my tongue in her cunt and having her eat me.

Joris came in me and pulled out and it was only then I noticed that a few other people had been listening to my description of fucking Sue, but they started to drift away when I finished talking about her (although I was told to bring her back and put on another display). Before Joris put his cock away I asked Nora if she would lick him clean and she did. I then sat up on the counter, spread my legs and asked if she would give me just a little lick. She was a bit more hesitant than I’d expected, given how open she had been in our conversation but Laura told her that I deserved to see how good she was and Nora bent down and gave me a few licks. I was still fairly sensitive from having just cum so it felt pretty intense when Nora lick around my clit, but I’ve been subjected to far more over the years so I just concentrated on what she was doing and enjoyed the sensation. After a couple of minutes, Nora looked up and asked if I wanted her to continue. I was very tempted to say yes, but decided to give her a break and told her she’d done a good enough job. I climbed down and gave Joris a thank you kiss, then did the same to Nora and told her that next time I wanted to finish things though and would 69 with her until we both came. Joris was supportive of this idea and a little later on in the party when I caught him alone I told him how we sometimes picked a person and near the end of the party how they would be ‘treated’ to a session with everyone (being fucked, fingered, eaten and having to do things in return to as many people as wanted it). Joris thought it would be hot to see Nora in this position but said it might be better to wait until the next party so he could talk her into it. I tried to convince him that she seemed adventurous enough and that we should just pounce on her now but he didn’t want to push her too hard and scare her off so I reluctantly agreed.

It turned out that I didn’t have to worry about selecting a target as Mike had decided to make up for his failure to get someone at the last party (traditionally this seems to be something that generally falls to us). He’d been playing with Simone, had eaten her and then fucked her. During the fuck, she once again said she’d let him fuck her ass as a thank you for having eaten her so well. Mike told her he couldn’t decide as he loved how hot and wet her pussy felt and as much as he wanted to sample her ass, he really wanted her cunt. Simone is obviously a fast learner as she told him if he fucked her ass, it would mean her pussy wouldn’t get his cum in it so she’d taste the same and that he could eat her again. Mike told her she was amazing and that he’d make her cum each time, to which Simone replied ‘I guessed you would’ and pulled herself off of his cock. She knelt beside him on the bed and Mike quickly grabbed some lube, squeezed it onto his cock and knelt behind her. He pressed into her and reached around to play with her pussy as his cock steadily slid in and out of her ass. Mike asked if she really liked anal and she told him it was only sometimes, when she was very aroused and Mike told her he was sure he could ensure she was aroused for a fair while longer. Simone took this to be him boasting that he could keep her satisfied, and she didn’t find out until later that he meant something rather different. As far as their session went, Mike frigged her to orgasm as he fucked her ass, came in her and then kitty kissed and ate her until she came again. He kissed her for a couple of minutes afterwards until Simone kissed down his body and sucked on his cock.

When Simone released him, she kissed him on the mouth and he told her she really was a dirty little girl (even I rarely do ass to mouth – although I know it’s probably not much different to spearing someone). Simone told him she didn’t mind doing things for people she liked and as they kissed more Mike asked her how many people at the party she ‘liked’. She gave him a sly little smile and said there were a few so Mike told her that he quite liked her too and said he might just invite her up to our home for a weekend so we could repeatedly pleasure her. Simone said she wasn’t going to just come and visit without knowing just what we’d do to keep her satisfied and Mike told her that he’d be able to fuck her on the Friday night, at least twice and possibly three times on the Saturday, probably twice on the Sunday and of course eat her as many times as she wanted. Simone said she liked the sound of ‘as many times as she wanted’ and Mike continued by telling her that both I and Jen would also want to eat, finger and fuck her and if she wanted that we could also ask one of my other guys (referring to Andy) as well as another girl and possibly my sister. Simone said she liked the sound of all that and by this point of the conversation, Mike had worked his fingers back into Simone’s pussy and she was stroking his cock. He asked if she thought she could cum again and she said he might be able to make her cum but this was when Mike revealed his plan. He told her that she’d need to demonstrate that she could keep up with us and if she did, she would win an all-expenses paid weekend of pleasure. Simone whispered to him that he just wanted her to be her little fuck-toy and Mike agreed with her but said it would be better if she was everyone’s fuck toy first. Mike than loudly suggested that Simone should be the target for the party and when she flinched he teased her about whether she could take it. Simone had witnessed girls being the final target at the parties and having everyone fuck, finger or eat them, so she knew exactly what he was referring to and defiantly said she’d give it a try.

Simone not only tried but she succeeded. Every guy at the party had a turn in her cunt (not everyone came or made her cum, but she did cum three more times with cocks inside her – and the added help of fingers on her clit). She also took every guy in her mouth – some before and some after she had fucked them and after resigning herself to her fate, allowed every girl at the party a turn at licking her pussy and sitting over her face (Simone is technically bi, but mostly prefers guys so this was quite impressive). Mike went down on Simone again in the middle of the session and Brett made a comment about not wanting to eat someone that so many guys had just cum in (not many had actually cum and as it was near the end of the party I doubt many of them could have produced more than a couple of drops anyway). I was quite surprised at Mike’s response to Brett’s comment as he told him he had no problem with other guy’s cum and after asking Corey if he wanted any help getting ready for his turn in Simone, he took Corey’s cock in his hand and started stroking him. Now I’ve seen Mike stroke other guys’ cocks before so this wasn’t the surprising part – but he next asked Emily if he could borrow some of her juices, wiped them over the head of Corey’s cock and then took the head in his mouth and sucked for a good 30 seconds. Corey was then passed to Simone to fuck her (which he did) and I watched as Mike headed off with Emily (she’d already had a turn at Simone’s pussy and over her face).

Simone looked exhausted by the time everyone had taken a turn with her and she remained on the bed as people started to leave the party. She was still there when Mike and I headed off, but he did go back to her and congratulate her on winning her trip. Simone said she was looking forward to it, although might need a long time to recover from what we’d all just done to her before she could let us subject her to anything more. Mike invited her back to our hotel but she said she just wanted to go home and sleep so we left her and dashed off to see if we could find someone else. Mike liked the idea of taking Kiyomi home so he could have had both of the Japanese girls to himself. Unfortunately she had already left but Sara was still there and said she’d be happy to let us eat her awake on the Sunday. She didn’t even object when we set about preparing her for the journey back to the hotel – which involved us stripping her naked and only giving her a jacket to wear. Naturally I ‘dressed’ in a similar manner and on the way back we compared how our evenings had gone.


  1. Is this the first time Mike has given head? What were your thoughts on it.

    It also took me years to get use to idea of going down on my wife after a party or with cum in her pussy. Now it is a regular thing and everyone wins

  2. Is this the first time Mike has given head? What were your thoughts on it.

    It also took me years to get use to idea of going down on my wife after a party or with cum in her pussy. Now it is a regular thing and everyone wins

    1. Yes it was - although he's had guys suck him off a few times before and has fucked a guy, although hasn't been fucked by one (as far as the entries have got anyway). I'm generally of the opinion that people should give things a try and the more ways you can give or receive pleasure, the better for everyone, but I appreciate the fact that everyone has their own limits and preferences (there are a few things even I wouldn't want to try).

      Mike wasn't too keen on eating other guy's cum from me (or other girls) and still prefers the natural flavour of a pussy, but is much less picky about eating a pussy with cum in it than he used to be.