Wednesday, 24 May 2017

2015 Easter Sex Parties – Part 4

I lamented the fact that I hadn’t had a session with Emily and Sara said she would ensure Em turned up at the hotel on the Sunday morning. Mike found out that Sara was one of the other people that Simone ‘liked’ (although we suspect that just as with me, Simone ‘likes’ anyone who will give her pleasure). In Sara’s case, Simone not only allows Sara to rim and spear her but she does the same back to Sara. Mike said if he’d known that he would have given Simone’s ass more oral attention and he told us how she had sucked his cock after he’d fucked her ass. Sara said that was dirty, but this just resulted in me sliding a hand under her jacket and working a finger into her ass while calling her a hypocrite and we then managed to walk for a good few minutes with my finger still inside her. Back at the hotel we had a brief session. Sara didn’t want to cum again, but she slowed Mike to kitty kiss her while she ate me. I let her finger and lick me until I came and was surprised that Mike really had just kitty kissed Sara and hadn’t tried to push her to cum. He was hard enough to spoon with her as we fell asleep and I slept sufficiently soundly that I didn’t wake up until Sara was on the verge of cumming the next morning (Mike had eaten her awake then spent about 10 minutes between her legs with me still asleep). I crawled over and suckled on Sara’s nipples to help out and gently played with myself. I really needed to pee, but didn’t want to miss the sight of Sara cumming and as it was obvious she was so close, I endured the pressure on my bladder to wait and watch.

When I got up from the bed to go to the bathroom, Mike said we should just move into the shower. I was quite happy with that as it meant I could enjoy myself without having to worry about holding back so eagerly agreed. Mike gave Sara the choice of front or back and she went with her traditional position behind me. I leant forwards slightly and steadied myself on the shower cubicle while Mike ate my pussy and Sara lapped at my ass. Having a full bladder made things feel significantly better and I warned Mike that he was going to get very wet. He said he didn’t mind but Sara said she wanted to switch places just before I came. I was a little surprised about this as she usually prefers anal play much more, but we obliged her and after a final warning to her, I allowed them to push me over the edge and I emptied my bladder over Sara’s face and into her mouth. She didn’t pause for an instant and her tongue carried on swirling around my clit and between my lips while Mike spread my ass cheeks and repeatedly speared me. I sank to the floor after I’d cum and told them it had felt wonderful. Sara was soaked with my pee so I kissed her in thanks and Mike told her it was now her turn for a double eating. She eagerly stood up and Mike buried his tongue in her ass as I moved around to work on her pussy. We basically copied what had just been done to me, including Mike and I switching places a little before Sara came. She peed over his face as he ate her pussy and I speared and rimmed her and we then showered off and ordered breakfast.

Sara wore the transparent top when room service arrived and I donned a similarly revealing thin nightdresss. We didn’t make any effort to be subtle or even pretend that we didn’t know how much we were showing and as the guy brought our breakfast into the room, Sara and I made out with our hands roaming over each other’s bodies and pulling our clothes up and aside to give access to breasts, pussies and ass. I smeared some yoghurt over Sara’s pussy then knelt down and licked her clean before asking the guy if he wanted to help us out (he was stood watching us so it was quite clear he was interested in what we were doing). He asked what I meant by ‘help us out’ and I told him that I wanted to eat Sara and have him fuck me, then said we could switch round so he fucked Sara if he preferred. The guy eyed us both up and said he wanted Sara so I took up position on the bed with my legs spread and watched as Sara gave the guy a condom and quickly sucked him. She then crawled between my legs and ate me and I told the guy to get to work on her. He moved up behind her, pushed into her cunt and started fucking her. Sara gave me a few looks as she ate me and I told the guy to play with her clit and caress her ass (which he did). He told us both that we were incredible and he pumped away rapidly in Sara. I told him to slow down so she could cum but he said he couldn’t wait any longer and moved even faster, then came. Sara didn’t really mind when the guy pulled out (although I thought this was rather bad form) and I told her I’d finish her off later before climbing off the bed and showing the guy out.

Emily turned up while we were eating breakfast and despite the fact she was really there for me to have a turn with her, Mike got first dibs and spent a while buried between her legs, enjoying her wonderful pussy juices. When it was finally my turn to eat her, we decided on a modified daisy chain and set our various cushions, blankets and pillows on the floor to make a soft surface large enough to accommodate the four of us in a row. Mike lay on his back at the start of the chain and Sara climbed over him and slid down onto his cock. Emily knelt behind Sara and lapped her Sara’s ass (seeing as they dated, Em is very experienced at doing this and known what Sara likes even better than we do) and I lay on my back and crawled between Emily’s legs, then pulled her pussy down to my mouth. As Mike fucked Sara he asked if she remembered the first time she had allowed him inside her (which she obviously did as she had given her heterosexual virginity to him). Mike told her how much he had loved the feeling of sliding into her pussy and how tight she was around him and Sara asked if that meant she didn’t feel tight any more. Mike told her she felt as tight, hot, wet and wonderful as she had that first time, then assured her he wasn’t just saying that so he could cum in her again. Emily was meanwhile working wonders on Sara’s ass and I was happy drinking Emily’s juices as I ate her and had a couple of fingers playing in my pussy and rubbing over my clit.

The double stimulation meant that Sara came first. She told Mike to go ahead and cum in her but wasn’t surprised when he said he’d wait and see if they could make her cum again. This wasn’t that difficult to achieve as Emily reached round to play with Sara’s clit (after giving her a couple of minutes to recover) and with Mike inside her pussy, Emily’s tongue inside her ass and Emily’s fingers on her clit, Sara managed her second orgasm. Emily came while working on Sara’s second orgasm and Mike unloaded in Sara just after Sara came (he had been holding back for a while). This just left me, but I wasn’t neglected and Emily and Mike started playing with me. We switched through various positions and combinations, but for my actual orgasm I had two of Sara’s fingers in my ass, two of Mike’s in my pussy, Sara’s pussy in my face and Emily licking my clit and my pussy around Mike’s fingers. I wasn’t given a straightforward orgasm (mostly at Mike’s insistence) and was taken close to cumming three times before they finally made me (or allowed me to) cum. It was worth the wait though as even though the actual orgasm wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, I love being the centre of attentions like that and having multiple people concentrating on pleasuring me.

I wasn’t too surprised when Mike moved back to eating Emily and while she didn’t want to cum again just yet, she allowed him to kitty kiss her and examine her pussy. I told her that we were meeting up with Clare and Giles for lunch and that she could come if she wanted, but her parents were arriving to take her home for the holidays. We chatted a while longer as Sara and I dressed (with Mike mostly remaining between Emily’s legs) until she had to go and Mike then got ready. We said our goodbyes to Emily and headed off for lunch with Clare and Giles. Sara was staying up in York to revise over the holidays and while she couldn’t keep her Uni room, she was going to stay with Clare. Naturally we teased Clare about this and ribbed Giles about how his fiancé might have been converted to full lesbianism by the time he got back to York. He wasn’t too concerned about this (and it was hardly likely) but Sara did promise to do her best and make Clare cum as many times as possible in as many different ways as possible over the holiday.

We went back to Giles’ place after lunch so Mike could have a quick play with Clare and I had another go with Giles and Sara – although Mike borrowed Sara for a part of the session. As his housemates had already left for the holidays, we fucked in the kitchen and living room and finished off with Sara and me in a threesome with Clare, taking turns at each end of her (and also sharing a double ended dildo with Clare). We then managed to convince her to come to the train station with us and even though she wasn’t too keen on the idea, she let us talk her in to doing this with nothing on other than a short dress. This allowed us to repeatedly fondle Clare, both on the journey to the station as well as while we were waiting for our train. Giles happily played along with this and got his hand up under my skirt a few times but in order to finish Clare off, Sara and I took her to the bathroom and knelt to eat her (me in front, Sara behind). Clare was surprisingly accepting of this and even let us remove her dress so she was standing naked in the stall and I noticed she cupped and fondled her breasts more than a few times as Sara and I worked on her. Once Clare had cum, I stood and humped against her, smearing her juices over my thigh and grinding my pussy against her thigh. I told Sara to ensure Clare came at least 5 times a day – which Clare said she couldn’t maintain, but Sara said she’d manage. We had one final fondle back out on the main concourse (the good thing about Spring is it’s still reasonable to wear longer coats/jackets which are useful for disguising these sorts of activities.

My aim was to wait until we got back home before I came, but as I dozed on the train I kept thinking back to the view up Clare’s body as I ate her and she played with her breasts. I could feel my pussy tingling more and more and couldn’t help but spread my legs just enough to let the people sitting opposite me see up my skirt. That just led to me getting hornier and I started going through my favourite fantasies to see if I could cum without touching myself (sadly I can’t do this). From the way I was fidgeting and squirming around Mike could tell I wanted to cum and he whispered things to me to tease me more. I told him he wasn’t helping and told him my pussy was wet enough that I could feel my juices leaking over my ass. Fortunately at the next stop the people opposite left the train and while it was still a bit too crowded to be safe, I was too far gone and just lay my jacket over my lap, pressed a hand between my legs and ran a finger in circles around my clit. Mike kissed me and whispered to me how everyone on the train knew what I was doing and would want to fuck me – that image helped a lot and I came very quickly and had to concentrate hard to not make any noise. I kept a finger on my clit for a while, just gently stroking back and forth over it. My pussy still felt soaked and indeed when I stood up to leave the train, Mike said there was a damp patch on my skirt (and a bit on the chair). Jen helped to clean me up when I got home and when I told her how I’d got so excited (mostly due to Clare and Sara), she ‘insisted’ I do the same to her.

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