Thursday, 22 June 2017

Visiting Valerie – Part 1

On the week following their Easter visit, Lis told our friends that Mike was the father of her child and this apparently increased the level of discussion about our sex lives a fair bit. A few people called up and asked if Lis was telling the truth and we confirmed it, but the call that I really wasn’t expecting was from Valerie.

This started off with her saying she had heard the news and asking if I was really OK with it and I assured her it was something we had discussed. Unlike our parents, Valerie did ask if Mike had actually fucked Lis and I told her I was surprised to hear her use the f word (we tease Valerie a lot about being quite proper – she’s fairly similar to the way Lucy used to appear (before we corrupted her). Valerie asked about the way I’d been naked in front of them all (when we were sunbathing) and said she had heard about the pass I’d made at Anna (it wasn’t technically a pass, I just told her she was hot and that I’d gladly sleep with her) and the revelation that we were in an open relationship and would be willing to sleep with other people. After a bit more beating around the bush, Valerie said that Nye had been talking about this since he’d found out and she then asked me if I was serious about it.

Now out of all my friends, Jo is probably the only one I would have thought less likely to ask a question like this (although she is the one I would absolutely love to fuck as she’s the one Mike used to tease me about sleeping with when he was first softening me up to the idea of playing with other girls). I told Valerie that I was perfectly serious and as long as it was something that she was happy with me doing, that I’d gladly sleep with Nye and her (taking a punt on assuming she would be involved). We chatted for a while longer, with me still not quite believing that this was my sweet, innocent Valerie and I laid out the ground rules (that they needed to be tested), told her to think about what she was asking and get back to me. When I told Mike and Jen about the conversation, they were both as surprised as I had been. Mike’s response was similar to mine in that he has always thought Valerie was sweet and innocent (not that this ever stopped him involving her in our fantasies). Valerie had asked us not to tell anyone about her request and we honoured that (with the exception of Lis and Lucy). Valerie called back a couple of days later and said Nye was desperate to go ahead and I once again told her I’d be more than happy to join them, but wanted to make sure *she* was happy to do it as well as Nye wanting it. Valerie quietly told me that she wanted to do it as well and I told her that I would do as much or as little as they wanted and could already feel my pussy pulsing with anticipation (requiring both Jen and Mike to help take care of me after the call).

I was desperate to go and visit them as soon as possible just in case Valerie got nervous and decided to call it off), but we had to wait for them to get tested and then I had the Easter sex party in York to attend (it was a close-run thing and I nearly went to visit them instead of this). I nearly couldn’t go the following week either due to another event (detailed later on in this entry) but Mike and Jen were as keen for me to get stuck into Valerie, especially Mike’s who’s had a thing for her for many years due to the fact that – as regular readers know – he likes ‘cute’, and Valerie certainly counts as cute.

I left work early on the Friday and headed off to the airport to fly down to Valerie and Nye’s place. I was dressed relatively conservatively (for me) with a blouse, pleated skirt and even had a pair of panties on. They had offered to meet me at the airport but I told them I’d make my way to their house in case the flight was delayed and after collecting my bag I caught a taxi and went straight there. I felt very nervous, knowing what I wanted to happen, but still unsure as to how I was going to approach the situation. Mike, Jen and I had discussed this almost endlessly over the previous couple of weeks and the options ranged from throwing myself at them to letting them do all the work. I really didn’t want to push too much and scare Valerie off (or Nye – although I thought the chances of this were somewhat lower), but didn’t want to waste too much time either. When I knocked on the door, Valerie answered it and we said our hellos and hugged each other. It wasn’t as awkward as I’d feared it could have been, but there was obviously a tension in the air as we made small talk. I ended up being the one to broach the reason for my visit and told them that I was really glad they had asked me to come and hoped that we would all enjoy the weekend. Valerie asked me if Mike and Jen were okay with me visiting ‘for the reason I was visiting’. I gave Valerie a smile and asked her if she couldn’t even say the words if she was really ready to fuck. Valerie shot back that she could say anything so I told her to tell me why I was there. She responded with a ‘to have sex’ and I asked her to try again and got a ‘to fuck’ as a response. I told her that was better and she told me not to patronise her, but I said it was just too easy.

We talked a bit more and I assured them that while I really did want to fuck them (and have them fuck me), I didn’t want to do anything to upset their relationship or indeed our friendship (I’m wasn’t really friends with Nye, but had known Valerie since my undergrad days). Valerie said she was nervous, but was willing to try things out and to help ease things along, we decided to have dinner first and share a bottle of wine. This certainly soothed the atmosphere, but as we sat down together after dinner, the tension quickly returned and I couldn’t tell if it was expectation (which it was on my part as I desperately wanted to fuck them by this point) or nerves. I asked how they wanted to proceed and Valerie said she didn’t know so I suggested that as they had already seen me naked, it wouldn’t be that big a deal if I were to strip off. Nye was keen on this idea and Valerie didn’t object, so I stood and slowly unbuttoned my blouse then removed it to reveal my bra. I assumed that Nye also liked ‘cute’ (given he was with Valerie) so I’d chosen a light pink set of underwear with flowers and little bows. I unzipped my skirt and let it slide to the ground, then slid my hold-ups down, left leg first, then the right. I cupped my breasts through my bra and gently massaged them before reaching around to undo my bra and dropped it to the floor with my other clothes. I hooked my fingers in my panties, looked over at them and asked if I should continue and when Nye eagerly said ‘yes’ I slowly peeled my panties down, feeling the cool air on my wet pussy.

I sat back down on my chair and spread my legs, lifted a breast to my mouth and licked at my nipple, then slid a hand up my thigh and gently stroked my pussy. I asked Nye if he liked the view and he nodded so I told him to show his appreciation by kissing Valerie. They both felt self-conscious doing this with me watching, but I pointed out I was naked and playing with myself so a kiss wasn’t too much to ask in return. I watched as they kissed and slipped my fingers deeper into my pussy. When they weren’t kissing, they both watched me intently as I masturbated – I considered just continuing and letting them watch me cum, but decided to push ahead so stood up and moved over to stand in front of Nye and asked him to play with me. I looked at Valerie and asked if he could and she nodded so he raised his hands to my breasts and fondled them. I crouched down a bit and offered them to his mouth, then watched as he sucked on my nips. I lowered my head and kissed him, then sat straddling his leg and reached down to caress his cock through his trousers. Nye kissed me and fondled my breasts more as I undid his trousers and as soon as his cock was free, I slid down onto the floor, took it in my hand and took the head in my mouth.

I gave Nye’s cock a good suck for a couple of minutes – not too energetically as I didn’t want him to cum, but I was certainly thorough and stroked, licked and sucked him. When I broke contact with his cock I looked up and told him to carry on playing with Valerie, then went back to sucking him as he kissed and caressed her. I moved on to stroking his cock between my breasts and got him to remove Valerie’s top as I did this, then her bra. Her breasts are considerably smaller than mine with correspondingly smaller nipples and I told her I thought they were beautiful and that I was sure Jen would like them too. Valerie blushed a bit at this and half-covered her breasts with her arms so I went back to concentrating on Nye’s cock and watched as he fondled her breasts, trying to see what she liked having done to her. I didn’t do this for long though as I wanted to feel Nye inside me – even though he wasn’t really my type (in that I wasn’t that attracted to him), I needed to see how things would develop so I stood up, spread my pussy and asked if I could have him inside me.

It pretty much goes without saying that Nye was keen on this but I gave Valerie one final chance and asked if she wanted to share him with me. Nye said he wanted to and Valerie nodded so I asked her to take hold of his cock and hold him steady, which she did. I straddled his legs and rubbed my cunt back and forth against the head, then lowered myself onto him, riding up and down with small strokes and taking a bit more into me each time. He had a fairly average sized cock and I was very wet so he went in easily and I was soon on his lap (after Valerie had moved her hand) with the whole length buried inside me. I leant back slightly to let Nye play with my breasts as I humped up and down. Valerie was watching us but looked away whenever I caught her gaze so I concentrated on Nye but kept an eye on her from the corner of my eye. She kept looking at our crotches so I suggested we head up to the bedroom where we could do things properly. I stood up, leaving Nye’s cock coated in my juices and took his hand to pull him up. He grabbed Valerie and I led them upstairs, then had to ask which was their bedroom. We headed in and I sat on the edge of the bed and took the head of Nye’s cock in my mouth, then let him remove his clothes. I pointed out that it wasn’t fair that Valerie was still half dressed and said she should strip for us. She wasn’t willing to do that, but did allow Nye to unzip her skirt. This slid to the floor and Valerie stood there in her tights and panties. I needed to at least make contact with her so I knelt on the floor in front of her and pulled at her tights. She let out a little gasp, but let me pull them down and stepped out of them so she just had her panties on.

I wasn’t at all surprised to see that Valerie had a cute pair of panties on – only slightly lacy, but with semi-transparent sections on the front and her whole ass covered. I had intended to get Nye (or Valerie herself) to remove the panties, but as I was there I couldn’t resist and I slid my hands back up her legs, took hold of her panties and looked up to ask ‘may I’. Valerie let out a little whimper but nodded so I slowly pulled them down, starting my pulling the sides down a little, then reaching around behind her to pull the back down and gently grazing my fingers over her ass as I did this. I moved my hands around to the front and pulled the panties clear of her pussy, then down her legs. As Valerie stepped out of the panties I got a fairly good view of her lips – her pussy is slightly more open than mine, but not as much as Jen’s or Sue’s. Her outer lips were mostly closed, but I could see the inner ones partially peeking out. Her lips looked perfectly shaved (something we had speculated about for years – as we’ve done with all of our friends), but unlike me she had a small patch of hair on her mons. I told her that her pussy was beautiful and was ready to ditch my plan of fucking Nye first and bury my tongue in her, but she covered her pussy and said that wasn’t true. I looked up to see that she was clearly embarrassed so decided not to push it yet, although I did give her hip a little kiss and told her she had nothing to hide before I climbed back on the bed and told Nye I wanted him inside me.

I know I should have tried to draw things out a bit, but I was quickly on my back with Nye fucking me and Valerie sitting on the bed watching. I made sure Nye kissed or caressed her from time to time and asked her if she wanted a better view of what we were doing. Given the choice I would have loved to push her onto her back, straddle her in a 69 and let her watch her boyfriend fuck me just inches from her face while I buried my mouth in her cunt and ate her, but figured it was probably still way too soon for that. I settled for just kneeling on all fours and letting Nye have me from behind, knowing that this would let Valerie see as his cock repeatedly plunged into me and I reached back to frig myself. I pushed back hard against Nye’s thrusts and could feel his crotch slapping against my ass hard. I told him it felt like he was very deep inside me and he said he was getting close. I kept humping against him and frigged myself faster, announcing that I was also about to cum. I could have probably held back and timed my orgasm to at least be a little closer to his, but as I had no idea how quickly he’d cum I just allowed mine to keep building and told him to keep fucking me as I came. He didn’t need any encouragement and told me a few more times that he was getting close and I kept thrusting back against him while picturing what Valerie could see. Nye gripped my hips hard and pushed into me, then stopped moving, thrust into me a few more times and pulled out. Even though he’d been fully inside me when he came, I felt his cum start to leak out almost straight away and when I reached back to smear the liquid over my pussy he apologised for cumming inside me.

I rolled onto my back and stroked my pussy a little more as I told him I didn’t mind. Valerie looked slightly flushed and I wondered if she had been playing with herself, although saw that her legs were still pressed together so assumed not. I half sat up and moved around to take Nye’s cock in my mouth and gently sucked it clean, then kissed him and said that as we’d both cum that it was only fair that Valerie should cum. She said she felt too self-conscious and I pointed out that I was naked and she’d just watched me be fucked and cum, but I then sat facing her and told her that if she really didn’t feel comfortable then we didn’t have to do anything more, how I loved her (meaning in the sense as a friend, not in the way I do Jen, Mike, Sue or Lis) and how I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I did go back to the fact that she’d just let Nye fuck me and said it seemed a shame for him and me to get to enjoy ourselves while she didn’t. Valerie said she was nervous as she hadn’t ever done anything with a girl but Nye interrupted and said that wasn’t true. She shushed him, but it was too late and after a bit of pressing, she finally agreed to tell me (Nye was more than willing to give me the details, but I wanted Valerie to be the one to explain). It turned out not to be much at all – back in our first year she had got drunk and made out with a girl at a party. Initially Valerie said they had just kissed, but she then admitted that the girl had caressed her breasts through her top. Valerie had never told this to any of her friends and the information had never even leaked from the couple of boyfriends she had admitted it to. I leant forwards and whispered to Valerie in a conspiratorial tone, telling her that I’d kissed a girl as well and she just gave me ‘a look’.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

2015 Easter Sex Parties – Part 6

At that point I’d intended to leave Clare covered in our juices as a reminder of our visit (we’ve done this to her before, so she is used to it), but we sat around and chatted for a while after. Clare tried to cover herself up again but we kept the covers off of her so we could all continue to fondle, kiss and caress her body, with the occasional bit of fingering and kitty kissing. We used the vibe on Clare’s pussy and repeatedly wiped her juices over her nipples to flavour them. As neither Sara nor I had cum, we were both fairly moist and let everyone compare our pussies. Clare wasn’t allowed to compare us with her fingers and we took turns sitting over her face, either being licked or humping against her. Jen joined in with this game and threatened to pee over Clare, to which Giles objected – not because he didn’t want Clare peed on, just because they were on his bed. Jen suggested she take Clare to the bathroom and pee on her and Clare flippantly (and stupidly) said ‘if you do that, I get to pee on you at the next party with everyone watching’. When Jen said ‘Deal’, Clare realised her mistake, but Jen was already pulling on Clare’s hand and telling her to get into the bathroom. Clare tried to back out of the arrangement, but we all ganged up on her and decided if she wouldn’t go through with it that we would ensure she was the target at the next party, but in addition we’d make her the focus for the entire duration of the party and not just a little section at the end. Under this threat, Clare grudgingly agreed and asked if she could at least just go with Jen so nobody else could see. This request was refused as Jen said she would need help to play with Clare so that Clare could pee as she came. Clare said she wasn’t going to do that, but Jen was clearly intent on embarrassing her as much as possible and just said that she’d done it enough times with Mike, Giles, her and me watching so she shouldn’t worry about letting Scott and Corey see her enjoy herself.

I helped Jen to usher Clare out of the door and she complained about being naked and asked what would happen if any of Giles’ housemates saw us. We got her into the bathroom and Jen pressed Clare up against the wall in the shower, then started kissing her. Jen’s fingers quickly found Clare’s pussy and Jen humped against Clare’s thigh before telling Clare to kneel and eat her. Sara joined them in the shower and knelt behind Clare so she could play with Clare’s pussy and breasts. Jen  took hold of Clare’s head and humped against her face, then peed a bit over her just to get things started ‘properly ‘ (from Jen’s point of view anyway). Sara decided she wanted in on this and stood up, straddled Clare and started kissing Jen while peeing directly onto Clare’s head. Having been Jen’s target a number of times, I felt a little sorry for Clare but at the same time it was partly due to Jen doing things like that to me that pushed me to be more adventurous and learn to let go and enjoy myself fully. I swapped places with Sara and peed a little onto Clare’s head while Sara knelt and frigged Clare again. I asked Jen what her plan was and she said she intended to pee as she came, but would save a bit for Clare’s orgasm. To help Jen along, I tweaked her nipples firmly but as she got closer to cumming, I stood back (as best I could in the cramped shower) so the guys could get a better view. Jen mewed as she came and we saw a stream of liquid run down Clare’s face and body. I let out another stream of pee and aimed it at Clare’s head and Sara carried on toying with Clare, pushing her towards another orgasm.

Jen humped against Clare’s face for a little while after her orgasm ended, then announced that it was time for Clare to put on the real show and cum for everyone one last time. Predictably, Clare said she couldn’t cum again, but once we had her standing Sara spread Clare’s lips and showed everyone how wet she was and we decided that Clare wouldn’t have any trouble cumming (or rather that we’d ensure she came again). Jen knelt and buried her face in Clare’s pussy and Sara pushed in behind Clare and went to work on her ass. Clare whimpered at the double assault and I pushed in beside them and kissed Clare while fondling her breasts. I whispered to her and told her everyone was watching and that they wanted to see her pee over Jen’s face. Clare said she couldn’t and I told her it would be fun watching her be fucked by multiple people at the next party – and told her I wished I could take her place (and I really did). Clare relented and I felt a spray on liquid on my leg and looked down to watch as she peed over Jen. I told her to stop so she could do it properly as she came and she went back to whimpering as we stimulated her further. Clare let out a few gasps and moans as her orgasm built and I nuzzled her neck. I told her to let us know when she was about to cum as she would have to finish herself off and Clare almost immediately said she was about to cum and she was quickly hustled down onto the shower floor. Jen plunged a couple of fingers into Clare’s cunt and pumped them in and out while telling Clare she was about to get wet, but if she didn’t squirt as she came, she would face the punishment. Other than when she’d fucked me with the body wand, it had been a while since I’ve seen Jen that assertive and decided I missed it (I don’t like being dominated, just missed being pushed).

Clare said she’d do what she was told so Jen took up position straddling Clare and humped against Clare’s head. Sara and I knelt and played with Clare’s breasts and pussy and I told the guys they could join in if they thought they could pee. Scott and Corey asked Giles, who told them to go ahead and I watched as they fished out their cocks (slightly disappointed that they weren’t rock hard after our display, but I guess they’d all cum not too long ago). Sara took hold of Clare’s hand and told her to fuck herself like she’d done over the holidays. Clare started fingering herself and Sara stood up so I joined her and we stroked each other while waiting for Clare to cum. Jen looked back and told the guys to hold off until Clare came, it was hardly any time and Clare announced she was cumming and Jen immediately started peeing over her properly. Sara and I quickly joined in and I watched as Clare followed her instructions and peed and then streams of pee from each of the guys started splashing over Clare’s body and face. I tried to look and see where each of the guys were aiming but couldn’t really tell from the angle I was at – I believe that Giles aimed at Clare’s face and breasts, Corey mostly hit her breasts and Scott went for her pussy and stomach. Clare stopped fucking herself and seemed to realise what she’d just done, but before she could feel any regret (or shame) we pulled her to her feet and Jen kissed her. Sara crawled back down behind Clare and pushed her tongue back into Clare’s ass (eliciting another whimper from Clare who said she couldn’t take any more) and I gently stroked her pussy and wiped the combination of juices and pee over her breasts.

We all showered off thoroughly while Giles went to fetch us some towels. The guys headed back to his bedroom and we dried Clare off and then led her back to the bedroom naked (but for fairness, Jen, Sara and I were also nude). Clare curled up on the bed with Jen and Sara either side of her while I made use of the fact that Giles had enjoyed watching Clare be soaked and gave his cock a good suck, then straddled him and lowered myself onto his cock. As I rode him I told Clare how much I would have loved to be in her place and how much fun I’d have if I had a few guys I could have turn up daily to give me a good DP, spit roast or three-way (although I admitted that it might end up making bits rather tender if that really happened every day). I told Giles he could keep the vibe we’d just used on Clare, but only on the condition that she used it every time she visited the house. Jen went a step further and said Clare should have to pee in the shower every time she used the vibe and I suggested that she should have to do this with the door unlocked. I wasn’t too surprised when Giles said he liked the idea of his housemates seeing Clare naked and it didn’t take much to get him to say how much he’d like to watch her being fucked by them. Sara teased Clare about this, but she was too tired to argue back so it wasn’t much fun but Sara said she was quite willing to lead Clare to the bathroom naked and be seen.

Sara continued to embarrass Clare by telling us all about the things she had done with Clare over the holidays – how they had fingered, fucked and eaten each other, shared vibes and dildos, how Clare had masturbated for Sara (mostly to send photos to Giles, but just for Sara a couple of times) and how Clare had let Sara indulge her fetish and eat her ass, as well as reciprocating and lapping at Sara’s ass. Even in her exhausted state, Clare tried to shut Sara up, but she must have been really tired as she stop fighting and allowed Sara (with Jen’s help) to roll her over, spread her ass cheeks and swirl her tongue around Clare’s ass. I got to finish off with Giles and have him cum in me as Sara did this – I hadn’t quite cum by this point so I lay back on the bed beside Clare and got Giles to use the vibe on me and greatly enjoyed having Scott and Corey watch as I came. I offered myself to them both, but two lots of DP had satisfied them so all I got was a bit of a fondling and fingering.

Sadly Jen and I needed to get back to the hotel to pack and head home, but we both had a quick go at Clare, kitty kissing her and humping against her body to leave her with our juices (as per the original plan before Jen got too carried away). Scott and Corey left with us but we left Sara curled up naked beside Clare and told Giles to enjoy himself (if he could do anything more). On returning to the hotel we quickly packed and headed off to the airport. Still feeling rather frisky, I opted to wear a skirt with some metal beads in it so I would have to be patted down and I’m quite certain that as the security guard’s hands slid up my legs, my skirt flipped up enough to at least give the queue a flash of my ass. I know that I should have really waited until I got home and let Mike make me cum, but I couldn’t resist and ended up sitting with my head resting on Jen and a hand pressed between my legs. I had a guy sitting on the other side of me so placed my jacket over my lap and took the opportunity to pull my skirt up. With my legs spread enough to give me easy access, but not enough to look too obvious, I played with my clit and slowly fingered my pussy and it was only when I was halfway through I remembered I’d done the same thing on the train on the way home from the last party. I kept going and pressed harder against my clit but kept up a steady pace and held back until I couldn’t take it anymore and I allowed myself to cum. My jacket nearly slipped off my lap at one point but I just managed to catch it in time, although it moved enough that I could see my skirt bunched up. I was too close to stop though and just quickly pulled it back up and came with the added enjoyment of knowing that I was dangerously close to being exposed.

Mike didn’t lose out though and on arriving at home (after giving MJ hello hugs and kisses), I allowed him to greet me properly, letting him eat and then fuck me and I was then eaten again later on as we told him everything that had happened. This is when Mike got to see the picture of Clare with three cocks buried in her (which he liked a lot) and he was very impressed with how far we had pushed her. We did feel a little bad and called her to check that she was OK with what we’d done. Clare said she’d never been so embarrassed  in her life and that she didn’t know how she would face Scott and Corey again. We asked if that meant she had enjoyed being used by three guys (and three girls) at the same time and she admitted that it had felt nice and Jen reminded Clare of her promise to pee over her at the party – selling this idea to her as a form of revenge. Sara volunteered to join in and Jen eagerly accepted the offer, saying she couldn’t wait to get Sara’s little lips back in her mouth and that she would suck and drink her dry. We reminded Clare of her promise to be fucked with the vibe every time she visited Giles’ house and to parade around naked – Clare’s defence of not having promised these things fell on deaf ears and Sara assured us she would do what she could to keep Clare as embarrassed as possible.

Monday, 5 June 2017

2015 Easter Sex Parties – Part 5

For the post-Easter sex party it was Jen and me who went down to York. It was actually the first day that Giles was back but I convinced him to spend the night with me and let Jen and Sara have Clare. He performed surprisingly well, but I did have the added benefit of being able to get him aroused by reminding him that Jen and Sara were repeatedly fucking his fiancé. He did well enough that in the space of an evening he managed the triple (fucking and cumming in my mouth, cunt and ass). I’m aware that this was a bit selfish of me as it would most likely mean he wouldn’t be able to perform as well at the party, but as regular readers will know, it’s not uncommon for me to be selfish when it comes to sex (although I do mostly try to be a good lover – and he did get to cum in me three times).

Jen and I spent some of the Saturday with Sara and helped move her things back to her place. Her time with Clare had gone really well and they had used it as a bonding experience to see if Clare really would be OK sharing Giles with Sara. I asked Sara if it was more a case of Giles sharing Clare with her and she agreed that would be a better way to describe it, but that Clare still considered herself more on the straight side of bi, so she preferred looking at it the other way (and Sara didn’t mind having Giles help her cum).

Jen had requested that she be the one who did the pre-party shave on both Sara and Clare so we returned to Clare’s place about 5 in the afternoon and Jen set about a lengthy process of using hot water, shaving gel and a new razor to first shave, then kitty kiss Clare and then repeated the entire process with Sara. I took over kitty kissing Clare for a good part of the time Jen was shaving Sara, but neither Jen nor I allowed Clare to cum. Giles found the sight of four naked girls shaving and licking quite arousing (and yes, I know there was no reason for Jen or me to be naked – we just were) so I let him slide into me, on the provision he didn’t get too excited. I got to have a brief turn at kitty kissing Sara before we deemed that she and Clare were ‘ready’ and we sat and had some dinner before dressing and heading off to the party.

I’ve had complaints that there is too much girl-girl action in the entries so I’m going to skip over most of the party seeing as all the details I know about are based around what Jen and I did. Needless to say, both Jen and I got to play with both Simone and Nora and as promised, Nora ended up being the target for the night, having a session near the end of the party with everyone having a turn fucking, fingering and eating her. She took this remarkably well, although she herself only came three times, she did ensure that all the girls came (with a combination of eating and fingering them as well as using a wine bottle to fuck Simone) and had every guy in her mouth and cunt (with two of them cumming in her). Her performance certainly earned her place as a regular at the party but I was a bit disappointed that she didn’t want to leave her clothes behind and just wear a jacket to walk home (I guess everyone doesn’t enjoy exhibitionism as much as I do).

While I would have liked to take a guy back to the hotel with us, seeing as it was me and Jen we just opted for the ‘regular’ and asked for Sara to spend the night. On the way back we found out that she’d had more guys inside her than I had at the party and when I challenged her to sit in the lobby and have a drink with me, she agreed. This wouldn’t have been much of a challenge if it wasn’t for the fact that Sara had agreed to copy me and just wear her jacket – and hers was just barely long enough to cover her ass and pussy. We sat and chatted and before long a couple of guys targeted us and offered to buy us another drink. We told them that we didn’t need any more alcohol as we were drunk enough and I asked Sara if she wanted to play. She nodded a confirmation so I moved over beside her, wrapped an arm around her and told the guys that we were bi and could do with some help to get us off. I spread my legs, exposing my pussy and pushed one of Sara’s hands between my legs. As she stroked me I picked an ice cube out of my glass and pushed my hand between her legs – which she opened – and ran the ice up and down her pussy. Sara let out a little yelp and I sucked the cube then pushed it a little way between her lips, did the same to my pussy and offered it to her to suck. Sara took the ice in her mouth and let it melt fully, at which point she asked the guys if they wanted to help us finish enjoying ourselves.

Unsurprisingly, the guys were more than up for this and as soon as we were in the lift, our jackets were unzipped and their hands were on our breasts and their fingers between our legs. We tried to talk the guys into fucking us in the same room but they didn’t want to do that so we settled for letting them watch Sara and I play with each other for a bit (kissing, fingering, eating and humping), then I let one of the guys take me to his room. We fucked – I rode him, he took me up against the window and for a part of it, fucked me with my top half leaning out the window so my breasts were swinging freely. We finished off on the bed with my lying on my front over the side so my head was hanging down and him behind me pumping away in my cunt and frigging my clit. This position was his idea as the increased blood flow to the brain is meant to make the orgasm more pleasurable. I didn’t tell him I’d cum like that many times before (and that it doesn’t always make much of a difference). I did cum and it felt nice, but wasn’t anything too special. Once I’d cum I texted Sara to get her to tell me when she’d finished and to pass the time I got the guy to give me one of the miniatures from the mini-bar and used it to masturbate while the guy played with my breasts. I hadn’t cum by the time I got the call from Sara so just grabbed my jacket and told the guy he could see more of me fucking Sara if he came with me. I walked back to the first guy’s room naked, with the miniature still buried in my pussy (it was only a few doors down so wasn’t much of a risk) and once inside, I pounced on Sara and ate her in a 69 while she used the bottle in me and lapped at my clit.

I had at least half expected to get another round from the guys but they seemed content with just watching us play together. I was somewhat disappointed about this, but fortunately Jen was waiting for us back in our room and said that we would have to make up for her having to wait for us. Sara and I rectified the situation and gave her a double eating (me front, Sara back) and she then ‘forced’ both Sara and I to cum again with the use of a double dildo and a vibe (Jen pumped the dildo back and forth between us while moving the vibe between Sara’s and my clits).

We had our usual morning session – Jen ate Sara awake who then played with me while I fingered and ate Jen. We ordered breakfast and received it with the three of us completely naked, but didn’t try to seduce the guy and just acted as if being naked was normal (which for me it pretty much is – at least while indoors). Once the guy left, the breakfast was put to good use and we ate it off and out of each other, making quite a mess as we did so. As we had to shower anyway, Jen wanted Sara to pee over her and Sara was quite happy to oblige. Jen sat and used a vibe in and on her pussy while Sara stood over her to be eaten. I stood behind Sara and reached around to fondle her breasts with one hand while using the other to caress and finger her ass. As Sara came, she peed over Jen’s face and into her mouth and I added what I could, peeing and aiming through Sara’s legs to hit Jen’s body. Jen finished herself off with the vibe and I humped against both of them as we showered but held back from cumming until we were dried off and back on the bed.

Sara was the one who ended up making me cum – she knelt on the floor and lapped at my pussy, pushed her tongue between my lips and flicked it over my clit. As I lay in the afterglow of my orgasm I thought I may as well make use of the fact we were in York and texted both Scott and Corey, asking them if they would be up for both fucking me at the same time. Corey replied fairly quickly and said he would but I had to call Scott (he hadn’t seen the text). I told him he could use my ass if he wanted and he agreed and about a half-hour later both guys were at the hotel and in our room. Sara and I took turns stroking and sucking the guys while they fondled and kissed us. I then knelt and took both cocks in my mouth at the same time and Sara then joined me so we could double team each cock in turn. The guys then joined us and helped out with licking and sucking each other (both individually and with our help) until we’d done every combination we could think of (we didn’t map them all out, but think we covered all the bases). It was now time for the main event but I wanted one more thing before letting Scott into my ass. I got Corey to lie on his back and mounted him, then got Sara to help Scott get his cock into my pussy along with Corey’s. A bit of lube (and some pushing) was needed, but he made it in and I felt incredibly full. I was quite tempted to ask them to just fuck me like that as the thought of both cocks pumping cum into my cunt (and over each other) was very appealing – but I knew from experience that unless they both happened to cum at the same time, whoever came first would have to pull out and I’d feel empty while the other one finished off.

We went back to the original plan and Scott pushed into my ass. I asked Sara if she would help out and frig me but she said she wanted to join in and pushed her ass between Corey’s and my faces, so he could eat her pussy and I could take her ass. Jen said she wasn’t going to be left out and said Sara should eat her, but we all had to move down the bed to make room for Jen to sit in front of Sara. We ended up going diagonally across the bed with Scott standing and fucking my ass. I relished the feeling of having both the guys inside me and kept imagining how much they would cum (ignoring the fact they would be fairly dry after the sex-party). I passed on my enjoyment to Sara, who seemed equally appreciative and passed it on to Jen. Scott was the first to say he was getting close and I asked him to try and hold back, or at least remain inside me after he’d cum. Sara came first with Jen not too far behind and after Sara had moved, Scott hesitantly kissed me, but within a couple of minutes we had our tongues in each other’s mouths. Scott still came first, but he lasted long enough for me to get much closer to cumming and he did as I’d asked and stayed in my ass. Corey pumped into my cunt and I concentrated on cumming, reaching down to frig myself to help my orgasm along. I came just before Corey did and stroked my clit the whole way through my orgasm and then gently stroked it while Corey came.

When I lifted myself off of Corey’s cock, I was surprised at the amount of cum that leaked out and asked both guys if they thought they had enough cum left to cum over me. Neither of them were up for a second cum at that point, but Sara selflessly helped me to coax them back into life. As her ‘reward’, she got to help me stroke and suck both guys off (they also had a little time inside us both) and Sara knelt on the floor beside me, our faces pressed together as we flicked our tongues over the heads of the cocks as the guys wanked each other. As expected, they didn’t produce much more cum, but they pressed up against our faces as they came so we got the few drops that did come out from each of them and we made a show of kissing and licking this over each other’s faces.

We went to lunch with the guys and met up with Clare and Giles as well. We teased Giles about the fact that Clare had been fucked my multiple guys before he’d got to have her (after he’d come back from the Easter holiday). Clare didn’t escape the teasing and I told her how I’d love to see her sandwiched between three guys with them all fucking her. She blushed quite a bit as I whispered to her how each cock would push into her, fill her and pump cum into her. It was obvious that she was attracted to the idea though as she didn’t stop me when I slid my hand up her thigh and I even managed to make contact with her pussy (although couldn’t do much more as we weren’t hidden from the other people in the café). When I first proposed we actually do this, Scott and Corey said they weren’t sure they could perform again after having cum twice for Sara and me. By the time we finished lunch, the teasing had become a firm plan (and I mean that in the sense that we had managed to get both Scott and Corey hard enough to be willing to give it a try) and headed back to Giles’ place en-masse.

Clare was still a bit nervous about what was in store for her and I repeatedly told her I’d happily take the three guys if she didn’t want them, but Giles was insistent that he wanted to see Clare triple fucked. As her fiancé, he was given the choice of which hole he would use and he opted for her mouth (I think he’s still not too keen on the thought of feeling another guy’s cock rubbing against his – even if it is separated by Clare’s ass and pussy). Sara, Jen and I stripped Clare and started ‘preparing’ her for the session – kissing, licking and fingering her to get her nice and wet. Sara knelt and lapped at Clare’s ass for a while. The guys fondled all of us (excluding Jen of course) and Sara and I split our attention between getting Clare ready and ensuring the guys were nice and hard. (To be honest, they were already hard before we did anything to them, but I wasn’t about to let Clare have three cocks without me getting at least a little bit of attention from them). I sucked each of the guys and had a quick turn with each of them in my pussy. I think Sara did the same (I know she certainly sucked them all) and by this point Clare was on her back with Jen's fingers buried in her pussy, obviously not too far from cumming. Sara, Jen and I stripped each other (with a little help from the guys) so by this point we were all naked.

As Scott had used my ass earlier, Corey said he wanted a turn in Clare’s ass so I helped to lube up his cock while Sara used a couple of fingers to push lube into Clare’s ass. Scott lay on the bed and we guided Clare over to him. She said she felt very self-conscious with everyone watching her and I told her she was just lucky to be the centre of attention. I helped spread her lips as Sara guided Scott’s cock between them and Clare sank down until he was buried the whole way inside her. I suggested that Clare should be made to cum multiple times and that as there were three guys, she should cum once for each of them. Clare said she doubted she’d manage that and then looked slightly panicked when I suggested that she should probably cum once for Jen, Sara and me as well as we intended on helping out. Nevertheless, she bent forwards and Sara spread her ass cheeks as Corey pressed his cock against her and we all watched as he slowly but steadily buried his cock in her. We let Scott and Corey get started and Sara and I each let Giles slide into our cunts one final time before he took up position beside Clare’s head and offer his cock to her mouth. Sara knelt beside the bed and reached between Clare and Corey to play with Clare’s clit and breasts and the stimulation, following on from what we’d done to Clare earlier, was enough to make her cum in a very short time.

Scott and Corey slowed down for a little while to let Clare recover but were soon back at work fucking her and Giles was pumping his cock in and out of Clare’s mouth. I asked him for one of Clare’s vibes and he said he didn’t have any at his place so I told him off and said he needed to ensure he always had toys available to help keep Clare satisfied. Fortunately we always carry such things with us and I retrieved a green silicone coated vibe from Jen’s bag. I ran this along my pussy, then Jen’s and Sara’s before switching places with Sara and working the vibe down to Clare’s clit. Sara moved up onto the bed and reached between Corey and Clare to play with her breasts but was then joined by Jen on the bed who took over the breasts play and this left Sara to fondle and kiss Clare’s ass cheeks. I knelt up a couple of times and helped Clare suck Giles but we (the girls) had to work to ensure the guys held back and didn’t cum too quickly as they were clearly enjoying the position a lot. I think Corey and Scott love the feeling of DP with each other and Giles seemed entranced by the sight of his fiancé being fucked like this. We managed to get a second orgasm out of Clare and afterwards she panted that she couldn’t cum again – but we didn’t let a trivial matter like that stop things. The guys carried on fucking her and Sara went back to frigging Clare but we couldn’t coax a third orgasm from her before Corey came. That’s not to say we didn’t keep trying, but Scott kept pumping away in Clare’s pussy (with Corey still buried in her ass) and Giles fucked Clare’s mouth, guiding her head with a hand. I reached up to fondle Giles’ balls and I’m sure I felt them tighten as Giles shot his cum into Clare’s mouth.

I told them to stay inside her for just a moment and quickly grabbed my phone to take a photo. The guys didn’t seem to mind this but Clare objected (after I’d taken it) so once we’d all taken a good look at it (causing Clare to turn a very bright shade of pink and say it looked awful), she insisted I delete it so nobody could see it. I asked if I could at least send a copy to Mike but she said no so I told her I’d deleted it (I actually kept it and did show it to Mike, but we did delete it afterwards so it could never accidentally get out). I sucked Corey clean of Clare’s juices and then pointed out that she’d only cum twice. Clare tried to cover herself up and moaned that she couldn’t cum again, but Jen quickly straddled her face, the covers were pulled away from her and Sara and I took turns working on her pussy – at first kitty kissing her, then fingering, using the vibe and eating her. Despite her protests to the contrary, she was indeed able to cum a third time and she even got Jen off in the process. Sara and I humped against Clare’s legs to cover her with our juices and we then smeared each other’s juices over Clare’s breasts (just for completeness).