Friday, 28 July 2017

Visiting Valerie – Part 5

I apologise for the delay between posts - haven't had much time to write recently. I've got a bit more free time for a little while now though so should be able to get back to the 4 days post schedule I aim for.
I looked up to see a look of pleasure and surprise on her face and she whispered that she needed to sit down so I released her, but as soon as her ass made contact with the bench, I pulled her legs apart again and started kitty kissing her. Now I didn’t have to concentrate on making her cum, I gave her pussy a number of long licks, tasting her juices and playing with her lips. As her orgasm faded, she once again got nervous about what we were doing so after kneeling up and briefly sucking on her nipples, then kissing her, I let her start to get dressed. I didn’t dress immediately though and sat on the bench with my legs spread and stroked my pussy. Valerie asked if she was meant to do the same to me and I told her she wasn’t ‘meant’ to, it just depended on whether she was the sweet, innocent Valerie everyone thought or if she was more adventurous. She knew full well that I was just taunting her but whether she felt she had to repay me for what I’d done to her, or was just rising to my challenge, she knelt in front of me and looked up. I spread my legs as wide as I could, putting one up on the bench beside me and told her to do whatever she wanted. I watched as she slipped a couple of fingers into my pussy and used her other hand to rub my clit and I lifted my breasts so I could flick my tongue over my nipples as she fingered me. I was aware that this was somewhat unfair on Valerie as she was only just starting out doing things with women, but I wanted to feel her tongue on me so I quietly called her name to get her attention and asked if she’d give me just a little lick and that we’d then get dressed and go. Valerie just said ‘Here?’ (which I took as meaning ‘in the changing room’ as opposed to ‘on your pussy’ and I just nodded and said ‘just for a moment – I just want to feel you on me’. Valerie quickly looked over at the thin curtain separating us from the people outside and scooted forwards. Her tongue made contact with my pussy and she licked up and down the length of my pussy – in a fairly similar way to I’d used when kitty kissing her just a few moments before. Her tongue also brushed over my clit and I loved the feeling of having my lesbian in training eating me in public like this.

I would have happily let Valerie carry on for as long as she wanted (preferably until I came) and I did whine audibly when she pulled away, but I didn’t complain and just bent forwards to kiss her and whisper that I loved the feeling of her tongue on my pussy. Valerie gave one of her cute smiles and looked down so I suggested we go and re-join Nye. As we dressed, I asked Valerie what she thought Nye would think of our adventures and she blushed so I pulled her close and whispered that I intended to give him a detailed description and was sure he’d want to witness it. Nye was still patiently waiting where we’d left him (along with a number of other guys who had been dumped while their partners tried things on) and I took his hand and told him we needed to go find a coffee shop. We ended up walking arm in arm – Valerie on one side of him and me on the other and Valerie noticed that we got a few looks (Nye was oblivious to this until she pointed it out and I barely noticed as I’m used to occasionally walking this way with Mike and Jen). Over coffee I scooched up beside Nye and quietly told him what had happened in the changing room – he was amazed both that Valerie had let me eat her in there and even more so that she had licked me in return. My plan had been to wait until we got home to tell him what Valerie and I had done earlier that morning, but as he now knew she had at least partially eaten me, I went ahead and told him about our morning 69 session and how she had done such a good job eating me to orgasm. As expected, Valerie was a fairly bright pink colour through most of the conversation, even though we were being sufficiently quiet that (probably) nobody else could hear us. Unsurprisingly Nye said ‘yes’ when I asked if he wanted to watch Valerie and I play with each other so I got him to ask her if she would do this and she gave a quiet ‘yes’ in response. For a fair part of the conversation, I sat almost facing Nye with one leg up on the seat and me hugging my leg. Whenever there wasn’t anyone in my line of sight, I spread my legs to give him a view of my pussy and I could see from the bulge in his crotch the effect that my display, coupled with my description of my session with Valerie was having on his cock.

We stopped off to get some food for dinner on the way home and I spent most of the journey continuing to tease Nye. We ducked into a couple of alleyways and he was more than happy to get his hands under my skirt or top to fondle me and even let me free his cock once so I could kneel and give it a suck. While I didn’t want to push Valerie too far as I thought she’d already been quite adventurous, we didn’t completely leave her out and in the last alleyway before we got home I got Nye to kiss her and fondle her breasts (through her top) while I reached up under her skirt and caressed her ass. I started off doing this over her panties, but then slid my hand up through the leg hole and pushed my fingers down towards her crotch and rubbed along her pussy. Given what I’d learned about Valerie wanting to please people I think I could have slipped her panties off there and then, but held back and just briefly stroked her before we let her straighten herself up and we continued our journey.

Once back indoors, I suggested that before dinner, we have a little play to ease the pressure on Nye’s balls. He was more than up for this and the two of us once again ganged up on Valerie (in a nice way) and kissed, stroked, fondled and caressed her while sitting on the sofa. Her top came off relatively soon in the session, allowing us to spend a while concentrating on her breasts and nipples and once we had her legs spread, both Nye and I rubbed her crotch through her panties until they were noticeably damp. I moved on to the floor and pulled them down, then gave her pussy a brief lick before moving over to Nye and helping him free his cock so I could take him in my mouth and give him a good suck (not that he needed any help getting hard by this point). I pulled my top and bra off but kept my skirt on and suggested we move upstairs to let Nye watch what Valerie had learned (resulting her telling me to shut up). On the way upstairs I remembered another detail of our morning session and told Nye how Valerie had said she wanted to eat me and taste my cunt. She couldn’t (honestly) deny this but did point out that I had prompted her to say it, but we still teased her about having said it. I pointed out that honesty was good and told her that I wanted to slide my tongue back into her cunt and couldn’t wait to feel Nye’s cock buried in mine again, so she shouldn’t feel ashamed. Nye asked her to beg to eat me again and she defiantly looked at me and said ‘I want to eat you’. I told her she could do better than that as I slipped my fingers between her lips and gave her a kiss, then whispered to her to be as dirty as she could. I curled a couple of fingers up into her pussy and Valerie said ‘I want to eat your cunt’. I asked her about tasting me and she added ‘and taste your juices’ so I gave her a kiss, told her she was a good girl (in a purposely patronising way) and we fell onto the bed.

I told Nye to watch us (not that there was much danger of him wandering off) and I pulled Valerie over me to kiss her. I pressed a leg between hers and ground my pussy against her thigh as we kissed. She suggested we remove our skirts and we briefly parted to slide them off and then went back to kissing and humping against each other. I looked over to see Nye stroking his cock and announced to Valerie that he seemed to be enjoying the view and we kissed some more. I warned Nye not to cum too quickly as I wanted his cum and we had a few things to show him first. I told Valerie I wanted her pussy and asked if she would do the honour of eating me again and she nodded and turned around so we could 69. As soon as her pussy was over my face I pulled her down to my mouth and started licking her and felt her mouth make contact with my pussy. I could see Ne moving around us, watching what we were doing to each other and after a couple of minutes I pulled away from Valerie and told Nye and Valerie it was time to try something else. I got Nye to kneel up behind me and slide in to Valerie, warned him again not to cum and then lifted my head to lick Valerie as he fucked her. Valerie was doing a good job of licking and eating me and we remained locked in our threesome until Valerie said she had cum (which I hadn’t heard or felt). I got Nye to pull out and kitty kissed Valerie while she kept eating me and Nye moved around to watch his girlfriend lap at my pussy. I made up for Valerie having been quiet and moaned into her pussy as I came – ensuring they both knew I was cumming. Valerie then made an effort to kitty kiss me, roughly copying what I was doing to her and we did this for a few minutes.

Once Valerie moved off of me, I asked Nye if he had enjoyed the show (he had) and I suggested that Valerie give his cock a little suck to taste her own juices. She did this and I then had a turn and I asked Nye if he was ready to fuck me (he was). I told Valerie that I wanted her help and that I would go on top this time – she said she couldn’t cum again so I promised to just kitty kiss her and asked if she would lick me while Nye fucked me. To help her out, I got Nye to put a pillow under her head and crouched down so she didn’t have to strain her neck. Nye eagerly pushed in to me and once he was pumping in and out, Valerie lifted her head and started licking me. I kitty kissed her as Nye fucked me and we remained like this for a few minutes before I broke contact with Valerie and told her I’d promised Nye something special. She asked ‘what’ in a hesitant voice and I told her I’d said he could fuck my ass if he wanted. Valerie asked if I was sure and I told her it was fine as long as he was gentle. I asked her if she let him fuck her there and traced a finger over her anus as I said this, causing her to shiver. Nye answered for her and said she did, sometimes and she told him to shut up but I told her not to worry and that I wouldn’t tell anyone. As part of my continued drive to teach them I pointed out that with him in my ass, it would be much easier for Valerie to eat me without Nye getting in the way and if she wanted to try this that I’d happily help out.

I directed Nye to a side pocket of my bag where I had some lube and  got him to apply some to his cock, then squirt some over my ass and work it into me with his fingers. I went back to kitty kissing Valerie and felt him press against my ass and slowly sink into me, then start moving steadily in and out. I pushed my pussy down against Valerie’s face and she licked me. It would have been nice if she had been a bit more assertive, but she did a good enough job (and I was aware it was really only the third time she had done anything like this). I had to ask Bye to slow down once and he apologised, saying it just felt so good, but slowed his movements anyway. He warned me that he was getting close and couldn’t hold on much longer so I asked him to stop moving for a little while (but stay buried in my ass). I had to resist the temptation from humping against Valerie’s face as I wasn’t sure if she was ready for that but she kept licking me and I could feel my orgasm beginning to build so I told Nye that as long as he stayed in me after he came, he could carry on and enjoy himself. He pumped in and out of my ass, pressing in a little deeper each time and then said he was about to cum. I squeezed myself around his cock and he panted that he was cumming. I pressed against Valerie a little harder, then eased off and just took what she was giving me while picturing Nye’s cum pumping into my ass. He stayed inside me without moving and I flexed myself around his cock a few times as my orgasm built. I wasn’t really kitty kissing Valerie anymore and was on the way to eating her properly so as I came I had her lips spread and my tongue pressed right into her pussy and it was only after I came I realised that I might be doing things a bit too much and eased back to kitty kissing her.

When Nye pulled out, my ass felt very empty, but Valerie kept lapping at me so I did the same to her. I didn’t want to drip ass-cum onto her face so didn’t stay on top of her for too long after Nye pulled out. I turned around and kissed her, thanking her for helping me cum and asked Nye if he’d enjoyed my ass.

We got dressed again before having dinner – I did suggest we remain naked but Valerie thought this would feel strange so as a compromise I wore a thin nightdress that didn’t really hide much, but meant I was at least wearing something. We mostly avoided any sex talk until we were eating and I gave Nye a much fuller description of what Valerie and I had got up to in the changing room and during our morning session. I told him how it had felt as we had made out and humped against each other, how she was hesitant when her tongue first made contact with my pussy, but as the session progressed she became more forceful and finally what it was like when I came, knowing I was the first girl to cum into her mouth. Nye asked about the way I’d phrased this, wondering if I’d squirted into her mouth and I told him that sadly this wasn’t something I could do, but I did tell him in detail just how wet Jen could get and how she had often been literally dripping wet when she was pregnant.

Over dessert, I asked Valerie if she thought Nye would want to see any pictures of Jen naked and shushed Nye when he said he did. Valerie said that considering the situation, she didn’t mind him seeing them so I got my phone out and showed him a selection of Jen naked, playing with herself, being played with by me and finally being played with by Sue (the same shots as I’d showed Valerie so Sue wasn’t easily identifiable). I let them both see a number of additional pictures, some of Sue and me 69ing (and I loved the thrill of knowing they were looking at me eating my little sister – even if they didn’t know this) and me in the art exhibition. This led to a discussion about my exhibitionism and it only felt natural to demonstrate and fondle myself as I told them just how much I loved being seen naked and cumming. We (Mike, Jen and I) had debated me telling them a lot more – about the sex parties and Jen’s Uni friends, but thought that might be a bit too much for our first session so I held back on telling them about some of our exploits, but admitted to a few more like displaying myself to people in pubs and caf├ęs and doing ‘pizza dares’ (omitting the fact I also try to get the guy to fuck me and not just see me naked).

Our talk had the desired effect on Nye and by the time dinner was over I could see he was hard again and asked if he thought he’d be up for another session before we went to sleep. He was willing to give it a try. I didn’t give Valerie a choice in the matter (she could have obviously objected if she hasn’t wanted to do anything but she didn’t say anything) and as we cleared the dinner items away I had a whispered conversation with her and suggested we dress up for Nye. Valerie said she’d be embarrassed to do that in front of me but I wrapped my arms around her and nibbled on her earlobe as I whispered that we’d had our tongues buried in each other’s pussies multiple times that day and that I had a schoolgirl outfit with me that I intended to wear so I expected her to step up and do the same. Nye was told to finish off clearing away and wait downstairs while we prepared a surprise for him while Valerie and I headed up to the bedroom and I pulled out my outfit from my bag. Valerie asked why I’d brought it and I told her that given Nye was with her, I had just assumed that he liked ‘cute’ (as Mike does). It took a bit of prompting to get Valerie to get her outfit from the wardrobe, but she pulled out her blouse, little tartan skirt, long white socks and appropriate underwear and set it out beside mine.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Visiting Valerie – Part 4

I told Valerie she was doing very well with her lesbian lesion and she giggled so I sat up and pressed my pussy directly against hers. To be fair to her, she tried to copy what I was doing and press against me, but this obviously wasn’t a position she was used to so I did most of the work. I asked if she wanted to try scissoring and gave a brief explanation, then moved down slightly, slipped my right leg under her left one and pressed my pussy against hers firmly.  We both leant back slightly and ground against each other and it felt good knowing my juices were mixing with Valerie’s and covering both our cunts. I took hold of her leg and pulled myself tighter against her and as we thrust against each other some more Valerie asked if we could cum like that. I told her we probably could if we kept going but it might take a while and I moved around so I was lying over her and kissed her as I told her that I wanted to eat her beautifully shaved pussy again. Valerie bit her lip as I said this and I told her again she didn’t have to do anything to me but she said that wasn’t fair. As we ground against each other I told her it didn’t have to be fair – I just wanted to eat her and make her cum, then said that if she really wanted to go down on me that I wouldn’t object… and left the sentence in the air.

Valerie said if I was doing things to her that she should do them to me and I told her that I really liked the sound of that, but wanted to make sure that she was sure. She huffed at me so I told her if she could tell me she wanted to eat me, slide her tongue into mu cunt and taste my juices, then I’d let her. Now it’s not that Valerie never swears, but it’s quite rare and I could only recall her using the word ‘cunt’ once in all the years I’d known her (which was over a decade). Valerie gave me another look and asked ‘Really?’ in an exasperated voice, then after a little pause quietly added ‘`eat you’. I prompted her ‘and slide your tongue into my cunt’, which she repeated and then prompted her for the final section ‘and taste my juices’, which she repeated, but crinkled her nose up a bit as she said it. We had been humping against each other through this exchange and I gave Valerie a big kiss and told her I was surprised that she could be such a dirty little girl. I asked if she was used to tasting her own juices and she wrinkled her nose again and said that she didn’t really do that so I asked if she ever sucked Nye, or any of her previous boyfriends after they had fucked her. She admitted that she had done this many times – usually so they could cum in her mouth or over her face. I teased her about letting guys cum over her and she pointed out it wasn’t ‘guys’, just her boyfriend and I got her to admit that she’d let them cum over her breasts and pussy as well. I told Valerie how much I loved the feeling of a guy’s cum on my skin, then added that the feeling of her juices on my skin felt every bit as good.

I sat up and reached down to finger Valerie’s pussy, slid a couple of fingers into her and then sucked them clean before asking Valerie if she was ready for her first ‘proper’ lesbian lesson (using air quotes as I said this). She said that she was nervous and didn’t know what to do so I told her to just do whatever felt good for her and to take her time, not do anything she didn’t want to and enjoy herself. I lay on top of her and gave her one last big kiss before whispering to her that I intended to eat her little cunt dry and I reached down to give her clit a rapid frig for a few moments before rolling off of her and telling her to climb over me in a 69 so she would be able to control how much or how little she did.

I watched as Valerie slowly turned around and lifted a leg over my chest. I reached up and caressed her ass, then ran a finger along her pussy and told her she shaved it really well. Valerie looked back at me and said she actually waxed it so I lifted my head and gave her a few kisses along the lips and told her whatever she did, it looked beautiful. I got Valerie to lower her pussy to my mouth and I started kissing around it, suggesting she do the same to me, or to do whatever she wanted done to her and I’d copy it. When I felt her fingers on my pussy I pulled my mouth away and traced my fingers over her pussy. Each time she explored a new part of me, I did the same to her and this gave me plenty of time to examine her again. It took a fair while until I finally felt her breath on my pussy and I pulled her closer to my mouth but refrained from licking her and just enjoyed her scent. I finally felt a few little kisses on my mons and I did the same to her and she asked if it was okay. I told her she was driving me wild (which was true) and I felt her kiss me again on the mons, then down and around my lips. I kissed her in the same way and as a hint, I slipped my tongue a little way between her lips, just once. We kissed around each other’s pussies for a while longer before Valerie copied this and as I felt her tongue slide between my now very wet lips, I moaned and told her it felt good. We continued and over time Valerie licked me deeper and harder with me mirroring her actions. I was the first to use my fingers to spread her lips, but she copied what I did and we licked around inside each other for a while before Valerie started spending more time on my clit. We both moaned as we did this (nothing theatrical, just genuine expressions of pleasure) and I asked Valerie if she was enjoying herself. She panted back that it felt better than she’d expected and I told her I was just copying her so it must be that she was talented at eating pussy.

Not wanting to derail the session, I buried my tongue in her again and she returned to eating me. For her first time, she really was pretty good and I certainly wasn’t having to fake my pleasure. Before we started I’d been half-expecting that she wouldn’t make me cum (which I wouldn’t have minded and would have just either masturbated for her or asked her to help finger me), but I could feel my orgasm building and knew if she continued in this way that I’d easily cum. In addition to wanting to satisfy my own desire, I genuinely thought it would be a good confidence boost for her if she made a girl cum on her first time so I gently eased back on eating Valerie to allow myself to cum first. This wasn’t entirely selfish as I knew I could take having her eat me after I’d cum while I wasn’t sure she’d want to (or be able to) continue playing with me after she came. Valerie was close enough to cumming by this point that she didn’t seem to notice I wasn’t exactly copying her anymore and as her tongue licked along my pussy and across my clit, I concentrated more on her pussy (although still paid some attention to her clit to keep her aroused). As I felt the final stage of my orgasm building, I went back to copying her more directly and repeatedly lapped my tongue over her clit. I panted a muffled ‘I’m cumming’ into Valerie’s pussy but I don’t know if she heard me as she just kept licking me as I ate her to and then through her orgasm (which didn’t take long – she probably came less than a minute after I did).

As I’d expected, Valerie stopped eating me soon after she came and she rolled off of me to lie on the bed. I moved around and half lay over her so I could kiss her and then told her we just needed to work on her kitty kissing. Valerie apologised and said she hadn’t really known what to do and I told her not to be daft as she had done an incredible job and I wished I’d been half as good the first time I’d done things with Jen. It visibly cheered her up to be told that I’d enjoyed what she’d done and I asked if she had enjoyed her first full lesbian experience, in response to which, Valerie gave me one of her cute smiles and said that she had. We lay kissing and chatting and I toyed with her breasts, gently stroking the nipples and occasionally sucking on them. Valerie wanted to know about my first time so I told her how I’d met Jen at a party, how we’d gone upstairs and I’d fingered her in one of the bedrooms and how she had then come to visit and we’d experimented with oral sex on each other. I asked Valerie if she wanted to see some naked pictures of Jen and she seemed surprised I’d offer that and asked if Jen knew. I told her I had Jen’s full blessing and as I unlocked my phone I reminded Valerie that Jen and Mike would both love to see some pictures of her. I pointed the phone at her and mimicked taking some photos, causing Valerie to quickly cover herself up but I showed her I hadn’t taken any and reminded her of my promise not to do so unless she said I could.

Lying back down beside her, I showed Valerie some pictures of Jen naked, exposing herself, fingering herself and a few carefully select shots of her locked in a 69 with Sue (selected as not to show Sue’s face or enough of her to identify her). As we viewed the pictures of Jen, I told Valerie how Jen would love to get her hands (and other parts of her body) on Valerie, then asked her if she wanted to see some pictures of Mike. Valerie looked a little surprised again but said ‘yes’ so I flipped through to some pictures of Mike fucking me and Jen – as well as a few of him buried partway in Sue (from behind so you couldn’t see her face) and some of me sucking him. As we viewed the pictures of Mike, I told Valerie (again) of how much Mike liked ‘cute’ and how he would give almost anything to be allowed to go down on her, eat her to multiple orgasms and then fuck her, making her cum around his cock and pumping his cum deep into her nearly bald pussy.

I would have happily had another session with Valerie but she said she felt too drained after our last one so we agreed to go and meet up with Nye. We had a quick shower to freshen up and Valerie didn’t object when I suggested we shower together. Naturally I fondled her a fair bit as we washed and in honour of Jen, I even peed over Valerie’s legs as we kissed under the shower (I’m pretty sure she didn’t realise what I was doing though and I didn’t draw any attention to it). As we dressed, I asked if she’d ever fucked two guys at once and (as expected) she said she hadn’t. I did find out that she had slept with two guys in one night (back as an undergrad) – one of them at a party and then one back at her place and I told her that I’d never expected that of her and that she was full of surprises. I offered Mike to her and described how he and Nye could either fuck her ass and cunt at the same time, or one of them could be buried in her cunt while she sucked the other one. Valerie said she couldn’t imagine what that would be like and I told her that knowing you were helping two people cum at once was an incredible turn-on.

I wasn’t able to convince Valerie to go out without panties on, which was a pity as she had a cute little skirt on that would have been perfect for being naked underneath. She wasn’t surprised that I didn’t wear panties and as we headed into town I told her how I intended to show Nye my pussy over lunch and see if we could find somewhere for him to finger me. I suggested again that she let Mike and Jen have a play with her (offering myself as payment to Nye) and we discussed some of the other things she had done with/for her boyfriends. Given Valerie goes for the cute look, I wasn’t surprised to find out that she had dressed up at various times in the past and I asked her if she though Nye would like the pair of us to dress up as schoolgirls. Valerie said she thought that would be weird but after pressing her further she admitted that she had done this a number of times and just hadn’t wanted me to think that Nye was in to children. I assured her that we understood the difference between dressing as a schoolgirl and wanting to do things with actual schoolgirls and asked if she had appropriate clothing already of if we’d need to buy anything to complete her outfit. I went through the items we’d need and Valerie blushed more as she told me she had each one of them (including pleated tartan skirt, long socks, blouse and bobbles for bunches. I once again told her that she was a dark horse and that it was always the quiet ones you had to watch out for.

Over lunch I managed to display myself to Nye, sitting with my legs sufficiently spread that when he bent down to pick something up (that I got him to drop on purpose) he could see up my skirt to my exposed pussy. I briefly managed to hike my skirt up enough to let him see my pussy while sitting down and I stood facing away from him while getting my purse from my bag and allowed the back of my skirt to ride high enough to expose a fair part of my pussy. This was effective enough that he had to hold his coat in front of him to hide the bulge when he stood up and we ducked down the first suitable alleyway we could find so I could give him a chance to play with my pussy and finger me. Valerie wasn’t daring enough to let him (or me) do this to her, but she did let me take her hand and slide it under my skirt and rub my pussy. Valerie slipped a couple of fingers into me and kissed me as she did this and I told her she needed to be rewarded for her adventurousness and asked Nye if he could cope with doing a little bit of clothes shopping. He said he didn’t mind so we spent a little while looking around and headed in to the changing rooms to try a few things on. She seemed a little surprised when I followed her into the cubicle but I pointed out that I’d already seen her naked that day so watching her change wasn’t anything to worry about. We both undressed and tried a couple of things on, getting each other’s opinion on what looked good. At one point between outfits (so Valerie just had her bra and panties on and I just had a bra on), I turned her to face the mirror and stood behind her, reached around and caressed her body while whispering in her ear that she was beautiful. I can mu hands over her breasts (through her bra), cupping and fondling them, then slid a hand over her panties and pressed the materiel firmly against her pussy before slipping my hand down the front of her panties and rubbing her lips directly. Valerie whispered to me and asked what if someone saw but I whispered back that nobody would know, gave her clit a final stroke and withdrew my fingers to suck clean.

After Valerie tried on the next outfit, I knelt in front of her and nuzzled her crotch through her panties. She looked nervous but didn’t stop me as I pulled the crotch aside and licked at her pussy. When I tried to pull her panties down she said that we might get caught but when I stood and removed my bra and did the same to her, she let me kiss her. I slid my hands down the back of her panties and pushed them partially down, then knelt and slipped them down her legs before pushing my mouth against her pussy again. Valerie gasped and held on to my head, then allowed me to push her legs apart. I swirled my tongue around her pussy and clit before standing and kissing her, guiding her around slightly as I did this so the next time I knelt down to eat her, she was facing the mirror. I looked up a few times as I ate her and could see her watching our reflections and felt her occasionally shudder. I figured that I had her attention for the time being, but didn’t want to risk the moment being broken by us being disturbed and her getting nervous again so I concentrated a fair bit on her clit and just occasionally pushed my tongue between her lips and along her pussy. I kept a firm grip of her ass and held her against my face as I ate her, but I didn’t feel her try to pull away at any point and after just a couple of minutes felt her shudder again and push against my mouth as she let out a few stifled gasps.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Visiting Valerie – Part 3

Nye got me to lie on the bed with my legs over the side so he could kneel on the floor. I asked Valerie if she could watch and tell him what to do as if he was eating her so I’d know what she likes for our next session. I pushed a pillow under my head so I could partially see what was happening and waited in anticipation as Nye’s mouth made contact with my pussy and he started eating me. He started off a bit more directly than Mike or Jen would have (especially for the first time), but he used a steady rhythm that felt good and his tongue pushed between my lips a number of times as well as swirling over my clit. I made lots of appreciative sounds and listened to the instructions that Valerie gave Nye – telling him to spread me, concentrate on my clit, then my lips, then inside me and cycling between these. As I got closer to cumming, I asked Valerie if she would help hold my pussy open so Nye could lick inside me more and I felt her fingers tentatively press against my lips and pull them apart. I told them it felt wonderful and asked if Valerie wanted to try fingering her first pussy (other than her own of course). She asked Nye if she should (tip to girls – if you ask a guy if he wants you to finger another girl, the answer will almost certainly be a resounding yes) and he told her to do it. I felt Valerie push a finger in to me, then pump it in and out gently and I asked her to add another one. She was very gentle but it felt good and I got her to confirm that she’d really never had her fingers in another girl’s pussy (she hadn’t). It wasn’t at all difficult to get her to use her other hand to stroke my clit and I was torn as I could have very easily cum like that and wanted my first orgasm from Valerie, but also wanted Nye’s tongue back on my pussy. I very nearly let Valerie finish me off, but my usual greed got in the way and I asked if she would keep her fingers in me as Nye licked my clit. Valerie said she liked being fingered and licked as well as it took hardly any time for the two of them to make me cum.

Nye remained between my legs and kept licking me – not quite as gently as kitty kissing, but certainly at a lower intensity than he’d used to make me cum. It was a touch too strong at first, but had the effect of pushing me towards wanting to cum again sooner (my orgasm wasn’t actually building, but I certainly got past the post-orgasmic stage and wanted to start playing again). I let Nye keep licking me for a little longer then told him he had earned use of my pussy and that I wanted to feel him deep inside me. When he stood up, I saw that his cock was still hard and was glad I wouldn’t have to wait. I suggested to Valerie that she get a good look of Nye inside me and told her to lie on her back. I climbed over her in a 69 and was very tempted to push my pussy down onto her face, but restrained myself and just stole a few licks of her pussy. Nye climbed up on the bed behind me and I asked Valerie to help guide him in and felt her fingers spread me once more, then the head of his cock press against me and slip into me. Nye started sliding in and out of my pussy and I buried my tongue in Valerie’s cunt once more. Between licks I asked her to spread my lips, then my cheeks and then to play with my clit. As I ate and fingered Valerie more, her fingers roamed over more of my pussy and clit. Nye seemed to know the drill by this point and waned me when he was getting close so I told Valerie to frig me faster. As I’d been eating her quite vigorously, she was fairly close to cumming herself and she did as I asked without hesitation. I came and kept eating her as Nye fucked me and came in me and Valerie came soon after. When Nye pulled out I felt some of his cum drip out of me and looked down between Valerie’s and my bodies to see it on her face. I relaxed and lowered my pussy towards her face – not enough to make contact, but close enough to give her a very good view and I went back to kitty kissing her. I was hoping to feel her tongue on my pussy, but that didn’t happen – although I did feel her fingers sliding over my lips, so I knew I was getting somewhere with her. I kitty kissed Valerie for a little while and then pulled away, turned to kiss her and called Nye over so I could give his cock a little suck. I got Valerie to join me in this so she would taste my juices from him, but I didn’t point this out to her.

When we headed downstairs to get some breakfast, both Nye and Valerie put dressing gowns on and she offered me one but I told her I’d rather remain naked – unless they objected (which they didn’t, although Valerie looked a little surprised I intended to just wander around nude). Valerie automatically opened the blinds downstairs and I didn’t say anything. In the front room people walking past the house could have possibly seen me and in the kitchen there was a gap in the fence that looked out onto a path beside their garden, but in the dining room where we were eating, there were really only a few of the upper windows from neighbouring houses that would be able to see me. It wasn’t until we had prepared breakfast and were sitting eating that Valerie realised people might be able to see me and asked if she should shut he blinds again. I told her I honestly didn’t care and that as I’d told her, I loved having people see me naked. In order to demonstrate this, I pushed my chair back so I was in full view of the window (even though nobody could really see me) and lifted one foot up onto the table. I asked if they minded if I masturbated and Valerie said something along the lines of ‘you’re not going to do that here’. I told her she still had a lot to learn about me and slid a hand between my legs and started fingering my pussy, occasionally lifting my fingers to my lips to suck them clean. I made use of the jar of Nutella on the table and smeared a little over my nipples before lifting them to my mouth to suck clean and went back to playing with my pussy. I got Nye to hand me a banana, gave it a quick suck to coat it in saliva, then rubbed it up and down the length of my pussy to add some extra lube before spreading my lips and sliding it into my pussy.

Nye came over to join me and more Nutella was applied to my nipples for him to lick off. He had a turn fucking me with the banana and I suggested that Valerie should really get a turn. She went all shy and said she couldn’t do something like that and I incredulously asked if she’d never done anything with food. Nye answered for her and said that they’d used food a few times (causing Valerie to blush) and she quietly said that she had, but not with anyone else watching. By this point I had made my way around the table and was standing beside her as I pointed out that I wasn’t watching, I was participating and Valerie barely resisted as I helped Nye open her dressing gown and slide it over her shoulders. Nye and I each took one of Valerie’s breasts and rubbed Nutella into her nipples before thoroughly licking them clean. We repeated this a few times and I then ran a line of Nutella down her stomach to her mons and licked my way down there before smearing some over her pussy and licking her clean. I pumped the banana into my pussy as I knelt in front of Valerie, then slid it out, spread Valerie’s lips and pushed it into her. Valerie let out a quiet ‘fuck’ as I did this and Nye and I took turns fucking her with the improvised dildo. Valerie was hesitant when I asked her to fuck herself with the banana, but played along and I toyed with the little bit of hair she had on her mons and stroked her clit.

I asked Valerie if she always had a patch of hair or ever went completely bald and she said she used to shave herself completely but hadn’t been that way for quite a while. I licked her lips around the banana and said that at least the important places were clear of hair and Nye agreed with this. Valerie had the banana quite deep in her pussy by this point and said it felt nice, but thought it was still too soon for her to cum again so I let her off and said that Nye should really get the Nutella treatment as well. He eagerly sat back on a chair and let me smear it over his cock, then take him in my mouth. Valerie knelt and took a turn at doing this and we even kissed each other around his cock again, with Nye’s hands on the backs of our heads, pressing them together. We gave him a good sucking, but didn’t try to actually make him cum again and I explained that I wanted to tease him as much as possible so he could give me a good load of his cum later on. Nye was happy enough with this and I rewarded him with a few minutes of rubbing his cock between my breasts (Valerie’s breasts aren’t large enough to do this), then stood, faced away from him and planted myself on his cock. I reached down to spread my lips and let Valerie watch as I slowly rode up and down on Nye’s cock, then asked if I could see her do the same thing. She seemed to have lost her earlier inhibitions and took my place and I got Nye to spread his legs wide so I could get right in and watch up close, commenting on how Valerie’s lips grasped at the cock as she pulled herself up, then were pushed in as she slid down. She said I was embarrassing her and I told her not to be silly and that it was a truly beautiful sight. I had been planning on leaving this until later, but couldn’t resist and started licking the exposed length of Nye’s cock and up around Valerie’s pussy as she rode him. I’m certain I could have made her cum like this, but I had other plans so just teased them both for a while before suggesting we shower and get ready for the day. Nye’s cock was glistening with Valerie’s juices when she stood up and I didn’t want to waste them so I took as much in my mouth as possible and hungrily sucked him clean and the three of us then headed upstairs.

I showered with Nye and let him wash me, giving him a chance to explore my body with his hands without Valerie there. He spent a while on my breasts and ended up fingering me so to be fair, I gave his cock another suck while Valerie was in the shower. Before she returned, I asked him if he would give Valerie and me a little time together to chat as I wanted to make sure she was okay with the way things were going. I promised him that in return he could fuck, eat or finger me as many times as he wanted and that he could cum anywhere on or in me he wanted to. We kissed as I stroked his cock and his hand cupped my ass and asked if I meant ‘anywhere’. I told him I wanted his cum in my cunt again, but would love to have him cover my face and breasts, then reached back and pushed his hand tighter against my ass and said he could cum deep in my ass as well if he wanted. I headed back into the bathroom to brush my teeth and was amused to watch Valerie cover herself up with her towel as she stepped out of the shower. I told her that I’d asked Nye to give us some time together so we could talk and she said that was fine so I followed her into the bedroom and as she dressed, Nye threw on some clothes and said he’d head out into town for a little bit with Valerie saying she would call him once we had finished chatting.

Once Nye left I got Valerie to sit on the bed with me – her half-dressed and me still naked – and asked if she was okay. Valerie nodded and asked if I wanted to get dressed but I pointed out that as we had already seen (and helped) each other cum, there didn’t seem much point. I teased her a bit, lifting a breast and spreading my legs as I asked her if me being naked bothered her and she said it didn’t so I asked her more seriously if she was okay with Nye having fucked me or me having gone down on her. Valerie said that only a little while ago she wouldn’t have thought of doing any of those things, but Nye had really wanted to so she had agreed. I asked again if *she* was okay with it and she said it had felt nice and she had liked seeing how much Nye had enjoyed doing things with both me individually and the both of us. I told Valerie that it wasn’t just Nye that I’d come to visit and while I had certainly enjoyed having him inside me and help make me cum, I had really been looking forward to the opportunity to play with her.

Valerie blushed at this and said she thought I was primarily there to do things with Nye but I told her in more detail how we (bringing Mike and Jen into the discussion) had thought she was cute for years and had fantasised about playing with her. I told her again that Jen was very jealous of me being the first girl to get to play with her and that Mike desperately longed to bury his tongue in her pussy, eat her for hours and then fuck her. Valerie asked why I didn’t mind if they wanted to do things like that to her and I said it wasn’t any different than her letting Nye do things to me. I had edged closer to her as we chatted and had run a hand along her leg as I told her what Mike wanted to do with her – I now lifted this hand to her face and told her she was a dear friend who I loved and that I just wanted a chance to make her feel good. Valerie asked in a shaky voice what I meant and I gave her a kiss on the cheek and whispered to her that I wanted to make love to her with just the two of us. I kissed Valerie lightly on the lips, telling her in between kisses that she was so beautiful and that I couldn’t resist her. She said that it was Nye who wanted to see us do things and I told her he would but I still wanted a chance to have her to myself for a little bit. I slid my hand down over one of her breasts and felt her shudder, but she let me slide my hand down and back up under her top so I could caress her breast through her bra. I told Valerie she didn’t have to do anything she didn’t want to, but that I really wanted to feel her against me and explore her body properly.

Valerie quietly said she didn’t know what to do and I assured her that she’d done a pretty good job helping out earlier, but that she didn’t have to do anything to me if she didn’t want to and that I just wanted to play with her. My hand moved down to her waist and pulled her slightly towards me – we missed a while longer and I slipped my hand up under her skirt and I caressed her inner thighs when she spread her legs. I asked if I could remove her top and she let me pull it over her head and I then got her to stand so I could slide her skirt off, leaving her just in her bra and panties. I teased her more and asked if all her underwear consisted of cute sets and told her how much Mike and Jen would love to see her standing there like that. I said that they had asked for me to get a picture of her if possible and Valerie placed a hand over her panties but I told her not to hide and promised I wouldn’t take any pictures without her consent. After giving the front of her panties a few kisses, I stood and embraced her properly and kissed her as we lay down on the bed together. I straddled one of her legs and pressed my pussy against her thigh as I pressed my thigh against her crotch and we kissed more. Her tongue felt soft but as she grew accustomed to what we were doing (or just more aroused), she kissed me back and pressed her tongue into my mouth more firmly.

We briefly parted to allow me to remove her bra and I spent a little while playing with her breasts, asking her what felt best for her and discovering that she liked Lis’ method of breast play (quick kisses and fluttering the tongue over the nipple). I rubbed her pussy through her panties and told her I could feel how hot and wet her pussy felt and she blushed at this but I humped against her leg harder and asked if she could feel how aroused she had got me. I asked if she would play with me and she nervously nodded yes so I lifted my body and felt her slide her hand between us and her fingers make contact with my pussy. She said she didn’t know what to do and I told her to just do whatever she enjoyed having done to herself. We kissed more with my fingers making their way into Valerie’s panties while hers roamed around my pussy, occasionally dipping inside and swirling around my clit. We broke contact again so I could slide her panties off and Valerie covered her face as I spread her legs and told her I thought her pussy was beautiful. I lifted her right leg and kissed from her ankle, up to her inner thigh (tasting my juices that were smeared there) and then around her pussy. I gave her a few light licks before crawling back up to kiss her and we humped against each other’s thighs.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Visiting Valerie – Part 2

Still keen to progress things, I asked Valerie if I was going to get to see her enjoy herself and said I would just watch if she wanted. She let Nye move over to her and start to caress her body, then kiss her and by the time he was playing with her breasts I figured it was safe for me to see how far I could get with her so I moved up to sit on the other side of her to Nye. I pressed up against Valerie and told her she was beautiful, then kissed her shoulder. I nuzzled on her neck for a while then slowly slid a hand up her side and felt her squirm under my touch. I whispered to her and asked if I should stop and she said it just tickled so I kept going and slid my hand up to cup her right breast. I gently massaged it, letting her nipple drag back and forth across the palm of my hand (Jen and Sue both quite enjoy this so I thought I’d try it on Valerie). Nye kissed her some more and Valerie shifted position so she was lying down. I took the opportunity to move down the bed slightly and once she was re-engaged with Nye, I brought my mouth to her right breast and started kissing around it, bringing everything I’d learned from Sue and Jen to bear (they are by far the most in to breast play out of my regular partners). I avoided the nipple for a good few minutes, although came close a few times, then finally allowed my kisses and licks to brush over it. I glanced up at Valerie’s face and it looked like she was enjoying what we were doing to her so I pressed harder against her body and felt her skin against my breasts.

I reached over and stroked Nye’s cock – he was still soft from having just fucked me but didn’t pull away. When he looked at me I nodded down towards Valerie’s legs and used my fingers to mime stroking her. Nye slid a hand down between her legs and slipped his fingers between her pussy lips. I saw Valerie’s body lift ever so slightly and one of her hands went to her pussy so I moved my mouth back to her nipple and sucked on it some more. I kept glancing down to see Nye’s hand still working between Valerie’s legs and could hear her breathing getting more ragged and her uttering the occasional little moan or squeak. I wanted to take over fully from Nye, to throw myself on Valerie and ravish her, to make her mine and ‘convert’ her, but was still too worried I’d scare her off so I slowly kissed my way up from her breasts to her neck, across her cheek and planted a few little kisses on her lips. I gently brushed the tip of my tongue against her lips and felt them part so I slipped it a little way into her mouth. Valerie didn’t use her tongue, but did kiss me back a little and I could feel her body almost twitching against mine. I kissed back down to her breast and at the same time slid a hand down to Valerie’s legs. I gently pulled on the leg closest to me and Valerie let me open her legs a little more, allowing me to slide my hand up her thigh and join Nye’s hand on her pussy.

I lifted one of my legs over Valerie’s leg and slowly humped my pussy against her thigh as my fingers slid around and between her pussy lips. When Nye moved his fingers to her clit, I slipped two fingers into Valerie and worked them in up to the second knuckle as I steadily fingered her. I tried to watch Nye’s fingers moving over Valerie’s clit but couldn’t see much from my position and didn’t want to break the moment so kept on kissing and sucking on Valerie’s nipple until she made some quiet ‘ungh’ sounds as she came. I kept my fingers inside her, slowly sliding them around until she had finished cumming, then slowly withdrew them and wiped the juices over Valerie’s nipple so I could discreetly taste her. I was very pleasantly surprised – she didn’t taste as good as Emily, but it was definitely a flavour that I wanted more of and I instantly thought of just how jealous Mike would be when he found out. I kissed back up to Valerie’s face and kissed her again but she wasn’t as willing to reciprocate and looked rather embarrassed. I kissed he cheek and thanked her for letting me help make her cum, then rolled over so I was half on top of her and could hump against her leg as I pushed my thigh against her pussy. I asked if she would kiss me some more and we shared a series of smaller kissed for a couple of minutes. I felt Nye’s hand on my back and made no more to either stop or encourage him as he caressed my ass and his fingers slid between my cheeks and to my pussy.

I told Valerie that even her orgasm face was cute and she blushed, but in a coquettish way (Valerie actually used to practice being cute as she knew many guys liked this). I told her I wanted to explore a bit more and slid down her body so I could play with both her breasts, then kissed my way down her stomach, working my body fully between her legs so she had to spread them. It was quite obvious where I was heading but Valerie asked what I was going to do and I told her to just give me a few minutes to look at her. I kissed along the crease of skin at the top of her leg, slowly edging towards her pussy, then kissed down one of her thighs. I discovered that her inner thighs were quite ticklish (explaining why I’d felt her squirm when I’d caressed it earlier), but this helped to break the tension as I spent a little while kissing up and down each of her thighs, causing her to giggle and squirm and giving me time to look at her pussy. When I finally kissed my way back up her right thigh but kept going until my kisses were landing around her pussy, Valerie quickly went quiet again. None of us said anything as I kept kissing around her pussy, up and down each side and across her mons, then started giving her gentle licks (while still avoiding her inner lips). I used my fingers to gently spread her lips and allowed my licks and kisses to move further in until my tongue was just barely sliding between her outer lips to let me taste her. I could hear Valerie breathing slowly but heavily and resisted the urge to look up at her, just concentrating on her pussy directly in front of me. I spread her lips further and slid my tongue properly between them, not really penetrating her, but going far enough to tease her inner lips. The first few times I did this, I kept my tongue low down, but eventually licked all the way up her pussy and over her clit. I felt her shudder as I did this and she let out a little squeak (not too dissimilar to Lis at times) and as she wasn’t doing anything to stop me I guessed she liked what I was doing.

I kept kissing and licking Valerie’s pussy for what felt like a good while, ensuring I was working around the whole area, inside and out and paying occasional attention to her clit. I got my tongue deeper inside her a few times and did the best I could to swirl it around and gather her juices. I could feel Nye’s hand on my ass and his fingers playing with my pussy but was mostly ignoring him to concentrate on Valerie. After sucking on her clit for a while, I slipped a couple of fingers back inside her and licked around them, then flicked her clit back and forth with my tongue. From the way her body moved, I guessed she liked this, but on strict orders from Jen I wanted to make her first lesbian oral orgasm be driven by my mouth, so I didn’t finger her for long and went back to just eating her. I concentrated more on her clit as the session progressed, but still only pushed her slowly towards cumming. I wasn’t trying to tease her on purpose but was just taking my time to let her enjoy the experience of being eaten by a girl. At one point I saw Valerie lift a hand to one of her breasts and cup it, but she seemed to catch herself and put her hand back down. I wanted to tell her to do whatever felt good for her, but also didn’t want to break the mood so just licked and sucked her pussy more, spending more time on her clit until she was breathing heavily and then squirmed around under me as she came.

I licked and ate her through her orgasm, then eased off and switched to kitty kissing her. She accepted this quite well (many girls who aren’t used to being kitty kissed say they can’t keep being licked after cumming and we have to explain that we will be gentle). I think I spent a good 10 minutes more between her legs before pulling away, wiping my face clean (with things having gone so well, I didn’t want to push my luck as I didn’t know how she felt about tasting herself from me) and sat up. I crawled out from between Valerie’s legs, moved up beside her and gave her a little kiss on the lips. She kissed me back this time – still slightly hesitantly, but less so than after her first orgasm.

I desperately wanted to tease her (like most friends, we tease each other a fair bit all the time), but didn’t want to upset her or make her feel too self-conscious so I held myself in check and asked her if she had enjoyed what I’d done to her. Valerie nodded a yes and I asked if that was really her first time doing things with a girl properly and got another nod. I gave her another kiss and told her I was glad I’d been her ‘first’, but that Jen was extremely jealous of me getting the opportunity. Valerie gave another of her coquettish smiles and I wondered if she acted cute consciously, if it had become second nature to her or if it was the ‘real’ her.

I pointed out that Nye had obviously enjoyed watching me play with her as he had another erection. I would have liked for Valerie to be the one to play with me, but once again didn’t want to push things too quickly so sidled over to Nye and gently ran a hand up and down his cock. I asked him if he was ready to fuck again and then told him I wanted to ride him. He lay down beside Valerie and I straddled him, lowered myself onto his cock and then started humping up and down. Nye fondled my breasts and occasionally reached down to my clit to frig me, but I mostly just ground my clit against him to stimulate myself and alternated between doing this and riding him properly (so he’d cum again). I reached over and caressed Valerie’s nearest leg a couple of times as I rode Nye and when I leant forwards to kiss him and let him suck on my nipples, I reached over to fondle her breasts and even got a kiss off of her. I got Nye to tell me when he was getting close and I spent a greater proportion of the time concentrating on grinding against him until I came, then used long strokes up and down on his cock until he finished and announced that he was cumming in me again.

I climbed off Nye and lay between him and Valerie, placing a hand between each of their legs, cupping Valerie’s pussy and gently gripping Nye’s slowly deflating cock. I told them that we had lots more to experiment with the following day. Nye said he was happy enough with the way things had gone and I told him if he could get hard again he could fall asleep with his cock inside me. I turned to face Valerie and felt him press up against my ass, but he was sadly too soft to get into me – although he seemed to like having his cock pressed between my ass cheeks so we remained like that. I draped an arm over Valerie’s body and kissed around her shoulder. I quietly asked her if she’d enjoyed our evening and she nodded yes so I told her off for not having asked sooner. I got her to tell me again about her make-out sessions with the girl back in our first year. As she described the girl caressing her breasts, I copied what she was describing – although I was touching her breasts without the material of her top in the way. I pointed out that Valerie’s nipples were responding slightly and Nye reached over to help me caress them so I slowly slid a hand down to Valerie’s pussy and told her I’d be more than happy to make her cum again and said I could finger or eat her, whichever she preferred. Valerie said she was too tired to cum again and flinched when my fingers slid along her pussy so I stopped and asked if she was okay. She said she was still getting used to the situation so I just gently stroked her pussy for a moment, barely slipping my fingers between her lips and then brought them to my mouth to suck clean. I told Valerie that we had a tradition of waking each other up by going down on them and asked if she’d let me do that to her. She nervously said yes and I assured her I’d be gentle, gave her a quick kiss on the lips and then curled up against her. As we chatted more, I felt her relax against me and I gently caressed one of her breasts as we dozed off.

In the morning, Nye woke first and got up to go to the bathroom. I told him to hurry back as I slipped under the covers and made my way down between Valerie’s legs. I managed to ease her legs apart and was gently stroking her when she woke up and pulled the covers back. She asked what I was doing and I reminded her about how we wake people and told her to lie back. Valerie said she’d need to clean up first as she was all sticky, but I lowered my mouth to her pussy and gave her slit a long lick, from just above her ass to her mons, then said I’d clean her up and that I intended to make her sticky again so there wasn’t any point cleaning herself. Valerie asked if I was sure and I shushed her, told her to relax and enjoy herself and gave her pussy another lick. Nye returned around this point and he sat and watched as I ate and fingered Valerie. Once again I took my time, slowly taking her towards her orgasm and backing off a couple of times to tease her. I suggested that Nye could sit up beside her head and that she could suck him and he liked that idea a lot – it wasn’t the most practical position for Valerie to give him head, but she managed to get his cock into her mouth and as I ate her, I watched her sucking him. When Valerie finally came, I had a couple of fingers buried deep inside her with the knuckle from my ring finger pressing against her ass and my tongue flicking back and forth across and circling around her clit. As before, she didn’t make much sound as she came, but her breathing was heavy and I could feel her body moving as her orgasm hit her.

I kitty kissed her for a long time after her orgasm ended before finally kissing my way up her body. This time I didn’t wipe my face clean before I kissed her, but she didn’t seem to mind and kissed me back despite my face being covered in her juices. I humped against her leg as we kissed and when our mouths parted, she said that it had felt amazing and gave me one of her patented ‘cute’ looks. I told her I was impressed that she took kitty kissing so well, then had to explain what I meant by this. It turned out that Nye did something similar to her (and that he quite enjoyed eating pussy) – so I told him he’d obviously have to demonstrate on me and he said he’d be happy to do so. He was still sitting near Valerie’s head so with a bit of effort I could reach over and take his cock in my mouth. I asked if he wanted me to suck him or fuck me and if he wanted to cum in me if he wanted to eat me first. Nye asked for a bit of both and said he’d go down on me before fucking me so I asked Valerie permission to suck her boyfriend’s cock, then climbed off her and moved over to start work on him.

I ended up moving to the floor with Nye sitting at the edge of the bed (this gives a much better angle) and after a couple of minutes of having him in my mouth I asked if Valerie sucked him. She said she did and told me to stop assuming she was so innocent so I asked her to show me. Given what she’d just said, she couldn’t easily back out so climbed off the bed to kneel beside me and I held Nye’s cock in my hand and offered it to her. Valerie looked over at me, then took the head in her mouth and bobbed up and down. I switched the hand I was using to hold and stroke Nye and caressed Valerie’s back with the hand I’d been using. We ended up taking turns sucking Nye and demonstrated the various techniques we both had for oral stimulation. Valerie mostly just used the ‘suck and bob’ method, but was happy to try lollipop, swirling her tongue around the head and even double teaming him with me as we kissed each other around his cock then had one of us sucking the head while the other licked the shaft. Needless to say, Nye enjoyed this and told me he could easily cum so we carried on until he was close, then stopped and I told him I wanted to find out just how well he could eat my pussy.