Friday, 28 July 2017

Visiting Valerie – Part 5

I apologise for the delay between posts - haven't had much time to write recently. I've got a bit more free time for a little while now though so should be able to get back to the 4 days post schedule I aim for.
I looked up to see a look of pleasure and surprise on her face and she whispered that she needed to sit down so I released her, but as soon as her ass made contact with the bench, I pulled her legs apart again and started kitty kissing her. Now I didn’t have to concentrate on making her cum, I gave her pussy a number of long licks, tasting her juices and playing with her lips. As her orgasm faded, she once again got nervous about what we were doing so after kneeling up and briefly sucking on her nipples, then kissing her, I let her start to get dressed. I didn’t dress immediately though and sat on the bench with my legs spread and stroked my pussy. Valerie asked if she was meant to do the same to me and I told her she wasn’t ‘meant’ to, it just depended on whether she was the sweet, innocent Valerie everyone thought or if she was more adventurous. She knew full well that I was just taunting her but whether she felt she had to repay me for what I’d done to her, or was just rising to my challenge, she knelt in front of me and looked up. I spread my legs as wide as I could, putting one up on the bench beside me and told her to do whatever she wanted. I watched as she slipped a couple of fingers into my pussy and used her other hand to rub my clit and I lifted my breasts so I could flick my tongue over my nipples as she fingered me. I was aware that this was somewhat unfair on Valerie as she was only just starting out doing things with women, but I wanted to feel her tongue on me so I quietly called her name to get her attention and asked if she’d give me just a little lick and that we’d then get dressed and go. Valerie just said ‘Here?’ (which I took as meaning ‘in the changing room’ as opposed to ‘on your pussy’ and I just nodded and said ‘just for a moment – I just want to feel you on me’. Valerie quickly looked over at the thin curtain separating us from the people outside and scooted forwards. Her tongue made contact with my pussy and she licked up and down the length of my pussy – in a fairly similar way to I’d used when kitty kissing her just a few moments before. Her tongue also brushed over my clit and I loved the feeling of having my lesbian in training eating me in public like this.

I would have happily let Valerie carry on for as long as she wanted (preferably until I came) and I did whine audibly when she pulled away, but I didn’t complain and just bent forwards to kiss her and whisper that I loved the feeling of her tongue on my pussy. Valerie gave one of her cute smiles and looked down so I suggested we go and re-join Nye. As we dressed, I asked Valerie what she thought Nye would think of our adventures and she blushed so I pulled her close and whispered that I intended to give him a detailed description and was sure he’d want to witness it. Nye was still patiently waiting where we’d left him (along with a number of other guys who had been dumped while their partners tried things on) and I took his hand and told him we needed to go find a coffee shop. We ended up walking arm in arm – Valerie on one side of him and me on the other and Valerie noticed that we got a few looks (Nye was oblivious to this until she pointed it out and I barely noticed as I’m used to occasionally walking this way with Mike and Jen). Over coffee I scooched up beside Nye and quietly told him what had happened in the changing room – he was amazed both that Valerie had let me eat her in there and even more so that she had licked me in return. My plan had been to wait until we got home to tell him what Valerie and I had done earlier that morning, but as he now knew she had at least partially eaten me, I went ahead and told him about our morning 69 session and how she had done such a good job eating me to orgasm. As expected, Valerie was a fairly bright pink colour through most of the conversation, even though we were being sufficiently quiet that (probably) nobody else could hear us. Unsurprisingly Nye said ‘yes’ when I asked if he wanted to watch Valerie and I play with each other so I got him to ask her if she would do this and she gave a quiet ‘yes’ in response. For a fair part of the conversation, I sat almost facing Nye with one leg up on the seat and me hugging my leg. Whenever there wasn’t anyone in my line of sight, I spread my legs to give him a view of my pussy and I could see from the bulge in his crotch the effect that my display, coupled with my description of my session with Valerie was having on his cock.

We stopped off to get some food for dinner on the way home and I spent most of the journey continuing to tease Nye. We ducked into a couple of alleyways and he was more than happy to get his hands under my skirt or top to fondle me and even let me free his cock once so I could kneel and give it a suck. While I didn’t want to push Valerie too far as I thought she’d already been quite adventurous, we didn’t completely leave her out and in the last alleyway before we got home I got Nye to kiss her and fondle her breasts (through her top) while I reached up under her skirt and caressed her ass. I started off doing this over her panties, but then slid my hand up through the leg hole and pushed my fingers down towards her crotch and rubbed along her pussy. Given what I’d learned about Valerie wanting to please people I think I could have slipped her panties off there and then, but held back and just briefly stroked her before we let her straighten herself up and we continued our journey.

Once back indoors, I suggested that before dinner, we have a little play to ease the pressure on Nye’s balls. He was more than up for this and the two of us once again ganged up on Valerie (in a nice way) and kissed, stroked, fondled and caressed her while sitting on the sofa. Her top came off relatively soon in the session, allowing us to spend a while concentrating on her breasts and nipples and once we had her legs spread, both Nye and I rubbed her crotch through her panties until they were noticeably damp. I moved on to the floor and pulled them down, then gave her pussy a brief lick before moving over to Nye and helping him free his cock so I could take him in my mouth and give him a good suck (not that he needed any help getting hard by this point). I pulled my top and bra off but kept my skirt on and suggested we move upstairs to let Nye watch what Valerie had learned (resulting her telling me to shut up). On the way upstairs I remembered another detail of our morning session and told Nye how Valerie had said she wanted to eat me and taste my cunt. She couldn’t (honestly) deny this but did point out that I had prompted her to say it, but we still teased her about having said it. I pointed out that honesty was good and told her that I wanted to slide my tongue back into her cunt and couldn’t wait to feel Nye’s cock buried in mine again, so she shouldn’t feel ashamed. Nye asked her to beg to eat me again and she defiantly looked at me and said ‘I want to eat you’. I told her she could do better than that as I slipped my fingers between her lips and gave her a kiss, then whispered to her to be as dirty as she could. I curled a couple of fingers up into her pussy and Valerie said ‘I want to eat your cunt’. I asked her about tasting me and she added ‘and taste your juices’ so I gave her a kiss, told her she was a good girl (in a purposely patronising way) and we fell onto the bed.

I told Nye to watch us (not that there was much danger of him wandering off) and I pulled Valerie over me to kiss her. I pressed a leg between hers and ground my pussy against her thigh as we kissed. She suggested we remove our skirts and we briefly parted to slide them off and then went back to kissing and humping against each other. I looked over to see Nye stroking his cock and announced to Valerie that he seemed to be enjoying the view and we kissed some more. I warned Nye not to cum too quickly as I wanted his cum and we had a few things to show him first. I told Valerie I wanted her pussy and asked if she would do the honour of eating me again and she nodded and turned around so we could 69. As soon as her pussy was over my face I pulled her down to my mouth and started licking her and felt her mouth make contact with my pussy. I could see Ne moving around us, watching what we were doing to each other and after a couple of minutes I pulled away from Valerie and told Nye and Valerie it was time to try something else. I got Nye to kneel up behind me and slide in to Valerie, warned him again not to cum and then lifted my head to lick Valerie as he fucked her. Valerie was doing a good job of licking and eating me and we remained locked in our threesome until Valerie said she had cum (which I hadn’t heard or felt). I got Nye to pull out and kitty kissed Valerie while she kept eating me and Nye moved around to watch his girlfriend lap at my pussy. I made up for Valerie having been quiet and moaned into her pussy as I came – ensuring they both knew I was cumming. Valerie then made an effort to kitty kiss me, roughly copying what I was doing to her and we did this for a few minutes.

Once Valerie moved off of me, I asked Nye if he had enjoyed the show (he had) and I suggested that Valerie give his cock a little suck to taste her own juices. She did this and I then had a turn and I asked Nye if he was ready to fuck me (he was). I told Valerie that I wanted her help and that I would go on top this time – she said she couldn’t cum again so I promised to just kitty kiss her and asked if she would lick me while Nye fucked me. To help her out, I got Nye to put a pillow under her head and crouched down so she didn’t have to strain her neck. Nye eagerly pushed in to me and once he was pumping in and out, Valerie lifted her head and started licking me. I kitty kissed her as Nye fucked me and we remained like this for a few minutes before I broke contact with Valerie and told her I’d promised Nye something special. She asked ‘what’ in a hesitant voice and I told her I’d said he could fuck my ass if he wanted. Valerie asked if I was sure and I told her it was fine as long as he was gentle. I asked her if she let him fuck her there and traced a finger over her anus as I said this, causing her to shiver. Nye answered for her and said she did, sometimes and she told him to shut up but I told her not to worry and that I wouldn’t tell anyone. As part of my continued drive to teach them I pointed out that with him in my ass, it would be much easier for Valerie to eat me without Nye getting in the way and if she wanted to try this that I’d happily help out.

I directed Nye to a side pocket of my bag where I had some lube and  got him to apply some to his cock, then squirt some over my ass and work it into me with his fingers. I went back to kitty kissing Valerie and felt him press against my ass and slowly sink into me, then start moving steadily in and out. I pushed my pussy down against Valerie’s face and she licked me. It would have been nice if she had been a bit more assertive, but she did a good enough job (and I was aware it was really only the third time she had done anything like this). I had to ask Bye to slow down once and he apologised, saying it just felt so good, but slowed his movements anyway. He warned me that he was getting close and couldn’t hold on much longer so I asked him to stop moving for a little while (but stay buried in my ass). I had to resist the temptation from humping against Valerie’s face as I wasn’t sure if she was ready for that but she kept licking me and I could feel my orgasm beginning to build so I told Nye that as long as he stayed in me after he came, he could carry on and enjoy himself. He pumped in and out of my ass, pressing in a little deeper each time and then said he was about to cum. I squeezed myself around his cock and he panted that he was cumming. I pressed against Valerie a little harder, then eased off and just took what she was giving me while picturing Nye’s cum pumping into my ass. He stayed inside me without moving and I flexed myself around his cock a few times as my orgasm built. I wasn’t really kitty kissing Valerie anymore and was on the way to eating her properly so as I came I had her lips spread and my tongue pressed right into her pussy and it was only after I came I realised that I might be doing things a bit too much and eased back to kitty kissing her.

When Nye pulled out, my ass felt very empty, but Valerie kept lapping at me so I did the same to her. I didn’t want to drip ass-cum onto her face so didn’t stay on top of her for too long after Nye pulled out. I turned around and kissed her, thanking her for helping me cum and asked Nye if he’d enjoyed my ass.

We got dressed again before having dinner – I did suggest we remain naked but Valerie thought this would feel strange so as a compromise I wore a thin nightdress that didn’t really hide much, but meant I was at least wearing something. We mostly avoided any sex talk until we were eating and I gave Nye a much fuller description of what Valerie and I had got up to in the changing room and during our morning session. I told him how it had felt as we had made out and humped against each other, how she was hesitant when her tongue first made contact with my pussy, but as the session progressed she became more forceful and finally what it was like when I came, knowing I was the first girl to cum into her mouth. Nye asked about the way I’d phrased this, wondering if I’d squirted into her mouth and I told him that sadly this wasn’t something I could do, but I did tell him in detail just how wet Jen could get and how she had often been literally dripping wet when she was pregnant.

Over dessert, I asked Valerie if she thought Nye would want to see any pictures of Jen naked and shushed Nye when he said he did. Valerie said that considering the situation, she didn’t mind him seeing them so I got my phone out and showed him a selection of Jen naked, playing with herself, being played with by me and finally being played with by Sue (the same shots as I’d showed Valerie so Sue wasn’t easily identifiable). I let them both see a number of additional pictures, some of Sue and me 69ing (and I loved the thrill of knowing they were looking at me eating my little sister – even if they didn’t know this) and me in the art exhibition. This led to a discussion about my exhibitionism and it only felt natural to demonstrate and fondle myself as I told them just how much I loved being seen naked and cumming. We (Mike, Jen and I) had debated me telling them a lot more – about the sex parties and Jen’s Uni friends, but thought that might be a bit too much for our first session so I held back on telling them about some of our exploits, but admitted to a few more like displaying myself to people in pubs and cafés and doing ‘pizza dares’ (omitting the fact I also try to get the guy to fuck me and not just see me naked).

Our talk had the desired effect on Nye and by the time dinner was over I could see he was hard again and asked if he thought he’d be up for another session before we went to sleep. He was willing to give it a try. I didn’t give Valerie a choice in the matter (she could have obviously objected if she hasn’t wanted to do anything but she didn’t say anything) and as we cleared the dinner items away I had a whispered conversation with her and suggested we dress up for Nye. Valerie said she’d be embarrassed to do that in front of me but I wrapped my arms around her and nibbled on her earlobe as I whispered that we’d had our tongues buried in each other’s pussies multiple times that day and that I had a schoolgirl outfit with me that I intended to wear so I expected her to step up and do the same. Nye was told to finish off clearing away and wait downstairs while we prepared a surprise for him while Valerie and I headed up to the bedroom and I pulled out my outfit from my bag. Valerie asked why I’d brought it and I told her that given Nye was with her, I had just assumed that he liked ‘cute’ (as Mike does). It took a bit of prompting to get Valerie to get her outfit from the wardrobe, but she pulled out her blouse, little tartan skirt, long white socks and appropriate underwear and set it out beside mine.

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