Sunday, 27 August 2017

Simone – Part 2

Jen drove the car in to town, allowing Mike to sit in the back seat with Simone (and MJ on his other side in her car seat). At various points in the journey Mike reached over and slid his hand under Simone’s skirt to finger her and a couple of times he got her to spread her legs and flipped her skirt up so he could see her pussy as he toyed with it. When we got to town, we parked the car and I showed Simone one of my favourite places in the car park. It was right in the corner, behind two pillars and wasn’t visible from any of the CCTV cameras but had a view out over some busy streets. With Mike and Jen keeping a lookout, I pulled Simone to me and lifted our skirts so we could press against each other’s thighs and we humped against each other. I wasn’t completely selfish and only monopolised her for a minute or so before letting Mike take over. He was even more daring and unzipped Simone’s skirt, then turned her around so she was facing outwards and he pushed into her from behind. Mike knew it was quite risky to fuck her in such a public place (even I’ve only done it a few times there) so he didn’t stay in her for too long and promised her she would get to cum soon. Simone quickly pulled her skirt back up as Mike tried to stuff his cock back into his trousers and we all left the car park and headed for the shops.

Mike told Simone we wanted to get her a nice set of underwear as a gift and we gave her a little while to look around and select a few things to try on. I accompanied her to the changing room and helped her try on the various bras she had selected, checking each one for the fit and commenting on how it looked. I unzipped Simone’s skirt partway through – nominally so we could see how the bras looked on her otherwise naked body, but this allowed me to also caress her. The caressing moved on to fondling, I slipped out of my clothes and Simone whispered that we couldn’t do things in a changing room. I whispered to her that we could indeed and knelt down. Simone let me push her legs apart and covered her mouth as I started fingering her and sucking on her clit. To speed things up I also pressed a finger against her ass – not penetrating her, but enough to stimulate and I worked on getting her off in as short a time as possible. Within a couple of minutes I heard a few stifled whimpers and looked up to see a strained look of pleasure on her face as she came. I gave her pussy a few final long licks before standing and asking if she’d do the same to me. She whispered back and asked what would happen if we were caught and I told her I hadn’t been caught yet (conveniently ignoring the time I was accused of shoplifting, although I wasn’t actually caught masturbating even then). I whispered to Simone that she didn’t have to make me cum, I just wanted a few licks and then sat on the stool and spread my legs. Simone knelt, pushed her mouth against my pussy and licked at me until I stroked her head and told her she’d done a good job. We got dressed and headed out to find Mike and Jen, bought Simone the cutest set of underwear she had tried on and went off to find out next adventure.

We (excluding Simone) already knew where we were heading next and made our way towards our regular sex-shop. Jen stayed outside with MJ while Mike, Simone and I went in. As soon as we saw Alistair I announced that I needed to cum and he asked if I wanted the Sybian. This was a stupid question as I *always* want the Sybian (but I know if I actually did *always* have the Sybian that I would destroy all nerves in my pussy) and he fetched my set of attachments. Simone and Mike (along with a guy near the back of the shop) watched as I dropped my skirt and planted myself on the Sybian, then humped and ground against it as the powerful vibrations pulsed through my pussy. I moaned loudly as my orgasm built and repeatedly thrust myself against the machine as I came. The whole display probably took less than two minutes (I don’t usually cum that quickly, but I’d been primed by our games in the changing room and the Sybian really is strong). I stood and asked Simone if she wanted a turn and she said she couldn’t with other people there (meaning Alistair and the customer). Instead, Mike escorted her to the room in the back that used to be an office and told her he wanted to fuck her. Simone thought this was a slightly more suitable setting, although as Mike was already kneeling and eating her, she was already exposed to anyone who would have been looking. Mike ate her until she was close to cumming, then fucked her on the bench – starting off with him on top, then having her bent forwards and finishing with her riding him (she had to put a foot on the floor to do this as the bench wasn’t wide enough for her to sit up on it properly. By the time she rode him, Simone had been stripped naked and Mike could easily fondle and caress her breasts, ass and clit. Any earlier inhibitions she had went and she fucked him as eagerly as she had at home (or at the parties). Mike held back until Simone came and then pumped in her until he came before pulling her down and whispering ‘that’s two’. She asked what he meant and he reminded her he had promised to fuck her twice on the Friday, three times on the Saturday and two or three times on the Sunday and Simone reached down to Mike’s cock which was already going limp and asked if he’d really be ready for another fuck that day. Mike assured her that he’d find a way to get sufficiently aroused again and then challenged her to use the Sybian. Simone still wasn’t sure, but couldn’t argue with the fact she was used to cumming in front of lots of people and allowed Mike to lead her back out to the shop (although only after she got dressed again).

Simone was surprised that I was standing at the counter chatting with Alistair, still naked from the waist down. There were another two customers in the shop who kept glancing at me – I pretended not to notice, but was keenly aware of their eyes on me so I kept absent-mindedly stroking my pussy. When Mike and Simone returned I asked how they had got on and Mike announced that they’d both cum so I hiked myself up onto the counter and spread my legs slightly. Mike slipped a couple of fingers into me and then got Simone to do the same. While Simone fingered me, Mike slid a hand under her skirt and caressed her ass, then talked her in to at least sitting on the Sybian and giving it a try. She kept her skirt on when she rode it, but she did give it more than a cursory try and it wasn’t difficult to convince her to keep going. I took advantage of her pleasure by standing in front of her and getting her to lick me – unfortunately Simone’s tongue was no substitute for the Sybian (even with the added excitement of watching the customers watching us) and she came before I did, immediately lifted herself off the Sybian as it was too strong for her. I helped her up and then planted myself on it once more, loving how wet the seat felt with the mixture of my juices from before, along with Simone’s and Mike’s cum. I turned the power up a little and came quickly again. Having had my pussy pummelled twice by the Sybian, I couldn’t stay on it after cumming but didn’t want to waste my audience so I turned the Sybian off, knelt on all fours with my ass and cunt pointing towards the two customers and licked the collected juices from the pad on the machine.

Simone asked Mike if I always put on such a display and he said that it looked like I was a bit hornier than usual (I don’t know if that was actually true, I just wanted to enjoy myself a while longer). Mike still had a hand under Simone’s skirt and as they watched me he pushed a couple of fingers between her ass cheeks and toyed with her pussy. He nodded towards the customers who were avidly watching me and asked her if she wanted them to fuck her as well. Simone said she couldn’t cum again after the Sybian so Mike asked if she thought she could help me to cum again and Simone asked if he was serious. Mike said he was always serious when he was talking about making girls cum and he dared her to go and play with me. Simone accepted his dare and moved around behind me, then slid a couple of fingers into my pussy and started to fuck me with them. I was still a bit sensitive from the Sybian, but loved having my cunt probed while being watched. Mike says he was about to suggest this to us, but I got there first and turned around (slowly so Simone could keep fingering me) and asked the two guys if they wanted to fuck me as I was still horny. I had images going through my mind of them DPing or spit-roasting me, but one of them made an inaudible excuse and left – however the other guy remained where he was.

I crawled over to him and indicated to the door, telling him there was a room we could use if he was up for it. He asked if I was serious so I knelt up and pulled my top off, then removed my bra so I was naked. I edged closer to him and pressed my cheek up against the bulge I his trousers, then rubbed up and down using my face and neck, then knelt up so I could rub my breasts against his crotch. I asked if it looked like I was serious and he nodded so I told him to go buy some condoms. As he dashed off to the front of the shop, I took Simone’s hand and pulled her into the back room. I wasn’t aware that Mike had already suggested to her that she join us but she told me the same thing she had told Mike – that she didn’t think she could cum again yet. I told her that didn’t matter and I’d just play with her and once I agreed to be gentle, Simone agreed to go along with things.

When the guy returned, he found me kneeling and lapping at Simone’s pussy. Simone told him to get suited up and stuck in to my cunny and it took very little time until I felt the guy press his cock against my pussy and slide into me. I pushed back hard against him and he went the whole way in on the first stroke. I then humped back and forth against him and he quickly took the hint and started pumping into me, not quite in time with my thrusts but close enough that we managed a fair number of hard thrusts against each other with him pushing deep inside me each time. I looked up at Simone and broke contact with her pussy to ask if she wanted a turn. It looked like she was going to say no so I quickly encouraged her to at least have a little go and I’d take him back and she agreed so we swapped places and I watched as the guy fucked her and she ate me. Simone didn’t make any move to stop things and after a couple of minutes I teased her about enjoying herself and she asked if I wanted to switch back. I told her that her tongue felt nice, but I really wanted the guy’s cock back deep in my cunt and she gave a little pout but pulled herself forwards off the guy’s cock and stood up. Before I knelt down again I hugged and kissed Simone and said I thought the guy deserved to see a little more of her. I tugged at her skirt and she let me pull it down, then helped by removing her top. I unsnapped her bra and briefly nuzzled her breasts before pulling a stool over beside the bench and kneeling to briefly suck the guy’s cock before lying on my back with my head and shoulders on the bench and ass on the stool. I got Simone to climb over my face and I spread my legs to let the guy fuck me. Simone was very helpful and leant forwards to play with my clit as the cock pumped in and out of my cunt so I rewarded her by licking up and down the length of her cunt and around her ass. I assumed she had changed her mind about not wanting to cum and kept eating her. The guy pumped away in me and I could feel him getting faster and then felt him slam into me a few times before slowing his movements. When he pulled out, Simone immediately lay down on me and started eating me – I heard the guy make a comment but couldn’t make it out as Simone’s legs were pressed up against my ears and I was hungrily eating her. I could see enough to know the guy was still there, watching the bonus lesbian display so I ate Simone as fiercely as I could and she made a good attempt of copying what I was doing to her. If I’d tried, I could have probably held back a little longer and extended my pleasure, but I didn’t know how long Simone would take to cum so I just went with the increasing pleasure and let my orgasm explode out from my pussy. It felt incredibly intense – either because of what Simone was doing to me or due to how sensitive the Sybian’s vibrations had left me. I moaned into Simone’s cunt and sucked on her clit until she came, causing her to break contact with my pussy and say it felt too strong so I eased off. I was very pleased when she returned her mouth to licking my pussy and even though I had finished cumming, it felt like another few waves of orgasm pulsed through my crotch.

If we’d been in a more comfortable position, I could have happily remained there kitty kissing Simone for ages, but the stood had shifted a little and my back was getting a bit sore so I had to ask Simone to climb off. I lay with my legs spread and stroked my pussy, asking the guy if he had enjoyed the fuck. He still had the condom on and was stroking himself, the end of the condom clearly filled with cum and his cock impressively hard. I considered letting him empty his cum over my breasts, but that would limit what I could do until I’d showered. My legs felt a little wobbly when I stood up so I hugged Simone and asked if she had enjoyed herself. She nodded and I kissed her, telling her between kissed just how strong my orgasm had been and running my hands over her body saying that she would be rewarded for having made me feel so good. Simone said she couldn’t do anything else and I pointed out that she’d said something similar when I dragged her into the room, but that she’d still cum for me and she said that was different, but couldn’t say how. The guy was stuffing his cock back into his trousers by this point, but still watching us so I asked him if he’d enjoyed having two girls to fuck. We chatted while Simone dressed and the guy said he’d had a threesome before, but not since being at Uni. Even though I was quite satisfied at that point, I couldn’t help being naughty and asked if he would be interested in another threesome and told him my little sister would be visiting soon and how it was so much nicer eating her while we had a guy fucking us. He didn’t believe I was being serious, even though Simone came to my defence and told him about the Skype session the previous night. He gave me his number but I told him I wasn’t sure I would call as he didn’t believe me (causing him to backpedal).

I followed Simone and the guy out to the shop to gather up my clothes and dress. Mike had already collected them and they were piled on the counter so I had to walk to the front of the shop and saw that three new customers had appeared while I’d been busy. Their eyes followed me and they watched as I dressed – I realised I really did feel quite satisfied as although I enjoyed their gaze, I didn’t feel any (well maybe just a little) of my usual desire to put on a show for them. I had a brief chat with Alistair and once again promised him that Sue and I would perform at another sex show and once I was ready we headed off to meet up with Jen.

Jen was a bit miffed that we hadn’t fetched her (I was really meant to go and switch places with her once I’d cum), but she seemed quite impressed that I’d managed to ride the Sybian twice in one session and I promised to make it up to her later on. We did offer her a chance to visit Alistair (and the Sybian) but she said she now wanted coffee so we set off for a cafĂ© and sat and gave Jen the full details of what we’d done. Simone agreed that the Sybian was probably the best invention on the planet and said that every girl should be given one as a birthday present as soon as they were old enough to masturbate. Simone also explained to us how she felt it was different fucking at the parties and doing things around a group of strangers – although she admitted she had enjoyed having the guy semi-fuck her and I apologised for monopolising him and said I should have let him fuck her to orgasm. She said it was fine as Mike had fucked her just a short while beforehand anyway and she really had been quite sensitive from the Sybian. We wandered around town a little more and spent a while standing by the river, all facing outwards with Jen, Mike and I taking turns standing behind Simone and hugging her so we could reach down and play with her pussy. I told Simone I had another guy lined up to play with us and asked if she was game. She asked if I was joking and I pushed a finger between her lips and told her it was a guy about my age and when I’d asked if he fancied fucking an undergraduate was incredibly eager to do so. I only made if halfway through the comment about Mike having said she’d be able to take anything we did to her when she told me to contact him so I called Andy as we set off for home and said that ‘the fresh samples were ready for examination’ (this was a stupid code we had agreed on that would mean I could call him with his girlfriend around).

We got home before Andy arrived and Mike spent the intervening time kitty kissing Simone so she would be properly ready (plus it was an excuse for him to get his tongue in her cunt again). When the doorbell went I answered it naked (having stripped and freshened up from my earlier session). Mike had stopped eating Simone by the time I brought Andy into the living room and even though Andy knew that Mike knew about him, he still seemed quite nervous to meet him in this setting (they had met before, just not with me being naked). Not wanting to spoil the session, Mike headed into the kitchen to play with MJ and I introduced Simone to Andy. I told her that he was a good fuck and could last a long time and told Andy that Simone loved sex almost as much as I did and would do anything for him. Simone looked quite coy as I told Andy about how I’d already fucked her multiple times that day and she half-covered her breasts and pussy but didn’t stop me when I slid a hand to her crotch and bent forwards to suck on her nipples. I considered getting things started right there in the living room, but as we could hear Mike, Jen and MJ, I thought it might be too distracting for Andy so we went up to the bedroom and I noticed Andy staring at the large prints, just as Simone had done. I pointed out which belonged to me (which he said he recognised), Jen (which he loved seeing as he knew Jen but had never seen her naked).

Simone and I fell onto the bed and I told Andy to get naked and join us. I kissed and humped against Simone as Andy undressed and then let him have a turn with her, watching as they started to kiss gingerly and his hands roamed over her body. I wasn’t entirely idle and caressed both of them, fingering Simone and stroking Andy’s cock whenever the opportunity arose. At one point when Andy was lying on top of Simone I reached between them and rubbed his cock along the length of her pussy and asked her if she wanted him inside her or if we should suck him first. Simone played along well and acted as if she was considering the question, then said she wanted him inside her cunny for a little bit and that we could then suck him clean of her juices. Andy certainly didn’t need any encouraging and I lined his cock up and watched as he pushed in to her. As they fucked I asked Andy what it was like to be inside someone so much younger than he was and if it would make him look at his students differently. He pumped away inside Simone and I got her to wrap her legs around him. Not wanting to miss out too much, I warned Andy not to cum too quickly, then moved up above Simone and lowered my pussy to her face, bending forwards and away from her and Andy so he could watch what she was doing to me. I told Andy he could help out and finger me if he wanted and felt his hand on my ass, then fingers probing around and then in my pussy. We remained like this for about five minutes until Andy said he could cum quite quickly if we kept going – that obviously wasn’t allowed so I crawled off of Simone and told Andy I wanted to see his cock so we could play with it some more.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Simone – Part 1

My apologies for the short break in posting - I had honestly intended to post a bit more frequently for a while but a chance to work on a good paper came up and I've been busy (we did actually write another paper together as well as use that as en excuse to fuck - it wasn't with Andy though as he moved to another place a little while after this entry so I had to find a new plaything at work).
In late-April, 2015 we arranged for Simone (from the sex parties) to come and visit us. This was technically the ‘prize’ that Mike had promised her, but was mostly us wanting to have some fun with her as she was obviously as interested in sex as we are. Mike went to collect her from the airport and I wasn’t too surprised to find out that he’d made her cum before they’d even got home (he fingered her in the car before they even left the car park). Simone was well aware that both Jen and I wanted to do things with her and while she had done things with girls before, she prefers guys, but was quite open in saying she was willing to do almost anything that would bring her pleasure so was happy to let us join in and make her cum.

MJ was still awake when Mike and Simone arrived home and Simone had a turn cuddling and greeting her. Once she had handed the baby back, Jen and I took turns greeting her and Mike encouraged us to slide our hands under her skirt to check that she was naked (he had kept her panties after fingering her). Simone wasn’t at all phased by this and tugged on my skirt, saying she knew I would be naked. I let her unzip it, slide it down my legs and then watched as she knelt in front of me and lapped at my pussy. Jen said this wasn’t fair so I moved aside and let Simone have a turn licking Jen before pointing out that she was now the only girl with a skirt on. This was soon rectified and we got Simone to sit on the sofa so Jen and I could take turns licking and fingering her. Mike briefly enjoyed the view but had to take MJ upstairs to try and get her settled (now she is getting older, we don’t do very much in front of her). As Jen ate Simone’s pussy, I sat on the sofa beside her and teased her about having fucked my husband and done ass-to-mouth. Jen took this as a cue to spear Simone’s ass with her tongue, eliciting an enticing whimper from her and I told her if she was really willing to do anything that we could have an incredibly fun weekend. As Jen was enjoying herself, I decided not to interrupt and let her finish Simone off, although I helped out by fingering and frigging Simone whenever Jen was concentrating on her ass. I spent the time kissing Simone, pushing my tongue into her mouth and feeling hers enter mine. I used a hand to caress Simone’s breasts and felt her pant into my mouth as she came.

Jen kitty kissed Simon for a few minutes and when I pulled away Simone said she loved the way Jen’s tongue felt on her cunny. We teased Simone and said we thought it was cute how she used the word ‘cunny’ so she asked what we usually called it. I told her I’d usually use pussy or cunt and that it wasn’t meant to be a criticism, I really did think the way she said ‘cunny’ was cute. Simone asked if we wanted her to play with us and was answered with eager ‘yes’s from both Jen an me. We moved over to the rug and Jen sat over Simone’s face while I crawled between Simone’s legs and kitty kissed her. After a little while, I swapped places with Jen and was in the middle of enjoying Simone exploring my pussy with her tongue when Mike came back downstairs to join us. I was forced (and it was such hardship) to lean forwards and take over kitty kissing Simone in a 69 while Mike slid into me and fucked me as Simone licked me. As soon as I came, we switched round and Jen took my place, with Simone licking and Mike fucking her. Between them they easily made Jen cum as well and Mike then had his turn with Simone – eating her to an orgasm (which didn’t take too long as Jen and I had kitty kissed her for a while), then kitty kissing her himself and finally fucking her. Mike made this last quite a long time, fucking her with long strokes and changing his position to ensure there wasn’t too much clitoral stimulation whenever Simone started getting too close. Despite her having cum three times (four if you count the fingering in the car), he got her to the point of begging to be allowed to cum again. He didn’t satisfy her demands immediately and got her to promise that she would keep Jen and me satisfied for the weekend. Only then did Mike ensure she got enough stimulation to let her orgasm build properly and I watched as Simone wrapped her arms and legs around Mike’s body to hold him in place as she thrust against him. I asked Mike if he was going to cum in Simone and he said he was going to fill her hot little cunny with his cum. Simone started cumming and Mike continued to pump into her, whispering into her ear how wonderful she felt around his cock and asking her to cum more for him. Her orgasm ended before Mike came but Simone kept kissing him as he thrust into her over and over until he finally came and emptied his cum into her. Simone pushed back against him so he could be as deep inside her as possible and when he finished cumming she lay back panting and said it had felt amazing.

When Mike pulled out I asked Simone if I could get some pictures of her. She agreed as long as we promised not to post them anywhere and I told her she could see them (and have copies if she wanted) and we would delete any she didn’t want us to have. She looked cute in her clearly exhausted state and I got a number of decent shots as Mike’s cum leaked out of her pussy and dribbled down over her ass. We then headed up to the bedroom and let Simone see Jen’s room with the large images of Mike’s cock and various pussies on the wall, as well as our collection of toys. We talked Simone through the pictures and told her who each pussy belonged to (Jen, Sue, Lisa, Lis, Lucy, Josie & me and Jen decided to offer Simone the option of watching one of the videos of Sue and me fucking. Now Simone (along with everyone else at the sex parties) knows that Sue and I are sisters and fuck each other, but she still thought it was a little strange. This didn’t stop her from wanting to watch the video though and we headed back downstairs to watch it on the large screen. It had been a few months since Sue had last joined us and I became increasingly aroused as we watched Sue and I repeatedly finger, fuck and eat each other in the video. Of course, Mike and Jen are sensitive and reasonable people who wouldn’t tease me about such things (oh, hold on..!) and I ended up having to phone Sue and tell her in great detail just how much I wanted her to be there to fuck me and make me cum. She was out with Josie at the time but promised to do a Skype session with us when they got home and I told her it was also for the benefit of Simone (which didn’t bother Sue).

Being impatient (and able to cum many times), I ended up masturbating while we watched the rest of the video and to keep Mike, Jen and Simone happy, I verbalised what I was imagining Sue and I were doing to each other. That was enough to help push Mike towards wanting to play more and he knelt in front of me and ate me while Jen did the same to Simone. They switched back and forth between us a number of times and spent ages teasing us both – getting us close to cumming then backing off. At one point, we were allowed to frig and finger each other, but I wasn’t surprised that Mike and Jen stopped us before we could get each other off. After we were finally allowed to cum – and another session of being kitty kissed - we progressed to Simone and I sharing a double dildo with us both kneeling on the floor on all fours, asses pressed together, dildo buried between us and humping back and forth while Mike and Jen alternated between frigging us and sitting in front of either Simone or me so we could suck or lick them. It was at this point that Sue and Josie called back and Simone was initially surprised that we answered the call and Mike aimed the camera at us so they could see what we were doing. I was a bit confused at her surprise as she obviously is used to being naked, fucking and cumming in front of other people, but I may have over-examined her response as she quickly resumed pushing back against me and took Mike’s cock in her mouth as I explained to Sue that I’d already cum while thinking about her and wished she was there with us so we could do things properly.

Sue was keen to hear what my fantasy had been and Josie was willing to be on the receiving end of whatever Sue would do to me so I pulled myself off of the dildo and told Simone that for the next 30 minutes she had to pretend to be my little sister and I’d make sure she would enjoy herself (Jen has taken this role in the past) while Josie would pretend to be me. Simone said we were a bit crazy but went along with us and Mike dashed upstairs and soon returned with a pair of Sue’s panties and some of her long socks. Sue didn’t have any of my clothes for Josie to wear, so Josie just stripped and put on a pair of lacy panties and Simone and I and Josie and Sue started playing with each other. Sue and I directed things, telling our partners what we wanted to do to them or have them do to us and the other pair would copy. After kissing, stroking, fondling, fingering and eating each other I was the first to slide my tongue over Sue’s (Simone’s) ass and Josie followed suit and did this to the real Sue. Sue did this in return to Josie and I got to feel it via Simone. Sue and I pleasured each other by proxy – sharing a dildo (resuming what Josie and I had been doing just before the call), kissed and fingered more but finished off in a 69. Technically I guess this isn’t any ‘worse’ a thing to do with your sister, but as eating each other was the last thing we kept from each other, it still holds a special place for us and I know I certainly find it more arousing than almost anything else I can do with Sue.

With four of us involved, we didn’t even come close to all cumming at the same time. I came a fair bit before Simone did and let her carry on doing whatever Sue instructed to me while I used her to direct Josie. Sue (the real one) made Josie cum next and I spread Simone’s lips and buried my tongue in her, then concentrated on her clit and rapidly ate her to orgasm. I then fingered Simone while lapping at her clit, ending up with a finger in both her pussy and ass so Josie would do the same to Sue and we kept this up until Sue came. Despite having just fucked in front of them, Simone found it odd remaining naked as we chatted with Sue and Josie (Mike kept pulling the skirt up and playing with her). Sue and Josie promised to come and visit us so we could play properly (I was aware that Sue wanted Mike at least as much as she wanted me) and with a resigned sigh, Josie agreed that she and Sue would attend one of the sex parties so Mike got Simone to promise that she would have sessions with both Sue and Josie.

We decided it was time for bed and considered making up a bed on the floor so we could all sleep together but opted for comfort so Mike took Simone into his room and I spent the night with Jen (as I said previously, Simone generally prefers guys and it was technically Mike she came to visit, although knew we would all fuck her). We used the bathroom before going to bed and Jen sat and peed with the rest of us in the room. Simone was going to use the downstairs toilet but was as she just needed to pee she allowed us to talk her in to peeing with us in the room. Jen stopped Simone from wiping after she had finished, told her to stand up and then knelt and licked Simone clean. Simone thought this was a bit icky, but knew about Jen’s pee fetish so allowed her to do it and Mike concentrated on ignoring them so he could get soft enough to pee. Jen (being almost as greedy as me), took Mike’s cock in her mouth when he had finished and sucked him clean, after which we then paired off and went to bed. Simone removed Sue’s skirt, but kept her socks on (the panties had disappeared a long time beforehand). Mike curled up with Simone and let his hands wander over her body as they chatted. His cock soon came back to life and Simone wrapped her hand around it and stroked him as they kissed. He ended up back inside her and they slowly fucked for a while with Simone riding him before changing position to spoon. Mike stroked Simone’s clit as they pushed against each other and he remained pressed deep inside her, moving just a little bit but feeling the full length of his cock surrounded by her pussy. He told her how hot, wet, soft and yet tight her cunt felt and Simone told him to try and cum in her again. Simone gently moaned as her orgasm built and Mike kissed around her neck and shoulders. She pushed his hand harder against her clit and Mike moved a little more inside her, but tried to remain as deep as he could get. Simone came, breathlessly telling him and Mike kept moving with only small strokes until he panted that he was about to cum again, then felt the familiar surge of pleasure as his cum squirted into her. He held her tightly and remained pressed hard into her for a fair while, saying he might decide to keep her with us. Simone said she liked the sound of that, although it would make her exams more difficult and Mike pointed out that she wouldn’t need qualifications if her job was to spend the rest of her life cumming. Mike teased her about just being our little cum-slut but she didn’t seem too annoyed by this as he readily admitted that he was quite happy to be seen as a tongue and cock to make her cum lots. He remained inside her as she fell asleep and went soft before he fell asleep but thinks he was still inside her when he finally drifted off.

On the Saturday morning, Mike ate Simone awake and then fucked her. They finished off with her riding him and Mike pumping away inside her, hard and fast. He encouraged her to cum as loudly as she wanted and Jen and I heard her cum from the bedroom next door. Unfortunately MJ was awake so Jen and I weren’t able to do anything, but when we heard Mike and Simone get up, we handed MJ to them and told them to make breakfast while Jen and I had our morning session (we were fairly quick as we wanted food almost as much as I wanted to cum). When we went downstairs, I was pleased to see that Simone was following the house rules and had remained naked and as a reward I ate some of my breakfast off her breasts and pussy. Not being one to miss out on yoghurt covered pussy, Mike joined in and while we didn’t make her cum, there was no doubt that she was enjoying what we were doing to her. Jen asked if she could shower with Simone and we guessed what her motive was. After having given Simone a thorough wash, Jen asked if Simone would indulge her fetish. Simone didn’t want to be peed on but Jen assured her that she just wanted to kneel and eat Simone and have Simone pee as she came. It’s fair to say that Simone wasn’t entirely convinced, but went along with things anyway and Jen interrupted her licking numerous times to tell Simone how much she wanted to feel her pee over her face and described how good it would feel for her (Simone). As Simone got close to cumming, Jen encouraged her one last time and after Simone nodded her agreement, Jen buried her face in Simone’s pussy and swirled her tongue around and inside as well as over her clit. As Simone moaned, Jen gripped her ass and pushed harder against her pussy, then felt the rush of liquid as Simone emptied her bladder over Jen. In return, Jen kept licking, letting the warm liquid splash, spray and flow over her face and body and down her throat. Simone let out a few little yelps due to the frenzy of Jen’s licking so Jen eased off and dropped a hand to her own pussy to frig herself.

By the time Jen stood up, she was well on the way to cumming and Simone asked if Jen wanted any help. Jen promised not to pee over Simone and Simone then knelt and lapped at Jen’s pussy (possibly without realising that it was already wet with her own pee that had run down Jen’s body). As Jen got close to cumming, she decided her fetish won out over being eaten and warned Simone to move back. Simone edged back a little and Jen told her to move further unless she didn’t mind being peed over – adding that she would be more than happy to do this to Simone. Still not wanting this, Simone backed up to the other side of the shower and stood up to watch as Jen frigged herself to orgasm and let out a spray of pee as she came. Jen carried on slowly stroking herself and switched hands a few times to lick her fingers clean as she asked Simone how it had felt to pee while cumming. Simone said it had felt good – maybe even better than normal, but she wasn’t sure if that was due to Jen having been eating her so eagerly. Jen asked Simone to pass the shower head so she could rinse herself off but Simone asked if she could have a lick first. Jen said Simone didn’t have to do that but Simone said she wanted a taste so Jen spread her legs wide and leant back against the wall while Simone crouched down, slowly brought her mouth to Jen’s pussy and had a couple of tentative licks. Jen reached down and spread herself and Simone took a proper lick, then stood up, wiped her mouth and said that it didn’t taste too bad. Jen hugged Simone and suggested it would feel even better the next time as she would be more relaxed. Simone asked when the ‘next time’ would be and Jen said she intended to have Simone pee over her at least once more that weekend, but that if she was up for it, she would happily take her into the shower every time Simone needed to pee.

When Jen and Simone came out of the bathroom, Jen reported on Simone’s partial initiation and Mike pointed out the irony of Simone being at all squeamish about pee when she had sucked his cock right after him fucking her ass. It was decided that this level of hypocrisy wasn’t allowed and as a punishment, Simone was pushed onto the bed and Mike started 69ing with her. Jen knelt on the floor behind Simone, spread her cheeks and rimmed her and I fetched a vibe, coated it with tingle gel and handed it to Jen to use in Simone’s pussy. Mike and Jen didn’t bother teasing Simone this time and went for direct stimulation – by the time Simone came, Jen was spearing her but Simone seemed to be giving almost as good as she got and was sucking on a good length of Mike’s cock and then rapidly stroking him. She later said that she was trying to get him to cum again, but she discovered his ability to hold back – and to be fair, she was being stimulated much more so it wasn’t too surprising that she lost and came before he did. The sucking and stroking had one benefit though, it meant Mike was incredibly hard and once he rolled Simone off of him, he rolled her onto her stomach and lay on top of her, pressing his cock against her ass and threatening to fuck it. We escalated this by saying we could add more tingle gel and push the vibe back into her cunt but Simone said she couldn’t cum again so soon and begged us to stop. As a compromise, she agreed to let Mike kitty kiss her until the effects of the tingle gel had completely worn off and Jen and I left them to it.

It was 38 minutes later (I know as I timed it) that Simone appeared in the living room doorway with Mike behind her. She looked very flushed and when Jen asked Simone if she had cum again, she said she wasn’t allowed to. It turned out that Mike had teased her for 37 minutes (I allowed a minute for them to get downstairs), getting her close to cumming quite quickly after we’d left (despite Simone’s protestations that she couldn’t cum again so quickly) and then keeping her near orgasm for the rest of the time. I am all too aware of just how frustrating this is (seeing as Mike and Jen have done the same thing to me quote often over the years) and sympathised with her. I offered to give her some relief, got her to bend forwards over the arm of the sofa and knelt behind her to lick and finger her. I got her to the point of moaning she was about to cum before I pulled away and stopped. Simone swore at me and said I had sympathised with her, to which I replied that I did, but it was still fun to do to someone else. She told us that she hated all of us so we gave her a group hug and promised she would cum more than enough time to make up for any teasing. With three sets of hands caressing her naked body and three sets of lips kissing her, we took her a little way towards cumming before saying we would need to head out, getting another ‘I hate you’ from Simone. This didn’t stop her from being convinced to go out without panties on though and we promised her she would enjoy herself and get to cum at least twice while out. Simone repeatedly asked where and how we were going to make her cum outside (and I’m sure regular readers can guess) but we wouldn’t tell her and just told her to trust us.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Visiting Valerie – Part 8

My guess was correct and Nye did indeed appreciate the view. As Valerie kept lapping at my pussy I told him how irresistible she was and that we’d already fucked, but that I could now enjoy her properly with the spoils of his trip. I got her to lie back up on the bed and Nye fetched a towel for her to lie on. With her in position, asked her to spread her legs and ran a strawberry up and down the length of her pussy, then dribbled a little cream over her mons and placed the strawberry slightly inside her. I took a picture of this and assured her she could approve it, then withdrew the strawberry and took a bite from it. I smeared it in the cream, wiped it on my pussy and offered it to Nye, who ate the rest and we then spent about 30 minutes working our way through the rest of the punnet. At first, Valerie and I were kissed and licked gently but this progressed to more forceful eating as the session progressed. Nye seemed to enjoy eating the mess off and out of each of us and we didn’t neglect him, smearing the cream over his cock repeatedly and then licking and sucking him clean. I asked Nye if he wanted to watch Valerie make me cum again and he said yes, so we lined up with me on my back, half propped up against the headboard, Valerie on all fours eating me and Nye behind her, fucking her. I did make him promise not to cum in her, but he was to do everything he could to make her cum. I loved watching him fucking and frigging her and Valerie ate me to another orgasm and then kitty kissed me (a little too forcefully, but she was still learning) as I watched the expression on her face looking up from between my legs as she came. When I lifted my phone, Valerie didn’t say anything so I took another set of pictures and when we changed round so I could lick her, I asked her to spread her lips and took another couple of shots. I asked Nye if he could hold on just a little longer before cumming and he moaned a bit (and to be fair, his cock did look almost purple) but I promised him he could fuck me as hard and deep as he wanted if he just let me get Valerie off again.

Valerie wasn’t entirely sure about this plan as she didn’t think she could cum again, but she allowed me to talk her into trying and I kitty kissed her while Nye played with my pussy (with the vibes and some more cream). Valerie and I 69ed for a while – mostly kitty kissing with Nye helping out with his cock in each of us and when we finally moved on to eating each other, we went back to being in a line, but this time with me sandwiched between Valerie’s pussy and Nye’s cock. Nye fucked me much harder than he had any time before and I tried to pass this on to Valerie with my tongue (mostly avoiding her clit so she didn’t cum too quickly). Nye rubbed my clit very firmly and as my orgasm built I spent more time working on Valerie’s clit, to be rewarded with what was now coming the familiar look of bliss on her face (even her orgasm face is cute). I kept kitty kissing her as she sank back down into bed and Nye pounded into me as I came. I got him to ease off on my clit but said he could still fuck me as hard as he wanted and he pumped into me for a short while before pushing in hard, staying still and then pulling all the way out and pushing back in very hard four or five times. He did this with sufficient force that my face was mashed against Valerie’s pussy and I heard her whimper once.

When Nye pulled out I crawled up over Valerie and kissed her, then turned to Nye and kissed him, thanking them both. Valerie said she was exhausted so I told her to rest and we could look at the pictures I’d taken. Nye grabbed the laptop and I connected my phone to it and moved all the pictures of Valerie into a folder, then gave them a copy of all of the ‘safe’ pictures of me (the ones that Sue couldn’t be identified in). I got Nye to add the pictures from his phone and we looked through all of them, deleting the ones that were too similar or badly taken (it’s quite a skill to take a good photo while you are taking part in the proceedings). Valerie blushed for most of the viewing and we teased her about how pink she looked (which only made it worse). I moved a selection of the pictures I wanted to take into a folder, including ones of her in her ‘virgin’ dress, her spreading herself, eating me, me and her 69ing, Nye fucking her and some of the strawberries and cream. At first she said she couldn’t cope with anyone else seeing them but I promised her that nobody other than Jen would see them (and looking away from Nye, mouthed ‘and Mike’ to her). She made me swear that nobody else would ever see them and I told her I wouldn’t show anyone unless she gave me permission to do so (which she said would never happen). At one point I almost convinced her into letting me take all the pictures but she backed off this, although let me add a few more to the folder before I copied them back to my phone. While Valerie was in the bathroom, Nye asked me if I’d kept a copy of the pictures on my phone so I let him look to confirm I’d really moved them to his laptop. I was going to let him look through some of the other pictures, counting on him not knowing Sue well enough to recognise her, but Valerie returned and said she felt much better having washed off the sticky mess so I decided not to risk it.

I showered with Nye and let him wash me down thoroughly (with more than a little bit of fingering). I used my tongue to clean off his cock and had him semi-hard again by the end of the shower. Valerie was surprised about this but then realised that he hadn’t cum anywhere near as many times as she and I had. Valerie had done her make-up by this point but wasn’t dressed so I asked if she would pose for one more set of pictures I really wanted. She sighed but Nye took my side and I pulled Valerie down onto the bed. We started off fairly innocently – sitting beside each other naked, then with our legs spread, then feet up on the bed so our pussies were peeking out and then lying half on our sides to give a view of pussies and ass. As Valerie was playing along, we got photos of us kissing, fondling each other’s breasts, fingering each other and then eating each other (both close up and from behind). Valerie said I could keep some of these and while Nye was out of earshot I told her that both Mike and Jen would cum many times while looking at them.

After lunch, I asked Nye if he thought he could manage a final session before I left. He was up for trying so I led him upstairs and waited for Valerie to follow (wanting to see what she would do). She followed us up and sat at the end of the bed while Nye kissed and fondled me and he had my top half undressed with his fingers in my pussy before she asked if we wanted her to join in. I reached out a hand and as I pulled Valerie to us, I told her that I’d just wanted to see if she would volunteer as there was no way I wanted to miss out on the cutest pussy in our year (which IMO would still technically be Lis or Jo, but that might not have been as flattering to say!). Nye and I concentrated on Valerie for a bit to get her undressed and let her catch up with us in terms of arousal. We took turns licking, sucking, fingering and stroking each other and I had another turn on my back with Nye fucking me and Valerie sitting over my face. By this point I had begun to figure out how she liked being eaten (or at least what seemed to have the most effect on her) so had got her close to cumming quite quickly but then backed off and concentrated on eating her out and avoided her clit. We switched position and I let Nye fuck Valerie while I lapped at her clit. She really got into this as I could feel her pushing her mouth against my pussy and her tongue between my lips as if she was copying what I’d done to her just a little while before. As Valerie seemed to like this position so much, we kept going until she came and when Nye pulled out I pulled Valerie’s pussy to my mouth and swirled my tongue around inside her. I got her to roll over and we resumed our 69 but this time Nye moved around behind me and pushed into my cunt. Valerie kept licking my clit and I told Nye he could cum anytime he wanted as Valerie would take care of me (I was assuming that she would carry on, but it seemed a safe bet). Nye moved a little faster, but nothing like he had when fucking me hard earlier on and I still beat him and came first. I moaned into Valerie’s pussy as I came and she eased off on my clit, but still lapped at it and Nye pumped away in me until he came. When he pulled out I briefly pulled away from Valerie and breathlessly asked Valerie to kiss my pussy. I pressed against her face and felt her lick me, wondering how she would cope with eating a proper load of cum from my cunt (as Nye’s third cum of the day I doubted he’d produced anything).

I remained locked in a 69 with Valerie much longer than I’d expected and realised that she was mostly copying what I was doing to her so I did my best to give her some further training in kitty kissing. I had to resist swirling my tongue over her ass (thinking I’d save that for a future visit – which, given Valerie’s behaviour, I was quite certain would be happening). I was hoping we would keep going as I knew I’d be able to cum again but Valerie eventually pulled away and said she couldn’t take any more. I gave her pussy a final lick and turned round to see that her face was as cover in my juices as mine was with hers. Nye had sat and watched us but I noted his cock was still soft so figured I wasn’t likely to get anything else from him and suggested to Valerie we go freshen up again. Nye asked if he could watch us shower but we told him it was girl-time (he pointed out we’d just had 20 minutes of girl time but as still told no) so he dressed and went downstairs. I went into the bathroom with Valerie but before she got in the shower I asked if I could do something a little strange. She nervously asked ‘what’ and I told her that Mike and Jen were desperate to know what she smelt and tasted like, so instead of showering I wanted to have more of her juices on me for them to sample. Valerie thought this was really odd but I pointed out that she seemed to have enjoyed eating my juices from my pussy and she said that was different, but couldn’t explain how when I asked. I told her she didn’t have to do anything and knelt in front of her, then wiped juices from her pussy over my breasts and stomach. I stood and kissed her and slid each thigh in turn back and forth against her crotch, then for good measure wiped her juices over my arms. Valerie couldn’t believe I intended to travel home in that state but I told her that it just meant I’d have her scent with me to remind me of her.

Valerie asked one last time if I’d like to clean off and I refused, but remained in the bathroom to chat with her as she showered and she then let me brush her hair (I may have semi-fucked the brush while she was in the shower and also may have accidentally slid both her and Nye’s toothbrushes a long way up into my pussy to coat them with my juices). Valerie and I returned to her room to dress and I made no secret of the fact that I didn’t put any panties on and tried to get Valerie to do the same but she wouldn’t play along. I asked Valerie if she would let me slide my vibe into her one last time to coat it in her juices for Mike and Jen to taste but she thought this was too strange. I did manage one last bit of fun though – when I went downstairs and lifted my skirt to show Nye I didn’t have panties on, he slipped his fingers between my legs and rubbed my pussy. I asked him if he wanted to watch me cum again and he nodded so I sat up on the dining table and started to finger myself. Nye helped out and I asked for another banana and proceeded to fuck myself with it. I told Nye he could have pictures if he wanted and he took some of me and I then got Valerie to use the banana in me while he took some of her fucking me with it. I got him to text a few of these to me (having agreed that posting them to FB/IG wouldn’t be appropriate) and on the way to the airport (Nye drove us) I ate the banana. Nye gave me a long kiss at the airport but Valerie was quite nervous about doing this. I pointed out that there wasn’t likely to be anyone around that she knew and we shared a hug and a little kiss. I slid my hand over her ass and whispered to her that I was going to miss her and hoped we could repeat the visit. She said she would think about it, which wasn’t as enthusiastic an answer as I’d hoped so I pulled back and asked if we were okay and she nodded and gave me a little smile. I hugged her again and told her I’d still love her even if she didn’t let me play with her again.

I rested on the flight home and was met by Mike and Jen who said the could both smell Valerie’s scent on me. Jen cheated and ducked into the bathroom with me and had a lick at my thighs to taste her (then a lick at my pussy to tease me) and we went home. Mike got to taste Valerie from my breasts and ass and he then went down on me as I told them how my weekend had gone. Jen was desperate to see the pictures but Mike got her to wait until he had finished making me cum, at which point I copied them onto our computer and we threw them up on to the TV so we could all see everything in explicit detail. I started off with the cute pictures of Valerie and was unsurprised when Mike said he loved them. Jen got me to describe Valerie’s breasts, how they had felt in my hands and mouth and I moved closer to Jen and slid a hand between her legs to fondle her. As the pictures became more explicit Jen said she would have to cum and stripped off, then sat on Mike’s cock so he could play with her while I worked through the rest of the pictures. I told them how good a job Valerie had done at eating me multiple times, how she went between being embarrassed, enjoying herself and being really into sessions and that I had suggested she visit so they could fuck her (but wasn’t convinced she would do this). Jen couldn’t take any more and pulled me onto the rug in front of the TV so we could play and watch the pictures as Mike continued to scroll through them.

Valerie knew that both Jen and Mike had seen the pictures of her and she was suitably embarrassed (for a non-exhibitionist) when we Skyped and she chatted with Jen. It wasn’t an entirely innocent call as after Jen discussing some of the things I’d done over the weekend with them, she slid a hand up my leg and under my skirt, then asked Nye if he wanted to see me naked again. Nye said yes before Valerie could answer and Jen told me to spread my legs and lift my skirt. As Jen’s fingers fondled my pussy I asked Valerie if she minded and she said she didn’t so I lay back and let Jen finger, frig and eat me until I came (with my clothe being removed as the session progressed). I was posed several ways to give good views of my pussy, face, breasts and ass and when I’d cum I had to remain naked for the rest of the call (not that I minded that). Nye loved watching Jen play with me and we ended up having a daily call where I would either be masturbated or ordered to play with myself on camera for Valerie and Nye. A few days in, Jen offered to let them watch us with her naked as well, but only on the condition that she got to see Valerie naked. Valerie didn’t seem too sure about this (despite -as I said – her knowing Jen had seen the pictures) and it took until the following day for Nye to convince her to play along. We watched as Nye stripped Valerie and played with her and she in turn played with his cock. Jen slid out of her dress and planted herself over my face but I only let her stay there for a couple of minutes as I couldn’t see what Nye and Valerie were doing. Jen and I ended sitting beside each other, our fingers on and in each other’s cunts and kissing and fondling each other’s breasts. After Valerie had sucked Nye a little and he had fingered her, Jen and I took turns going down on each other and we got Nye to fuck Valerie. I ensured he pulled out just before he came and we saw his cum splatter over her stomach and pussy – Jen wanted Valerie to show us the mess he’d made, but Valerie said that was too embarrassing and wiped herself clean with her skirt, then covered up.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Visiting Valerie – Part 7

Nye and I didn’t stay in the 69 for too long as he was fairly close to cumming from having fucked me. After a few minutes he warned me he couldn’t last much longer and I asked Valerie if she was ready to help out yet. She said she was and asked what she was meant to do so I told her I thought Nye deserved to have us both suck him off. Valerie looked a little coy but got down onto the floor with me and we knelt in front of him and took turns licking, kissing, stroking and sucking him as well as both licking him at the same time and kissing around his cock. Once again, he loved this but this time I wanted to actually see him cum and between kisses I asked Valerie if we could let him cum over our faces – adding ‘just like in your pictures’. That was enough to make her blush but she didn’t say no so we kept working on Nye until he was really close, then both pulled back just enough to let him stroke himself while we waited with our faces pressed cheek to cheek. I asked Nye if he wanted to cum in our mouths or over our faces and he said ‘both’ in a strained voice and the first shot of cum squirted out and splattered mostly over my face. I quickly opened my mouth and watched as three of four more shorts of cum erupted from his cock. Some hit my face, some went into my mouth and I guessed the rest was landing on Valerie. Only when he finished cumming and I gave the head of his cock a few kisses did I look over at Valerie and admire the mess he’d made of us. Before Valerie could wipe the cum away I told him to quickly take a picture of us and pressed my face up against Valerie and said we should give Nye a cute look. He took a couple of pictures and I then turned to Valerie and kissed her, smearing the cum over our faces and then licking it off. Valerie kissed me back but didn’t lick my face in the same way, but she didn’t stop me when I pushed a hand between her legs and toyed with her pussy so once most of the cum had gone, I got her to lie up on the bed and went down on her again, with Nye taking pictures of us as I ate her.

I didn’t try to make Valerie cum as there were other things I wanted to do with her, but I gave her a fairly decent licking before releasing her and letting her head off to the bathroom to freshen up before breakfast. While she was gone I let Nye get a few pictures of me trying to look cute while naked, a few close-ups of my pussy and ass and a few with me looking up at him as I knelt and sucked his cock (which was still mostly soft, but I think he still liked the view). We headed down for breakfast and I suggested some food play, saying that strawberries and cream were always a safe bet. After I had described how I would smear cream over and into her bald pussy, slide the strawberries partway into her and then eat them, Nye volunteered to go out and get strawberries straight away. I suggested we try something else first and Valerie asked how I could want to cum again so soon – I just told her that if they could take it, I’d happily fuck them both all day (Valerie said she couldn’t take a whole day, but agreed to hear what I wanted to try next).

We went back up to the bedroom and I pulled out our strap-on. Valerie stupidly asked what I was going to do with it so I told her I was going to fuck her little pussy with it over and over until she came for me. As I fastened the harness around my waist (ensuring the internal vibe was turned on of course), I told Nye that he should join in as well and debated with him whether I should take her ass while he fucked her cunt or if we should spit-roast her with me taking her from behind and him in her mouth. Valerie was well aware I was just trying to shock her and she didn’t argue when I asked her to kneel on the bed and show me her cute ass. I don’t know if she would have let me slide the vibe into it, but she barely flinched as I rubbed the head up and down her pussy, then slipped it between her lips and pushed back and forth, working the whole length of the vibe into her. Nye watched as I fucked her and took a few more pictures, then moved around in front of Valerie and offered her his cock. As I was behind her I couldn’t see everything, but could tell that she did indeed take him in her mouth and suck him, with her head bobbing back and forth. I had fastened the harness tight against my pussy so the internal vibe was pressed up firmly against my clit and I could feel my own orgasm starting to build already so reached around to play with Valerie’s clit. I don’t know if I just came quickly, if I was frigging her the wrong way or she really just wasn’t ready to cum again, but I came a long time before she did. Fortunately, I’ve had years of training (or torture) so could endure the feeling of the vibe on my post-orgasmic pussy and I kept moving in Valerie and frigging her. She said it felt nice and when I moved a bit faster and asked if that was better she said yes so I pushed into her harder and she told me to keep doing that. I kept a steady pace with the harness slapping against her ass each time I pushed into her and circled her clit with my fingers. Valerie pushed back against me a few times and I told her to just do whatever felt best but she didn’t seem to be willing to let go completely. I imagined it was my cock inside her and pictured me filling her with cum. I could feel the sensation in my pussy turning from a throbbing to a pulsing and knew I’d be able to cum again, but this time Valerie beat me to it. As she came, she reached back and gasped ‘ in…. in…’ and Nye told me to push into her and stay still. I did as she asked, continuing to frig her clit until she said ‘enough’, then eased off and started to pull out. Once again Valerie reached back and grasped my hip and said ‘stay there’, so I did. I pressed into her and gently moved so the internal vibe rubbed against my pussy. I went back to imagining it being my cock inside her, pumping endless amount of cum into her and felt my orgasm building again but was interrupted when Valerie pulled forwards and slid from the vibe.

I wanted to press my pussy against her face, have Nye fuck me, finger myself – anything to cum, but the one drawback about our good strap-on is that it takes a little while to get in or out of it and I was too close to cumming to want to interrupt the feeling. I considered kitty kissing Valerie but just went with saying ‘watch me’ and leant back with my legs spread. I took hold of the vibe and pressed it down, which in turn pressed the internal vibe against my pussy and I held it in place as it buzzed away and made me cum a second time. Both Nye and Valerie watched me through my orgasm and I made eye contact with each of them a number of times. I didn’t go over the top with the noises I made, but didn’t try to hide the pleasure I was feeling. Nye had his cock in his hand and was stroking himself. Once my orgasm ended, I got him to help me remove the harness and gave his cock a suck as thanks, then talked Valerie into letting me lick her clean.

We lay on the bed and chatted some more and I asked if she enjoyed being eaten awake. Valerie told me that Nye sometimes rubbed against her in the morning and she woke up with his hard cock pressed against her ass and I told her that Mike or Jen would usually eat me awake but that I sometimes woke with Mike inside me and a few times he had managed to get into me and move gently enough that I didn’t wake up, but enough for him to cum so I’d wake up with a pussy leaking cum. Valerie asked if I minded being used like that and I explained that it was actually very rare for Mike to do anything with me without wanting to make me cum as well, but even more importantly than that, we (Mike, Jen and I – and also Sue, although I didn’t mention this) had agreed that they could fuck me whenever and wherever they wanted and how I’ve always tried to stick to that agreement. Valerie asked how often they did this to me and I said it was rare for me to not want to do things so the only times they ‘forced’ me to do anything was usually if we were having an argument (they have learned it is very difficult to argue while cumming and this has helped to smooth out many issues between us as we usually then discuss them in a much calmer manner after we’ve cum).

Valerie still didn’t seem too convinced so I crawled over to Nye and started playing with his cock while asking him to imagine I’d just done something to really annoy him. I licked and sucked his cock while fondling his balls, then when he was hard, sat over his lap and planted myself on his cock. I let him play with my breasts as I rode up and down on his cock and asked him if he was still mad at me but Valerie said that didn’t count as he had only been pretending to argue with me in the first case. I pointed out to her that while I’d been playing with her earlier, she had allowed Nye to take a whole bunch of pictures of us and she stammered out that she hadn’t really noticed, but nonetheless blushed. Nye was keen to see how the pictures had come out so I climbed off of his cock and he transferred them to the laptop so we could look at them. Valerie blushed at the photos with her in them and asked when we’d taken the pictures with me posing and sucking Nye’s cock so I assured her I hadn’t really been doing anything with him other than posing. I asked if I could keep some of the pictures of her in exchange for them keeping all the pictures of me and Nye was keen on this but Valerie was still nervous about anyone else seeing them so I left it for the time being and suggested Nye go fetch the strawberries and cream so we could play some more. On his way out I asked if he could take a little time so I could have another chat with Valerie and he said he’d walk to the shop instead of driving. I thanked him and said I’d repay him, then followed him to the front door and stood there naked, waving him off.

Back up in the bedroom with Valerie I again asked if she was okay with the way the weekend had gone. She said that she was but then asked if this now meant she was gay. I was quite surprised at the straightforward way she had asked this as like most of my friends, Valerie is quite liberal and I asked her if it would be an issue if she was. I could see her trying to backtrack as she stammered ‘no, no, I just wondered…’ so I stroked her leg and asked her if she still liked the thought of having a guy inside her. Valerie nodded and I slid my hand further up her leg as I moved closer to her and asked if she liked the idea of Mike spending an hour going down on her, eating her, fingering her, making her cum as many times as she could and then after an extended period of kitty kissing, sliding his cock into her and fucking her to another orgasm. As I’d been describing this, I had nuzzled Valerie’s neck and moved my hand to cup her pussy before slipping a couple of fingers into her. I described how Mike would fuck her with long strokes, pushing deep into her pussy each time, as hard as she’d like until she came for him once more and he’d then empty his cum into her, pumping it all the way into her until she was overflowing with it. Now I may have been exaggerating with the last part – although I really wish Mike could cum that much, but it seemed that Valerie liked the thought of him pumping that much cum into her as well as her hand had taken hold of mine and was pressing it against her pussy harder. I wasn’t able to resist teasing her about this and whispered to her that while she might not be gay, she certainly didn’t seem to object to doing things with girls and I then pulled back and asked, ‘or is it just me you want to fuck’?

Valerie went to give me a playful slap which I semi-dodged, and as I still had two fingers buried in her pussy she wasn’t in a position to do much more than this. I wiggled my fingers around inside her and told her we had a little time before Nye got back and Valerie made a comment about me surely not wanting to do things again already. I pushed her back onto the bed and straddled her (still with my fingers inside her) and leant forwards to kiss her and tell her I’d been looking forward to this for years so wanted to make the most of it, then added that it was really her fault for being so cute. She gave me a little pouty look (not duck-face – an actual cute look) and I humped against her frantically, saying she was driving me wild (then laughing). We kissed and ground against each other and between kisses I told Valerie that she really should consider having a session with Mike and Jen as I knew they were desperate to see what she looked like naked, taste her, touch her and make her cum. We kissed some more and I told Valerie to imagine what it would be like with Nye, Mike, Jen and me all doing things to her at the same time. Valerie said she couldn’t imagine Nye wanting to do anything while Mike was there so I scaled the fantasy back to just Mike, Jen and me fucking her (although told her she was missing out with the second cock). I told Valerie I was sure I could convince Nye to do a wife swap for a weekend. I whispered to her whether she’d like to have Mike fuck her while she ate Jen and she didn’t answer so I told her how beautiful Jen’s pussy was and how good she tasted. I asked again if she would lick Jen and Valerie whispered ‘yes’ so I asked if she’d let Mike eat and fuck her and got another ‘yes’. Now I’m aware that asking people things like this when they are getting close to cumming isn’t fair (but that’s the point of doing it).

I asked Valerie if she wanted me to make her cum and she said yes so I asked if she wanted me to eat her and she said yes again. I asked if she would use one of her vibes on me and she reached over and pulled a bright pink thing out of a drawer – I was a little disappointed it wasn’t like the nice silicone coated ones she used to have but was willing to take whatever she was going to give me so turned around and lay over her in a 69. I buried my face in her pussy and felt her slide the vibe into me. It actually felt a fair bit softer than it had looked and squirmed around inside me in quite a pleasant feeling way – made even better by the sensation of Valerie’s fingers and then tongue on my clit. I imagined we were doing this in front of all our friends and them joining in with us, me getting my fingers on Jo’s and Anna’s pussies, cocks sliding into me and Valerie and cum covering our bodies.

I knew Valerie was likely to cum before me but didn’t want to hold back and tease her so just kept working on her, mostly with my tongue, but a little bit of fingering as well. I felt her shudder under me and she said she was cumming so I licked her through her orgasm and then eased off and kitty kissed her for a couple of minutes. Valerie was still using her vibe on me as well as frigging and licking me and I could feel my own orgasm building but told her I wanted to watch her make me cum. She asked what I meant and I quickly climbed off of her and sat on the edge of the bed, then asked her to kneel and eat me so I could see what she was doing. Valerie got into position and after licking me a little, asked if she was doing it right. I told her she was a natural and it felt wonderful, then reached over to get my phone and asked her if I could take a picture of her as the view was so sexy. I promised she could see it and then decide if I kept it and she said as long as she had the final say then it was okay. I took a lot more than just the one picture and even managed to take a couple while I was actually cumming (not that this was visible in the pictures). Valerie even stayed between my legs kitty kissing me and I again asked if she liked the idea of doing things with Mike and Jen and suggested that she really might enjoy having more than one guy at a time. Valerie told me that Nye didn’t even know about her having slept with two guys in the same night and I promised not to tell on her and as collateral told her I’d had more than that, although didn’t tell her quite how many (so as not to shock her). We stayed like this, chatting with Valerie kitty kissing me until we were interrupted by Nye returning. Valerie made a move to get up but I suggested that Nye might enjoy walking in on her eating me and she considered this and then knelt down once more and pushed her mouth against my pussy.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Visiting Valerie – Part 6

I asked Valerie if she would let me dress her and she said it would be strange, but that I could. I slowly removed her clothes, kissing and caressing her body as I did so, had a brief lick around her pussy, with a few kisses on her lips and then pulled her panties up and nestled them tight against her crotch. As I slid the socks up her legs I told her how much Mike loved fondling and kissing legs – especially those with either long socks or opaque tights on. I demonstrated what he would do if he was there with her, kissing up and down the length of her thighs, right up to her crotch but not actually making contact with it and Valerie said it felt good. After helping her to put her bra on, I asked what other kinds of cute outfits Nye liked and Valerie said that after the schoolgirl ones (I picked up on the plural), his next favourite one was what he called the virgin look. Naturally I had to know what this was and pleaded with Valerie to show me. She once again said she felt silly but I insisted and she pulled a light, white dress out of the cupboard and slipped it on. She then sat on the bed with her legs half-curled under her and gave me such a sweet, innocent and cute look that my breath caught. I told her I needed to have a picture of that to show Mike and swore to her that I wouldn’t show anyone else (adding Jen in so I could be telling the truth). I promised I’d spend as long as she wanted eating her awake the next morning and Valerie pointed out that I’d probably do that anyway (which I agreed with) but she relented and said I could have one photo. It turned out to be a few more than just one as I got her to pose a number of times so I could capture the ‘perfect cute’ look that I’d seen just minutes before. I don’t think Valerie really minded these photos as she was fully clothes, but she still blushed when I told her that they alone would be enough to make Mike cum multiple times over the next few months.

Before Valerie changed, I joined her on the bed, sitting behind her and ran my hands over her body and up and under the dress to caress her (but still avoiding her crotch). I kissed around her neck and up to her ear and she then turned her head to kiss me back. I told her that Mike wasn’t the only one who liked the cute look and that if we hadn’t promised Nye another session I would pin her down to the bed, smother her with kisses and give Mike a run for his money with the longest time going down on someone. We nearly did fall into our own little session with my lying on top of Valerie, her hands on my bare ass under my nightdress and our legs pressed against each other’s crotches as we kissed. We pulled apart though and I pointed out to Valerie that she seemed a lot more comfortable with me now and she said it was just because things felt good. I removed her dress, smoothed out her panties (which wasn’t really needed and more of an excuse to caress her some more). I asked for a photo of her in the long socks and underwear and she said she’d see so we proceeded to dress each other in our school uniforms. Valerie allowed me to get a photo of her in her uniform (again under the strictest promise not to let anyone other than Mike and Jen see it)

We finished off by putting our hair into bunches (I suggested this and Valerie said she had done bunches, pigtails and ponytails). Once ready, we called Nye up waited on the bed, posing in a comparable way to Valerie’s virgin look. Needless to say, he approved of our surprise and asked what we wanted to do. On the spur of the moment, I suggested that Valerie and I could pretend to be twin sisters who had decided to explore each other and were then caught by Nye so we would have to take care of him to keep him from telling anyone. Nye said this sounded hot so he was told to wait out of the way and watch as we explored each other.

Not having prepared for this, I couldn’t think of a natural way to start things off so half-dropping the sister concept I told Valerie I had always thought she was beautiful and wondered what it would be like to kiss her and we kissed. We occasionally dipped back in to the fantasy, but mostly just told each other what we wanted to do as we caressed, kissed, licked, partially undressed and fondled each other. We made our way onto fingering and then going down on each other – pretending it was the first time either of us had done this and taking time to explore each other. Nye then ‘caught us in our mock-incest session and we pleaded with him not to tell anyone and promised we’d do anything to keep him quiet. ‘Anything’ consisted of us stroking and sucking his cock, having him inside us both and finishing off with him on his back, me riding him and Valerie sitting over his face. She and I kissed as the three of us fucked and Valerie and I frigged each other but the best part was when I leant back and Valerie leant forwards to lap at my clit. This really isn’t the optimal position for being fucked and licked, but it worked well enough and felt good so I wasn’t complaining. We finished off with Nye still sandwiched between us – him eating Valerie until she came and me fucking him until both he and I came. When I lifted myself from his cock, his cum leaked out of me and I rubbed this over his cock and my breasts and pussy before fingering a little of it into Valerie (just so she didn’t feel left out).

Nye was sent down to fetch us a drink and when he returned we stayed in bed and chatted. The conversation made its way round to Lis and her pregnancy. Valerie asked ow I’d felt about having Mike sleep with her and I explained how we had extensively discussed everything beforehand so by the time Mike slept with Lis, we were all prepared for it (not letting on that he’d been fucking her for years beforehand). Nye asked if I had joined in and I told him I couldn’t possibly answer that, but I’m pretty sure they knew full well that my answer meant a ‘yes’. I told Valerie that I wanted to try a few more things with her as well as showing Nye the way we had scissored earlier on. Nye was eager to watch us do this, but Valerie said she wasn’t sure she could do anything more so I convinced her to let me kitty kiss her and try to get her in the mood again. I used Nye’s method and got her to lie at the edge of the bed and I knelt on the floor (so it would be easier on my neck) and lapped around Valerie’s pussy for about 15 minutes with Nye helping out by kissing her and playing with her breasts. I was quite impressed with his patience and we were rewarded with Valerie’s pussy steadily tasting more of arousal and hearing her utter little sounds of pleasure. It was Nye who asked her if she was ready and she nodded and said she felt aroused so I climbed up and lay over her, giving her a kiss and letting her taste her juices from my face before getting her to move around and lie on the bed properly.

We started off scissoring normally, humping against each other’s pussies and I then let Valerie take the lead and experiment. She tried pushing against me, sliding back and forth, side to side, up and down and then thrusting against me. With Nye’s help, we spread our lips and tried rubbing our clits together. This is mostly just clits rubbing against pussies this feels really good, although I occasionally felt the hard little bump of Valerie’s clit make contact with mine. Nye spent a little while frigging us both (which felt even better) but I wanted to introduce Valerie to something else new so broke contact with her and retrieved a double ended dildo from my bag. Nye was very excited when he saw this and Valerie initially looked a little nervous until I explained that it wasn’t all for her and we were meant to share it. I asked Valerie if she had ever used tingle gel and she said she hadn’t, so I pulled the tube from my bag and spread a small amount over my pussy, then went back to scissoring her to smear it over hers as well. After a few minutes she said she could feel it working and that it felt nice so I applied a thin coat to both ends of the dildo and slid it halfway into me. Valerie still looked a little nervous so I positioned myself so the head of the dildo was near her pussy and told her to slide it in to herself. I watched as she picked it up, rubbed the head up and down her pussy and pushed it in. I edged closer to her as she slid it deeper into her pussy and by the time my cunt was a couple of inches from hers I asked if she was ready. She nodded and we pushed together, swallowing the dildo completely. After a bit of encouragement, Valerie said it felt much better scissoring with the dildo inside her (initially she just kept saying ‘this’ in place of dildo). We humped against each other again, sometimes pulling back and pushing together so the dildo slipped in and out of us and other times just grinding together. I reached down to frig Valerie and told her I wanted her to cum with me fucking her. She looked quite flushed and I couldn’t tell if she was still embarrassed at what we were doing, getting close to cumming or just hot. I asked Nye to play with my clit and watched as his fingers worked on me. I asked Valerie if it felt good and she just nodded and a couple of minutes later she panted and lay back on the bed. I slowed my movements and asked if she’d cum (another nod) so I stopped frigging her and told Nye to make me cum. I pushed a little closer to Valerie, wanting to feel her pussy and ass pressed up against me and lay back, propping myself up so I could watch as Nye continued playing with my clit. I couldn’t help myself from thrusting against Valerie, knowing she’d feel the dildo moving inside her as I did this and fantasising that it was my cock in her and I was about to pump her full of my cum. I kept this image in my mind as I came, pressing hard against her as my orgasm throbbed through my crotch and I then asked Nye if he would lick me gently (which he did).

A little later I asked Valerie if I should let Nye see some pictures of me sharing a dildo the way we’d just done. She said she didn’t mind so I called up another set of pictures (not that we’d prepared for this) and I let him see some close-ups of a dildo buried between Jen’s and my pussies, then one of Sue’s and mine and some full-body shots of Jen and I humping. I switched back into the fantasy that Valerie and I had meant to be enacting and asked her if she had enjoyed playing with her twin sister. Valerie gave a little smile but clearly looked tired so I gave her a kiss and told her she didn’t have to do anything else that night, but that I fully intended to experiment further with her on the Sunday. I then showed them some full-body shots of Sue and I fucking – we had cropped the images so Sue’s face wasn’t visible but I also had some other pictures where she was clearly identified (Nye didn’t really know Sue, but Valerie had met her a few times when she had visited me at Uni). An increasing part of me was desperate to ‘accidentally’ show her one of these pictures and then describe in detail how Mike, then Jen, then I ended up fucking Sue, but I just about managed to hold back and made a comment about how much I’d like to have a picture of Valerie naked to remember our weekend by.

Valerie said it would be too embarrassing but Nye interrupted her and said she didn’t usually object. She told him to be quiet but it was too late and I asked what he meant, only to discover that while Valerie wasn’t into exhibitionism, she didn’t mind Nye (and I found out later, other ex-boyfriends) taking pictures of her. Naturally I wanted to see the pictures but Valerie objected and said she’d die of embarrassment. I hugged her and pointed out (again) that we had seen each other naked, fingered, fucked and eaten each other, seen Nye’s cock in each other and used a banana on each other. I half-held Valerie down and told Nye he could take as many pictures of me and Valerie as he wanted if I was allowed to see the pictures of her. Between us, Nye and I talked her into this and when Nye went to fetch the laptop I told her I wouldn’t look if she really didn’t want me to but she said it was okay and I was right – after what we’d done it was silly to not let me see.

Even though Valerie had agreed to me seeing the pictures, this didn’t stop her from almost constantly blushing as we looked through them. They didn’t have anything like the collection Mike, Jen and I do, but there were sets of Valerie dressed in various outfits (mostly cute ones including the virgin look and a few schoolgirl outfits), ones of her naked, masturbating, being fucked, sucking cock and with cum over her face and body. I openly masturbated as we looked at the images and told her that she was incredibly sexy and I just couldn’t help myself. When we finished (and Valerie was the deepest shade of beetroot I’ve ever seen her), I did what any good friend would do – teased her relentlessly. I went on about how all this time everyone thought she was the sweet, innocent little Valerie who would never do anything untoward, but that in reality she was actually a horny little girl who just wanted to cum. Valerie tried to defend herself but I ignored this and got Nye to help hold her legs apart while I buried my mouth in her pussy and gave her another good licking. She squirmed around as I did this and I used the movement as an excuse to allow my tongue to lick over her ass – but didn’t probe or linger there. I only subjected Valerie to my oral assault for a couple of minutes and didn’t try to make her cum, then kissed my way up her body, gave her a big kiss and told her I wish I’d known she was that freaky years ago and pointed out how much fun we could have had.

Nye was hard again by this point and I offered him my pussy, saying he could fuck me if he wanted or just stay inside me as we fell asleep. As we’d done the previous night, I curled up against Valerie with Nye pressed up behind me, but this time he had his cock inside me. I squeezed myself around him and pushed back repeatedly against him until he whispered if he could move in me. I told him he could move as much as he wanted and he started off slowly but after a while was using fairly long strokes and pushing deep into me. I told him he could cum in me if he wanted but unfortunately he didn’t think he could manage another orgasm so we just kept moving for a while until his movements slowed and we fell asleep. During my mini-session with Nye, I chatted with Valerie about how we could have played with our friends and she asked which ones I was attracted to. I told her how Mike had ‘trained’ me into fancying girls by getting me to imagine it was Jo making me cum so I had a particularly soft spot for her, but that I had imagined having sex with many of our friends over the years, although Jo, Anna, Lis, Peter, Tony – and of course, her – had been my favourite fantasies.

On the Sunday morning I made my way under the covers and ate Valerie awake again. This time I got to spend a little longer working on her before she woke up and I had definitely made some headway with her as she made a few nice sounds of arousal as she came to. She jumped a little when she realised what I was doing to her, but once I reassured her and told her to lie back and enjoy things, she did as I asked and let me keep eating her. I spent quite a while working on her, slowly taking her closer to cumming and backing off twice before making her cum. Nye took me from behind as I did this but I told him not to cum in me as I had a better use for his cum that morning. He did play with my clit and I directed him to my bag to retrieve my silicone coated vibrator to use on me and I came with his cock buried in my cunt and the vibe on my clit. I then used the vibe on Valerie, letting her see it in the hope she might comment that she used to have one just like it (which wasn’t a coincidence as we had discovered it when fucking in her room on a group holiday a few years ago and I had purposely brought the same colour one along with me). I gently fucked Valerie with the vibe as I swirled my tongue around her clit but for her actual orgasm, just used my tongue and fingers, then kitty kissed her for a few minutes. I then told her to catch her breath as she would have to help me with Nye and while she recovered I got him to lie on his back and crawled over him in a 69, sucking his cock clean of my juices as I worked on him and feeling his tongue and fingers probing my pussy as he ate me.