Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Simone – Part 1

My apologies for the short break in posting - I had honestly intended to post a bit more frequently for a while but a chance to work on a good paper came up and I've been busy (we did actually write another paper together as well as use that as en excuse to fuck - it wasn't with Andy though as he moved to another place a little while after this entry so I had to find a new plaything at work).
In late-April, 2015 we arranged for Simone (from the sex parties) to come and visit us. This was technically the ‘prize’ that Mike had promised her, but was mostly us wanting to have some fun with her as she was obviously as interested in sex as we are. Mike went to collect her from the airport and I wasn’t too surprised to find out that he’d made her cum before they’d even got home (he fingered her in the car before they even left the car park). Simone was well aware that both Jen and I wanted to do things with her and while she had done things with girls before, she prefers guys, but was quite open in saying she was willing to do almost anything that would bring her pleasure so was happy to let us join in and make her cum.

MJ was still awake when Mike and Simone arrived home and Simone had a turn cuddling and greeting her. Once she had handed the baby back, Jen and I took turns greeting her and Mike encouraged us to slide our hands under her skirt to check that she was naked (he had kept her panties after fingering her). Simone wasn’t at all phased by this and tugged on my skirt, saying she knew I would be naked. I let her unzip it, slide it down my legs and then watched as she knelt in front of me and lapped at my pussy. Jen said this wasn’t fair so I moved aside and let Simone have a turn licking Jen before pointing out that she was now the only girl with a skirt on. This was soon rectified and we got Simone to sit on the sofa so Jen and I could take turns licking and fingering her. Mike briefly enjoyed the view but had to take MJ upstairs to try and get her settled (now she is getting older, we don’t do very much in front of her). As Jen ate Simone’s pussy, I sat on the sofa beside her and teased her about having fucked my husband and done ass-to-mouth. Jen took this as a cue to spear Simone’s ass with her tongue, eliciting an enticing whimper from her and I told her if she was really willing to do anything that we could have an incredibly fun weekend. As Jen was enjoying herself, I decided not to interrupt and let her finish Simone off, although I helped out by fingering and frigging Simone whenever Jen was concentrating on her ass. I spent the time kissing Simone, pushing my tongue into her mouth and feeling hers enter mine. I used a hand to caress Simone’s breasts and felt her pant into my mouth as she came.

Jen kitty kissed Simon for a few minutes and when I pulled away Simone said she loved the way Jen’s tongue felt on her cunny. We teased Simone and said we thought it was cute how she used the word ‘cunny’ so she asked what we usually called it. I told her I’d usually use pussy or cunt and that it wasn’t meant to be a criticism, I really did think the way she said ‘cunny’ was cute. Simone asked if we wanted her to play with us and was answered with eager ‘yes’s from both Jen an me. We moved over to the rug and Jen sat over Simone’s face while I crawled between Simone’s legs and kitty kissed her. After a little while, I swapped places with Jen and was in the middle of enjoying Simone exploring my pussy with her tongue when Mike came back downstairs to join us. I was forced (and it was such hardship) to lean forwards and take over kitty kissing Simone in a 69 while Mike slid into me and fucked me as Simone licked me. As soon as I came, we switched round and Jen took my place, with Simone licking and Mike fucking her. Between them they easily made Jen cum as well and Mike then had his turn with Simone – eating her to an orgasm (which didn’t take too long as Jen and I had kitty kissed her for a while), then kitty kissing her himself and finally fucking her. Mike made this last quite a long time, fucking her with long strokes and changing his position to ensure there wasn’t too much clitoral stimulation whenever Simone started getting too close. Despite her having cum three times (four if you count the fingering in the car), he got her to the point of begging to be allowed to cum again. He didn’t satisfy her demands immediately and got her to promise that she would keep Jen and me satisfied for the weekend. Only then did Mike ensure she got enough stimulation to let her orgasm build properly and I watched as Simone wrapped her arms and legs around Mike’s body to hold him in place as she thrust against him. I asked Mike if he was going to cum in Simone and he said he was going to fill her hot little cunny with his cum. Simone started cumming and Mike continued to pump into her, whispering into her ear how wonderful she felt around his cock and asking her to cum more for him. Her orgasm ended before Mike came but Simone kept kissing him as he thrust into her over and over until he finally came and emptied his cum into her. Simone pushed back against him so he could be as deep inside her as possible and when he finished cumming she lay back panting and said it had felt amazing.

When Mike pulled out I asked Simone if I could get some pictures of her. She agreed as long as we promised not to post them anywhere and I told her she could see them (and have copies if she wanted) and we would delete any she didn’t want us to have. She looked cute in her clearly exhausted state and I got a number of decent shots as Mike’s cum leaked out of her pussy and dribbled down over her ass. We then headed up to the bedroom and let Simone see Jen’s room with the large images of Mike’s cock and various pussies on the wall, as well as our collection of toys. We talked Simone through the pictures and told her who each pussy belonged to (Jen, Sue, Lisa, Lis, Lucy, Josie & me and Jen decided to offer Simone the option of watching one of the videos of Sue and me fucking. Now Simone (along with everyone else at the sex parties) knows that Sue and I are sisters and fuck each other, but she still thought it was a little strange. This didn’t stop her from wanting to watch the video though and we headed back downstairs to watch it on the large screen. It had been a few months since Sue had last joined us and I became increasingly aroused as we watched Sue and I repeatedly finger, fuck and eat each other in the video. Of course, Mike and Jen are sensitive and reasonable people who wouldn’t tease me about such things (oh, hold on..!) and I ended up having to phone Sue and tell her in great detail just how much I wanted her to be there to fuck me and make me cum. She was out with Josie at the time but promised to do a Skype session with us when they got home and I told her it was also for the benefit of Simone (which didn’t bother Sue).

Being impatient (and able to cum many times), I ended up masturbating while we watched the rest of the video and to keep Mike, Jen and Simone happy, I verbalised what I was imagining Sue and I were doing to each other. That was enough to help push Mike towards wanting to play more and he knelt in front of me and ate me while Jen did the same to Simone. They switched back and forth between us a number of times and spent ages teasing us both – getting us close to cumming then backing off. At one point, we were allowed to frig and finger each other, but I wasn’t surprised that Mike and Jen stopped us before we could get each other off. After we were finally allowed to cum – and another session of being kitty kissed - we progressed to Simone and I sharing a double dildo with us both kneeling on the floor on all fours, asses pressed together, dildo buried between us and humping back and forth while Mike and Jen alternated between frigging us and sitting in front of either Simone or me so we could suck or lick them. It was at this point that Sue and Josie called back and Simone was initially surprised that we answered the call and Mike aimed the camera at us so they could see what we were doing. I was a bit confused at her surprise as she obviously is used to being naked, fucking and cumming in front of other people, but I may have over-examined her response as she quickly resumed pushing back against me and took Mike’s cock in her mouth as I explained to Sue that I’d already cum while thinking about her and wished she was there with us so we could do things properly.

Sue was keen to hear what my fantasy had been and Josie was willing to be on the receiving end of whatever Sue would do to me so I pulled myself off of the dildo and told Simone that for the next 30 minutes she had to pretend to be my little sister and I’d make sure she would enjoy herself (Jen has taken this role in the past) while Josie would pretend to be me. Simone said we were a bit crazy but went along with us and Mike dashed upstairs and soon returned with a pair of Sue’s panties and some of her long socks. Sue didn’t have any of my clothes for Josie to wear, so Josie just stripped and put on a pair of lacy panties and Simone and I and Josie and Sue started playing with each other. Sue and I directed things, telling our partners what we wanted to do to them or have them do to us and the other pair would copy. After kissing, stroking, fondling, fingering and eating each other I was the first to slide my tongue over Sue’s (Simone’s) ass and Josie followed suit and did this to the real Sue. Sue did this in return to Josie and I got to feel it via Simone. Sue and I pleasured each other by proxy – sharing a dildo (resuming what Josie and I had been doing just before the call), kissed and fingered more but finished off in a 69. Technically I guess this isn’t any ‘worse’ a thing to do with your sister, but as eating each other was the last thing we kept from each other, it still holds a special place for us and I know I certainly find it more arousing than almost anything else I can do with Sue.

With four of us involved, we didn’t even come close to all cumming at the same time. I came a fair bit before Simone did and let her carry on doing whatever Sue instructed to me while I used her to direct Josie. Sue (the real one) made Josie cum next and I spread Simone’s lips and buried my tongue in her, then concentrated on her clit and rapidly ate her to orgasm. I then fingered Simone while lapping at her clit, ending up with a finger in both her pussy and ass so Josie would do the same to Sue and we kept this up until Sue came. Despite having just fucked in front of them, Simone found it odd remaining naked as we chatted with Sue and Josie (Mike kept pulling the skirt up and playing with her). Sue and Josie promised to come and visit us so we could play properly (I was aware that Sue wanted Mike at least as much as she wanted me) and with a resigned sigh, Josie agreed that she and Sue would attend one of the sex parties so Mike got Simone to promise that she would have sessions with both Sue and Josie.

We decided it was time for bed and considered making up a bed on the floor so we could all sleep together but opted for comfort so Mike took Simone into his room and I spent the night with Jen (as I said previously, Simone generally prefers guys and it was technically Mike she came to visit, although knew we would all fuck her). We used the bathroom before going to bed and Jen sat and peed with the rest of us in the room. Simone was going to use the downstairs toilet but was as she just needed to pee she allowed us to talk her in to peeing with us in the room. Jen stopped Simone from wiping after she had finished, told her to stand up and then knelt and licked Simone clean. Simone thought this was a bit icky, but knew about Jen’s pee fetish so allowed her to do it and Mike concentrated on ignoring them so he could get soft enough to pee. Jen (being almost as greedy as me), took Mike’s cock in her mouth when he had finished and sucked him clean, after which we then paired off and went to bed. Simone removed Sue’s skirt, but kept her socks on (the panties had disappeared a long time beforehand). Mike curled up with Simone and let his hands wander over her body as they chatted. His cock soon came back to life and Simone wrapped her hand around it and stroked him as they kissed. He ended up back inside her and they slowly fucked for a while with Simone riding him before changing position to spoon. Mike stroked Simone’s clit as they pushed against each other and he remained pressed deep inside her, moving just a little bit but feeling the full length of his cock surrounded by her pussy. He told her how hot, wet, soft and yet tight her cunt felt and Simone told him to try and cum in her again. Simone gently moaned as her orgasm built and Mike kissed around her neck and shoulders. She pushed his hand harder against her clit and Mike moved a little more inside her, but tried to remain as deep as he could get. Simone came, breathlessly telling him and Mike kept moving with only small strokes until he panted that he was about to cum again, then felt the familiar surge of pleasure as his cum squirted into her. He held her tightly and remained pressed hard into her for a fair while, saying he might decide to keep her with us. Simone said she liked the sound of that, although it would make her exams more difficult and Mike pointed out that she wouldn’t need qualifications if her job was to spend the rest of her life cumming. Mike teased her about just being our little cum-slut but she didn’t seem too annoyed by this as he readily admitted that he was quite happy to be seen as a tongue and cock to make her cum lots. He remained inside her as she fell asleep and went soft before he fell asleep but thinks he was still inside her when he finally drifted off.

On the Saturday morning, Mike ate Simone awake and then fucked her. They finished off with her riding him and Mike pumping away inside her, hard and fast. He encouraged her to cum as loudly as she wanted and Jen and I heard her cum from the bedroom next door. Unfortunately MJ was awake so Jen and I weren’t able to do anything, but when we heard Mike and Simone get up, we handed MJ to them and told them to make breakfast while Jen and I had our morning session (we were fairly quick as we wanted food almost as much as I wanted to cum). When we went downstairs, I was pleased to see that Simone was following the house rules and had remained naked and as a reward I ate some of my breakfast off her breasts and pussy. Not being one to miss out on yoghurt covered pussy, Mike joined in and while we didn’t make her cum, there was no doubt that she was enjoying what we were doing to her. Jen asked if she could shower with Simone and we guessed what her motive was. After having given Simone a thorough wash, Jen asked if Simone would indulge her fetish. Simone didn’t want to be peed on but Jen assured her that she just wanted to kneel and eat Simone and have Simone pee as she came. It’s fair to say that Simone wasn’t entirely convinced, but went along with things anyway and Jen interrupted her licking numerous times to tell Simone how much she wanted to feel her pee over her face and described how good it would feel for her (Simone). As Simone got close to cumming, Jen encouraged her one last time and after Simone nodded her agreement, Jen buried her face in Simone’s pussy and swirled her tongue around and inside as well as over her clit. As Simone moaned, Jen gripped her ass and pushed harder against her pussy, then felt the rush of liquid as Simone emptied her bladder over Jen. In return, Jen kept licking, letting the warm liquid splash, spray and flow over her face and body and down her throat. Simone let out a few little yelps due to the frenzy of Jen’s licking so Jen eased off and dropped a hand to her own pussy to frig herself.

By the time Jen stood up, she was well on the way to cumming and Simone asked if Jen wanted any help. Jen promised not to pee over Simone and Simone then knelt and lapped at Jen’s pussy (possibly without realising that it was already wet with her own pee that had run down Jen’s body). As Jen got close to cumming, she decided her fetish won out over being eaten and warned Simone to move back. Simone edged back a little and Jen told her to move further unless she didn’t mind being peed over – adding that she would be more than happy to do this to Simone. Still not wanting this, Simone backed up to the other side of the shower and stood up to watch as Jen frigged herself to orgasm and let out a spray of pee as she came. Jen carried on slowly stroking herself and switched hands a few times to lick her fingers clean as she asked Simone how it had felt to pee while cumming. Simone said it had felt good – maybe even better than normal, but she wasn’t sure if that was due to Jen having been eating her so eagerly. Jen asked Simone to pass the shower head so she could rinse herself off but Simone asked if she could have a lick first. Jen said Simone didn’t have to do that but Simone said she wanted a taste so Jen spread her legs wide and leant back against the wall while Simone crouched down, slowly brought her mouth to Jen’s pussy and had a couple of tentative licks. Jen reached down and spread herself and Simone took a proper lick, then stood up, wiped her mouth and said that it didn’t taste too bad. Jen hugged Simone and suggested it would feel even better the next time as she would be more relaxed. Simone asked when the ‘next time’ would be and Jen said she intended to have Simone pee over her at least once more that weekend, but that if she was up for it, she would happily take her into the shower every time Simone needed to pee.

When Jen and Simone came out of the bathroom, Jen reported on Simone’s partial initiation and Mike pointed out the irony of Simone being at all squeamish about pee when she had sucked his cock right after him fucking her ass. It was decided that this level of hypocrisy wasn’t allowed and as a punishment, Simone was pushed onto the bed and Mike started 69ing with her. Jen knelt on the floor behind Simone, spread her cheeks and rimmed her and I fetched a vibe, coated it with tingle gel and handed it to Jen to use in Simone’s pussy. Mike and Jen didn’t bother teasing Simone this time and went for direct stimulation – by the time Simone came, Jen was spearing her but Simone seemed to be giving almost as good as she got and was sucking on a good length of Mike’s cock and then rapidly stroking him. She later said that she was trying to get him to cum again, but she discovered his ability to hold back – and to be fair, she was being stimulated much more so it wasn’t too surprising that she lost and came before he did. The sucking and stroking had one benefit though, it meant Mike was incredibly hard and once he rolled Simone off of him, he rolled her onto her stomach and lay on top of her, pressing his cock against her ass and threatening to fuck it. We escalated this by saying we could add more tingle gel and push the vibe back into her cunt but Simone said she couldn’t cum again so soon and begged us to stop. As a compromise, she agreed to let Mike kitty kiss her until the effects of the tingle gel had completely worn off and Jen and I left them to it.

It was 38 minutes later (I know as I timed it) that Simone appeared in the living room doorway with Mike behind her. She looked very flushed and when Jen asked Simone if she had cum again, she said she wasn’t allowed to. It turned out that Mike had teased her for 37 minutes (I allowed a minute for them to get downstairs), getting her close to cumming quite quickly after we’d left (despite Simone’s protestations that she couldn’t cum again so quickly) and then keeping her near orgasm for the rest of the time. I am all too aware of just how frustrating this is (seeing as Mike and Jen have done the same thing to me quote often over the years) and sympathised with her. I offered to give her some relief, got her to bend forwards over the arm of the sofa and knelt behind her to lick and finger her. I got her to the point of moaning she was about to cum before I pulled away and stopped. Simone swore at me and said I had sympathised with her, to which I replied that I did, but it was still fun to do to someone else. She told us that she hated all of us so we gave her a group hug and promised she would cum more than enough time to make up for any teasing. With three sets of hands caressing her naked body and three sets of lips kissing her, we took her a little way towards cumming before saying we would need to head out, getting another ‘I hate you’ from Simone. This didn’t stop her from being convinced to go out without panties on though and we promised her she would enjoy herself and get to cum at least twice while out. Simone repeatedly asked where and how we were going to make her cum outside (and I’m sure regular readers can guess) but we wouldn’t tell her and just told her to trust us.

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