Sunday, 27 August 2017

Simone – Part 2

Jen drove the car in to town, allowing Mike to sit in the back seat with Simone (and MJ on his other side in her car seat). At various points in the journey Mike reached over and slid his hand under Simone’s skirt to finger her and a couple of times he got her to spread her legs and flipped her skirt up so he could see her pussy as he toyed with it. When we got to town, we parked the car and I showed Simone one of my favourite places in the car park. It was right in the corner, behind two pillars and wasn’t visible from any of the CCTV cameras but had a view out over some busy streets. With Mike and Jen keeping a lookout, I pulled Simone to me and lifted our skirts so we could press against each other’s thighs and we humped against each other. I wasn’t completely selfish and only monopolised her for a minute or so before letting Mike take over. He was even more daring and unzipped Simone’s skirt, then turned her around so she was facing outwards and he pushed into her from behind. Mike knew it was quite risky to fuck her in such a public place (even I’ve only done it a few times there) so he didn’t stay in her for too long and promised her she would get to cum soon. Simone quickly pulled her skirt back up as Mike tried to stuff his cock back into his trousers and we all left the car park and headed for the shops.

Mike told Simone we wanted to get her a nice set of underwear as a gift and we gave her a little while to look around and select a few things to try on. I accompanied her to the changing room and helped her try on the various bras she had selected, checking each one for the fit and commenting on how it looked. I unzipped Simone’s skirt partway through – nominally so we could see how the bras looked on her otherwise naked body, but this allowed me to also caress her. The caressing moved on to fondling, I slipped out of my clothes and Simone whispered that we couldn’t do things in a changing room. I whispered to her that we could indeed and knelt down. Simone let me push her legs apart and covered her mouth as I started fingering her and sucking on her clit. To speed things up I also pressed a finger against her ass – not penetrating her, but enough to stimulate and I worked on getting her off in as short a time as possible. Within a couple of minutes I heard a few stifled whimpers and looked up to see a strained look of pleasure on her face as she came. I gave her pussy a few final long licks before standing and asking if she’d do the same to me. She whispered back and asked what would happen if we were caught and I told her I hadn’t been caught yet (conveniently ignoring the time I was accused of shoplifting, although I wasn’t actually caught masturbating even then). I whispered to Simone that she didn’t have to make me cum, I just wanted a few licks and then sat on the stool and spread my legs. Simone knelt, pushed her mouth against my pussy and licked at me until I stroked her head and told her she’d done a good job. We got dressed and headed out to find Mike and Jen, bought Simone the cutest set of underwear she had tried on and went off to find out next adventure.

We (excluding Simone) already knew where we were heading next and made our way towards our regular sex-shop. Jen stayed outside with MJ while Mike, Simone and I went in. As soon as we saw Alistair I announced that I needed to cum and he asked if I wanted the Sybian. This was a stupid question as I *always* want the Sybian (but I know if I actually did *always* have the Sybian that I would destroy all nerves in my pussy) and he fetched my set of attachments. Simone and Mike (along with a guy near the back of the shop) watched as I dropped my skirt and planted myself on the Sybian, then humped and ground against it as the powerful vibrations pulsed through my pussy. I moaned loudly as my orgasm built and repeatedly thrust myself against the machine as I came. The whole display probably took less than two minutes (I don’t usually cum that quickly, but I’d been primed by our games in the changing room and the Sybian really is strong). I stood and asked Simone if she wanted a turn and she said she couldn’t with other people there (meaning Alistair and the customer). Instead, Mike escorted her to the room in the back that used to be an office and told her he wanted to fuck her. Simone thought this was a slightly more suitable setting, although as Mike was already kneeling and eating her, she was already exposed to anyone who would have been looking. Mike ate her until she was close to cumming, then fucked her on the bench – starting off with him on top, then having her bent forwards and finishing with her riding him (she had to put a foot on the floor to do this as the bench wasn’t wide enough for her to sit up on it properly. By the time she rode him, Simone had been stripped naked and Mike could easily fondle and caress her breasts, ass and clit. Any earlier inhibitions she had went and she fucked him as eagerly as she had at home (or at the parties). Mike held back until Simone came and then pumped in her until he came before pulling her down and whispering ‘that’s two’. She asked what he meant and he reminded her he had promised to fuck her twice on the Friday, three times on the Saturday and two or three times on the Sunday and Simone reached down to Mike’s cock which was already going limp and asked if he’d really be ready for another fuck that day. Mike assured her that he’d find a way to get sufficiently aroused again and then challenged her to use the Sybian. Simone still wasn’t sure, but couldn’t argue with the fact she was used to cumming in front of lots of people and allowed Mike to lead her back out to the shop (although only after she got dressed again).

Simone was surprised that I was standing at the counter chatting with Alistair, still naked from the waist down. There were another two customers in the shop who kept glancing at me – I pretended not to notice, but was keenly aware of their eyes on me so I kept absent-mindedly stroking my pussy. When Mike and Simone returned I asked how they had got on and Mike announced that they’d both cum so I hiked myself up onto the counter and spread my legs slightly. Mike slipped a couple of fingers into me and then got Simone to do the same. While Simone fingered me, Mike slid a hand under her skirt and caressed her ass, then talked her in to at least sitting on the Sybian and giving it a try. She kept her skirt on when she rode it, but she did give it more than a cursory try and it wasn’t difficult to convince her to keep going. I took advantage of her pleasure by standing in front of her and getting her to lick me – unfortunately Simone’s tongue was no substitute for the Sybian (even with the added excitement of watching the customers watching us) and she came before I did, immediately lifted herself off the Sybian as it was too strong for her. I helped her up and then planted myself on it once more, loving how wet the seat felt with the mixture of my juices from before, along with Simone’s and Mike’s cum. I turned the power up a little and came quickly again. Having had my pussy pummelled twice by the Sybian, I couldn’t stay on it after cumming but didn’t want to waste my audience so I turned the Sybian off, knelt on all fours with my ass and cunt pointing towards the two customers and licked the collected juices from the pad on the machine.

Simone asked Mike if I always put on such a display and he said that it looked like I was a bit hornier than usual (I don’t know if that was actually true, I just wanted to enjoy myself a while longer). Mike still had a hand under Simone’s skirt and as they watched me he pushed a couple of fingers between her ass cheeks and toyed with her pussy. He nodded towards the customers who were avidly watching me and asked her if she wanted them to fuck her as well. Simone said she couldn’t cum again after the Sybian so Mike asked if she thought she could help me to cum again and Simone asked if he was serious. Mike said he was always serious when he was talking about making girls cum and he dared her to go and play with me. Simone accepted his dare and moved around behind me, then slid a couple of fingers into my pussy and started to fuck me with them. I was still a bit sensitive from the Sybian, but loved having my cunt probed while being watched. Mike says he was about to suggest this to us, but I got there first and turned around (slowly so Simone could keep fingering me) and asked the two guys if they wanted to fuck me as I was still horny. I had images going through my mind of them DPing or spit-roasting me, but one of them made an inaudible excuse and left – however the other guy remained where he was.

I crawled over to him and indicated to the door, telling him there was a room we could use if he was up for it. He asked if I was serious so I knelt up and pulled my top off, then removed my bra so I was naked. I edged closer to him and pressed my cheek up against the bulge I his trousers, then rubbed up and down using my face and neck, then knelt up so I could rub my breasts against his crotch. I asked if it looked like I was serious and he nodded so I told him to go buy some condoms. As he dashed off to the front of the shop, I took Simone’s hand and pulled her into the back room. I wasn’t aware that Mike had already suggested to her that she join us but she told me the same thing she had told Mike – that she didn’t think she could cum again yet. I told her that didn’t matter and I’d just play with her and once I agreed to be gentle, Simone agreed to go along with things.

When the guy returned, he found me kneeling and lapping at Simone’s pussy. Simone told him to get suited up and stuck in to my cunny and it took very little time until I felt the guy press his cock against my pussy and slide into me. I pushed back hard against him and he went the whole way in on the first stroke. I then humped back and forth against him and he quickly took the hint and started pumping into me, not quite in time with my thrusts but close enough that we managed a fair number of hard thrusts against each other with him pushing deep inside me each time. I looked up at Simone and broke contact with her pussy to ask if she wanted a turn. It looked like she was going to say no so I quickly encouraged her to at least have a little go and I’d take him back and she agreed so we swapped places and I watched as the guy fucked her and she ate me. Simone didn’t make any move to stop things and after a couple of minutes I teased her about enjoying herself and she asked if I wanted to switch back. I told her that her tongue felt nice, but I really wanted the guy’s cock back deep in my cunt and she gave a little pout but pulled herself forwards off the guy’s cock and stood up. Before I knelt down again I hugged and kissed Simone and said I thought the guy deserved to see a little more of her. I tugged at her skirt and she let me pull it down, then helped by removing her top. I unsnapped her bra and briefly nuzzled her breasts before pulling a stool over beside the bench and kneeling to briefly suck the guy’s cock before lying on my back with my head and shoulders on the bench and ass on the stool. I got Simone to climb over my face and I spread my legs to let the guy fuck me. Simone was very helpful and leant forwards to play with my clit as the cock pumped in and out of my cunt so I rewarded her by licking up and down the length of her cunt and around her ass. I assumed she had changed her mind about not wanting to cum and kept eating her. The guy pumped away in me and I could feel him getting faster and then felt him slam into me a few times before slowing his movements. When he pulled out, Simone immediately lay down on me and started eating me – I heard the guy make a comment but couldn’t make it out as Simone’s legs were pressed up against my ears and I was hungrily eating her. I could see enough to know the guy was still there, watching the bonus lesbian display so I ate Simone as fiercely as I could and she made a good attempt of copying what I was doing to her. If I’d tried, I could have probably held back a little longer and extended my pleasure, but I didn’t know how long Simone would take to cum so I just went with the increasing pleasure and let my orgasm explode out from my pussy. It felt incredibly intense – either because of what Simone was doing to me or due to how sensitive the Sybian’s vibrations had left me. I moaned into Simone’s cunt and sucked on her clit until she came, causing her to break contact with my pussy and say it felt too strong so I eased off. I was very pleased when she returned her mouth to licking my pussy and even though I had finished cumming, it felt like another few waves of orgasm pulsed through my crotch.

If we’d been in a more comfortable position, I could have happily remained there kitty kissing Simone for ages, but the stood had shifted a little and my back was getting a bit sore so I had to ask Simone to climb off. I lay with my legs spread and stroked my pussy, asking the guy if he had enjoyed the fuck. He still had the condom on and was stroking himself, the end of the condom clearly filled with cum and his cock impressively hard. I considered letting him empty his cum over my breasts, but that would limit what I could do until I’d showered. My legs felt a little wobbly when I stood up so I hugged Simone and asked if she had enjoyed herself. She nodded and I kissed her, telling her between kissed just how strong my orgasm had been and running my hands over her body saying that she would be rewarded for having made me feel so good. Simone said she couldn’t do anything else and I pointed out that she’d said something similar when I dragged her into the room, but that she’d still cum for me and she said that was different, but couldn’t say how. The guy was stuffing his cock back into his trousers by this point, but still watching us so I asked him if he’d enjoyed having two girls to fuck. We chatted while Simone dressed and the guy said he’d had a threesome before, but not since being at Uni. Even though I was quite satisfied at that point, I couldn’t help being naughty and asked if he would be interested in another threesome and told him my little sister would be visiting soon and how it was so much nicer eating her while we had a guy fucking us. He didn’t believe I was being serious, even though Simone came to my defence and told him about the Skype session the previous night. He gave me his number but I told him I wasn’t sure I would call as he didn’t believe me (causing him to backpedal).

I followed Simone and the guy out to the shop to gather up my clothes and dress. Mike had already collected them and they were piled on the counter so I had to walk to the front of the shop and saw that three new customers had appeared while I’d been busy. Their eyes followed me and they watched as I dressed – I realised I really did feel quite satisfied as although I enjoyed their gaze, I didn’t feel any (well maybe just a little) of my usual desire to put on a show for them. I had a brief chat with Alistair and once again promised him that Sue and I would perform at another sex show and once I was ready we headed off to meet up with Jen.

Jen was a bit miffed that we hadn’t fetched her (I was really meant to go and switch places with her once I’d cum), but she seemed quite impressed that I’d managed to ride the Sybian twice in one session and I promised to make it up to her later on. We did offer her a chance to visit Alistair (and the Sybian) but she said she now wanted coffee so we set off for a café and sat and gave Jen the full details of what we’d done. Simone agreed that the Sybian was probably the best invention on the planet and said that every girl should be given one as a birthday present as soon as they were old enough to masturbate. Simone also explained to us how she felt it was different fucking at the parties and doing things around a group of strangers – although she admitted she had enjoyed having the guy semi-fuck her and I apologised for monopolising him and said I should have let him fuck her to orgasm. She said it was fine as Mike had fucked her just a short while beforehand anyway and she really had been quite sensitive from the Sybian. We wandered around town a little more and spent a while standing by the river, all facing outwards with Jen, Mike and I taking turns standing behind Simone and hugging her so we could reach down and play with her pussy. I told Simone I had another guy lined up to play with us and asked if she was game. She asked if I was joking and I pushed a finger between her lips and told her it was a guy about my age and when I’d asked if he fancied fucking an undergraduate was incredibly eager to do so. I only made if halfway through the comment about Mike having said she’d be able to take anything we did to her when she told me to contact him so I called Andy as we set off for home and said that ‘the fresh samples were ready for examination’ (this was a stupid code we had agreed on that would mean I could call him with his girlfriend around).

We got home before Andy arrived and Mike spent the intervening time kitty kissing Simone so she would be properly ready (plus it was an excuse for him to get his tongue in her cunt again). When the doorbell went I answered it naked (having stripped and freshened up from my earlier session). Mike had stopped eating Simone by the time I brought Andy into the living room and even though Andy knew that Mike knew about him, he still seemed quite nervous to meet him in this setting (they had met before, just not with me being naked). Not wanting to spoil the session, Mike headed into the kitchen to play with MJ and I introduced Simone to Andy. I told her that he was a good fuck and could last a long time and told Andy that Simone loved sex almost as much as I did and would do anything for him. Simone looked quite coy as I told Andy about how I’d already fucked her multiple times that day and she half-covered her breasts and pussy but didn’t stop me when I slid a hand to her crotch and bent forwards to suck on her nipples. I considered getting things started right there in the living room, but as we could hear Mike, Jen and MJ, I thought it might be too distracting for Andy so we went up to the bedroom and I noticed Andy staring at the large prints, just as Simone had done. I pointed out which belonged to me (which he said he recognised), Jen (which he loved seeing as he knew Jen but had never seen her naked).

Simone and I fell onto the bed and I told Andy to get naked and join us. I kissed and humped against Simone as Andy undressed and then let him have a turn with her, watching as they started to kiss gingerly and his hands roamed over her body. I wasn’t entirely idle and caressed both of them, fingering Simone and stroking Andy’s cock whenever the opportunity arose. At one point when Andy was lying on top of Simone I reached between them and rubbed his cock along the length of her pussy and asked her if she wanted him inside her or if we should suck him first. Simone played along well and acted as if she was considering the question, then said she wanted him inside her cunny for a little bit and that we could then suck him clean of her juices. Andy certainly didn’t need any encouraging and I lined his cock up and watched as he pushed in to her. As they fucked I asked Andy what it was like to be inside someone so much younger than he was and if it would make him look at his students differently. He pumped away inside Simone and I got her to wrap her legs around him. Not wanting to miss out too much, I warned Andy not to cum too quickly, then moved up above Simone and lowered my pussy to her face, bending forwards and away from her and Andy so he could watch what she was doing to me. I told Andy he could help out and finger me if he wanted and felt his hand on my ass, then fingers probing around and then in my pussy. We remained like this for about five minutes until Andy said he could cum quite quickly if we kept going – that obviously wasn’t allowed so I crawled off of Simone and told Andy I wanted to see his cock so we could play with it some more.

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