Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Visiting Valerie – Part 6

I asked Valerie if she would let me dress her and she said it would be strange, but that I could. I slowly removed her clothes, kissing and caressing her body as I did so, had a brief lick around her pussy, with a few kisses on her lips and then pulled her panties up and nestled them tight against her crotch. As I slid the socks up her legs I told her how much Mike loved fondling and kissing legs – especially those with either long socks or opaque tights on. I demonstrated what he would do if he was there with her, kissing up and down the length of her thighs, right up to her crotch but not actually making contact with it and Valerie said it felt good. After helping her to put her bra on, I asked what other kinds of cute outfits Nye liked and Valerie said that after the schoolgirl ones (I picked up on the plural), his next favourite one was what he called the virgin look. Naturally I had to know what this was and pleaded with Valerie to show me. She once again said she felt silly but I insisted and she pulled a light, white dress out of the cupboard and slipped it on. She then sat on the bed with her legs half-curled under her and gave me such a sweet, innocent and cute look that my breath caught. I told her I needed to have a picture of that to show Mike and swore to her that I wouldn’t show anyone else (adding Jen in so I could be telling the truth). I promised I’d spend as long as she wanted eating her awake the next morning and Valerie pointed out that I’d probably do that anyway (which I agreed with) but she relented and said I could have one photo. It turned out to be a few more than just one as I got her to pose a number of times so I could capture the ‘perfect cute’ look that I’d seen just minutes before. I don’t think Valerie really minded these photos as she was fully clothes, but she still blushed when I told her that they alone would be enough to make Mike cum multiple times over the next few months.

Before Valerie changed, I joined her on the bed, sitting behind her and ran my hands over her body and up and under the dress to caress her (but still avoiding her crotch). I kissed around her neck and up to her ear and she then turned her head to kiss me back. I told her that Mike wasn’t the only one who liked the cute look and that if we hadn’t promised Nye another session I would pin her down to the bed, smother her with kisses and give Mike a run for his money with the longest time going down on someone. We nearly did fall into our own little session with my lying on top of Valerie, her hands on my bare ass under my nightdress and our legs pressed against each other’s crotches as we kissed. We pulled apart though and I pointed out to Valerie that she seemed a lot more comfortable with me now and she said it was just because things felt good. I removed her dress, smoothed out her panties (which wasn’t really needed and more of an excuse to caress her some more). I asked for a photo of her in the long socks and underwear and she said she’d see so we proceeded to dress each other in our school uniforms. Valerie allowed me to get a photo of her in her uniform (again under the strictest promise not to let anyone other than Mike and Jen see it)

We finished off by putting our hair into bunches (I suggested this and Valerie said she had done bunches, pigtails and ponytails). Once ready, we called Nye up waited on the bed, posing in a comparable way to Valerie’s virgin look. Needless to say, he approved of our surprise and asked what we wanted to do. On the spur of the moment, I suggested that Valerie and I could pretend to be twin sisters who had decided to explore each other and were then caught by Nye so we would have to take care of him to keep him from telling anyone. Nye said this sounded hot so he was told to wait out of the way and watch as we explored each other.

Not having prepared for this, I couldn’t think of a natural way to start things off so half-dropping the sister concept I told Valerie I had always thought she was beautiful and wondered what it would be like to kiss her and we kissed. We occasionally dipped back in to the fantasy, but mostly just told each other what we wanted to do as we caressed, kissed, licked, partially undressed and fondled each other. We made our way onto fingering and then going down on each other – pretending it was the first time either of us had done this and taking time to explore each other. Nye then ‘caught us in our mock-incest session and we pleaded with him not to tell anyone and promised we’d do anything to keep him quiet. ‘Anything’ consisted of us stroking and sucking his cock, having him inside us both and finishing off with him on his back, me riding him and Valerie sitting over his face. She and I kissed as the three of us fucked and Valerie and I frigged each other but the best part was when I leant back and Valerie leant forwards to lap at my clit. This really isn’t the optimal position for being fucked and licked, but it worked well enough and felt good so I wasn’t complaining. We finished off with Nye still sandwiched between us – him eating Valerie until she came and me fucking him until both he and I came. When I lifted myself from his cock, his cum leaked out of me and I rubbed this over his cock and my breasts and pussy before fingering a little of it into Valerie (just so she didn’t feel left out).

Nye was sent down to fetch us a drink and when he returned we stayed in bed and chatted. The conversation made its way round to Lis and her pregnancy. Valerie asked ow I’d felt about having Mike sleep with her and I explained how we had extensively discussed everything beforehand so by the time Mike slept with Lis, we were all prepared for it (not letting on that he’d been fucking her for years beforehand). Nye asked if I had joined in and I told him I couldn’t possibly answer that, but I’m pretty sure they knew full well that my answer meant a ‘yes’. I told Valerie that I wanted to try a few more things with her as well as showing Nye the way we had scissored earlier on. Nye was eager to watch us do this, but Valerie said she wasn’t sure she could do anything more so I convinced her to let me kitty kiss her and try to get her in the mood again. I used Nye’s method and got her to lie at the edge of the bed and I knelt on the floor (so it would be easier on my neck) and lapped around Valerie’s pussy for about 15 minutes with Nye helping out by kissing her and playing with her breasts. I was quite impressed with his patience and we were rewarded with Valerie’s pussy steadily tasting more of arousal and hearing her utter little sounds of pleasure. It was Nye who asked her if she was ready and she nodded and said she felt aroused so I climbed up and lay over her, giving her a kiss and letting her taste her juices from my face before getting her to move around and lie on the bed properly.

We started off scissoring normally, humping against each other’s pussies and I then let Valerie take the lead and experiment. She tried pushing against me, sliding back and forth, side to side, up and down and then thrusting against me. With Nye’s help, we spread our lips and tried rubbing our clits together. This is mostly just clits rubbing against pussies this feels really good, although I occasionally felt the hard little bump of Valerie’s clit make contact with mine. Nye spent a little while frigging us both (which felt even better) but I wanted to introduce Valerie to something else new so broke contact with her and retrieved a double ended dildo from my bag. Nye was very excited when he saw this and Valerie initially looked a little nervous until I explained that it wasn’t all for her and we were meant to share it. I asked Valerie if she had ever used tingle gel and she said she hadn’t, so I pulled the tube from my bag and spread a small amount over my pussy, then went back to scissoring her to smear it over hers as well. After a few minutes she said she could feel it working and that it felt nice so I applied a thin coat to both ends of the dildo and slid it halfway into me. Valerie still looked a little nervous so I positioned myself so the head of the dildo was near her pussy and told her to slide it in to herself. I watched as she picked it up, rubbed the head up and down her pussy and pushed it in. I edged closer to her as she slid it deeper into her pussy and by the time my cunt was a couple of inches from hers I asked if she was ready. She nodded and we pushed together, swallowing the dildo completely. After a bit of encouragement, Valerie said it felt much better scissoring with the dildo inside her (initially she just kept saying ‘this’ in place of dildo). We humped against each other again, sometimes pulling back and pushing together so the dildo slipped in and out of us and other times just grinding together. I reached down to frig Valerie and told her I wanted her to cum with me fucking her. She looked quite flushed and I couldn’t tell if she was still embarrassed at what we were doing, getting close to cumming or just hot. I asked Nye to play with my clit and watched as his fingers worked on me. I asked Valerie if it felt good and she just nodded and a couple of minutes later she panted and lay back on the bed. I slowed my movements and asked if she’d cum (another nod) so I stopped frigging her and told Nye to make me cum. I pushed a little closer to Valerie, wanting to feel her pussy and ass pressed up against me and lay back, propping myself up so I could watch as Nye continued playing with my clit. I couldn’t help myself from thrusting against Valerie, knowing she’d feel the dildo moving inside her as I did this and fantasising that it was my cock in her and I was about to pump her full of my cum. I kept this image in my mind as I came, pressing hard against her as my orgasm throbbed through my crotch and I then asked Nye if he would lick me gently (which he did).

A little later I asked Valerie if I should let Nye see some pictures of me sharing a dildo the way we’d just done. She said she didn’t mind so I called up another set of pictures (not that we’d prepared for this) and I let him see some close-ups of a dildo buried between Jen’s and my pussies, then one of Sue’s and mine and some full-body shots of Jen and I humping. I switched back into the fantasy that Valerie and I had meant to be enacting and asked her if she had enjoyed playing with her twin sister. Valerie gave a little smile but clearly looked tired so I gave her a kiss and told her she didn’t have to do anything else that night, but that I fully intended to experiment further with her on the Sunday. I then showed them some full-body shots of Sue and I fucking – we had cropped the images so Sue’s face wasn’t visible but I also had some other pictures where she was clearly identified (Nye didn’t really know Sue, but Valerie had met her a few times when she had visited me at Uni). An increasing part of me was desperate to ‘accidentally’ show her one of these pictures and then describe in detail how Mike, then Jen, then I ended up fucking Sue, but I just about managed to hold back and made a comment about how much I’d like to have a picture of Valerie naked to remember our weekend by.

Valerie said it would be too embarrassing but Nye interrupted her and said she didn’t usually object. She told him to be quiet but it was too late and I asked what he meant, only to discover that while Valerie wasn’t into exhibitionism, she didn’t mind Nye (and I found out later, other ex-boyfriends) taking pictures of her. Naturally I wanted to see the pictures but Valerie objected and said she’d die of embarrassment. I hugged her and pointed out (again) that we had seen each other naked, fingered, fucked and eaten each other, seen Nye’s cock in each other and used a banana on each other. I half-held Valerie down and told Nye he could take as many pictures of me and Valerie as he wanted if I was allowed to see the pictures of her. Between us, Nye and I talked her into this and when Nye went to fetch the laptop I told her I wouldn’t look if she really didn’t want me to but she said it was okay and I was right – after what we’d done it was silly to not let me see.

Even though Valerie had agreed to me seeing the pictures, this didn’t stop her from almost constantly blushing as we looked through them. They didn’t have anything like the collection Mike, Jen and I do, but there were sets of Valerie dressed in various outfits (mostly cute ones including the virgin look and a few schoolgirl outfits), ones of her naked, masturbating, being fucked, sucking cock and with cum over her face and body. I openly masturbated as we looked at the images and told her that she was incredibly sexy and I just couldn’t help myself. When we finished (and Valerie was the deepest shade of beetroot I’ve ever seen her), I did what any good friend would do – teased her relentlessly. I went on about how all this time everyone thought she was the sweet, innocent little Valerie who would never do anything untoward, but that in reality she was actually a horny little girl who just wanted to cum. Valerie tried to defend herself but I ignored this and got Nye to help hold her legs apart while I buried my mouth in her pussy and gave her another good licking. She squirmed around as I did this and I used the movement as an excuse to allow my tongue to lick over her ass – but didn’t probe or linger there. I only subjected Valerie to my oral assault for a couple of minutes and didn’t try to make her cum, then kissed my way up her body, gave her a big kiss and told her I wish I’d known she was that freaky years ago and pointed out how much fun we could have had.

Nye was hard again by this point and I offered him my pussy, saying he could fuck me if he wanted or just stay inside me as we fell asleep. As we’d done the previous night, I curled up against Valerie with Nye pressed up behind me, but this time he had his cock inside me. I squeezed myself around him and pushed back repeatedly against him until he whispered if he could move in me. I told him he could move as much as he wanted and he started off slowly but after a while was using fairly long strokes and pushing deep into me. I told him he could cum in me if he wanted but unfortunately he didn’t think he could manage another orgasm so we just kept moving for a while until his movements slowed and we fell asleep. During my mini-session with Nye, I chatted with Valerie about how we could have played with our friends and she asked which ones I was attracted to. I told her how Mike had ‘trained’ me into fancying girls by getting me to imagine it was Jo making me cum so I had a particularly soft spot for her, but that I had imagined having sex with many of our friends over the years, although Jo, Anna, Lis, Peter, Tony – and of course, her – had been my favourite fantasies.

On the Sunday morning I made my way under the covers and ate Valerie awake again. This time I got to spend a little longer working on her before she woke up and I had definitely made some headway with her as she made a few nice sounds of arousal as she came to. She jumped a little when she realised what I was doing to her, but once I reassured her and told her to lie back and enjoy things, she did as I asked and let me keep eating her. I spent quite a while working on her, slowly taking her closer to cumming and backing off twice before making her cum. Nye took me from behind as I did this but I told him not to cum in me as I had a better use for his cum that morning. He did play with my clit and I directed him to my bag to retrieve my silicone coated vibrator to use on me and I came with his cock buried in my cunt and the vibe on my clit. I then used the vibe on Valerie, letting her see it in the hope she might comment that she used to have one just like it (which wasn’t a coincidence as we had discovered it when fucking in her room on a group holiday a few years ago and I had purposely brought the same colour one along with me). I gently fucked Valerie with the vibe as I swirled my tongue around her clit but for her actual orgasm, just used my tongue and fingers, then kitty kissed her for a few minutes. I then told her to catch her breath as she would have to help me with Nye and while she recovered I got him to lie on his back and crawled over him in a 69, sucking his cock clean of my juices as I worked on him and feeling his tongue and fingers probing my pussy as he ate me.

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