Saturday, 5 August 2017

Visiting Valerie – Part 7

Nye and I didn’t stay in the 69 for too long as he was fairly close to cumming from having fucked me. After a few minutes he warned me he couldn’t last much longer and I asked Valerie if she was ready to help out yet. She said she was and asked what she was meant to do so I told her I thought Nye deserved to have us both suck him off. Valerie looked a little coy but got down onto the floor with me and we knelt in front of him and took turns licking, kissing, stroking and sucking him as well as both licking him at the same time and kissing around his cock. Once again, he loved this but this time I wanted to actually see him cum and between kisses I asked Valerie if we could let him cum over our faces – adding ‘just like in your pictures’. That was enough to make her blush but she didn’t say no so we kept working on Nye until he was really close, then both pulled back just enough to let him stroke himself while we waited with our faces pressed cheek to cheek. I asked Nye if he wanted to cum in our mouths or over our faces and he said ‘both’ in a strained voice and the first shot of cum squirted out and splattered mostly over my face. I quickly opened my mouth and watched as three of four more shorts of cum erupted from his cock. Some hit my face, some went into my mouth and I guessed the rest was landing on Valerie. Only when he finished cumming and I gave the head of his cock a few kisses did I look over at Valerie and admire the mess he’d made of us. Before Valerie could wipe the cum away I told him to quickly take a picture of us and pressed my face up against Valerie and said we should give Nye a cute look. He took a couple of pictures and I then turned to Valerie and kissed her, smearing the cum over our faces and then licking it off. Valerie kissed me back but didn’t lick my face in the same way, but she didn’t stop me when I pushed a hand between her legs and toyed with her pussy so once most of the cum had gone, I got her to lie up on the bed and went down on her again, with Nye taking pictures of us as I ate her.

I didn’t try to make Valerie cum as there were other things I wanted to do with her, but I gave her a fairly decent licking before releasing her and letting her head off to the bathroom to freshen up before breakfast. While she was gone I let Nye get a few pictures of me trying to look cute while naked, a few close-ups of my pussy and ass and a few with me looking up at him as I knelt and sucked his cock (which was still mostly soft, but I think he still liked the view). We headed down for breakfast and I suggested some food play, saying that strawberries and cream were always a safe bet. After I had described how I would smear cream over and into her bald pussy, slide the strawberries partway into her and then eat them, Nye volunteered to go out and get strawberries straight away. I suggested we try something else first and Valerie asked how I could want to cum again so soon – I just told her that if they could take it, I’d happily fuck them both all day (Valerie said she couldn’t take a whole day, but agreed to hear what I wanted to try next).

We went back up to the bedroom and I pulled out our strap-on. Valerie stupidly asked what I was going to do with it so I told her I was going to fuck her little pussy with it over and over until she came for me. As I fastened the harness around my waist (ensuring the internal vibe was turned on of course), I told Nye that he should join in as well and debated with him whether I should take her ass while he fucked her cunt or if we should spit-roast her with me taking her from behind and him in her mouth. Valerie was well aware I was just trying to shock her and she didn’t argue when I asked her to kneel on the bed and show me her cute ass. I don’t know if she would have let me slide the vibe into it, but she barely flinched as I rubbed the head up and down her pussy, then slipped it between her lips and pushed back and forth, working the whole length of the vibe into her. Nye watched as I fucked her and took a few more pictures, then moved around in front of Valerie and offered her his cock. As I was behind her I couldn’t see everything, but could tell that she did indeed take him in her mouth and suck him, with her head bobbing back and forth. I had fastened the harness tight against my pussy so the internal vibe was pressed up firmly against my clit and I could feel my own orgasm starting to build already so reached around to play with Valerie’s clit. I don’t know if I just came quickly, if I was frigging her the wrong way or she really just wasn’t ready to cum again, but I came a long time before she did. Fortunately, I’ve had years of training (or torture) so could endure the feeling of the vibe on my post-orgasmic pussy and I kept moving in Valerie and frigging her. She said it felt nice and when I moved a bit faster and asked if that was better she said yes so I pushed into her harder and she told me to keep doing that. I kept a steady pace with the harness slapping against her ass each time I pushed into her and circled her clit with my fingers. Valerie pushed back against me a few times and I told her to just do whatever felt best but she didn’t seem to be willing to let go completely. I imagined it was my cock inside her and pictured me filling her with cum. I could feel the sensation in my pussy turning from a throbbing to a pulsing and knew I’d be able to cum again, but this time Valerie beat me to it. As she came, she reached back and gasped ‘ in…. in…’ and Nye told me to push into her and stay still. I did as she asked, continuing to frig her clit until she said ‘enough’, then eased off and started to pull out. Once again Valerie reached back and grasped my hip and said ‘stay there’, so I did. I pressed into her and gently moved so the internal vibe rubbed against my pussy. I went back to imagining it being my cock inside her, pumping endless amount of cum into her and felt my orgasm building again but was interrupted when Valerie pulled forwards and slid from the vibe.

I wanted to press my pussy against her face, have Nye fuck me, finger myself – anything to cum, but the one drawback about our good strap-on is that it takes a little while to get in or out of it and I was too close to cumming to want to interrupt the feeling. I considered kitty kissing Valerie but just went with saying ‘watch me’ and leant back with my legs spread. I took hold of the vibe and pressed it down, which in turn pressed the internal vibe against my pussy and I held it in place as it buzzed away and made me cum a second time. Both Nye and Valerie watched me through my orgasm and I made eye contact with each of them a number of times. I didn’t go over the top with the noises I made, but didn’t try to hide the pleasure I was feeling. Nye had his cock in his hand and was stroking himself. Once my orgasm ended, I got him to help me remove the harness and gave his cock a suck as thanks, then talked Valerie into letting me lick her clean.

We lay on the bed and chatted some more and I asked if she enjoyed being eaten awake. Valerie told me that Nye sometimes rubbed against her in the morning and she woke up with his hard cock pressed against her ass and I told her that Mike or Jen would usually eat me awake but that I sometimes woke with Mike inside me and a few times he had managed to get into me and move gently enough that I didn’t wake up, but enough for him to cum so I’d wake up with a pussy leaking cum. Valerie asked if I minded being used like that and I explained that it was actually very rare for Mike to do anything with me without wanting to make me cum as well, but even more importantly than that, we (Mike, Jen and I – and also Sue, although I didn’t mention this) had agreed that they could fuck me whenever and wherever they wanted and how I’ve always tried to stick to that agreement. Valerie asked how often they did this to me and I said it was rare for me to not want to do things so the only times they ‘forced’ me to do anything was usually if we were having an argument (they have learned it is very difficult to argue while cumming and this has helped to smooth out many issues between us as we usually then discuss them in a much calmer manner after we’ve cum).

Valerie still didn’t seem too convinced so I crawled over to Nye and started playing with his cock while asking him to imagine I’d just done something to really annoy him. I licked and sucked his cock while fondling his balls, then when he was hard, sat over his lap and planted myself on his cock. I let him play with my breasts as I rode up and down on his cock and asked him if he was still mad at me but Valerie said that didn’t count as he had only been pretending to argue with me in the first case. I pointed out to her that while I’d been playing with her earlier, she had allowed Nye to take a whole bunch of pictures of us and she stammered out that she hadn’t really noticed, but nonetheless blushed. Nye was keen to see how the pictures had come out so I climbed off of his cock and he transferred them to the laptop so we could look at them. Valerie blushed at the photos with her in them and asked when we’d taken the pictures with me posing and sucking Nye’s cock so I assured her I hadn’t really been doing anything with him other than posing. I asked if I could keep some of the pictures of her in exchange for them keeping all the pictures of me and Nye was keen on this but Valerie was still nervous about anyone else seeing them so I left it for the time being and suggested Nye go fetch the strawberries and cream so we could play some more. On his way out I asked if he could take a little time so I could have another chat with Valerie and he said he’d walk to the shop instead of driving. I thanked him and said I’d repay him, then followed him to the front door and stood there naked, waving him off.

Back up in the bedroom with Valerie I again asked if she was okay with the way the weekend had gone. She said that she was but then asked if this now meant she was gay. I was quite surprised at the straightforward way she had asked this as like most of my friends, Valerie is quite liberal and I asked her if it would be an issue if she was. I could see her trying to backtrack as she stammered ‘no, no, I just wondered…’ so I stroked her leg and asked her if she still liked the thought of having a guy inside her. Valerie nodded and I slid my hand further up her leg as I moved closer to her and asked if she liked the idea of Mike spending an hour going down on her, eating her, fingering her, making her cum as many times as she could and then after an extended period of kitty kissing, sliding his cock into her and fucking her to another orgasm. As I’d been describing this, I had nuzzled Valerie’s neck and moved my hand to cup her pussy before slipping a couple of fingers into her. I described how Mike would fuck her with long strokes, pushing deep into her pussy each time, as hard as she’d like until she came for him once more and he’d then empty his cum into her, pumping it all the way into her until she was overflowing with it. Now I may have been exaggerating with the last part – although I really wish Mike could cum that much, but it seemed that Valerie liked the thought of him pumping that much cum into her as well as her hand had taken hold of mine and was pressing it against her pussy harder. I wasn’t able to resist teasing her about this and whispered to her that while she might not be gay, she certainly didn’t seem to object to doing things with girls and I then pulled back and asked, ‘or is it just me you want to fuck’?

Valerie went to give me a playful slap which I semi-dodged, and as I still had two fingers buried in her pussy she wasn’t in a position to do much more than this. I wiggled my fingers around inside her and told her we had a little time before Nye got back and Valerie made a comment about me surely not wanting to do things again already. I pushed her back onto the bed and straddled her (still with my fingers inside her) and leant forwards to kiss her and tell her I’d been looking forward to this for years so wanted to make the most of it, then added that it was really her fault for being so cute. She gave me a little pouty look (not duck-face – an actual cute look) and I humped against her frantically, saying she was driving me wild (then laughing). We kissed and ground against each other and between kisses I told Valerie that she really should consider having a session with Mike and Jen as I knew they were desperate to see what she looked like naked, taste her, touch her and make her cum. We kissed some more and I told Valerie to imagine what it would be like with Nye, Mike, Jen and me all doing things to her at the same time. Valerie said she couldn’t imagine Nye wanting to do anything while Mike was there so I scaled the fantasy back to just Mike, Jen and me fucking her (although told her she was missing out with the second cock). I told Valerie I was sure I could convince Nye to do a wife swap for a weekend. I whispered to her whether she’d like to have Mike fuck her while she ate Jen and she didn’t answer so I told her how beautiful Jen’s pussy was and how good she tasted. I asked again if she would lick Jen and Valerie whispered ‘yes’ so I asked if she’d let Mike eat and fuck her and got another ‘yes’. Now I’m aware that asking people things like this when they are getting close to cumming isn’t fair (but that’s the point of doing it).

I asked Valerie if she wanted me to make her cum and she said yes so I asked if she wanted me to eat her and she said yes again. I asked if she would use one of her vibes on me and she reached over and pulled a bright pink thing out of a drawer – I was a little disappointed it wasn’t like the nice silicone coated ones she used to have but was willing to take whatever she was going to give me so turned around and lay over her in a 69. I buried my face in her pussy and felt her slide the vibe into me. It actually felt a fair bit softer than it had looked and squirmed around inside me in quite a pleasant feeling way – made even better by the sensation of Valerie’s fingers and then tongue on my clit. I imagined we were doing this in front of all our friends and them joining in with us, me getting my fingers on Jo’s and Anna’s pussies, cocks sliding into me and Valerie and cum covering our bodies.

I knew Valerie was likely to cum before me but didn’t want to hold back and tease her so just kept working on her, mostly with my tongue, but a little bit of fingering as well. I felt her shudder under me and she said she was cumming so I licked her through her orgasm and then eased off and kitty kissed her for a couple of minutes. Valerie was still using her vibe on me as well as frigging and licking me and I could feel my own orgasm building but told her I wanted to watch her make me cum. She asked what I meant and I quickly climbed off of her and sat on the edge of the bed, then asked her to kneel and eat me so I could see what she was doing. Valerie got into position and after licking me a little, asked if she was doing it right. I told her she was a natural and it felt wonderful, then reached over to get my phone and asked her if I could take a picture of her as the view was so sexy. I promised she could see it and then decide if I kept it and she said as long as she had the final say then it was okay. I took a lot more than just the one picture and even managed to take a couple while I was actually cumming (not that this was visible in the pictures). Valerie even stayed between my legs kitty kissing me and I again asked if she liked the idea of doing things with Mike and Jen and suggested that she really might enjoy having more than one guy at a time. Valerie told me that Nye didn’t even know about her having slept with two guys in the same night and I promised not to tell on her and as collateral told her I’d had more than that, although didn’t tell her quite how many (so as not to shock her). We stayed like this, chatting with Valerie kitty kissing me until we were interrupted by Nye returning. Valerie made a move to get up but I suggested that Nye might enjoy walking in on her eating me and she considered this and then knelt down once more and pushed her mouth against my pussy.

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