Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Visiting Valerie – Part 8

My guess was correct and Nye did indeed appreciate the view. As Valerie kept lapping at my pussy I told him how irresistible she was and that we’d already fucked, but that I could now enjoy her properly with the spoils of his trip. I got her to lie back up on the bed and Nye fetched a towel for her to lie on. With her in position, asked her to spread her legs and ran a strawberry up and down the length of her pussy, then dribbled a little cream over her mons and placed the strawberry slightly inside her. I took a picture of this and assured her she could approve it, then withdrew the strawberry and took a bite from it. I smeared it in the cream, wiped it on my pussy and offered it to Nye, who ate the rest and we then spent about 30 minutes working our way through the rest of the punnet. At first, Valerie and I were kissed and licked gently but this progressed to more forceful eating as the session progressed. Nye seemed to enjoy eating the mess off and out of each of us and we didn’t neglect him, smearing the cream over his cock repeatedly and then licking and sucking him clean. I asked Nye if he wanted to watch Valerie make me cum again and he said yes, so we lined up with me on my back, half propped up against the headboard, Valerie on all fours eating me and Nye behind her, fucking her. I did make him promise not to cum in her, but he was to do everything he could to make her cum. I loved watching him fucking and frigging her and Valerie ate me to another orgasm and then kitty kissed me (a little too forcefully, but she was still learning) as I watched the expression on her face looking up from between my legs as she came. When I lifted my phone, Valerie didn’t say anything so I took another set of pictures and when we changed round so I could lick her, I asked her to spread her lips and took another couple of shots. I asked Nye if he could hold on just a little longer before cumming and he moaned a bit (and to be fair, his cock did look almost purple) but I promised him he could fuck me as hard and deep as he wanted if he just let me get Valerie off again.

Valerie wasn’t entirely sure about this plan as she didn’t think she could cum again, but she allowed me to talk her into trying and I kitty kissed her while Nye played with my pussy (with the vibes and some more cream). Valerie and I 69ed for a while – mostly kitty kissing with Nye helping out with his cock in each of us and when we finally moved on to eating each other, we went back to being in a line, but this time with me sandwiched between Valerie’s pussy and Nye’s cock. Nye fucked me much harder than he had any time before and I tried to pass this on to Valerie with my tongue (mostly avoiding her clit so she didn’t cum too quickly). Nye rubbed my clit very firmly and as my orgasm built I spent more time working on Valerie’s clit, to be rewarded with what was now coming the familiar look of bliss on her face (even her orgasm face is cute). I kept kitty kissing her as she sank back down into bed and Nye pounded into me as I came. I got him to ease off on my clit but said he could still fuck me as hard as he wanted and he pumped into me for a short while before pushing in hard, staying still and then pulling all the way out and pushing back in very hard four or five times. He did this with sufficient force that my face was mashed against Valerie’s pussy and I heard her whimper once.

When Nye pulled out I crawled up over Valerie and kissed her, then turned to Nye and kissed him, thanking them both. Valerie said she was exhausted so I told her to rest and we could look at the pictures I’d taken. Nye grabbed the laptop and I connected my phone to it and moved all the pictures of Valerie into a folder, then gave them a copy of all of the ‘safe’ pictures of me (the ones that Sue couldn’t be identified in). I got Nye to add the pictures from his phone and we looked through all of them, deleting the ones that were too similar or badly taken (it’s quite a skill to take a good photo while you are taking part in the proceedings). Valerie blushed for most of the viewing and we teased her about how pink she looked (which only made it worse). I moved a selection of the pictures I wanted to take into a folder, including ones of her in her ‘virgin’ dress, her spreading herself, eating me, me and her 69ing, Nye fucking her and some of the strawberries and cream. At first she said she couldn’t cope with anyone else seeing them but I promised her that nobody other than Jen would see them (and looking away from Nye, mouthed ‘and Mike’ to her). She made me swear that nobody else would ever see them and I told her I wouldn’t show anyone unless she gave me permission to do so (which she said would never happen). At one point I almost convinced her into letting me take all the pictures but she backed off this, although let me add a few more to the folder before I copied them back to my phone. While Valerie was in the bathroom, Nye asked me if I’d kept a copy of the pictures on my phone so I let him look to confirm I’d really moved them to his laptop. I was going to let him look through some of the other pictures, counting on him not knowing Sue well enough to recognise her, but Valerie returned and said she felt much better having washed off the sticky mess so I decided not to risk it.

I showered with Nye and let him wash me down thoroughly (with more than a little bit of fingering). I used my tongue to clean off his cock and had him semi-hard again by the end of the shower. Valerie was surprised about this but then realised that he hadn’t cum anywhere near as many times as she and I had. Valerie had done her make-up by this point but wasn’t dressed so I asked if she would pose for one more set of pictures I really wanted. She sighed but Nye took my side and I pulled Valerie down onto the bed. We started off fairly innocently – sitting beside each other naked, then with our legs spread, then feet up on the bed so our pussies were peeking out and then lying half on our sides to give a view of pussies and ass. As Valerie was playing along, we got photos of us kissing, fondling each other’s breasts, fingering each other and then eating each other (both close up and from behind). Valerie said I could keep some of these and while Nye was out of earshot I told her that both Mike and Jen would cum many times while looking at them.

After lunch, I asked Nye if he thought he could manage a final session before I left. He was up for trying so I led him upstairs and waited for Valerie to follow (wanting to see what she would do). She followed us up and sat at the end of the bed while Nye kissed and fondled me and he had my top half undressed with his fingers in my pussy before she asked if we wanted her to join in. I reached out a hand and as I pulled Valerie to us, I told her that I’d just wanted to see if she would volunteer as there was no way I wanted to miss out on the cutest pussy in our year (which IMO would still technically be Lis or Jo, but that might not have been as flattering to say!). Nye and I concentrated on Valerie for a bit to get her undressed and let her catch up with us in terms of arousal. We took turns licking, sucking, fingering and stroking each other and I had another turn on my back with Nye fucking me and Valerie sitting over my face. By this point I had begun to figure out how she liked being eaten (or at least what seemed to have the most effect on her) so had got her close to cumming quite quickly but then backed off and concentrated on eating her out and avoided her clit. We switched position and I let Nye fuck Valerie while I lapped at her clit. She really got into this as I could feel her pushing her mouth against my pussy and her tongue between my lips as if she was copying what I’d done to her just a little while before. As Valerie seemed to like this position so much, we kept going until she came and when Nye pulled out I pulled Valerie’s pussy to my mouth and swirled my tongue around inside her. I got her to roll over and we resumed our 69 but this time Nye moved around behind me and pushed into my cunt. Valerie kept licking my clit and I told Nye he could cum anytime he wanted as Valerie would take care of me (I was assuming that she would carry on, but it seemed a safe bet). Nye moved a little faster, but nothing like he had when fucking me hard earlier on and I still beat him and came first. I moaned into Valerie’s pussy as I came and she eased off on my clit, but still lapped at it and Nye pumped away in me until he came. When he pulled out I briefly pulled away from Valerie and breathlessly asked Valerie to kiss my pussy. I pressed against her face and felt her lick me, wondering how she would cope with eating a proper load of cum from my cunt (as Nye’s third cum of the day I doubted he’d produced anything).

I remained locked in a 69 with Valerie much longer than I’d expected and realised that she was mostly copying what I was doing to her so I did my best to give her some further training in kitty kissing. I had to resist swirling my tongue over her ass (thinking I’d save that for a future visit – which, given Valerie’s behaviour, I was quite certain would be happening). I was hoping we would keep going as I knew I’d be able to cum again but Valerie eventually pulled away and said she couldn’t take any more. I gave her pussy a final lick and turned round to see that her face was as cover in my juices as mine was with hers. Nye had sat and watched us but I noted his cock was still soft so figured I wasn’t likely to get anything else from him and suggested to Valerie we go freshen up again. Nye asked if he could watch us shower but we told him it was girl-time (he pointed out we’d just had 20 minutes of girl time but as still told no) so he dressed and went downstairs. I went into the bathroom with Valerie but before she got in the shower I asked if I could do something a little strange. She nervously asked ‘what’ and I told her that Mike and Jen were desperate to know what she smelt and tasted like, so instead of showering I wanted to have more of her juices on me for them to sample. Valerie thought this was really odd but I pointed out that she seemed to have enjoyed eating my juices from my pussy and she said that was different, but couldn’t explain how when I asked. I told her she didn’t have to do anything and knelt in front of her, then wiped juices from her pussy over my breasts and stomach. I stood and kissed her and slid each thigh in turn back and forth against her crotch, then for good measure wiped her juices over my arms. Valerie couldn’t believe I intended to travel home in that state but I told her that it just meant I’d have her scent with me to remind me of her.

Valerie asked one last time if I’d like to clean off and I refused, but remained in the bathroom to chat with her as she showered and she then let me brush her hair (I may have semi-fucked the brush while she was in the shower and also may have accidentally slid both her and Nye’s toothbrushes a long way up into my pussy to coat them with my juices). Valerie and I returned to her room to dress and I made no secret of the fact that I didn’t put any panties on and tried to get Valerie to do the same but she wouldn’t play along. I asked Valerie if she would let me slide my vibe into her one last time to coat it in her juices for Mike and Jen to taste but she thought this was too strange. I did manage one last bit of fun though – when I went downstairs and lifted my skirt to show Nye I didn’t have panties on, he slipped his fingers between my legs and rubbed my pussy. I asked him if he wanted to watch me cum again and he nodded so I sat up on the dining table and started to finger myself. Nye helped out and I asked for another banana and proceeded to fuck myself with it. I told Nye he could have pictures if he wanted and he took some of me and I then got Valerie to use the banana in me while he took some of her fucking me with it. I got him to text a few of these to me (having agreed that posting them to FB/IG wouldn’t be appropriate) and on the way to the airport (Nye drove us) I ate the banana. Nye gave me a long kiss at the airport but Valerie was quite nervous about doing this. I pointed out that there wasn’t likely to be anyone around that she knew and we shared a hug and a little kiss. I slid my hand over her ass and whispered to her that I was going to miss her and hoped we could repeat the visit. She said she would think about it, which wasn’t as enthusiastic an answer as I’d hoped so I pulled back and asked if we were okay and she nodded and gave me a little smile. I hugged her again and told her I’d still love her even if she didn’t let me play with her again.

I rested on the flight home and was met by Mike and Jen who said the could both smell Valerie’s scent on me. Jen cheated and ducked into the bathroom with me and had a lick at my thighs to taste her (then a lick at my pussy to tease me) and we went home. Mike got to taste Valerie from my breasts and ass and he then went down on me as I told them how my weekend had gone. Jen was desperate to see the pictures but Mike got her to wait until he had finished making me cum, at which point I copied them onto our computer and we threw them up on to the TV so we could all see everything in explicit detail. I started off with the cute pictures of Valerie and was unsurprised when Mike said he loved them. Jen got me to describe Valerie’s breasts, how they had felt in my hands and mouth and I moved closer to Jen and slid a hand between her legs to fondle her. As the pictures became more explicit Jen said she would have to cum and stripped off, then sat on Mike’s cock so he could play with her while I worked through the rest of the pictures. I told them how good a job Valerie had done at eating me multiple times, how she went between being embarrassed, enjoying herself and being really into sessions and that I had suggested she visit so they could fuck her (but wasn’t convinced she would do this). Jen couldn’t take any more and pulled me onto the rug in front of the TV so we could play and watch the pictures as Mike continued to scroll through them.

Valerie knew that both Jen and Mike had seen the pictures of her and she was suitably embarrassed (for a non-exhibitionist) when we Skyped and she chatted with Jen. It wasn’t an entirely innocent call as after Jen discussing some of the things I’d done over the weekend with them, she slid a hand up my leg and under my skirt, then asked Nye if he wanted to see me naked again. Nye said yes before Valerie could answer and Jen told me to spread my legs and lift my skirt. As Jen’s fingers fondled my pussy I asked Valerie if she minded and she said she didn’t so I lay back and let Jen finger, frig and eat me until I came (with my clothe being removed as the session progressed). I was posed several ways to give good views of my pussy, face, breasts and ass and when I’d cum I had to remain naked for the rest of the call (not that I minded that). Nye loved watching Jen play with me and we ended up having a daily call where I would either be masturbated or ordered to play with myself on camera for Valerie and Nye. A few days in, Jen offered to let them watch us with her naked as well, but only on the condition that she got to see Valerie naked. Valerie didn’t seem too sure about this (despite -as I said – her knowing Jen had seen the pictures) and it took until the following day for Nye to convince her to play along. We watched as Nye stripped Valerie and played with her and she in turn played with his cock. Jen slid out of her dress and planted herself over my face but I only let her stay there for a couple of minutes as I couldn’t see what Nye and Valerie were doing. Jen and I ended sitting beside each other, our fingers on and in each other’s cunts and kissing and fondling each other’s breasts. After Valerie had sucked Nye a little and he had fingered her, Jen and I took turns going down on each other and we got Nye to fuck Valerie. I ensured he pulled out just before he came and we saw his cum splatter over her stomach and pussy – Jen wanted Valerie to show us the mess he’d made, but Valerie said that was too embarrassing and wiped herself clean with her skirt, then covered up.

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