Monday, 25 September 2017

Breakup – Part 3

Lisa quickly took Amber’s place and Amber slowly crawled up the bed and straddled Mike’s face. He kitty kissed her as Lisa rode him and he felt Amber lean forwards and frig Lisa. Mike soon heard Lisa say she was cumming and he pushed into her in time with her thrusts, then slowed his movements and stopped when he felt her just press down against him. Lisa pulled herself off of him and Amber crawled aside and they lay down beside him. Lisa asked if he wanted to kitty kiss them and Mike said he would. He was fine as he worked on Amber but felt a pang of pain whenever he was licking Lisa as he knew this was quite possibly the last time he’d do things with her (although was still confused about exactly what was happening). He caressed their legs and he lapped at their pussies, spreading, fingering admiring and complimenting them (both on the way they looked and on how well they had shaved each other). Mike asked them to hump against each other and once he had got them sufficiently aroused again, they did so. Both Amber and Lisa said it felt so much better doing that while completely smooth (although I know some people like the feeling of another girls pubic hair against their clit). They went back to being eaten by Mike, having a little time with Lisa lying on top of Amber so he could lick up and down both their pussies with long strokes and once he’d got them close to cumming like this he knelt and pushed into Amber, fucked her for a few strokes and then pushed in to Lisa. He moved back and forth between them as Amber nuzzled Lisa’s neck, nibbled on her earlobe and reached around to fondle Lisa’s breasts and frig her clit gently. They could have easily made Lisa cum like this but she wanted Mike to eat her again so he pulled out, Lisa lay beside Amber again and he moved back between her legs to lick her. Amber kissed and fondled Lisa as Mike worked on her clit and pussy and they gave her another orgasm that seemed to last a bit longer than the last one. Mike kept kitty kissing Lisa until she told him to eat Amber. Mike really wasn’t used to Lisa being this assertive and asked what was going on but she said he had to make Amber cum first and then they could talk.

Mike buried his tongue in Amber’s pussy and sucked on her clit until she came (he’d been with her often enough to know what she liked) and he then crawled up beside Lisa and asked again what was going on. She told him she just wanted to be with him and to know that what they had, had been real. Mike wrapped his arms around Lisa and told her it was real, it had been and always would be, he loved her, but they had decided it couldn’t work out. Lisa said she knew they had split up and asked Mike if he regretted spending the night with her and Amber. In response, Mike moved so he was lying on top of Lisa and rubbed his cock against her pussy. He slid in to her and whispered that even if he never got to do this again with her, he’d still love her. He pushed in to Lisa and asked if she wanted him to stop, but she wrapped her legs around him and said no, just to be gentle as she’d cum so many times that day already. Mike pointed out that they were the ones who had just forced him to eat and fuck them – but had to admin he hadn’t put up much of a fight. When Lisa told him she wanted him to cum in her again he promised her he’d give her everything he had left but asked if she thought she could manage another two orgasms. She said she might be able to so Mike asked Amber to crouch and eat Lisa while he fucked her and occasionally moved around to let Lisa suck her girlfriend’s juices from his cock. Amber said she wasn’t sure she could cum again and Lisa said she was sure they could get at least one more orgasm from Amber so Mike kept fucking, frigging and licking Amber as she are and fingered Lisa until she came.

Amber then crawled up over Lisa so Lisa could keep licking her while Mike kitty kissed Lisa. He spent about 30 minutes working on her and for all that time Lisa played with Amber but didn’t make her cum so Amber was pleading with Lisa for release and acknowledging that Lisa had been right and she could indeed make her cum again. Mike slipped into Lisa and helped out, lapping at Amber’s pussy and ass and helping to push her over the edge. When Amber came, Lisa gripped her ass and held Amber against her face. Mike helped out and they lapped at both of Amber’s holes until she was panting she couldn’t take any more and they released her.

Lisa told Mike to kiss him and he said he’d just been rimming Amber so Lisa said she’d just been eating her cunt and asked what his point was. Mike pushed his tongue into Lisa’s mouth and between kisses he told her she really was a naughty little girl and Lisa said that was just the way he liked her (which he agreed with). As it had gone down to well earlier that day, Mike knelt up with Lisa’s legs against his chest and fuck her, pushing deep into her cunt. Amber leant over and frigged Lisa but she said she thought she could cum without that. As her orgasm built, Mike told her he was close as well and she asked him not to cum. For a moment Mike wondered if this was some evil plan to lead him on, get him close to bursting, then toss him out, but he knew Lisa wasn’t like that (if it had been Jen or Mel then quite possibly). He did as she asked and kept pumping into her with long, deep strokes, now finding it more difficult to hold back as he’d been quite close when she asked. She came and told him to keep going, which he did, until her orgasm had completely ended. She pulled him down to kiss her and wrapped her legs around him to hold him in place. Mike asked if he could cum yet and she told him she wanted to fall asleep with him inside her. He said he didn’t know how long he could stay hard once he’d cum, but that he’d try and she pushed against him a little longer before unwrapping her legs and letting move around behind her.

Mike easily slid into her and they slowly moved against each other. Amber lay on the other side of Lisa and half-crawled over her so her breast was dangling in Lisa’s face for her to suck and she leant over to kiss Mike. Amber moved back and kissed Lisa, then turned around to spoon against her and Lisa asked Mike to keep moving gently for as long as he could before he came. Mike reached around Lisa and put his arm onto Amber, whispered ‘I’ll always love you’ to Lisa and then looked over Lisa to tell Amber that he’d always care about her as well, especially as she loved Lisa too. Mike pushed deep into Lisa and made small movements so he could feel as much as possible without being pushed over the edge. He kissed Lisa’s shoulders and neck and as she began to drift off to sleep she told him to cum whenever he wanted. Mike quietly talked to her, still making small movements so he very slowly got closer to cumming. As Lisa’s answers started turning to just murmurs he whispered that he was cumming. He couldn’t get any deeper into her so just kept slowly moving, feeling whatever cum he had left squirting into Lisa. She pushed back against him and he held her tighter and kept slowly moving as he whispered another ‘I love you’. He kept moving in her until she was sound asleep and remained buried in her as he fell asleep.

On the Sunday morning, Mike crawled down between Lisa’s legs and licked her until she woke up. She told him that as they weren’t dating he wasn’t allowed to assume he could eat her so he apologized and asked if she would allow him to lavish kisses and licks on her little bald pussy. Lisa said he could and he asked if he was allowed to slide his tongue between her lips and taste her sweet nectar and she again said he could so he asked if he could suck on her clit and flick his tongue over her ass until she came and she giggled and told him to get back down there and pleasure her. Amber had woken up during this exchange and told him he may as well do her at the same time. Mike gave Lisa the option of him working on her first and then Amber or switching between them and Lisa said it was up to him so he opted for the latter (mostly as it draws things out as each of them calmed down a bit while he was licking the other one). Both girls still had their socks on from the previous night so Mike also kissed up and down their thighs and caressed their legs. Amber ended up being the first of them to cum – once it was obvious she was really close, he remained working on her and then briefly kitty kissed her before moving over to Lisa again, but still returned to Amber to kitty kiss her some more (and draw out things even further for Lisa). Once Lisa had also cum, he crawled up between them and kiss them both. Lisa said it was now Mike’s turn and she moved down to his cock and took him in her mouth. Amber joined her and they both licked and sucked him, with a brief break when he asked them to turn around so they were lying top-to tail beside him (purely so he could stroke their legs and finger them). Lisa wanted him in her first and she climbed onto his cock but then let him roll her over after a few minutes. Mike was instructed not to leave Amber out so he had a turn inside her (not that this was any hardship) and t girls then 69ed while Mike fucked them in turn.

It went without saying that he would be cumming in Lisa, but he gave Amber a good long fuck and whispered to her that she had to take care of Lisa. Amber asked if he could fuck her hard without cumming and he told her it would be difficult given how sexy she was, how tight her little pussy was and how cute she looked with the white socks on, but that he thought he could manage (Mike learned from having told Susan once that he could easily hold back, that this isn’t that complimentary a thing to say to a girl unless it is dressed up). Mike repeatedly thrust into Amber with long strokes so their bodies slapped together and Amber’s orgasm built with a little additional help from Lisa who was stroking and caressing her. Ambre repeatedly moaned ‘fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…’ as she came so Mike kept going until she panted it was too much and asked them to slow down. Mike kept going, just much slower and Lisa moved her fingers away from Amber’s clit. They shared a three-way kiss and Amber asked Mike if he was ready to cum in Lisa. Mike said he thought he’d be able to give her something but that it might be better if he had a moment to worship her pussy first so his cock could calm down from being in her (Amber).

Mike asked Lisa to kneel on the bed and kitty kiss Amber while he lay on his back and lapped at her pussy. He held her cunt to his face as he ate her, pushing his tongue repeatedly between her lips to extract as much of her juices as he could as well as sucking on and flicking over her clit. Lisa warned him if he kept going that she’d cum and Mike told her he wanted to fuck her through one orgasm and then on to another – if she’d let him. Lisa told him he could do whatever he wanted and take her pussy or ass and Mike told her it would have to be her pussy. Amber moved over to give them a little room and Mike moved up the bed so Lisa could climb on to his cock. She sat up and rode him while Amber played with her breasts and frigged her (as well as kissing both Lisa and Mike). Lisa had been sufficiently close, that she came quickly and Mike pushed into her in time with her thrusts. Once Lisa finished cumming (and after making Mike promise to only kitty kiss her), Amber spent a little time sitting over his face but then moved aside to let Lisa lie on top of Mike. He stroked her back and ass as they kissed and fucked and he told her he’d always love her. Lisa told him to fill her with cum and they rolled over so Mike was on top. She told him she didn’t need to cum and Mike responded by telling that he needed her to cum. Amber seemed to agree with him as she pushed a hand down between their bodies and stroked Lisa’s clit. They spooned for a little while but both wanted to finish off while facing each other and Lisa wanted her legs around Mike again (this is apparently a possessive thing – which is somewhat ironic for a post-breakup fuck). Mike pumped into her and Lisa asked him to bite her shoulder (she likes this as long as it isn’t too hard). She told him she was about to cum and Mike quickly kissed her, their tongues pressing around each other and their bodies moving together faster. Lisa moaned into his mouth as she came and Mike fucked her harder. He knew he wasn’t far from cumming and grabbed one of Lisa’s legs, pressing it harder against him to indicate she should pull tighter. He moaned back into her mouth as he came, gave a few more strokes and then slowed his movements but remained buried in her.

Mike and Lisa kissed passionately for a few minutes, the kiss breaking when his cock had shrunk enough that he slid out of her. Mike sat up and admired the view of Lisa on her back with her legs still spread and his cum leaking from her – along with Amber who was lying on her side near them. Mike lay on the other side of Lisa and said he’d need a shower before he could go anywhere. Lisa told him he could shower alone, with her or with Amber and he opted for the fourth choice of ‘both of them’. Amber said the shower wasn’t big enough for that but when they told her they would drag her there naked if necessary, she slipped on her dressing gown and followed them to the bathroom. They didn’t actually have any problems showering together and were even relatively well behaved (probably as they all just cum). Mike offered to take the girls out to lunch but they said they had work to get done (exams weren’t far off) so Mike packed up his things while thinking of how to say goodbye. In the end, he went with something not too dissimilar from usual and asked if he could have a final lick of each of them. Amber had panties on so he had to pull them aside to get to her pussy but Lisa didn’t and just lifted her dress. Mike knelt in front of her and kissed around her mons and lips before sliding his tongue along the length of her pussy and giving her a handful of licks between her lips. He stood and kissed them both, then told them to get to work as he expected good grades from them (getting another slap for being patronizing). Lisa did offer to go to the station with him but Mike said he had already distracted her from revision for long enough. She did walk him to the door and they had a slightly tearful goodbye hug. Mike told her that he’d always be there if she needed anything and she said ‘how about a job up near you?’ so he amended it to ‘anything he could do’. After a few more kisses they agreed that he should go and Mike walked away.

Mike had a long time to sit and think on the train on the way home and nearly called Lisa a few times to ask if she really thought they’d done the right thing, if they should try for a long-distance relationship, if she would move up to be with us – and many other options, but he knew that this was probably the fairest thing to do for her (even if he didn’t like it). When Mike got home, he got big hugs from both Jen and me and he told us how the weekend had gone. We had already assumed from the fact he had stayed down for 2 days that things hadn’t been too bad but we were glad that it was a relatively easy and civil breakup with no (apparent) bad feelings. We all felt that this might be one of the added benefits of polyamorous relationships as both Mike and Lisa still had partners to help them get over each other and not be lonely. That’s not to say that they weren’t upset about splitting up, but it could certainly have gone much worse…

One thing we had been slightly nervous of (if things had gone badly) was Lisa deciding to spill all our secrets. While all of our shared friends know pretty much everything about our exploits by this point – and Mum knows about Mike and Jen sleeping with Sue and the fact that Mike got Lis pregnant, she still doesn’t know everything yet. As a way of distracting Mike, we went through the list of things that Lisa could have told Mum about me/us. Amongst other things, our list included:
·        How many people I’ve been with.
·        How I love feeding people my pussy juices as a salad dressing – either with or without their knowledge.
·        How I fucked Sue’s boyfriend at our house without him realizing it wasn’t Sue (the room was dark).
·        The sex parties.
·        That we go to the Hardcore club when we visit Jen’s friends and how we fuck openly there and I fucked on stage in front of a large audience.
·        The fact that Sue and I not just share Jen and Mike but fuck and eat each other.
·        The sex shows I participate in and let multiple guys fuck me and the fact that Sue and I have performed together in these shows, letting the guys watch us make each other cum, knowing we are sisters and then share all their cocks.

We aren’t sure which of the fact that Sue and I sleep together or the fact that I introduced her to the sex shows and let her be group fucked, that Mum would be more ‘disapproving’ of. She has been relatively accepting of the revelations that Mike and Jen fuck Sue and Mike directly donated sperm to Lis for her baby (although it took a little while for her to come to terms with the first revelation). Since then I have let on we are in a semi-open relationship (not that we aren’t committed to each other, just that we are allowed other partners), but as the list above shows (and any long-term readers will know there is a lot more), there are still many things she doesn’t know about.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Breakup – Part 2

Mike asked Lisa if that was what she wanted and she panted back that he could have just fucked her, but that it had felt wonderful. He told her he loved her and she said the same in return, then looked at him and asked if it was time to talk. Mike said he thought it was, but that they had better get dressed or he would get distracted again. Lisa was still on top of him with his cock inside her, but he had began to go soft and she wriggled around a bit and said it didn’t feel like he was ready to do anything more so he pointed out he could easily spend another hour eating her. Lisa said that sounded good – especially if it delayed their conversation and Mike asked her why she thought he’d spent so long making her cum. Lisa had tears in her eyes by this point and sniffed that she thought it was just because he found her irresistible and he told her that was why he said they should get dressed. Lisa pulled herself off of his cock and let some of his cum dribbled out of her, then moved back, lowered her mouth to his crotch and licked along the length of his cock before taking him in her mouth. Mike said this wasn’t fair so Lisa assured him she was just cleaning him up and sat up as she wiped her mouth clean. Knowing full well that she didn’t want to talk about their relationship any more than he did and he seriously considered pouncing on her again and spending the whole day kitty kissing, spooning and generally playing with her so they could avoid ‘the talk’, but he also knew that this would only delay the inevitable so he sat up, gave her a kiss and suggested they shower before getting dressed.

Lisa was well aware that this was just another delaying tactic, but they really did need to shower after their night with Amber and the session they had just finished so Lisa agreed and they headed to the bathroom and washed each other down. Mike’s fingers spent much longer rubbing Lisa’s pussy than was really needed (the outer lips and mons, not actually fingering her) with his excuse being he was still appreciating the good job Amber had done at shaving Lisa. Lisa made sure his cock was thoroughly cleaned and managed to coax it back to life so Mike knelt and buried his tongue in Lisa’s pussy again. He desperately wanted to eat her, make her cum and fuck her but restrained himself, stood up and said they should get back to her room. They dressed without saying much to each other and sat on the bed to talk. Over the course of a couple of hours (with a little break to get a snack) they discussed the whole situation.

Mike told Lisa he didn’t want to split up, but she knew he was with Jen and me, and that we had MJ to take care of and that (assuming things went to plan) I would be getting pregnant soon. He didn’t think it was fair to ask Amber to come and live with us if it wasn’t going to be good for her career and that it wasn’t fair to Amber, who clearly loved Lisa as well (which was reciprocated). In turn Lisa said she didn’t want to split up and said she didn’t want to split up either, but couldn’t spend another number of years living apart and wanted to be with him. She didn’t want to lose Amber and they both agreed that the best course of action would be for Amber and Lisa to move up with us, for us to pool our resources (once Amber and Lisa were working) and buy a bigger house so we could all live together and keep each other satisfied. (I’ve repeatedly pointed out the flaw in this plan to Mike – there would only be one cock involved – his – and both Lisa and I quite enjoy it (Amber and Jen do too, but we like it more), so he’d end up raw and permanently drained of cum). The only flaw in this plan was that Amber was looking at doing a Master’s course elsewhere and Lisa could actually get a job near enough that they could live together.

They went back and forth on keeping the relationship going with Lisa and Mike visiting each other, us going on holidays together, Mike spending the occasional week with Lisa and working from ‘home’, but none of the solutions were really practical or fair. In the end, they came to the conclusion that they had been dancing around for months, that despite the fact they loved each other, they should split up. Mike told Lisa that he knew Amber would be there to take care of her and if there was ever anything she needed that she could always call him. Lisa asked if that included times when she needed his cock and he told her he would always want to be with her. He automatically slid his hand up her thigh and she parted her legs for him. His fingers found her crotch and he pressed them against her panties and stroked her. He realised what he was doing and withdrew his hand while apologising but Lisa said it was fine and had felt nice. Mike asked why she had panties on and Lisa said she had wanted to keep the last of his cum in her for as long as possible, then cried again so they hugged more (with Mike restraining himself this time).

Lisa said she wanted some time to think and Mike asked if he should get Amber to come over. Lisa said she’d prefer to be alone so he asked if she minded if he met up with Amber and Lisa said this was fine so Mike headed off, called Amber and went round to her place. He told her how the conversation had gone and what they had decided (Amber had already messaged Lisa to see how she was) and they talked through the conversation. Amber asked Mike what he had felt for Lisa and he said he thought she knew that he loved Lisa every bit as much as Amber did. He made Amber promise to take care of Lisa (which he knew she would have done anyway) and echoed what he’d said to Lisa, that if they ever needed anything, to call him and he would do what he could to help out. Mike asked Amber if she would have been happy sharing Lisa with him forever and Amber said that she was quite used to it now and it seemed to work out well. They discussed how things could have been and Amber agreed that it would have been nice if things had worked out, but that she would have preferred it if it had mostly just been sharing Lisa with Mike and only occasionally having Jen, him and me join do things with her. Mike pouted and asked if that meant Amber didn’t enjoy sleeping with him and she assured him that she loved having him eat her awake and enjoyed the fact he could last much longer than some of the other guys when they fucked. Lisa then called Amber as she wanted company so Mike said his goodbyes and went to visit Abrahii.

Abrahii was living with Richard, James and Susan and it was a semi-naked Susan who answered the door to him. He hadn’t told everyone he was coming to visit (other than having just called Abrahii to see if she was in) so Susan was a bit surprised to see him. She was even more surprised when he gave her a hug without fondling her breasts or sliding his hands between her legs and playing with her and she asked him if anything was wrong or if he wanted to eat her (I have to concede that Susan loves cumming just as much as I do and is every bit as shameless about it as I am). Mike told her he would love to but that he had just split up with Lisa and Susan gave him a big hug. Abrahii came downstairs and Mike gave a quick wave in to the living room at the people there before heading back up to her bedroom with her. He went over what had happened – which Abrahii had been expecting – and they spent a while chatting with her trying to cheer him up. She offered him her bed for the night – saying he could either sleep there alone (and she would keep Susan at bay), or that she and Susan could help to ‘console’ him. Mike told Abrahii that he’d love to stay with her but asked that he just spend the night with her as he wanted someone to curl up against, but didn’t think it would be appropriate to sleep with anyone (and sharing a bed with Susan would make it almost impossible to not fuck). Abrahii pouted and asked if that meant he didn’t find her irresistible and Mike told her he’d happily come back and visit so he could eat her beautiful pussy, he just wanted to be with someone he cared about as a friend for company. She said she was just teasing him and Mike told her the idea of going down on her was as appealing as ever and that he was sure she would feel the evidence that he found her attractive later on – he just didn’t want to act on it.

They chatted a while longer and then went down to the kitchen to get a drink where Mike chatted to Susan and Richard as well. Susan gave him a few more hugs and tried to hump against him once (then apologised). Mike got Susan to tell him how things were going and she detailed how she was still enjoyed having the various guys in the group use her and being eaten and fingered by the girls on a daily basis. Susan sat and masturbated while telling him this and said it was a pity he didn’t want to help out, but Abrahii told her off. Susan didn’t stop playing with herself and told Abrahii she was a spoilsport. Mike said it was fine and was only fair seeing as he had played a small part in turning Susan into what she now was. Susan blew him a little kiss and picked a banana out of the fruit bowl, then proceeded to fuck herself with it while strumming her fingers over her clit. Mike stood and watched as Susan got herself off and when she pulled the banana from her pussy, she offered it to him. Mike took it, peeled it and then ate it, saying it was rather mushed, but that he had been hungry. Susan told him he could always eat something else (indicating her pussy) and Abrahii told her off again and asked Mike if they should go back upstairs. He said he didn’t mind and knew Susan was just playing, but they headed back up a few minutes later anyway.

Mike asked Abrahii what it was like living with Susan. She wasn’t quite her girlfriend, but for all practical purposes she was. Abrahii was also sort of dating Richard, who was properly dating James so she slept with them from time to time as well, but Susan (having the highest sex drive) probably fucked Abrahii more than anyone else. Abrahii said it was nice knowing that whenever she wanted a girl to go down on her, she could count on Susan being ready and that because Susan had a number of people to help keep her satisfied, if Abrahii wasn’t in the mood, she could send Susan elsewhere. Having said that, Abrahii admitted that she ended up doing *something* with Susan most nights and that Susan would sometimes even go down on Abrahii while using a vibe on herself so Abrahii could just relax and enjoy the stimulation. It was now late afternoon and Abrahii said they were planning on going out. Mike was of course welcome to go along with them but he said he’d rather stay in as he wasn’t feeling too sociable. He chatted to Abrahii as she freshened up and got ready (including sitting in the bathroom and talking to her while she showered). Abrahii didn’t bother trying to cover herself up (while she isn’t as bad as Susan, she doesn’t care if any of her ‘friends’ see her naked) and she caught Mike enjoying the view (just because he was upset, it didn’t mean he wasn’t male). She teased him a bit and asked if he wanted a closer look and Mike said she was as sexy as ever, but he wasn’t in the mood. Abrahii pointed to the bulge in his jeans and said she didn’t really believe him, but that she wouldn’t force him to do anything, unlike Susan who may well sneak in and plant her cunt on his face in the middle of the night if they didn’t lock the door. Mike said that at any other time, he would happily respond to that, just as he would happily play with Abrahii and she gave him another hug but held her crotch back from pressing against his. Mike slid his arms down her back to just above her ass, pulled her against him and thanked her for letting him stay. He traced a single finger over her ass and said ‘any other time, I’d be eating you by now…’ and trailed off, then released her so she could finish getting dressed.

Mike got a call from Amber who told him Lisa had suggested the three of them go out for dinner that night. He was a little confused as to why Amber had called and not Lisa and Amber said it was because Lisa wasn’t sure if he wanted to talk to her and wanted to keep his distance. Mike said he love to join them and he told Abrahii. She gave him a spare key to the house so he could let himself in if he finished up before Abrahii et al. got home and he headed back to Lisa’s place. Amber answered the door, gave him a hug and said she would be back in a bit once she had changed into something more suitable. Mike gave Lisa a hug and they awkwardly asked each other how they were doing. He asked if Lisa was sure she wanted to have dinner and she asked if they were still meant to be friends. Mike gave her a big hug and told her that of course they were friends and always would be and that she was being a stupid little girl and that he loved her as much as ever (just for clarity, the ‘stupid little girl’ remark was a running joke between them as Mike was well aware that Lisa wasn’t stupid and was a play on the fact that he was just about old enough to be her father). Lisa gave him the slap that this comment would usually garner and asked him if he would wear his suit to dinner so it could be a proper date. Mike agreed, although it meant he had to re-iron the shirt he’d worn the previous day and they talked about inconsequential things as they got changed. Lisa said it felt strange that she felt strange about undressing in front of him and he told her not to worry – he wouldn’t pounce on her. He told her he had already seen Abrahii naked and then quickly followed up by explaining that nothing had happened and it was just business as usual over at their house. Lisa is well acquainted with ‘business as usual’ amongst the group and asked him if it was really the case that nothing had happened. He told her that Susan had propositioned him and then masturbated herself, but that he hadn’t done anything with either her or Abrahii and Lisa seemed satisfied with this. Not that Lisa would usually mind as she wasn’t unfamiliar to helping satisfy Susan’s desires (and receiving reciprocal payment) and also occasionally took part in group sessions with the other people in the group (which were more often than not at Abrahii/Richard/James/Susan’s place.

Lisa finished getting dressed and Mike helped zip up her dress. He had noticed she had put a cute set of panties and bra on but didn’t comment on them, although did tell her she was beautiful when she was finished. Amber arrived about 15 minutes later and Mike complimented her as well before the three of them headed off into town. Having not booked on a Saturday night, they had to look round for a while before they found a suitable restaurant with a table, but they had a nice meal and talked positively about the future, Amber’s plans for her continuing education and whether she’d go on to do a PhD, what jobs Lisa was applying for and how difficult it was to find something. They went on to a bar and had a drink afterwards. Mike found it awkward to not be able to hold or touch Lisa and as he walked them back to Lisa’s place, the conversation became more muted. Amber and Lisa had a whispered conversation and Lisa asked Mike if he wanted to stay that night. He said he had arranged with Abrahii to stay with her – and then added that Abrahii had promised to keep Susan from demanding sex from him (which she is known to do from everyone). Lisa told him he didn’t have to go there and that she’d like him to stay with her. Mike said he’d love to, but they both knew if he spent the night with Lisa that they’d end up sleeping together and Lisa asked why that would be so bad. Mike said it would just make things more difficult, but when Lisa took his hand he threaded his fingers through hers and gripped it tightly. Amber took Mike’s other hand and said that she didn’t mind sharing Lisa one more time so Mike (being Mike) asked if they’d wear the socks he liked. Lisa gave him a kiss on the cheek and said he could have socks and white panties on them both if he wanted. She said he could go to Abrahii if he’d prefer and he pointed out he hadn’t been planning on sleeping with her. Lisa said he could still go if it would be easier but he gripped her hand more tightly and said he had exactly what he wanted where he was.

Mike messaged Abrahii to let her know he was staying with Lisa but didn’t get a reply. Once in Lisa’s room, he told her they could just sleep in the bed together if she wanted to just have him with her but both Lisa and Amber said they wanted him inside them. Not wanting to disappoint (and being able to turn down much younger girls), Mike said he’d do what he could and reminded them about the promise of socks (yes, I know, he really is obsessed with legs and socks). Lisa made a show of opening a new pack and told Mike to sit and watch as she and Amber undressed each other and they then pulled the socks up each other’s legs. Lisa gave Amber’s pussy a little kiss before sliding a fresh pair or white panties on and smoothing the material against Amber’s crotch, before switching places and letting Amber do the same to her. Amber then came and gave Mike a quick kiss and whispered to him to be gentle with Lisa and concentrate on showing her how much he loved her.

Mike was a little confused as to exactly what was happening. He was partially afraid that they would just fall back into the regular pattern, but even with his willpower he couldn’t resist the sight in front of him, which was made even more appealing when Lisa pulled a little blue pleated skirt out and put it on. She straddled his legs and sat down facing him. They kissed and Mike asked her ‘why’ and she said that just because they weren’t dating, it didn’t mean she didn’t love him and want to be with him. He thought about talking things through, but Lisa said she just wanted him to be with her like he had been that morning. Mike nibbled on her neck, then her earlobe and told her she really was an incredibly sexy girl – even without the panties and socks. Lisa asked if that meant she should take them off and Mike flipped her over, held her arms to the bed and told her a definite ‘no’. He kissed Lisa and Amber crawled up beside them. Amber kissed Lisa and Mike ran his hand over Amber’s panties and legs, occasionally rubbing the crotch of the panties. Lisa stroked Mike’s cock through his trousers and said she wanted to feel it, unzipped them and pulled it free. Amber helped remove his trousers and then pulled the crotch of Lisa’s panties to the side. Mike said he wanted to eat her and Lisa said he could do that later, she just wanted him inside her. He slid in and Lisa rolled him over onto his back so she could ride him and Amber then crouched over his face and said if he wanted to eat someone, he could have her.

This was like Christmas for Mike and he happily nuzzled Amber through her panties, then pulled the crotch aside and ate her while stroking her legs and occasionally reaching down to frig Lisa’s clit. When Amber leant forwards (presumably to kiss Lisa) Mike asked her to remove her panties and she did, but promptly resumed her position over his mouth. He could now lick all of her crotch properly and thrust his tongue into her as well as swirling it around her ass, loving the way this always made her whimper. Lisa and Amber then swapped positions and Lisa told Mike not to cum in Amber, but he told her that she should know better and he wasn’t planning on cumming straight away anyway as he wanted them to cum a few times first. Lia said ‘good’ and pushed her cunt against his face, then ground back and forth against him as he licked her. Mike felt Lisa’s fingers on Amber’s clit and Amber humped up and down on his cock. Mike had to concentrate on holding back and focussed on licking Lisa. His face was covered with her juices and her scent filled his nostrils. He pushed her a little more forwards a couple of times and speared her ass, then pulled her back and lapped at her clit, but mostly allowed her to hump against him as she seemed to be enjoying that. He felt her fingers speed up as she frigged Amber faster and he heard Amber moan. Mike pictured her cumming on his cock and had to hold back again, but then felt Amber pull himself off of his cock and Lisa moved away from his face.

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Breakup – Part 1

In early April 2015, Mike had taken a trip down to Jen’s old Uni by himself as he needed to see Lisa. Other than the fact they rarely got to see each other, things were going well between them (although I’m sure from the title of the post you can guess how things end up), but recent developments had made it obvious that they would have to make a choice…

Lisa had been applying for jobs for after graduation and had been looking for jobs up around where we live (as the plan was always that she would join us and Mike would increase his harem by one). She hadn’t had much luck in finding anything suitable, which given the state of the job market wasn’t too surprising and we were perfectly prepared to take her in and let her live with us. Mike and Lisa had really been looking forward to this as it would mean they would finally get to be together all the time – although we had realised there would be a few technical difficulties as Mike, Jen and I would no longer be able to all sleep together without leaving Lisa out (we had a bed big enough for three, but four would be too much of a squash). (Note by ‘sleep together’, I am actually talking about sleeping – we were all more than happy to have group sessions with the four of us!).

Lisa met up with Mike at the station and they had their customary kiss (including him reaching under her skirt to fondle her). He commented on how smooth her pussy felt and Lisa told him Amber had shaved her just that morning so Mike teased Lisa and said he’d have to thank Amber properly (but which Lisa knew full well he meant ‘make Amber cum’). Mike promised Lisa she would get the bulk of his attention and pointed out that Lisa got to benefit from having both him and Amber play with her at the same time. Lisa agreed with this but said she still wanted a chance to have him to herself before sharing him with Amber and Mike told her he couldn’t wait to get home so he could hold, strip, admire, kiss, stroke and caress, lick, finger, eat and fuck her until she’d cum at least three times. With each of the words in the previous sentence, Mike slid his fingers along Lisa’s pussy and she moaned back at him – not caring that they were standing in a busy train station (she had a long enough coat on to hide what his hands were doing). She said she wanted to go home straight away so she could feel him inside her and despite their plan to stop off and have a drink and chat before fucking, they went straight back to Lisa’s place, to her bedroom and to the bed.

Lisa released Mike’s cock and rubbed it against her face, then gave him a strong, wet suck. She told him again that she wanted him inside her and Mike said he wanted to eat her before fucking her. As a compromise, she agreed to briefly 69 with him so he could taste her and they then fucked with Lisa riding up and down on his cock as he massaged her breasts or pulled her to him so they could kiss and he kneaded her ass. As Mike wasn’t intending to cum, Lisa ground her clit against him and humped back in forth with rapid little movements. As she got closer to cumming, Mike held her face just in front of his and told her to keep looking at him. They continued to fuck and hump against each other as Lisa’s orgasm built and Mike reminded her a few times to keep looking directly into his eyes. Lisa asked if he loved her and he told her she knew he did so she asked him to tell her. Mike stared directly into Lisa’s eyes and told her he loved her deeply. She panted out an ‘I love you too’ just before she came and pushed against him a few more times as Mike pressed hard into her. Lisa lay down on him, her head beside his and Mike told her again that he loved her. Lisa knew why he was there and told him again that she loved him, then said she didn’t want to talk about things yet and that it was up to him to distract her. When she lifted her head to look at him, she already had a few tears in her eyes so they kissed and Mike caressed her back and ass, occasionally tickling her gently. Lisa whispered that he could have a proper look at her pussy now if he wanted and Mike told her she might not get him away from it once he started. Lisa pointed out that he hadn’t cum yet so she was sure she’d find a way to convince him to get back inside her and rolled off him, pulled a pillow down and pushed it under her ass.

Mike commented on how amazing she was as he crawled down the bed. He spent a little while just admiring her pussy, gently stroking and spreading the lips and he asked her if he could take a few pictures as it was so well shaved. Lisa said he could but pointed out that he had literally hundreds of pictures and videos of her already – Mike said he could never have too many and grabbed his phone and shot some close-ups of her pussy, then asked her to spread her lips and finger herself and he then got some longer shots – including whole body ones. He didn’t spend long doing this though as he really wanted to get his tongue back inside her and he discarded the phone and scooted back between her legs and started kissing around her pussy. He deliberately tickled her with his tongue and she squirmed and told him not to tease her. Mike asked what she meant and she said he knew but he feigned innocence until she told him she wanted him to eat her pussy. Mike slid his tongue between her lips and lapped up and down a number of times from the entrance to her vagina to her clit and back. He asked if that was what she wanted and Lisa let out a low moan and said it felt good so Mike stopped teasing and went back to eating her. He didn’t try to hurry things along too much, but at the same time he didn’t try to draw things out either and ate Lisa straight to another orgasm. She was a little surprised about this as he’d usually back off at least once but he pointed out she had said not to tease and she said she wasn’t complaining.

Lisa said she’d had a reasonably strong orgasm so needed a little break and Mike started kitty kissing her but she then said she wanted to see his cock so they went back to 69ing, with Mike still kitty kissing her and Lisa stroking, licking, kissing and sucking his cock. As her desire built again, she started sucking him much more forcefully and in return, Mike swirled his tongue as far into her as he could and sucked on her clit. Mike would have happily eaten her to another orgasm, but Lisa wanted to make him cum inside her so she lifted her pussy from his face (despite him trying to pull her back to his mouth), turned around and impaled herself on his cock. Mike told her she felt very wet and she told him it was now his job to make her much wetter. She ground her clit against him again, but this time rode him with long strokes as well, pushing down hard on his cock so he went deep into her. They changed position so Mike was on top and Lisa wrapped her legs around him, pulling him against her as he pumped in to her and they then switched again to spooning with Lisa twisting her head round to kiss Mike as he fucked her, caressed one of her breasts and frigged her clit. He told her he wanted her to cum and she said she was close and that she really wanted him to cum. Mike told her there was no danger of him not cumming and as Lisa started cumming he told her he was about to pump his cum deep into her little cunt. Between gasps, she told him to go ahead and fill her and he obliged her – beginning to cum just at the end of her orgasm. Lisa pushed back even harder against him and said she wanted his cum as deep inside her as he could get it. Mike emptied his cum into her and she remained pressed against him, kissed him deeply and then lay her head down beside his.

They remained pressed firmly together with Mike’s cock still buried deep in Lisa’s cunt and Mike hugged her tightly for a couple of minutes until he felt her ease off slightly. When Lisa looked up, she quickly said that she still didn’t want to talk about things yet. Mike didn’t really want to talk about them either but was trying to be sensible and said that they would have to discuss matters at some point, but that he was happy to wait. Lisa lifted herself off of Mike and let his cum drip out of her onto his cock. Mike told her he had been saving his cum for her (which he had – he hadn’t cum in me or Jen for three days) and Lisa said she was thankful as she smeared it around his crotch and her pussy. Mike asked if she wanted him to clean her up (by which he meant kitty kissing her – inevitably leading to eating her again) but Lisa said that Amber could take care of that later on, as well as sucking his cock clean of their juices. Mike tickled Lisa and told her she was such a naughty girl getting her girlfriend to suck his cum out of her and that maybe he’d fuck her ass while Amber was eating her. At this, Lisa said it was probably time to meet up with Amber so they climbed out of bed and got dressed. Lisa pulled on a pair of white panties and said it was to keep her pussy moist and covered with Mike’s cum, but that she’d go without them if he preferred. Mike said he thought they looked nice and nuzzled the crotch for a little while until Lisa said he would end up distracting her if he kept going. In return for what he’d just done, she took the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked it clean, swirling her tongue around it and then releasing it saying Amber could take care of cleaning the rest, or that he could just push into her and coat the inside of her cunt with his cum as he fucked her.

Mike and Lisa met up with Amber and they went out for dinner and then a few drinks together. Mike greeted Amber almost as enthusiastically as he had done with Lisa, although wasn’t able to get his hands under her skirt at first though as she didn’t have a jacket on to hide what he was doing. It was only after dinner when they were on their way to a bar that Mike pull Amber up against a wall, slipped his hands into her coat and asked her if she was as well shaved as Lisa (he had already complimented Amber over dinner on the job she’d done shaving Lisa). Amber said he’d have to wait and see but Mike slid his hands down her back, over her ass and up under her skirt. Amber looked around to see if anyone was paying attention as Mike's hands cupped her ass and he expressed his disappointment that she had panties on. Amber said that not everyone could be as much of an exhibitionist as his wife was and Mike reminded her that she had openly been fingered, eaten, fucked and cum at the hardcore club multiple times and Amber gave him a coy look and said it was different there. Mike slid his hands into her panties and caressed her ass but when he tried to move his fingers to her pussy she reminded him that she’d said he would have to wait to find out if she was shaved. She pressed her crotch against his and told him she hoped he could manage a second fuck (knowing that he and Lisa had already had a session) and Mike assured her he could, providing of course he was allowed to eat her first. Amber said she wouldn’t expect anything less and pulled away from him as his fingers were still probing towards her pussy.

On the way back to Lisa’s place, Mike asked Amber if she would help make Lisa cum again. This resulted in Lisa being stroked, fingered, stripped of her panties and licked in various alleyways – mostly in complete privacy, but twice they were seen. Lisa didn’t care and the second time she even lifted her skirt to allow her audience to watch as Amber’s fingers rubbed Lisa’s pussy and then pushed into her. Lisa gave at least a little in return and rubbed Amber through her panties, as well as asking Mike for his cock and kneeling to give him a brief suck (mostly to make it difficult for him to walk the rest of the way). In Lisa’s room, Mike and Lisa turned on Amber and despite her protests that she was meant to be helping make Lisa cum, she was subjected to being fingered and eaten. Mike was allowed to pull Amber’s panties down so he could finally get to see how well shaved she was and he was delighted to see that she was every bit as smooth as Lisa. He buried his tongue in her pussy and commented (favourably) on her taste, eating her for a couple of minutes before letting Lisa take over. Mike asked Lisa if they should double team her and Amber said he didn’t have to do that, but Mike ignored her, spread her ass cheeks and attacked her ass with his tongue. Amber squealed and Mike asked if she wanted them to stop but she told them it felt good and to keep going so they did until she came. As she recovered, Amber asked what had happened to the plan to gang up on Lisa and Mike said he thought it was only fair she get to cum first so she could partially catch up with them. Mike spooned behind Amber, rubbing his cock against her ass cheeks and told her it wouldn’t be her last orgasm of the night, but if she was ready they could get back to the first plan and fuck Lisa senseless.

Amber was indeed ready and Lisa was toyed with for about an hour. Mike fucked her (without him cumming), he and Amber ate, fingered and used toys on her, Amber 69ed with Lisa while Mike fucked Amber (to give Amber another orgasm) and they double teamed Lisa the way they had done with Amber – with each of them taking a turn at each of Lisa’s holes. They got a further three orgasms out of Amber, which was enough to exhaust her so Mike told her he would finish off in Amber – banking on the fact that Lisa wouldn’t want him to cum in Amber. He was right – although Lisa did allow him to semi-fuck Amber for a reasonable amount of time until she climbed out of bed and slipped on Mike’s favourite pair of long socks and said she wanted his cock. Lisa rode Mike but Amber wasn’t abandoned and Mike ate her (giving her a third orgasm for the night) with Mike then fucking Lisa while Amber helped out with a little breast play and frigging Lisa’s clit. Lisa told him to cum in her as she came and Mike said that wasn’t fair as she had both him and Amber stimulating her so she’d cum much quicker. Lisa told him she was sure he’d be able to find some way to arouse himself while in bed with two undergraduates and squeezed her cunt around his cock. Mike said he’d do his best and pumped into Lisa with long strokes, already feeling his orgasm building and telling her he could probably cum in her beautiful, hot, wet, tight and young cunt whenever she wanted to cum. Lisa wanted to cum, but asked them to draw it out just a little longer so they did, pushing her close to orgasm and then Amber backing off on the frigging so Lisa could enjoy him sliding in and out of her. They kept her like this for long enough that she was begging to cum and Amber got Lisa to plead for her fingers on her clit and for Mike to push deep into her and cum. Mike shared a kiss with Amber and said he couldn’t hold back much longer anyway so Amber resumed frigging Lisa’s clit and the three of them shared a kiss as Lisa started cumming and Mike pushed deep into her and moaned that he was cumming too.

Mike remained on top of Lisa and kept his cock inside her as the three of them kissed more. Mike told Amber he’d love to see her in some long socks as well and she called him weird so he pouted and she said she’d do it in the morning. She then hesitated and asked if they wanted her to go so they could spend the night together but both Mike and Lisa told Amber they wanted her there and Mike added that she wasn’t allowed to leave. Mike and Lisa discussed a punishment for Amber even having suggested this and he suggested she be sent down to the kitchen to get them all something to drink, but that she would have to go naked. Amber didn’t like this idea as even though the kitchen wasn’t far from Lisa’s room, there was a reasonable chance she would be spotted. Mike made it as far as wrapping his arm around Amber and saying he’d carry her out the door if Lisa opened it, but Lisa couldn’t be bothered moving so Amber was let off.

Mike spooned with Lisa (not inside her, just pressed up against her back) and Lisa spooned against Amber as they fell asleep. In the middle of the night, Mike woke up and pressed against Lisa until he was hard. She stirred as she felt him rub against her and he whispered to her and asked if she wanted him inside her. Lisa replied ‘always’ and reached down to spread her lips and guide him in. They didn’t fuck, just slowly pressed against each other until they fell asleep again and when Mike woke in the morning he was hard again and instead of going down on Lisa, he rubbed her pussy until she was wet enough for him to slid in once more and he pushed deep into her. As they moved against each other, Amber woke up and told them they were as bad as teenagers so Mike pulled out of Lisa and crawled down under the covers so he could take turns licking both Amber and Lisa. Mike convinced Amber to put on the socks she had promised to wear and he then made Lisa cum (still just eating her), briefly spooned with Amber and then ate Amber to orgasm as Lisa kissed her.

Amber was quite prepared to help Mike cum (he didn’t have the same relationship with Amber as he did with Lisa, but they liked each other immensely as they shared Lisa’s affections) but Mike said he wanted a session with just Lisa. He didn’t say the words, but it was obvious that he meant ‘a final session’ and Amber was considerate enough to say that she had a stack of work to do. Before she left she told them to give her a call when they were done (expecting to have to console Lisa) and she left. As soon as Amber was gone, Lisa told Mike not to say anything yet and to just fuck her properly. Mike held Lisa, his still hard cock pressing against his stomach and asked her what ‘properly’ meant. Lisa said she was sure he could figure it out and Mike reached down to caress her ass and upper legs and pointed out that Lisa hadn’t put the socks back on. She sat on the edge of the bed and made a show of sliding them up her legs, lifting each leg in turn to slightly spread her pussy and then smoothing the material with her hands. When they were both on, she lifted her legs so her feet were on the bed, either side of her and asked Mike if this was better. In response, he knelt by the bed and kissed her inner thighs, placing a few kisses on her pussy each time he moved from leg to leg. Lisa said that this wasn’t ‘fucking’ and Mike said if she wanted it done ‘properly’, he’d need to give her pussy the attention it desired first, but gave her his word that he’d fuck her more than once and give her as much of his cum as he could.

They spent the next three hours playing. Mike didn’t even count the number of times he made Lisa cum, but he ate, fingered, frigged, fucked (without him cumming), rimmed and 69ed with her (still without him cumming). He teased her a few times – keeping her close to cumming for a fair while before giving her a release, then kitty kissing to prepare her for the next orgasm. They finished off with him fucking her as promised, her riding him, him spooning her, him on top of her with her faced down, missionary (with her legs wrapped around him), him kneeling with her legs up against his chest and finishing with Lisa on top and Mike pumping into her fast and hard. While Lisa is now quite experienced at cumming many times, this had still been a fairly intense session for her (even without the emotional implications) and her pussy felt quite sensitive so she could feel a fair amount as they fucked. She repeatedly told him to cum and as her orgasm hit she kissed him passionately, pushing her tongue into his mouth and kept her lips locked against his. Mike pumped away inside her and considered trying to hold back so they could extend the session longer, but he knew they had to talk at some point (and he really wanted to cum) so after a little while he pulled Lisa hard against him as he felt his cock pulse and squirt his cum into her cunt.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Simone – Part 5

The guy stood up and unzipped his trousers, revealing his already hard cock. Simone instantly felt a pulse run through her cunny and she reached for it and wrapped her hands around it. The guy stood still, breathing heavily as Simone stroked him until she said it wasn’t fair as he wasn’t touching her. He looked at her sister who glumly nodded back and he reached down to lift Simone’s dress. She moved closer to him and his slipped his hands into her panties and stroked her ass, then pushed his hand between her legs to her cunny. Simone was pressed up against him and could feel his cock on her stomach as she stroked him, but wanted to feel what she had the other day so told him to wait a moment, stepped back and pulled her dress off. She slid her panties down but didn’t remove her bra as she was somewhat embarrassed by her small breast size (she hadn’t developed yet) and the guy seemed to get the idea and slid his trousers and shorts off. They sat on the bed in the same position they had before – Simone with her legs spread so the guy could frig her and him facing her so she could stroke him. He was a bit bolder this time and pressed harder against her cunny so his finger slid a bit deeper between her lips. Simone thought his cock felt different as she stroked it, but only later realized it was because the time before it had been covered with her sister’s juices. It didn’t seem to make much difference though as the guy was breathing heavily and obviously enjoying what she was doing to him as much as she was enjoying him playing with her. Still copying what she had seen her sister do (or at least what she thought she had been doing), Simone leant forwards and kissed the end of the guy’s cock and then licked it. Her sister immediately told her to stop and asked what she was doing – to which Simone’s reply was just ‘What you do’.

Simone licked the head of the guy’s cock a while longer – assuming he was enjoying it from the way he was rubbing her cunny even faster than before. His finger occasionally pushed further between her lips – not all the way in, but slightly deeper than Simone had gone. She didn’t object to this as everything felt so wonderful and when the guy pushed her head down, she took his cock a little way into her mouth. She sucked it a bit and could feel a pressure building in her cunny. Again, with hindsight, she knows the guy was rubbing her too hard, but it still felt wonderful to her and she thinks she had at least a mini-orgasm as it was so much more intense than anything she had felt before. She stopped sucking the guy, but immediately resumed stroking him and in no time he came, squirting what felt like even more cum over her than he had before. This time, Simone didn’t have a dress to protect her and his cum splashed over her chest and stomach as well as her legs and cunny. He hadn’t stopped stroking her and as the cum ran down to her cunny, she felt her cunny get wetter and slicker as his fingers pushed it between her lips. Once again her sister told her it was enough and to get out. Simone gave the guy’s cock one last kiss (and got her first taste of cum), before picking up her clothes and leaving them. She went to the bathroom, lay on the mat on the floor and smeared the cum over her body, rubbing it in to her breasts and cunny. She masturbated for what felt like ages but couldn’t get the same feeling she had got when her sister’s boyfriend had been playing with her and decided she wanted to feel that good as often as possible.

Simone didn’t want to wait another few days so later on that evening, she told her sister that she wanted to play with her boyfriend again. Her sister objected, refused and argued but Simone kept threatening to tell their parents, knowing her sister would be in a lot more trouble than she would be. In the end her sister asked ‘how often’ and Simone immediately said ‘every day’ – really wanting to feel the pleasure. Her sister said that wasn’t fair and that he was her boyfriend. In the end, they agreed that as long as Simone didn’t say anything to anyone (parents or friends), that she would be allowed to play with him every other day (at the time Simone thought this was because her sister wanted a chance to play with him, but looking back, she might just have been trying to protect Simone). Over the next few weeks, Simone got her wish and was stroked roughly every other day – sometimes to mini or partial orgasms, sometimes not, but she loved having his hands on her, as well as her hands on his cock and the feeling of his cum on her body. It was only about a week in that he came in her mouth – at first she gagged on the cum and spat it out into her hands (which she then wiped over her breasts and cunny), but with a little practice she got used to having him cum in her mouth (she would occasionally swallow, but she mostly still spat it out as she liked rubbing it over herself – and the guy liked watching her do this).

At the beginning, Simone’s sister would stay to make sure things didn’t go too far, but after a while she sometimes left them to it. By this point, Simone had got the guy to go down on her (she had seen a few of her sister’s boyfriends do this to her) and she had her first proper orgasm with him licking her (I think the fact that Mike is an older guy who loves eating her might be why she enjoys being with him so much). Simone progressed to 69ing, which she loved as it meant she often got to cum properly (now she knew what it should really feel like, the mini-orgasms weren’t as appealing) but she really wanted to know what real sex felt like. Both Simone and the boyfriend knew that her sister wouldn’t allow this, but as they had the occasional times alone, Simone had practiced sitting over him and sliding back and forth (not with him inside her, just grinding against his cock). This became one of the favourite positions for the boyfriend as he said he loved watching his cock sliding between her lips. Simone enjoyed it, especially when they could do it for long enough to make the guy cum and she could then rub her cunny back and forth in his cum, but she generally had to get him to stroke her afterwards (he didn’t want to lick her when his cum was on her cunny). As it felt much better for the boyfriend when she rubbed directly against the head of his cock, he had slipped a little way between her lips a few times. Simone knew he wanted to fuck her properly, but he was too afraid of what her sister would do so it was her who pushed things forwards.

Simone remembers it was a Tuesday evening and her sister had gone to athletics practice. She was on her sister’s bed with the boyfriend and he had fingered and licked her in a 69 when she climbed over him. She started sliding back and forth against his cock and he was reaching up to fondle her breasts (she’d got over being embarrassed about their size when she found out she enjoyed having him touch and kiss them). As she moved forwards to grind her cunny and clit against the head of his cock (she’d learned well), she decided it was time and moved forwards a little more so the head was sliding back and forth between her lips. He enjoyed this position more anyway as he felt more of her warmth on the head so didn’t complain and whenever she felt him slide a little deeper, she pushed back. He slid a little way into her a few times but fell out each time. Simone could feel him humping against her and finally they pushed at the same time and he went a good few inches into her. She stopped moving and saw the look of panic on his face but she pushed against him harder and he pushed back. He asked what would happen if her sister found out and Simone said she didn’t care. While Simone was a virgin (a far as actual intercourse goes anyway), her hymen had been broken so there was no real pain. She felt somewhat stretched as up until then the largest thing she’d had inside her was one of his fingers, but as she got used to the feeling she realised she loved the feeling of his cock inside her. Unfortunately she was somewhat disappointed by the fact that he wasn’t in her very long before he told her he had cum and when she tried to move more he said it felt too intense. When she lifted herself off of his cock she felt and saw the cum leaking out of her and tried  to hump against his cock, but that was also too intense for him so she had to make do with him stroking and fingering her to a somewhat weak orgasm. The only thing that made up for it was the feeling of his cum in her cunny as he fingered her as she’d never had anywhere near that much inside her before.

They ended up fucking whenever Simone’s sister wasn’t there and the guy got a little better at lasting longer and trying different positions. Simone got used to playing with her clit to help her own orgasm along although it felt better when the boyfriend also did this. The first time she came properly with him inside her she was incredibly happy – and even more so when the boyfriend came in her just after. They lay with him still buried in her and when he pulled out she reached down and rubbed his cum around the area as it leaked out. Needless to say, her sister wasn’t at all happy when she found out that her boyfriend was actually fucking her but it was Simone who decided to give the game away – one time when her sister was present, Simone started off by grinding against his cock and then pushing back so he slid into her. Her sister tried to stop them but Simone told her they had fucked lots of times and that she really enjoyed it. After her initial anger – and realising that her boyfriend hadn’t forced Simone to do anything – her sister eventually relented and told them they could do whatever they wanted.

Simone was devastated when her sister broke up with her boyfriend (about a month after she had started fucking him, but by that point she had at least learned to masturbate properly so could now take care of herself. It didn’t take long for her sister to find a new boyfriend, who she tried to keep away from Simone, but that proved to be fruitless as Simone found ways to discreetly flash him, let him see down her top (no longer being at all ashamed of her still developing boobs), sit with her legs spread so he could see up to her panties and sometimes sitting on his lap and squirming against him. Looking back, Simone realises she wasn’t being at all subtle, but they were both young so it was hardly a professional seduction. Simone was quite certain that the new boyfriend was interested in her (and she also knew he was already fucking her sister) so when he turned up at the house one day and her sister was late back from school, Simone made her move. She told him he could wait up in their room and sat chatting with him, sitting with her legs spread and skirt up so he could see her panties. She got him to start tickling her and used this as an excuse to end up wrestling with him and at one point when she was on top, she let him tickle her and humped against his crotch. He had rubbed his hands over her chest a few times (either by mistake or on purpose – Simone didn’t care) and she humped against him harder and said it felt good, then asked if he was enjoying it. He said he was so she pulled the top of her dress down and said he could tickle her more. His hands quickly went to her chest and she didn’t stop him when he pushed her bra up and then started rubbing her little nipples.

They kissed and he licked and sucked her breasts as she fumbled with his trousers. As soon as his cock was free, she bent down and took him in her mouth (now being quite practiced at giving blow jobs). He pushed a hand into her panties and started fingering her – quickly getting a finger inside her and moving it in and out. Simone loved having someone else touch her again (it had only been a few weeks since the last time she’d done things with her sister’s last boyfriend, but at that age a few weeks seems like a long time) and she used her free hand to work her panties down a little way to give him better access. He fingered her more - still in too rough a manner, but well enough that she enjoyed it and she wanted to feel more so she stood up and quickly stripped. The boy pulled his trousers off and Simone straddled him and pressed against his cock. She humped back and forth and reached down to push his cock into her cunny. He asked if he should use a condom and Simone said no (she hadn’t used any protection and really wanted to feel his cum in and on her). It took a few strokes for him to get in to her as she was very wet, but still very tight and the guy just gasped and said it felt wonderful. Once again things didn’t work out for Simone who had wanted to cum as the guy didn’t last long inside her at all and came. Simone loved the feeling of his cum leaking out of her, but she still wanted to cum and asked him to lick her. He refused, saying he didn’t want to do that, but he did agree to finger her so Simone lay back on the bed, spread her legs and let him play with her cunny as he lay beside her and sucked on her breasts. It was during this stage that her sister came home and found them – screamed at her boyfriend and chased him out and then had a huge argument with Simone about stealing her boyfriends.

In the end they came to a compromise that balanced out Simone’s threats to tell their parents, her selfishness (she admitted this) and her desire to not upset her sister too much (providing she could still get to enjoy herself). They agreed that Simone would get to keep playing with her sister’s boyfriends (if they wanted – and they mostly did), but that Simone should look for her own boyfriend and if she got one that she only do things with him. Her sister broke up with the boyfriend she had screamed at a short while later (Simone got to fuck him a few more times) and Simone tried dating a few of the boys in her year at school, but found they were even more inexperienced than her sister’s boyfriends and would generally cum in no time at all when they fucked her – and even worse, couldn’t always get her off. Simone would therefore still often prey on her sister’s older boyfriends who were generally more than receptive to her advances (only one of them didn’t want to do anything with her). One guy in particular dated her sister as word had got around that this gave access to Simone and he effectively ended up being Simone’s boyfriend. He was also the first guy who did things with both Simone and her sister at the same time (up until then, her sister was occasionally present to watch, but had never participated). While Simone never did anything to or with her sister, they were both naked at the same time with the guy fingering, kissing licking or fucking them and we pointed out to Simone that from her description, both she and her sister would have sucked each other’s juices from the guy’s cock (this actually seemed to be a revelation to her).

Simone dated this guy for about 6 months and says they fucked pretty much every day (apart from when she had her period as he was too squeamish, so she would usually just suck him off while he frigged her for those days). Her sister had a number of boyfriends during that period and after she had broken up with the first one (after ‘donating’ Simone the previous boyfriend), she decided to get some form of revenge on Simone. One afternoon when Simone and her boyfriend were in the bedroom fucking, her sister walked in – they looked up, but given how things had started out, they didn’t stop and her sister walked over to the bed and said she wanted to join in. She had hoped that this would upset Simone (seeing as the guy was actually Simone’s boyfriend), but Simone said she didn’t care. Simone’s sister wasn’t sure if Simone was bluffing, but as she hadn’t been laid for a little while – and they’d had the semi-threesomes before, she removed her school uniform and climbed on to the bed. The guy quickly started kissing her and reached between her legs to finger her and they went back to the way things had been when he had been her sister’s boyfriend with him making them both cum, fingering, fucking and eating them both (Simone had convinced him to go down on her, saying it was only fair seeing as she would blow him). Whenever her sister got a new boyfriend, she would stop doing things with Simone and her boyfriend, but between boyfriends she joined them, as well as once or twice when she wasn’t single.

Simone especially remembers the first time this happened as it was a night when their parents were out and her sister was meant to be babysitting her. Her sister had wanted to go to a party with her boyfriend and Simone told her to go ahead as she had arranged for her own boyfriend to come over. Her sister had gone to the party and Simone and her boyfriend had made full use of the fact her parents wouldn’t be back for ages and fucked on their bed. When her sister returned, she was quite drunk and upset as she had a fight with her boyfriend so she asked Simone’s boyfriend to make her cum. Simone said she didn’t mind (as they often shared him anyway) and he went down on her sister, but Simone decided she wanted to be involved so she unzipped his trousers and stroked his cock until he got hard enough to play with properly. He ended up on his back with Simone riding him while her sister sat over his face and he ate her. In a moment of sisterly love, Simone said her sister could use his cock for a bit and they swapped round, but Simone insisted on swapping back so he came in her (he did also manage to eat her sister to orgasm). Another time her sister cheated was when she was in the room while Simone was fucking and said she was bored so asked if she could join in. That time the guy actually got to cum in her (Simone wouldn’t let him put a condom on and her sister gave in and let him go bareback in her). Simone got the guy to finger her afterwards and at her request he smeared some of the cum from her sisters cunny into her own one.

It wasn’t until a few years later that Simone had her first experience with a girl – this was at a party when she was 17 and was fairly drunk. Her reputation was well known by this point (although she certainly wasn’t the only girl in her school in that position) and an older girl sat beside her and made a comment about knowing she liked having fun. At that point. Simone was between boyfriends – surprisingly she says she didn’t do random hook-ups (although would sleep with boyfriends within days of starting to ‘date’ them) – and when the girl started telling her how she could make her feel much better than any guy, Simone said she didn’t believe her and she wished she could just get laid. Simone can’t remember how the girl convinced her (as I said, she was drunk), but they ended up in a bedroom upstairs kissing with the girl’s fingers buried in her cunny. She remembers it feeling better than what most of the guys had done to her which the girl said was only natural as she got to practice on her own cunny. The girl pushed Simone’s hands between her legs and Simone started fingering her in return – she said she found this less strange than when the girl asked her to suck on her breasts, but Simone did both anyway. When the girl pushed Simone back onto the bed, she guessed she was about to be eaten and spread her legs. The girl kissed her way down and lapped at Simone’s cunny until she came and when she then asked if Simone would do the same to her, she just nodded and they switched places. While Simone had never eaten a girl out before, she’d had it done to her enough times to know what she liked, so just did that and it had the desired effect. Not only did she get her lesbian mentor off, but she got profuse praise about how good she was and how the girl couldn’t believe it was Simone’s first time (with a girl). Following this hookup, Simone saw the girl a few more times and had her first ‘proper’  threesome with the girl and one of her girlfriends (the things she’d done with her sister and boyfriend didn’t count as she and her sister hadn’t been playing with each other). Since then, Simone has had a number of boyfriends, but never a girlfriend – as I said before, she considers herself mostly hetero, but will (obviously) hook up with girls and even before the York sex parties had a few more threesomes and group sessions in her final year at school and first year of Uni.

As you can seem our plan of keeping Simone highly stimulated and prying to get more details and descriptions out of her paid off. Admittedly we didn’t get all of the details I’ve written about on this session, I’ve added in some that we got during subsequent discussions, but she told us most of the outline and a lot of the explicit things. I’ve tried to use ‘cunny’ instead of pussy while relating her story as that’s the term she always uses, but I might have missed a few references. As I said before, having heard her story explained to me why she enjoys doing things with Mike (older guy who likes eating pussy and making her cum). It also explains why she didn’t think it at all odd that Mike and Jen wanted to fuck Sue but was still surprised that Sue and I would actually do things together and although she acknowledges she and her sister have tasted each other’s juices and had them mingled in their cunts from sharing guys’ cocks, she still doesn’t want to do things with her sister. We did raise the idea of inviting her sister along to meet Mike and having one of the semi-threesomes with Simone, Mike and her but Simone said her sister had a boyfriend and doubted she would go along with it and the situation wasn’t helped by Mike telling Simone how he would finger her sister and spoon as much of her juices into Simone’s mouth as possible (and vice-versa).

We finished off the session with me sitting over Simone’s face and having her eat me while Mike fucked her. I reached down to play with her clit and we kept her at the edge of cumming (not too close as we were still learning her tolerances) until she made me cum and then we pushed her over the edge and Mike finally came in her again (although probably didn’t produce anything). Jen hadn’t initially wanted to cum, but changed her mind and asked if Simone would help out. Unfortunately Simone was exhausted by this point (almost cumming for the best part of an hour it quite tiring) so Mike and I played with Jen and smeared lots of her juices over Simone’s body – along with Simone’s and my juices. Mike wished he could have produced another decent load of cum so he could have covered her and added it to the mix but being a guy, his production capacity is sadly limited. Simone was hesitant about travelling home without washing first, but the promise of a post-exam visit for as long as she wanted, with as many orgasm as she wanted was enough to convince her in her weakened state.

Once she was dressed, Mike drove her back to the airport – she had a relatively short dress on but had wanted to wear panties for the journey home. That didn’t go quite as she had planned though as in the car park at the airport, Mike had made out with her one last time. She had let him finger her and he dared her to let him eat her, which she did (in the back of the car). Mike got her close to cumming and said that her panties were the price of her orgasm. Simone moaned at him, but agreed as she wanted to cum so Mike gave her the promised orgasm. As she lay recovering, Mike quickly went through her bag and removed all of her other pairs of panties so she couldn’t put another pair on, but promised to send them back to her straight away. Simone decided to be defiant and said he could keep them all (there were only 4 pairs) and that he could give them to her at the next party so Mike told her he should have also demanded her bra and let her travel home with just her dress on (but having cum, she wasn’t horny enough to agree to this). He managed to get a final fondle of her pussy as they kissed goodbye just before she went through security and Simone promised him she would pass his regards on to Clare and Sara, with the (assumed) promise that Giles would join in.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Simone – Part 4

When Simone finally stopped, Jen moved back and grabbed a shampoo bottle (not just any one, we know this one is suitable as it isn’t too big, has ridges on the side and raised lettering that is smooth so it feels really good). Jen roughly pushed the bottle into her cunt and plunged it in and out. Her other hand alternated between pinching and rolling her nipples, frigging her clit and pushing a couple of fingers into her ass. Mike was all for helping Jen out, but I told him it looked like she was doing fine by herself and I wrapped my hand around his cock and told him I had a use for him if he was bored. We moved over to the bath and I leant forwards against it – Mike reached down to my pussy, ran his fingers up and down my lips and spread them so he could enter me. I pushed back against him as he slid in, making it almost halfway on the first stroke, a little deeper on the second and then fully into me on the third. Mike fucked me while frigging my clit and I watched Jen fuck herself with the bottle. She mewed her way to her orgasm and let out a strong spray of pee as she came. She says she wasn’t aiming for me, but I’m sure I saw her slide down a little just before she came and a fair amount of the liquid splashed over my face and upper body, as well as Simone who was crouched at the other end of the bath. Mike kept fucking me and got Simone and Jen to help play with my breasts. Jen was pleasantly surprised that Simone sucked on my nipple, even though it was damp from Jen’s pee and as I got closer to cumming, Simone reached down to take over frigging my clit so Mike could fuck me harder. I love being the centre of attention like this and I came with Jen’s tongue in my mouth, her hands on my breasts and neck, Simone’s mouth sucking one of my nipples, her fingers on my clit, Mike’s thumb pressed against my ass and his cock fucking me. The only regret I had was that we weren’t outside as I really wanted to follow Simone’s and Jen’s example and pee as I came (Mike doesn’t mind this) – I wasn’t too bothered though as it was a much more exhilarating ‘first orgasm of the day’ than normal and I made sure to give Simone a long, wet kiss afterwards as thanks for her part in it.

Mike hadn’t cum in me (so he could keep his promise to fuck Simone the requisite number of times) and Jen helped shower off Simone’s legs before releasing her to Mike, at which point I joined Jen in the shower and helped to lick her pussy clean. Jen decided to make the most of our location and insisted on kitty kissing and then eating me so I could have the first pee of the day over her. As much as I love Jen’s tongue, I decided I wanted the shampoo bottle so Jen slipped this into me and fucked me with it while she lapped at my clit. This meant that when I peed, it wasn’t as much into her mouth as over her face, but Jen didn’t mind too much as it meant I soaked more of her body with the spray. Once I finished cumming, I offered to give her a second orgasm but she said her first one had been strong so she would wait and we just showered. Mike had meanwhile taken Simone back in to his room and convinced her to let him eat her again – this time until she came. He kitty kissed her and was just starting to fuck her when Jen and I emerged from the shower (we looked in to see what they were up to) so we went down for breakfast and left them to it. As they fucked, Mike talked Simone in to agreeing to dress up for him – initially this was going to happen after they fucked, but Mike’s love of long socks got the better of him and he ended up diving off Simone, grabbing a fresh pair of mid-thigh white socks and then stroking Simone’s pussy while she slipped them on. Her condition for doing this was that he finish fucking her straight away and not get distracted with wanting to play with her legs or just eat her (she had learned enough about Mike to know to say this) and he slid back into her and kept fucking her (although he did stroke her legs as well).

Mike gave Simone the option of how she wanted to be fucked and she said she wanted a range of positions so every few minutes they changed round with Mike on top, missionary style, with her legs wrapped around him, Simone riding him, spooning, Simone lying on her front with Mike taking her from behind (Sue’s favourite), Simone on her back with her legs held up… By this point Simone had realised he was just taking the piss (and the change in position meant he was able to get her reasonably close to cumming, but not keep up a steady rhythm for long enough to make her cum) and she told him she just wanted to cum. Mike asked if she minded him cumming over her so he could eat her afterwards and she whined a bit about liking the feeling of her pussy being wet so he relented and said he’d cum in her as long as she let Sue and Josie watch them. Simone whined again that she didn’t want to wait and only when Mike agreed that he wouldn’t stop did she let him grab his phone and give Sue a call. Fortunately she was at home when she answered as both Mike and Simone were panting away as they fucked. Sue asked what was up and Mike explained he wanted her to watch him pump his cum into Simone and Sue agreed to watch, calling up the address of his bedroom camera on her phone. Without stopping, Mike and Simone edged down the bed to give Sue a better view and they left the phone on speaker beside them so they could talk to her as they fucked. Sue warned Simone that Mike was really hers but that she’d let her borrow his cock for a bit as long as she fucked her at the next party. Simone agreed to this (although was on the verge of cumming so would have probably agreed to anything). Sue helped out by telling Simone how she wanted to sit over her face and be eaten and Mike thrust into Simone with long steady strokes while gently stroking her clit. Mike made sure Simone’s legs were spread as she came so Sue could see his cock pumping in and out of her and once he came (just a little after Simone did) he moved the camera to give a close up of Simone’s pussy and a view up her body so Sue could see him offer his cock to Simone for her to suck clean as his cum leaked from her cunt.

Not unsurprisingly (she is my little sister after all), Sue hadn’t just been watching and was playing with herself while watching Mike and Simone. This quickly became evident from the sounds she was making and Mike asked her what she was doing. Sue admitted she was fingering herself and asked if they wanted to see – Mike rarely turns down a chance to watch Sue cum so he pulled out the laptop and told her to slow down so he could get it started and call up her camera. While this was happening, Sue described what she would do if she was there with them - how she would eat Mike’s cum out of Simone’s pussy, that she would have helped suck Simone’s juices from his cock and how she would get Simone to eat her dry. Mike could tell that Sue was scurrying around doing something while they were talking and when her image appeared on the screen he saw that she had pulled on a little skirt with long white socks for him (Sue loves playing the ‘little sister’ figure for both him and me). Simone sat in front of the camera with her legs still spread as the last of Mike’s cum leaked from her and Mike toyed with her pussy, coating his fingers with his cum and smearing it over Simone’s breasts and getting her to suck it from his fingers. Sue was sitting on the bed with her feet up and legs spread, fingering and frigging herself and once Simone was mostly free of boy-cum, Mike started kitty kissing her, glancing over at the image of Sue and watching her skin get increasingly flushed as she neared her orgasm. Sue didn’t hold back and went straight for the cum – making little sounds of pleasure and pushing her fingers as deep into her pussy as she could. Mike got her to show them a close up of her wet pussy and in return showed Sue a close up of Simone’s (and then one of his cock when Sue requested it). Sue promised she would be at the next party to receive her payment and Simone said she wasn’t sure she could handle another one of us at the same time. Mike pointed out that she had taken everyone at the party (the time he nominated her for being the ‘target’) and that she seemed almost as insatiable as I was, so he wasn’t worried about her appetite and that he hoped she would fuck Sue multiple times.

Mike spent a while longer kitty kissing Simone and migrated to rimming her before returning to her pussy to make her cum one last time before breakfast. As she lay breathing heavily after cumming, he kissed his way up her body and pushed his cock into her. She was initially surprised he was hard again but then realised they had spent about 30 minutes watching Sue and then with him eating her. Mike threatened to give her the second fuck of the day but only moved a little before saying it would be better to get some food first so they had more energy. Simone agreed with this so she could get a rest, although this didn’t work out as well as she had hoped as we all took turns eating yoghurt off of her pussy and breasts, then moved on to chocolate spread until we were all a big mess. We showered in pairs with Jen convincing Simone to have a final shower with her (for a final pee session – this time Jen didn’t make Simone cum, but did lick her as she peed) and Mike and I showering together afterwards. I teased him for having called Sue and told him he’d need to make it up to me while stroking his cock to life and rubbing him against my pussy. Mike offered to eat me but I insisted on having him inside me and we agreed that he didn’t have to cum, but in return I’d want Simone to help out (seeing as she was getting more use of his cock than I was). Simone was already dressed by the time Mike and I finished in the shower but she was willing enough to let me lie over her in a 69 and lick me while Mike fucked me. We started off with me not doing anything to her, but my hands made their way under her skirt and rubbed her through her panties, then I started nuzzling her through her panties, pulled the crotch aside and finally slid the panties off so I could eat her properly. As Mike and Simone had been working on me properly from the start, she was only just getting aroused when I came and Mike decided to use this chance to give Simone her second fuck of the day.

Mike asked us to roll over so Simone was on top and handed her a vibe with an anal stimulator to use on me, telling Simone she had to try and make me cum again before she did. Mike them moved around to kneel by my head and I spread Simone’s lips and guided him in to her. Mike pumped in and out and I either just watched (and enjoyed what she was doing to me), lapped at Simone’s clit or frigged her gently. At one point Mike pulled out and got Simone to hump her pussy back and forth against the length of my face and saying that I wouldn’t wash before we went out for lunch. We could have fairly easily made Simone cum before I did, but Mike said we should hold back, keeping her nicely aroused until she had given me my orgasm. This frustrated Simone quite a bit – especially as I did all I could to delay my own orgasm and therefore making her work for it. Simone was sufficiently experienced (and motivated) though and with use of the vibe, her fingers and her mouth she pushed more than I could resist and I happily moaned that I was cumming. I mushed my mouth against her clit, feeling Mike’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy and we gave Simone the relief she wanted. Mike had been holding back long enough that he was able to cum fairly soon after she did and he even managed to cum enough in her that a little dribbled out after he pulled out. I kitty kissed Simone for a few minutes and she did the same to me in return but this wasn’t enough for her to win back her panties when we released her and she realised she would have to go to lunch without them on (although as before, she wasn’t too bothered by this).

We managed to get a quiet table at lunch near the back of the cafĂ© so could talk fairly openly about things (apart from when the staff came over to see if we needed anything). Sue came up in the conversation and I promised Simone that if she wanted, she could have both of us at the same time at the next party. Simone graciously accepted, saying she was honoured and knew how much people loved the idea of having us both (possibly laying it on a bit thick). She said she understood why Mike and Jen liked the idea of fucking my little sister, but thought it was a little odd that I did things with her. We told her about Julia and her older brother and how she had been fucked by his friends from a young age and then by him (at first this was by accident, but once he’d been inside her they ended up fucking regularly as a part of the group session). Simone asked if we could keep a secret and when we said we could (ahem) she told us how her sex life started… While the conversation that I relate below started in the restaurant, it was finished at home, with Mike, Jen and me taking turns kitty kissing Simone as she told us…

Simone has a sister 2 years older than her. Her sister was quite popular with the boys and had a number of boyfriends. By age 15, she had started fooling around with them – things took the usual course, at first she would let them finger her and play with her breasts, they moved on to oral sex (mostly her sucking them) and eventually she let one of them fuck her. What her sister didn’t know was that Simone would sometimes sneak into the house and watch through a crack in the door. Simone had always been fairly precocious and while she hadn’t had sex herself, knew what it was her sister was doing and could tell that it looked like fun. She knew about masturbation and would reach into her panties to play with her cunny, although hadn’t made herself cum. Simone watched her sister’s sexual progression with her boyfriends over months, becoming bolder and better at masturbating (although still not to orgasm). One day, after having had a bad argument with her sister, she did more than just watch and having waited for her sister and the boyfriend of the week to both be naked and fucking, she walked in on them and said she was going to tell. They dived under the covers and her sister panicked and pleaded with her, promising to do anything. Simone already knew what it was she wanted and said she wouldn’t tell if she could see his ‘thingy’. At first her sister said no, but Simone stood her ground and swore that she would tell their parents so in the end her sister told the guy to let Simone have a look. He hesitated but pulled back the covers and Simone was a bit confused as his cock looked very different than it had when she had walked in (as he had lost his erection). Simone reached out and gingerly touched it and as she explored it came back to life. Simone was overjoyed by this (although her sister wasn’t impressed that her boyfriend was clearly enjoying it). Simone had watched for long enough to have a good idea of what to do and she used two hands to stroke the guy’s cock. She could feel her own cunny tingling and said she wanted the guy to touch her – her sister objected but Simone again said she would tell and quickly pulled her panties down and pulled her skirt up as she sat on the bed. At that point she only had a little hair on her cunny and she told the guy to do what she said or he’d never get to play with his sister again. She started stroking him again and he pushed his hand between her legs. Her sister told him not to put his fingers inside her so he just rubbed her and Simone said it felt so much better than when she had done it to herself. With hindsight, she now realises that the guy was quite clumsy but she loved the way his fingers felt as they slid between her little lips and bumped over her clit. She just copied what she had seen her sister do numerous times and stroked the guy faster and faster until she felt his cock jerk in her hand and he shot multiple loads of cum over her. Because he was sitting semi-facing her (so he could reach her cunny), the cum splattered over the front of her dress, her legs and her cunny. Simone was partially shocked, but also thrilled that she had managed to make him cum and she loved the way the warm cum felt on her skin. Her sister had had enough by this point though and told the guy to stop playing with Simone and told Simone to get out.

Simone did as she was told and taking her panties with her she left the room, feeling more aroused than she had ever felt before. In the bathroom, Simone removed her stained dress and couldn’t resist from stroking her cunny more. She smeared the cum over her thighs and rubbed it in to her cunny, letting her fingers slip as far in as she had dared to go. Unfortunately for her, she still couldn’t make herself cum, but she didn’t yet know in practice what an orgasm felt like so at the time she thought she did actually cum as she felt so much more than usual.

Her sister didn’t bring her boyfriend home for the next few days and when he did finally appear again, they didn’t have sex. This distressed Simone greatly as she desperately wanted to feel the pleasure she had a few days before (she had masturbated a number of times since then, but it hadn’t felt anywhere near as good). She decided she couldn’t wait any more and walked in on them. Her sister angrily asked what Simone wanted (unsurprisingly she hadn’t been too happy about what Simone had done) and Simone told them she wanted to play with the guy’s thingy again and have him touch her. Her sister said no but Simone said she’d tell Mum and her sister said she would tell on Simone. Now I said that Simone was precocious and she proved this by telling them that they would get in even more trouble if their parents found out they had allowed her boyfriend to play with Simone. Her sister tried to argue, but eventually realised Simone was right so asked her boyfriend what he thought. Being a teenage boy, he wasn’t going to turn down a chance to play with a girl, even if she was a couple of years younger than him (and especially as he hadn’t got to do anything with Simone’s sister for a few days).