Saturday, 2 September 2017

Simone – Part 3

Andy pulled out of Simone, she sat up and we got him to lie back. His cock was coated in Simone’s juices and I gave it a little lick, then allowed Simone to have a turn. We switched back and forth with our licking becoming firmer and moving to sucking. Once he was mostly clean of her juices, I mounted him and briefly rode him before climbing off and resuming the licking and sucking. It didn’t seem right that Andy should only be receiving pleasure though so I suggested Simone let him eat her and she eagerly climbed over his face. Andy is quite used to eating me (I’d like to think I helped to train him, but he had some experience before we hooked up) and Simone certainly appreciated what he was doing to her. I let her have a brief solo 69 with him before joining in again and riding him so recoat his cock in my juices. I then had a turn sitting over Andy’s face and being eaten and let Simone ride him while I toyed with her clit. We switched round and then back again so Andy could finish up in Simone. I got him to hold back until she was getting close and told him he could cum as soon as Simone came, as long as he also made me cum afterwards. I leant forwards to kiss Simone, still playing with her clit as she bounced up and down on Andy’s cock. Just before she came, she breathlessly told me that I was right and he was quite good so I told her that was why I kept him around (although it is mostly that I’d got bored of masturbating at work and wanted someone to help make me cum).

When Simone announced she was about to cum, I told Andy that he could cum in her whenever he wanted. Simone held onto me and kissed me deeply as my fingers strummed over her clit any my other hand held her ass firmly and fingers pressed against her hole. Simone moaned into my mouth as she came and I eased off on her clit as her orgasm ended, but Andy kept pumping into her until he came. When Simone lifted herself up, Andy’s cum leaked out of her but I was waiting for that and leant forwards in a 69 and licked the cum from his cock and crotch (I’m not usually a big fan of eating boy-cum but was close enough to cumming that I didn’t mind too much). I took Andy’s cock in my mouth and gently sucked him – trying to avoid putting too much pressure on the head and concentrated on the heat, taste and texture of his cock in my mouth as he kept licking me. Keeping up his end of the deal, Andy ate me to orgasm and I remained over him and let him kitty kiss me for a short while (I’ve trained him in this) before climbing off and asking if he’d enjoyed Simone’s young pussy. Andy told her she felt amazing so I teased him about obviously not wanting to bother fucking my old cunt any more.

Andy and I then teamed up against Simone, stroking, kissing, fingering and toying with her and I pulled out some toys to let him use on us and then shared a double ended dildo with Simone to help coax his cock back to life for a second round (I find that a good girl-on-girl session is usually enough to convince most guys then can fuck again). As an added bonus, I lay on my back and got Simone to lie on my stomach, facing up so Andy could kneel and play with both our pussies – using the toys on and in us, fingering us and licking up and down the length of both our pussies. Once he was ready, he started rubbing his cock against us, sliding it between our lips, pushing into us and mixing our juices inside each other as he moved back and forth from pussy to pussy. As we played, I reached around Simone and caressed her breasts as well as occasionally reaching down to frig her clit and finger her when Andy was inside me. I offered Andy the choice of continuing as we were or fucking one of us while the other licked him. He went for the latter option so I let Simone have the first turn on his cock and as she rode him facing away from him, I lay between their legs and licked at his cock and her clit. I got Andy to sit at the edge of the bed for my first turn riding him so Simone could sit on the floor and lick us both (this is much easier). She then had a turn riding him in this position and we then moved back on to the bed properly with Simone and me 69ing while Andy fucked me. I told him he could cum in Simone again as long as he could hold out until I came – fortunately for him, Andy is old enough and experienced enough that he doesn’t cum too rapidly so could take the walls of my cunt sliding back and forth against his cock, coupled with Simone’s licking. The two of them got me off and Simone and I quickly rolled over so she was on top and Andy moved round and pushed into her. I lapped at Simone’s clit as Andy fucked her and I then asked Simone if she would let Andy fuck her ass so I could eat her properly. She was close enough to cumming that she said she didn’t care so I told Andy to grab some lube from the bedside drawer and watched as he covered his cock with it and pushed into Simone’s ass. He warned her he was already close to cumming but I assured him that Simone wouldn’t last much longer either and buried my face in her cunt. Simone came very quickly after this and Andy wasn’t too far behind her – he came and then kept slowly moving in her ass, presumably not wanting to waste the face she had allowed him in there. I kitty kissed her and she did the same to me and we kept this up for a couple of minutes until Andy finally pulled out.

We chatted for a while after and gently played with Simone’s body. Andy commented on the selection of toys in the drawer and I told him that was just a small part of our collection. I also noticed him looking up at the pictures and gave him a nudge and said that if he asked Jen nicely she might let him see her naked too. Andy immediately said ‘really?’ in an eager voice so I told him there was only one way to find out and asked if he wanted to go down and ask her. Andy was quite nervous about doing that as he knew Mike was still downstairs (and for some reason still didn’t quite believe Mike was fine with us fucking) so I told him I’d go get Jen, but told him he had to remain naked. Simone was instructed to keep Andy occupied for a moment and I went downstairs, told Jen we needed her in the bedroom and left Mike with MJ. On the way upstairs I told Jen it was time to let Andy see her ‘properly’ (which to us means naked – and preferably cumming) and Jen complained that she hadn’t had time to prepare. (She enjoys seducing guys, safe in the knowledge that they can’t have her, but likes to do it on her own terms – just because she doesn’t want to fuck guys doesn’t mean she doesn’t get some pleasure from knowing they find her attractive). I assured her that she wouldn’t have any trouble getting his attention, but warned her not to be upset if he didn’t get hard as he’d already cum twice. Jen decided to take this as a challenge and told me we’d get him hard again just before we walked in to the bedroom to see Simone lying on her back with Andy slowly stroking and fingering her.

Andy looked conflicted – he was clearly embarrassed about being naked in front of Jen but I knew he really wanted to see her naked (which might have something to do with me having repeatedly told him about some of the things Jen and I got up to and I knew he wanted to witness first hand). Jen stood at the end of the bed and told Andy that she knew he wanted to see her naked, then asked me to unzip her dress, which I did. She slid it off one shoulder, then the other and slowly pulled the front down to reveal her breasts. Jen offered her breasts to Simone and me and we stood either side of her and played with them for a couple of minutes as Jen ever so slowly pushed her dress down, bit by bit until it was on her hips. Jen wiggled it down a little further, then let it fall to the floor so she stood there naked. Andy’s conflicted look was replaced with one of appreciation (or desire) – whichever it was, it was obvious that he was glad to finally be seeing Jen naked. I ran my hands up and down Jen’s body, then slid one between her legs and stroked her. I nodded at Jen and asked Simone ‘front or back?’. Simone went with front so I let her kneel in front of Jen and lick her while I knelt behind and swirled my tongue between Jen’s ass cheeks. After a couple of minutes, we moved onto the bed with Jen on her back, Simone sitting over her face and me eating Jen. I offered my cunt to Andy who said he didn’t think he could cum again, but rubbed against me anyway. He didn’t get fully hard, but hard enough that he could push into me and he moved back and forth inside me as I ate Jen to an orgasm. Simone hadn’t cum yet and I told Andy we should finish her off so Andy took Jen’s place on the bed with Simone sitting over his face while I mounted Andy’s cock and rode him again. I toyed with my clit and humped up and down on his cock, getting as much friction on it as possible. I was pleased that he hadn’t complained it felt too intense and had already decided I intended to try and make him cum again, whether that was with him inside me or using my mouth and once I felt I was close to cumming I eased off on my clit and rode him as fast and hard as I could, pushing down hard on his cock with each stroke. Simone came and I got her to move so I could lie on Andy and ask him to fuck me. He moaned that he couldn’t believe he was going to cum again and pumped into me until he moaned one more time then stopped moving. I appreciated that his cock might be quite sensitive, but I needed to cum as well so I sat up and frigged myself with his cock still inside me. I could feel him shrinking, but my fingers were more than enough to finish me off an I came for the final time of the session.

Andy looked a little embarrassed again when he noticed Jen and Simone had been watching us, but as they were both naked I don’t see what the issue was. I made a show of sucking his cock clean of my juices and as a final gift, got Jen to lie back and spread her legs so Andy could compare her pussy with the picture up on the wall (without touching her of course). Jen teased Andy some more by telling him if he’d just asked earlier then she would have stripped and let him see her ages ago. He asked if he could see her naked again and I told him not to be greedy – I’d already given him an undergrad and a naked Jen, as well as a triple orgasm, but if he kept me satisfied, he could probably come back sometime and watch me fuck Jen again. After getting dressed, Andy left without seeing Mike on the way out and we rested for a little while as it had been a relatively intensive session. Simone asked if we spent all our time like this and I explained that before MJ was born, we did actually spend most of our time at home naked and a lot of it playing (if not actually having sex) – pretty much treating it as our hobby. Now that we were older (and had a child to take care of), our weekday evenings were generally taken up with household and family chores – although I would certainly cum at least once a day, preferably twice and Jen and Mike would cum most days. It was usually only the weekends that we had the time to devote to all our carnal pleasure, but we tried to make the most of them, whatever we were doing.

Simone accepted the challenge to do a pizza dare and put on a skimpy outfit (as did I). This turned out to be somewhat wasted as the guy who turned up was someone we’d had before – although it saved the dance of figuring out if he was interested enough in us to want to do anything more than just look (or indeed if they were offended by us being semi-naked). I slid a hand under one of the cups of Simone’s bra and pushed it up to reveal her breast. The guy asked if he was allowed to touch her and as soon as I nodded he put our dinner down on the floor and joined me in fondling her. She made a comment about being touched again and the guy asked what she meant so I told him that I had been playing with her for most of the day, fingering, licking and fucking her to make her cum multiple times. He asked if he could see so we moved into the living room and I sat Simone on the sofa so I could eat her while the gut stood and watched (and fingered me). I let him have a brief turn in my cunt before switching places with Simone and having her eat me as the guy fucked her. I made sure he didn’t cum too quickly so Simone had time to properly feel his cock moving in her, but he still didn’t last long enough for either Simone or me to cum. I don’t think either of us were too bothered by this though as we’d had a fairly busy day up until that point and we saw him to the door and waved him off.

After dinner, I took Simone upstairs and selected an outfit for her to wear. It was one of the more revealing outfits that Jen owned (with multiple close spaced half-inch holes in it) and I matched it with one of my favourite ‘dresses’ (which was actually a lacy nightdress that revealed a fair bit). Under my dress, I wore a peek-a-boo bra and went without panties, daring Simone to match me. She wasn’t prepared to go out without panties on (given how revealing her dress was), so we provided her with a very skimpy pair of panties that IMO, drew more attention to her crotch than leaving it naked would have. Simone was a bit disappointed that Mike was planning on staying in with Jen (seeing as it was really him she’d come to visit) but as I’d already given her two other guys to fuck and Mike promised he would spend as long as she wanted making her cum on her return, she played along and came out with me to a gay bar in town.

We got a fair bit of attention – Simone especially so (but she was a decade younger than me) and while there were usually a few younger girls at this particular pub, they weren’t usually dressed the way Simone wasn’t. We spent some of the time making out and kissing but chatted to a few other people as well. Our outfits were appreciated and when it became clear that we didn’t object to other people being handsy with us, both Simone and I were both stroked and fondled a good few times. At one point we were sitting in a booth with a couple of girls who were probably about my age (maybe ever so slightly younger). Simone and I were in the middle with them sitting either side of us – the one who was beside me clearly appreciated large breasts as she commented on mine multiple times and as she became more adventurous she spent ages fondling them through what passed for my dress, easily teasing out my nipples as they became more erect so they poked right out through the holes. We kissed and I slid a hand up her thigh, she spread her legs slightly and I continued until my fingers found her crotch. I stroked up and down her pussy, pressing the material of her panties between her lips, then hooked the crotch and pulled it aside so I could slip a couple of fingers partway inside her. She asked me if I wanted to go somewhere and I told her I was fine where we were, then took her hand and pushed it up under my skirt. My lack of panties made it easy for her to get access to my pussy and we fingered and frigged each other as we kissed. Simone ended up in a similar position with the other girl and they suggested again that we go somewhere more private.

They wanted us to go back to their place but I convinced them to come home with Simone and me so Jen could get in on the action as well (I also offered them Mike, but they were lesbians so weren’t interested). We caught a taxi home and there was a considerable amount more fondling during the journey. I had no problem with my skirt being slid up to properly expose my pussy but we had to gang up on Simone. I ended up kneeling on the floor and eating her, then pulling her panties off when I moved back up onto the seat. By the time we got to the house, Simone, one of the other girls and I had our tops pulled down so our breasts could be played with and Simone and I had our skirts up around our waists so we were pretty much completely exposed. The others straightened themselves up to make the walk from the taxi to the house but I didn’t bother as it was late at night and I was fairly sure all of our neighbours had seen me naked anyway. We headed upstairs and found Mike and Jen on the bed with him kitty kissing her (he had also spooned in her for quite a while to try and help produce a big load when he got to fuck Simone). Our guests didn’t seem too bothered with the fact that he was naked, but equally they still weren’t interested in him (although definitely were interested in the naked and very wet Jen). Mike took MJ into his room, leaving Simone, Jen and me with our new friends and we agreed on a mutual safe-sex session (only allowing our juices to mix within our own groups). Fortunately, we have more than enough toys that we could allocate some to be used on each of us and after laying out a selection, we started things off.

I’d like to say we took our time and slowly moved from kissing to playing, but almost as soon as we got into the bed we had the clothes off our guests and were working on kissing, stroking, fingering and breasts play with them (and them with us). Various pairs spent time 69ing (with protection) and I’d have to say that both of them were pretty good. I think we gave as good as got though as they both came three times I (Jen, Simone and I each made each of them cum once). I fucked the blonde one with our strap-on as she lay over Jen who frigged her clit and she pushed back against the vibe hard as her orgasm built. Simone got fucked with one of our other (lesser) strap-ons and eaten, I was eaten by one girl and fingered by the other and Jen was eaten by both. It definitely wasn’t as much fun having to be careful and not share our juices and I think this was one of the first times I realised just how essential it was as I knew I’d have to stop doing things like this soon when it was time for me to start trying for a baby.

Jen, Simone and I all went downstairs with the girls to see them out – Simone and I went a step further and walked the girls out to their taxi. As regular readers would expect, we did this naked and made sure we gave the girls a proper goodbye kiss, allowing them to slide their fingers between our legs and finger us in full view of the cab driver. On returning to the house Mike joined us and said it was a pity to have three beautiful cunts not being eaten so we indulged him and all lay on the edge of the bed while he moved back and forth between us. Now some might think Mike was being greedy by wanting to have all three of us, but I didn’t care (and I doubt Jen or Simone did either) as it was nice to just relax and let him pleasure us. He made each of us cum using just his tongue – starting off by moving between us more frequently but once we were on the way to cumming, then concentrating more on one of us and alternating with each of the others in turn, then spending longer on the one he was concentrating on until we finally came. That person didn’t get ignored after they had cum as he then spent their slice of time kitty kissing them until he was doing this to all three of us once we’d cum. Mike then took Simone into his room (after bringing MJ back into Jen’s room) and gave her the night-time fucking he had promised her. He lasted much longer in her than she had expected, but that was mostly as he was determined that she was going to cum again. They used a number of positions but ended up with Simone on top and having resigned herself to the fact that he really did intend to make her cum, she asked him to fuck her hard. Jen had fallen asleep by this point but I was still watching them on the laptop (the advantage of having cameras in the bedrooms) and despite having cum many times that day, I couldn’t resist sliding my fingers between my legs and pressing hard against my clit. I really wanted to get a vibe or dildo and hammer it into my cunt as hard as Mike was fucking Simone, but I was considerate enough to not want to wake Jen or MJ so just made do with pressure on my clit. I heard Simone moan louder as she got closer to cumming and saw Mike pulling her tight against him with each thrust. She announced that she was cumming and Mike kept fucking her hard through her orgasm until he finally came in her and slowed his movements. I pressed a little harder on my clit and moved my fingers in a tiny circle as I felt my own orgasm build and hit me, then slipped my fingers deep into my pussy and brought them to my mouth to taste myself. I fell asleep quickly that night, knowing we needed to find a way to keep Simone in our circle of friends.

On the Sunday, Mike work Simone by eating her – she objected to this at first, not as she didn’t want to be eaten, but because she really needed to pee. Mike convinced her to let him work on her anyway and he got her close to cumming before telling her that he would let Jen finish her off. When Mike dragged Simone in to Jen’s bedroom (with Simone now protesting that she was about to wet herself), Jen was still asleep, but she quickly roused herself when Mike told her what he wanted done. Jen took Simone’s hand and pulled her into the bath and instructed her to wait until she got close to cumming again. Simone said she wasn’t sure she could hold out much longer so Jen got straight to work, pushed Simone into the corner, knelt and buried her face in Simone’s pussy. It had only been a couple of minutes since Mike had stopped eating Simone, so it didn’t take Jen long to get her back to the point of orgasm and this time Simone didn’t raise any objections to relieving herself while Jen was eating her. Mike had followed them in to the bathroom to watch the whole thing and I had dragged myself out of bed in time to see Simone cum. Simone hadn’t been kidding about needing to pee as it seemed to last for ages – she was certainly still going after her orgasm had ended. Jen certainly didn’t mind though and was lapping and sucking at Simone’s pussy feverishly while using a hand to smear the pee over her face, body, legs and pussy.

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