Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Simone – Part 4

When Simone finally stopped, Jen moved back and grabbed a shampoo bottle (not just any one, we know this one is suitable as it isn’t too big, has ridges on the side and raised lettering that is smooth so it feels really good). Jen roughly pushed the bottle into her cunt and plunged it in and out. Her other hand alternated between pinching and rolling her nipples, frigging her clit and pushing a couple of fingers into her ass. Mike was all for helping Jen out, but I told him it looked like she was doing fine by herself and I wrapped my hand around his cock and told him I had a use for him if he was bored. We moved over to the bath and I leant forwards against it – Mike reached down to my pussy, ran his fingers up and down my lips and spread them so he could enter me. I pushed back against him as he slid in, making it almost halfway on the first stroke, a little deeper on the second and then fully into me on the third. Mike fucked me while frigging my clit and I watched Jen fuck herself with the bottle. She mewed her way to her orgasm and let out a strong spray of pee as she came. She says she wasn’t aiming for me, but I’m sure I saw her slide down a little just before she came and a fair amount of the liquid splashed over my face and upper body, as well as Simone who was crouched at the other end of the bath. Mike kept fucking me and got Simone and Jen to help play with my breasts. Jen was pleasantly surprised that Simone sucked on my nipple, even though it was damp from Jen’s pee and as I got closer to cumming, Simone reached down to take over frigging my clit so Mike could fuck me harder. I love being the centre of attention like this and I came with Jen’s tongue in my mouth, her hands on my breasts and neck, Simone’s mouth sucking one of my nipples, her fingers on my clit, Mike’s thumb pressed against my ass and his cock fucking me. The only regret I had was that we weren’t outside as I really wanted to follow Simone’s and Jen’s example and pee as I came (Mike doesn’t mind this) – I wasn’t too bothered though as it was a much more exhilarating ‘first orgasm of the day’ than normal and I made sure to give Simone a long, wet kiss afterwards as thanks for her part in it.

Mike hadn’t cum in me (so he could keep his promise to fuck Simone the requisite number of times) and Jen helped shower off Simone’s legs before releasing her to Mike, at which point I joined Jen in the shower and helped to lick her pussy clean. Jen decided to make the most of our location and insisted on kitty kissing and then eating me so I could have the first pee of the day over her. As much as I love Jen’s tongue, I decided I wanted the shampoo bottle so Jen slipped this into me and fucked me with it while she lapped at my clit. This meant that when I peed, it wasn’t as much into her mouth as over her face, but Jen didn’t mind too much as it meant I soaked more of her body with the spray. Once I finished cumming, I offered to give her a second orgasm but she said her first one had been strong so she would wait and we just showered. Mike had meanwhile taken Simone back in to his room and convinced her to let him eat her again – this time until she came. He kitty kissed her and was just starting to fuck her when Jen and I emerged from the shower (we looked in to see what they were up to) so we went down for breakfast and left them to it. As they fucked, Mike talked Simone in to agreeing to dress up for him – initially this was going to happen after they fucked, but Mike’s love of long socks got the better of him and he ended up diving off Simone, grabbing a fresh pair of mid-thigh white socks and then stroking Simone’s pussy while she slipped them on. Her condition for doing this was that he finish fucking her straight away and not get distracted with wanting to play with her legs or just eat her (she had learned enough about Mike to know to say this) and he slid back into her and kept fucking her (although he did stroke her legs as well).

Mike gave Simone the option of how she wanted to be fucked and she said she wanted a range of positions so every few minutes they changed round with Mike on top, missionary style, with her legs wrapped around him, Simone riding him, spooning, Simone lying on her front with Mike taking her from behind (Sue’s favourite), Simone on her back with her legs held up… By this point Simone had realised he was just taking the piss (and the change in position meant he was able to get her reasonably close to cumming, but not keep up a steady rhythm for long enough to make her cum) and she told him she just wanted to cum. Mike asked if she minded him cumming over her so he could eat her afterwards and she whined a bit about liking the feeling of her pussy being wet so he relented and said he’d cum in her as long as she let Sue and Josie watch them. Simone whined again that she didn’t want to wait and only when Mike agreed that he wouldn’t stop did she let him grab his phone and give Sue a call. Fortunately she was at home when she answered as both Mike and Simone were panting away as they fucked. Sue asked what was up and Mike explained he wanted her to watch him pump his cum into Simone and Sue agreed to watch, calling up the address of his bedroom camera on her phone. Without stopping, Mike and Simone edged down the bed to give Sue a better view and they left the phone on speaker beside them so they could talk to her as they fucked. Sue warned Simone that Mike was really hers but that she’d let her borrow his cock for a bit as long as she fucked her at the next party. Simone agreed to this (although was on the verge of cumming so would have probably agreed to anything). Sue helped out by telling Simone how she wanted to sit over her face and be eaten and Mike thrust into Simone with long steady strokes while gently stroking her clit. Mike made sure Simone’s legs were spread as she came so Sue could see his cock pumping in and out of her and once he came (just a little after Simone did) he moved the camera to give a close up of Simone’s pussy and a view up her body so Sue could see him offer his cock to Simone for her to suck clean as his cum leaked from her cunt.

Not unsurprisingly (she is my little sister after all), Sue hadn’t just been watching and was playing with herself while watching Mike and Simone. This quickly became evident from the sounds she was making and Mike asked her what she was doing. Sue admitted she was fingering herself and asked if they wanted to see – Mike rarely turns down a chance to watch Sue cum so he pulled out the laptop and told her to slow down so he could get it started and call up her camera. While this was happening, Sue described what she would do if she was there with them - how she would eat Mike’s cum out of Simone’s pussy, that she would have helped suck Simone’s juices from his cock and how she would get Simone to eat her dry. Mike could tell that Sue was scurrying around doing something while they were talking and when her image appeared on the screen he saw that she had pulled on a little skirt with long white socks for him (Sue loves playing the ‘little sister’ figure for both him and me). Simone sat in front of the camera with her legs still spread as the last of Mike’s cum leaked from her and Mike toyed with her pussy, coating his fingers with his cum and smearing it over Simone’s breasts and getting her to suck it from his fingers. Sue was sitting on the bed with her feet up and legs spread, fingering and frigging herself and once Simone was mostly free of boy-cum, Mike started kitty kissing her, glancing over at the image of Sue and watching her skin get increasingly flushed as she neared her orgasm. Sue didn’t hold back and went straight for the cum – making little sounds of pleasure and pushing her fingers as deep into her pussy as she could. Mike got her to show them a close up of her wet pussy and in return showed Sue a close up of Simone’s (and then one of his cock when Sue requested it). Sue promised she would be at the next party to receive her payment and Simone said she wasn’t sure she could handle another one of us at the same time. Mike pointed out that she had taken everyone at the party (the time he nominated her for being the ‘target’) and that she seemed almost as insatiable as I was, so he wasn’t worried about her appetite and that he hoped she would fuck Sue multiple times.

Mike spent a while longer kitty kissing Simone and migrated to rimming her before returning to her pussy to make her cum one last time before breakfast. As she lay breathing heavily after cumming, he kissed his way up her body and pushed his cock into her. She was initially surprised he was hard again but then realised they had spent about 30 minutes watching Sue and then with him eating her. Mike threatened to give her the second fuck of the day but only moved a little before saying it would be better to get some food first so they had more energy. Simone agreed with this so she could get a rest, although this didn’t work out as well as she had hoped as we all took turns eating yoghurt off of her pussy and breasts, then moved on to chocolate spread until we were all a big mess. We showered in pairs with Jen convincing Simone to have a final shower with her (for a final pee session – this time Jen didn’t make Simone cum, but did lick her as she peed) and Mike and I showering together afterwards. I teased him for having called Sue and told him he’d need to make it up to me while stroking his cock to life and rubbing him against my pussy. Mike offered to eat me but I insisted on having him inside me and we agreed that he didn’t have to cum, but in return I’d want Simone to help out (seeing as she was getting more use of his cock than I was). Simone was already dressed by the time Mike and I finished in the shower but she was willing enough to let me lie over her in a 69 and lick me while Mike fucked me. We started off with me not doing anything to her, but my hands made their way under her skirt and rubbed her through her panties, then I started nuzzling her through her panties, pulled the crotch aside and finally slid the panties off so I could eat her properly. As Mike and Simone had been working on me properly from the start, she was only just getting aroused when I came and Mike decided to use this chance to give Simone her second fuck of the day.

Mike asked us to roll over so Simone was on top and handed her a vibe with an anal stimulator to use on me, telling Simone she had to try and make me cum again before she did. Mike them moved around to kneel by my head and I spread Simone’s lips and guided him in to her. Mike pumped in and out and I either just watched (and enjoyed what she was doing to me), lapped at Simone’s clit or frigged her gently. At one point Mike pulled out and got Simone to hump her pussy back and forth against the length of my face and saying that I wouldn’t wash before we went out for lunch. We could have fairly easily made Simone cum before I did, but Mike said we should hold back, keeping her nicely aroused until she had given me my orgasm. This frustrated Simone quite a bit – especially as I did all I could to delay my own orgasm and therefore making her work for it. Simone was sufficiently experienced (and motivated) though and with use of the vibe, her fingers and her mouth she pushed more than I could resist and I happily moaned that I was cumming. I mushed my mouth against her clit, feeling Mike’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy and we gave Simone the relief she wanted. Mike had been holding back long enough that he was able to cum fairly soon after she did and he even managed to cum enough in her that a little dribbled out after he pulled out. I kitty kissed Simone for a few minutes and she did the same to me in return but this wasn’t enough for her to win back her panties when we released her and she realised she would have to go to lunch without them on (although as before, she wasn’t too bothered by this).

We managed to get a quiet table at lunch near the back of the café so could talk fairly openly about things (apart from when the staff came over to see if we needed anything). Sue came up in the conversation and I promised Simone that if she wanted, she could have both of us at the same time at the next party. Simone graciously accepted, saying she was honoured and knew how much people loved the idea of having us both (possibly laying it on a bit thick). She said she understood why Mike and Jen liked the idea of fucking my little sister, but thought it was a little odd that I did things with her. We told her about Julia and her older brother and how she had been fucked by his friends from a young age and then by him (at first this was by accident, but once he’d been inside her they ended up fucking regularly as a part of the group session). Simone asked if we could keep a secret and when we said we could (ahem) she told us how her sex life started… While the conversation that I relate below started in the restaurant, it was finished at home, with Mike, Jen and me taking turns kitty kissing Simone as she told us…

Simone has a sister 2 years older than her. Her sister was quite popular with the boys and had a number of boyfriends. By age 15, she had started fooling around with them – things took the usual course, at first she would let them finger her and play with her breasts, they moved on to oral sex (mostly her sucking them) and eventually she let one of them fuck her. What her sister didn’t know was that Simone would sometimes sneak into the house and watch through a crack in the door. Simone had always been fairly precocious and while she hadn’t had sex herself, knew what it was her sister was doing and could tell that it looked like fun. She knew about masturbation and would reach into her panties to play with her cunny, although hadn’t made herself cum. Simone watched her sister’s sexual progression with her boyfriends over months, becoming bolder and better at masturbating (although still not to orgasm). One day, after having had a bad argument with her sister, she did more than just watch and having waited for her sister and the boyfriend of the week to both be naked and fucking, she walked in on them and said she was going to tell. They dived under the covers and her sister panicked and pleaded with her, promising to do anything. Simone already knew what it was she wanted and said she wouldn’t tell if she could see his ‘thingy’. At first her sister said no, but Simone stood her ground and swore that she would tell their parents so in the end her sister told the guy to let Simone have a look. He hesitated but pulled back the covers and Simone was a bit confused as his cock looked very different than it had when she had walked in (as he had lost his erection). Simone reached out and gingerly touched it and as she explored it came back to life. Simone was overjoyed by this (although her sister wasn’t impressed that her boyfriend was clearly enjoying it). Simone had watched for long enough to have a good idea of what to do and she used two hands to stroke the guy’s cock. She could feel her own cunny tingling and said she wanted the guy to touch her – her sister objected but Simone again said she would tell and quickly pulled her panties down and pulled her skirt up as she sat on the bed. At that point she only had a little hair on her cunny and she told the guy to do what she said or he’d never get to play with his sister again. She started stroking him again and he pushed his hand between her legs. Her sister told him not to put his fingers inside her so he just rubbed her and Simone said it felt so much better than when she had done it to herself. With hindsight, she now realises that the guy was quite clumsy but she loved the way his fingers felt as they slid between her little lips and bumped over her clit. She just copied what she had seen her sister do numerous times and stroked the guy faster and faster until she felt his cock jerk in her hand and he shot multiple loads of cum over her. Because he was sitting semi-facing her (so he could reach her cunny), the cum splattered over the front of her dress, her legs and her cunny. Simone was partially shocked, but also thrilled that she had managed to make him cum and she loved the way the warm cum felt on her skin. Her sister had had enough by this point though and told the guy to stop playing with Simone and told Simone to get out.

Simone did as she was told and taking her panties with her she left the room, feeling more aroused than she had ever felt before. In the bathroom, Simone removed her stained dress and couldn’t resist from stroking her cunny more. She smeared the cum over her thighs and rubbed it in to her cunny, letting her fingers slip as far in as she had dared to go. Unfortunately for her, she still couldn’t make herself cum, but she didn’t yet know in practice what an orgasm felt like so at the time she thought she did actually cum as she felt so much more than usual.

Her sister didn’t bring her boyfriend home for the next few days and when he did finally appear again, they didn’t have sex. This distressed Simone greatly as she desperately wanted to feel the pleasure she had a few days before (she had masturbated a number of times since then, but it hadn’t felt anywhere near as good). She decided she couldn’t wait any more and walked in on them. Her sister angrily asked what Simone wanted (unsurprisingly she hadn’t been too happy about what Simone had done) and Simone told them she wanted to play with the guy’s thingy again and have him touch her. Her sister said no but Simone said she’d tell Mum and her sister said she would tell on Simone. Now I said that Simone was precocious and she proved this by telling them that they would get in even more trouble if their parents found out they had allowed her boyfriend to play with Simone. Her sister tried to argue, but eventually realised Simone was right so asked her boyfriend what he thought. Being a teenage boy, he wasn’t going to turn down a chance to play with a girl, even if she was a couple of years younger than him (and especially as he hadn’t got to do anything with Simone’s sister for a few days).

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