Sunday, 10 September 2017

Simone – Part 5

The guy stood up and unzipped his trousers, revealing his already hard cock. Simone instantly felt a pulse run through her cunny and she reached for it and wrapped her hands around it. The guy stood still, breathing heavily as Simone stroked him until she said it wasn’t fair as he wasn’t touching her. He looked at her sister who glumly nodded back and he reached down to lift Simone’s dress. She moved closer to him and his slipped his hands into her panties and stroked her ass, then pushed his hand between her legs to her cunny. Simone was pressed up against him and could feel his cock on her stomach as she stroked him, but wanted to feel what she had the other day so told him to wait a moment, stepped back and pulled her dress off. She slid her panties down but didn’t remove her bra as she was somewhat embarrassed by her small breast size (she hadn’t developed yet) and the guy seemed to get the idea and slid his trousers and shorts off. They sat on the bed in the same position they had before – Simone with her legs spread so the guy could frig her and him facing her so she could stroke him. He was a bit bolder this time and pressed harder against her cunny so his finger slid a bit deeper between her lips. Simone thought his cock felt different as she stroked it, but only later realized it was because the time before it had been covered with her sister’s juices. It didn’t seem to make much difference though as the guy was breathing heavily and obviously enjoying what she was doing to him as much as she was enjoying him playing with her. Still copying what she had seen her sister do (or at least what she thought she had been doing), Simone leant forwards and kissed the end of the guy’s cock and then licked it. Her sister immediately told her to stop and asked what she was doing – to which Simone’s reply was just ‘What you do’.

Simone licked the head of the guy’s cock a while longer – assuming he was enjoying it from the way he was rubbing her cunny even faster than before. His finger occasionally pushed further between her lips – not all the way in, but slightly deeper than Simone had gone. She didn’t object to this as everything felt so wonderful and when the guy pushed her head down, she took his cock a little way into her mouth. She sucked it a bit and could feel a pressure building in her cunny. Again, with hindsight, she knows the guy was rubbing her too hard, but it still felt wonderful to her and she thinks she had at least a mini-orgasm as it was so much more intense than anything she had felt before. She stopped sucking the guy, but immediately resumed stroking him and in no time he came, squirting what felt like even more cum over her than he had before. This time, Simone didn’t have a dress to protect her and his cum splashed over her chest and stomach as well as her legs and cunny. He hadn’t stopped stroking her and as the cum ran down to her cunny, she felt her cunny get wetter and slicker as his fingers pushed it between her lips. Once again her sister told her it was enough and to get out. Simone gave the guy’s cock one last kiss (and got her first taste of cum), before picking up her clothes and leaving them. She went to the bathroom, lay on the mat on the floor and smeared the cum over her body, rubbing it in to her breasts and cunny. She masturbated for what felt like ages but couldn’t get the same feeling she had got when her sister’s boyfriend had been playing with her and decided she wanted to feel that good as often as possible.

Simone didn’t want to wait another few days so later on that evening, she told her sister that she wanted to play with her boyfriend again. Her sister objected, refused and argued but Simone kept threatening to tell their parents, knowing her sister would be in a lot more trouble than she would be. In the end her sister asked ‘how often’ and Simone immediately said ‘every day’ – really wanting to feel the pleasure. Her sister said that wasn’t fair and that he was her boyfriend. In the end, they agreed that as long as Simone didn’t say anything to anyone (parents or friends), that she would be allowed to play with him every other day (at the time Simone thought this was because her sister wanted a chance to play with him, but looking back, she might just have been trying to protect Simone). Over the next few weeks, Simone got her wish and was stroked roughly every other day – sometimes to mini or partial orgasms, sometimes not, but she loved having his hands on her, as well as her hands on his cock and the feeling of his cum on her body. It was only about a week in that he came in her mouth – at first she gagged on the cum and spat it out into her hands (which she then wiped over her breasts and cunny), but with a little practice she got used to having him cum in her mouth (she would occasionally swallow, but she mostly still spat it out as she liked rubbing it over herself – and the guy liked watching her do this).

At the beginning, Simone’s sister would stay to make sure things didn’t go too far, but after a while she sometimes left them to it. By this point, Simone had got the guy to go down on her (she had seen a few of her sister’s boyfriends do this to her) and she had her first proper orgasm with him licking her (I think the fact that Mike is an older guy who loves eating her might be why she enjoys being with him so much). Simone progressed to 69ing, which she loved as it meant she often got to cum properly (now she knew what it should really feel like, the mini-orgasms weren’t as appealing) but she really wanted to know what real sex felt like. Both Simone and the boyfriend knew that her sister wouldn’t allow this, but as they had the occasional times alone, Simone had practiced sitting over him and sliding back and forth (not with him inside her, just grinding against his cock). This became one of the favourite positions for the boyfriend as he said he loved watching his cock sliding between her lips. Simone enjoyed it, especially when they could do it for long enough to make the guy cum and she could then rub her cunny back and forth in his cum, but she generally had to get him to stroke her afterwards (he didn’t want to lick her when his cum was on her cunny). As it felt much better for the boyfriend when she rubbed directly against the head of his cock, he had slipped a little way between her lips a few times. Simone knew he wanted to fuck her properly, but he was too afraid of what her sister would do so it was her who pushed things forwards.

Simone remembers it was a Tuesday evening and her sister had gone to athletics practice. She was on her sister’s bed with the boyfriend and he had fingered and licked her in a 69 when she climbed over him. She started sliding back and forth against his cock and he was reaching up to fondle her breasts (she’d got over being embarrassed about their size when she found out she enjoyed having him touch and kiss them). As she moved forwards to grind her cunny and clit against the head of his cock (she’d learned well), she decided it was time and moved forwards a little more so the head was sliding back and forth between her lips. He enjoyed this position more anyway as he felt more of her warmth on the head so didn’t complain and whenever she felt him slide a little deeper, she pushed back. He slid a little way into her a few times but fell out each time. Simone could feel him humping against her and finally they pushed at the same time and he went a good few inches into her. She stopped moving and saw the look of panic on his face but she pushed against him harder and he pushed back. He asked what would happen if her sister found out and Simone said she didn’t care. While Simone was a virgin (a far as actual intercourse goes anyway), her hymen had been broken so there was no real pain. She felt somewhat stretched as up until then the largest thing she’d had inside her was one of his fingers, but as she got used to the feeling she realised she loved the feeling of his cock inside her. Unfortunately she was somewhat disappointed by the fact that he wasn’t in her very long before he told her he had cum and when she tried to move more he said it felt too intense. When she lifted herself off of his cock she felt and saw the cum leaking out of her and tried  to hump against his cock, but that was also too intense for him so she had to make do with him stroking and fingering her to a somewhat weak orgasm. The only thing that made up for it was the feeling of his cum in her cunny as he fingered her as she’d never had anywhere near that much inside her before.

They ended up fucking whenever Simone’s sister wasn’t there and the guy got a little better at lasting longer and trying different positions. Simone got used to playing with her clit to help her own orgasm along although it felt better when the boyfriend also did this. The first time she came properly with him inside her she was incredibly happy – and even more so when the boyfriend came in her just after. They lay with him still buried in her and when he pulled out she reached down and rubbed his cum around the area as it leaked out. Needless to say, her sister wasn’t at all happy when she found out that her boyfriend was actually fucking her but it was Simone who decided to give the game away – one time when her sister was present, Simone started off by grinding against his cock and then pushing back so he slid into her. Her sister tried to stop them but Simone told her they had fucked lots of times and that she really enjoyed it. After her initial anger – and realising that her boyfriend hadn’t forced Simone to do anything – her sister eventually relented and told them they could do whatever they wanted.

Simone was devastated when her sister broke up with her boyfriend (about a month after she had started fucking him, but by that point she had at least learned to masturbate properly so could now take care of herself. It didn’t take long for her sister to find a new boyfriend, who she tried to keep away from Simone, but that proved to be fruitless as Simone found ways to discreetly flash him, let him see down her top (no longer being at all ashamed of her still developing boobs), sit with her legs spread so he could see up to her panties and sometimes sitting on his lap and squirming against him. Looking back, Simone realises she wasn’t being at all subtle, but they were both young so it was hardly a professional seduction. Simone was quite certain that the new boyfriend was interested in her (and she also knew he was already fucking her sister) so when he turned up at the house one day and her sister was late back from school, Simone made her move. She told him he could wait up in their room and sat chatting with him, sitting with her legs spread and skirt up so he could see her panties. She got him to start tickling her and used this as an excuse to end up wrestling with him and at one point when she was on top, she let him tickle her and humped against his crotch. He had rubbed his hands over her chest a few times (either by mistake or on purpose – Simone didn’t care) and she humped against him harder and said it felt good, then asked if he was enjoying it. He said he was so she pulled the top of her dress down and said he could tickle her more. His hands quickly went to her chest and she didn’t stop him when he pushed her bra up and then started rubbing her little nipples.

They kissed and he licked and sucked her breasts as she fumbled with his trousers. As soon as his cock was free, she bent down and took him in her mouth (now being quite practiced at giving blow jobs). He pushed a hand into her panties and started fingering her – quickly getting a finger inside her and moving it in and out. Simone loved having someone else touch her again (it had only been a few weeks since the last time she’d done things with her sister’s last boyfriend, but at that age a few weeks seems like a long time) and she used her free hand to work her panties down a little way to give him better access. He fingered her more - still in too rough a manner, but well enough that she enjoyed it and she wanted to feel more so she stood up and quickly stripped. The boy pulled his trousers off and Simone straddled him and pressed against his cock. She humped back and forth and reached down to push his cock into her cunny. He asked if he should use a condom and Simone said no (she hadn’t used any protection and really wanted to feel his cum in and on her). It took a few strokes for him to get in to her as she was very wet, but still very tight and the guy just gasped and said it felt wonderful. Once again things didn’t work out for Simone who had wanted to cum as the guy didn’t last long inside her at all and came. Simone loved the feeling of his cum leaking out of her, but she still wanted to cum and asked him to lick her. He refused, saying he didn’t want to do that, but he did agree to finger her so Simone lay back on the bed, spread her legs and let him play with her cunny as he lay beside her and sucked on her breasts. It was during this stage that her sister came home and found them – screamed at her boyfriend and chased him out and then had a huge argument with Simone about stealing her boyfriends.

In the end they came to a compromise that balanced out Simone’s threats to tell their parents, her selfishness (she admitted this) and her desire to not upset her sister too much (providing she could still get to enjoy herself). They agreed that Simone would get to keep playing with her sister’s boyfriends (if they wanted – and they mostly did), but that Simone should look for her own boyfriend and if she got one that she only do things with him. Her sister broke up with the boyfriend she had screamed at a short while later (Simone got to fuck him a few more times) and Simone tried dating a few of the boys in her year at school, but found they were even more inexperienced than her sister’s boyfriends and would generally cum in no time at all when they fucked her – and even worse, couldn’t always get her off. Simone would therefore still often prey on her sister’s older boyfriends who were generally more than receptive to her advances (only one of them didn’t want to do anything with her). One guy in particular dated her sister as word had got around that this gave access to Simone and he effectively ended up being Simone’s boyfriend. He was also the first guy who did things with both Simone and her sister at the same time (up until then, her sister was occasionally present to watch, but had never participated). While Simone never did anything to or with her sister, they were both naked at the same time with the guy fingering, kissing licking or fucking them and we pointed out to Simone that from her description, both she and her sister would have sucked each other’s juices from the guy’s cock (this actually seemed to be a revelation to her).

Simone dated this guy for about 6 months and says they fucked pretty much every day (apart from when she had her period as he was too squeamish, so she would usually just suck him off while he frigged her for those days). Her sister had a number of boyfriends during that period and after she had broken up with the first one (after ‘donating’ Simone the previous boyfriend), she decided to get some form of revenge on Simone. One afternoon when Simone and her boyfriend were in the bedroom fucking, her sister walked in – they looked up, but given how things had started out, they didn’t stop and her sister walked over to the bed and said she wanted to join in. She had hoped that this would upset Simone (seeing as the guy was actually Simone’s boyfriend), but Simone said she didn’t care. Simone’s sister wasn’t sure if Simone was bluffing, but as she hadn’t been laid for a little while – and they’d had the semi-threesomes before, she removed her school uniform and climbed on to the bed. The guy quickly started kissing her and reached between her legs to finger her and they went back to the way things had been when he had been her sister’s boyfriend with him making them both cum, fingering, fucking and eating them both (Simone had convinced him to go down on her, saying it was only fair seeing as she would blow him). Whenever her sister got a new boyfriend, she would stop doing things with Simone and her boyfriend, but between boyfriends she joined them, as well as once or twice when she wasn’t single.

Simone especially remembers the first time this happened as it was a night when their parents were out and her sister was meant to be babysitting her. Her sister had wanted to go to a party with her boyfriend and Simone told her to go ahead as she had arranged for her own boyfriend to come over. Her sister had gone to the party and Simone and her boyfriend had made full use of the fact her parents wouldn’t be back for ages and fucked on their bed. When her sister returned, she was quite drunk and upset as she had a fight with her boyfriend so she asked Simone’s boyfriend to make her cum. Simone said she didn’t mind (as they often shared him anyway) and he went down on her sister, but Simone decided she wanted to be involved so she unzipped his trousers and stroked his cock until he got hard enough to play with properly. He ended up on his back with Simone riding him while her sister sat over his face and he ate her. In a moment of sisterly love, Simone said her sister could use his cock for a bit and they swapped round, but Simone insisted on swapping back so he came in her (he did also manage to eat her sister to orgasm). Another time her sister cheated was when she was in the room while Simone was fucking and said she was bored so asked if she could join in. That time the guy actually got to cum in her (Simone wouldn’t let him put a condom on and her sister gave in and let him go bareback in her). Simone got the guy to finger her afterwards and at her request he smeared some of the cum from her sisters cunny into her own one.

It wasn’t until a few years later that Simone had her first experience with a girl – this was at a party when she was 17 and was fairly drunk. Her reputation was well known by this point (although she certainly wasn’t the only girl in her school in that position) and an older girl sat beside her and made a comment about knowing she liked having fun. At that point. Simone was between boyfriends – surprisingly she says she didn’t do random hook-ups (although would sleep with boyfriends within days of starting to ‘date’ them) – and when the girl started telling her how she could make her feel much better than any guy, Simone said she didn’t believe her and she wished she could just get laid. Simone can’t remember how the girl convinced her (as I said, she was drunk), but they ended up in a bedroom upstairs kissing with the girl’s fingers buried in her cunny. She remembers it feeling better than what most of the guys had done to her which the girl said was only natural as she got to practice on her own cunny. The girl pushed Simone’s hands between her legs and Simone started fingering her in return – she said she found this less strange than when the girl asked her to suck on her breasts, but Simone did both anyway. When the girl pushed Simone back onto the bed, she guessed she was about to be eaten and spread her legs. The girl kissed her way down and lapped at Simone’s cunny until she came and when she then asked if Simone would do the same to her, she just nodded and they switched places. While Simone had never eaten a girl out before, she’d had it done to her enough times to know what she liked, so just did that and it had the desired effect. Not only did she get her lesbian mentor off, but she got profuse praise about how good she was and how the girl couldn’t believe it was Simone’s first time (with a girl). Following this hookup, Simone saw the girl a few more times and had her first ‘proper’  threesome with the girl and one of her girlfriends (the things she’d done with her sister and boyfriend didn’t count as she and her sister hadn’t been playing with each other). Since then, Simone has had a number of boyfriends, but never a girlfriend – as I said before, she considers herself mostly hetero, but will (obviously) hook up with girls and even before the York sex parties had a few more threesomes and group sessions in her final year at school and first year of Uni.

As you can seem our plan of keeping Simone highly stimulated and prying to get more details and descriptions out of her paid off. Admittedly we didn’t get all of the details I’ve written about on this session, I’ve added in some that we got during subsequent discussions, but she told us most of the outline and a lot of the explicit things. I’ve tried to use ‘cunny’ instead of pussy while relating her story as that’s the term she always uses, but I might have missed a few references. As I said before, having heard her story explained to me why she enjoys doing things with Mike (older guy who likes eating pussy and making her cum). It also explains why she didn’t think it at all odd that Mike and Jen wanted to fuck Sue but was still surprised that Sue and I would actually do things together and although she acknowledges she and her sister have tasted each other’s juices and had them mingled in their cunts from sharing guys’ cocks, she still doesn’t want to do things with her sister. We did raise the idea of inviting her sister along to meet Mike and having one of the semi-threesomes with Simone, Mike and her but Simone said her sister had a boyfriend and doubted she would go along with it and the situation wasn’t helped by Mike telling Simone how he would finger her sister and spoon as much of her juices into Simone’s mouth as possible (and vice-versa).

We finished off the session with me sitting over Simone’s face and having her eat me while Mike fucked her. I reached down to play with her clit and we kept her at the edge of cumming (not too close as we were still learning her tolerances) until she made me cum and then we pushed her over the edge and Mike finally came in her again (although probably didn’t produce anything). Jen hadn’t initially wanted to cum, but changed her mind and asked if Simone would help out. Unfortunately Simone was exhausted by this point (almost cumming for the best part of an hour it quite tiring) so Mike and I played with Jen and smeared lots of her juices over Simone’s body – along with Simone’s and my juices. Mike wished he could have produced another decent load of cum so he could have covered her and added it to the mix but being a guy, his production capacity is sadly limited. Simone was hesitant about travelling home without washing first, but the promise of a post-exam visit for as long as she wanted, with as many orgasm as she wanted was enough to convince her in her weakened state.

Once she was dressed, Mike drove her back to the airport – she had a relatively short dress on but had wanted to wear panties for the journey home. That didn’t go quite as she had planned though as in the car park at the airport, Mike had made out with her one last time. She had let him finger her and he dared her to let him eat her, which she did (in the back of the car). Mike got her close to cumming and said that her panties were the price of her orgasm. Simone moaned at him, but agreed as she wanted to cum so Mike gave her the promised orgasm. As she lay recovering, Mike quickly went through her bag and removed all of her other pairs of panties so she couldn’t put another pair on, but promised to send them back to her straight away. Simone decided to be defiant and said he could keep them all (there were only 4 pairs) and that he could give them to her at the next party so Mike told her he should have also demanded her bra and let her travel home with just her dress on (but having cum, she wasn’t horny enough to agree to this). He managed to get a final fondle of her pussy as they kissed goodbye just before she went through security and Simone promised him she would pass his regards on to Clare and Sara, with the (assumed) promise that Giles would join in.

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